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    299132 XXX Artwork Required 30x30mm S'est terminé left

    XXX Artwork required. The artwork will be used within our marketing and advertising campaign for premium rate services. The telephone number to be used is an example, we the need the artwork to be flexible so that we can easily change the number, without effecting the overall image. This you cannot accomodate this, please do not bid. The artwork should be based around an image size 30mm x 30mm, ...

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    Offline Visualizer S'est terminé left

    Please Note. This is just a request only for suggestions or viability options at this time. I have a database file that can be opened in Access97. This file contains timing info as well as cue info. I'd like to have a program that would be able to read this info and display an offline view of what is going on. The program would need to read and understand commands being sent thru th...

    €27 - €4530
    €27 - €4530
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    Ecommerce image server S'est terminé left

    We need a web form that allows users to create a New Account Online with username/password. Users enter email address, first/last name, address and phone no. Data will be submitted to database to create a partial account. The account will be fully updated by administrator after receiving and uploading additional info from the user via postal mail. Administrator will then send email to user informi...

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    Ace MP3RadioProject S'est terminé left

    I have some code here to make a mp3 player and a Radio station Song Scheduler I want to combine them first. - have a list of features i would like to add to it when it's done. ## Deliverables Project Ace Radio Visual Basic 6.0 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that w...

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    Digital Photo Management Intranet S'est terminé left

    Sporting Event photography company needs browser-based tools running on perl and linux/unix to manage on-site importation of large quantities of photos and display a slideshow. This project is for a proposal to our existing client to add on to an existing network we are building for client. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the winning bidder will be awarded a contract. However we do believe our...

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    Restaurant POS System S'est terminé left

    I am looking to build a POS Hospitality / Food service client/server solution. What I am basing this off of is Infogenesis, Dinareware, and Micros. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] & [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Please take a look at the features. The client software will be compatable with a Posiflex Touch screen computer and use the Thumb print scanner to log in for the cashie...

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    Infragistics WebGrid S'est terminé left

    I'd like someone with expertise in programming the Infragistics WebGrid Control with C# to provide me with code examples to the following issues: I have created a webgrid that displays hierarchal data fine. Now, I want to 1. have a delete imagebutton that deletes the row after a popup js warning. The key data field is ScheduleId. Whether or not the viewer can see the delete button d...

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    I need a script that will display affiliate banners and customers paid banners which should use paypal subscription /ipn. I know somone must have one already built. I would like it to have a banner ad system that allows customers to signup and add as many banners as they want to tracks displays/clicks they pay for using paypal.

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    **Resources Left Pane Inner Menu: Add New Links ** Allow user to add new links on the Left Pane (see diagram) to **Items** **Add New Substructure **Allow user to add their own substructure to it. The structures should be clean links that are generated dynamically after the user with rights to do so adds a new “item??. Left Pane can be a table, div or inline frame **Items ...

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    Payroll Software S'est terminé left

    Our client needs a payroll software that is capable of handling various pay scales based on hourly work, work assigned, and distance (for drivers). Many of the employees work for one or more projects in a single day and their salary is charged to the respective projects based on the total no. of hours worked per project. Drivers are paid according to the distance between destinations using a flexi...

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    VB project S'est terminé left

    We are an autodealership and use a compiled VB program that displays and sorts the inventory (based on model and color). We maintain the vehicles in a database ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) and the pictures of each vehicle are also displayed.. Understand I have the source code and the program.. The problem I have is two fold.. 1st - the models and their names change every year - ...

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    Java Array S'est terminé left

    Program lets user enter a number of items sold for each of (up to) 10 people. If more than 10 numbers are entered, the extras are ignored. The program also displays how far each of the numbers is above average. Modify the SalesInfo class so that the program also: 1) determines and displays the maximum number of items sold by a single salesperson. 2) determines and displays the minimum num...

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    298963 Changes to radlance script S'est terminé left

    ONLY FOR EXCELLENT PHP PROGRAMMERS AS I NEED THIS DONE VERY QUICKLY. I need the following changes done to the Radlance gold script that I bought: This is a project that has many similarities to Scriptlance but is based on a different group (Not programmers) to make the bids. Project owners must be able to upload photos that appear to bidders. If no photos are uploaded then no photos appear. Pro...

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    Plot Dots On Map (Flash or Java) S'est terminé left

    I need a flash or java app that will run within a browser that plots long/lat points on a world map (or at least a US map). Also needs to popup the name and picture of the point when you mouse over it. There is an advanced version of what I'm looking for here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I dont need the rotating, zoom, etc. Here is what I need. Send a java or fla...

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    Auction Script S'est terminé left

    This is basically a query to find out how much it would cost for someone to write an installable auction script that integrates with paypal and uses MSSQL. Installable can mean upload with FTP. If the server backend still needs to be setup, let me know. I am 50/50 on if I will buy services or a script (with rights to it) so don't detail too much here. I leave pricing and details up ...

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    Java - Ping S'est terminé left

    -=Would like to see a java applet that can be enbedded into a webpage -=Since this will be placed inside a existing php webpage, we need it to be easily called so the user will not have to enter info. example: ip = [se connecter pour voir l'URL] -=Also when not called with a url, prompt for user to enter ip/url -=Able to Ping an IP(of url) -definable info -timeout -ip/url...

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    Object reconstruction S'est terminé left

    Looking for a complete (source code, document code and of algorithm use, test cases, build script) application in C using Microsoft development environment that performs the following: Input: 1_ 4 ditital images front, back, left, and right (top and bottom images might be available) of an object and a known measurement of one dimension of the object. The user will provide the true measurement of...

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    KC timer(repost) S'est terminé left

    I have a wrist worn computer called a PC ONHAND that I have had it programmed in C to perform some mathmatical calculations using time values which are input by depressing the enter key and the elapsed time key. I wish to have some additional programming done which will allow me to activate the enter button using a single pulse of infra red light and then activate the elapsed time button with a se...

    €27 - €91
    €27 - €91
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    MSAccess Reports from VC++ S'est terminé left

    I require VC++ source code (class, functions etc) to view and print (with print preview) MSAccess 2000 reports from my VC++ program. The code may use Automation with opening a new window (MSAccess) to display the reports. Assume MSAccess will also be installed on the computer. I've already got some code on the net to achieve this but this doesn't work with Access 2000 format. All th...

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    SIC Simulator S'est terminé left

    **SIC Simulator **The SIC Simulator must run on a UNIX Based system. It must execute a SIC program that has been assembled by the SIC Assembler. It should have the following commands: START --- S, RUN --- R, ENTER --- E, DUMP --- D, HCOUNT --- H, BREAKPOINT --- B, QUIT --- Q P.S. The previous SIC Simulator program you completed for another user in July '03 hopefully is similar ...

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    My radio-controlled transmits real-time airspeed, groundspeed, heading, bearing and other data through a radio modem and also live video from the cockpit through a 2nd transmitter. I need a ground-based PC to render the ASCII telemetry (received through serial port) in real time to a jetfighter video game heads up display (on a black background only). It will be used for video overlay ...

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    Timeline Generator in PDF S'est terminé left

    I need a web-based timeline application that generates a PDF document which displays a timeline with events outlined on the timeline. The input should be a web page with id#, date, event and event description. This is saved to a database (mysql) and then a timeline can be generated for the events listed for a particular id# in a particular date range. I need the app to keep the event data in a MyS...

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    Overlay Text on Video S'est terminé left

    I have developed a program that displays text on a video projection screen. I would like to be able to overlay that text onto live video from a capture card. The program is written in VB6. If it is possible to do in VB I need a small demo program and instructions on how to do this. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source ...

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    298862 Dynamic Template S'est terminé left

    We need 1 high quality template to import MS PowerPoint with and without notes, MS docs, Excel spreadsheets (portrait and landscape) ... as well as web screenshots, web forms etc. We want an original, clean, simple, crisp layout which is easy to edit. The print out must have professional clean lines and be well laid out. Programming Language is flexible. Import will occupy the left 2/3 of an 8 ...

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    298861 Flash and XML ????? S'est terminé left

    Hello, OK, I am in desperate need of a Flash/XML programmer FAST to help me with a very tiny piece of code I need to get working in a flash CD Rom I am developing. Basicaly I need someone that KNOWS HOW ASFUNCTION WORKS in flash and xml to make a dynamic html hyper link in flash, called from the xml databse, make the flash movie go to a specified frame or frame label. (SEE ATTACHED FILE) Everyt...

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    delphi-component: mini parser S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need a delphi-component for parsing e-mails which you get when purchasing some webhosting or dedicated server or similar and where the provder writes down all the account-informations which you need to know, like domain, logins etc. The component should parse the content of that e-mails and save the extracted informations in some list which can be then processed further. It shoul...

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    298855 Links page manager S'est terminé left

    I need to script that will control all my links, basically I'm trying to improve my pagerank, but I am geeting too many links to reveiw each one and put the code on the site. What I need is a script that collects the sites link information using a form, then emails me telling me that someone has submitted a link. I would then want to log into an admin area which displays all the current lin...

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    298850 IE Toolbar S'est terminé left

    Hello, I need a smartsearch based toolbar that is unique and must have these features ONLY(please do not email me and tell me you can give me a toolbar with more features) Should work with all versions of IE up to 6.0 Must auto install with another program which I will provide later tool bar must: 1. Provide search results from a mysql plugin version of smartsearch 2. Block popups just like the ...

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    SPAM Checker S'est terminé left

    I need a PHP script that will check an email message for SPAM. I have a web-based multi-user system that includes emailing tools and would like to offer this as a tool to them. It would work like this: 1. They compose an email message in their account. 2. They click a "SPAM-Check You Message" link, which sends the email content to your script. 3. Your script analyses the messa...

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    298826 Automated webpage generator S'est terminé left

    I'd like a script which will automatically generate webpages for me, based on a list of keywords and/or keyphrases which I designate each time I run the script. This is similar to a doorway page generator, but I want each page to only feature one keyword. If I list 300 keywords, I want the program to automatically create 300 different webpages, one for each keyword/phrase. For example, i...

    Interactive Fitness/Diet website S'est terminé left

    THE NO BS BODY WEBSITE The No BS Body website is the # 1 source of knowledge for those who seek to maximize their quality of health and their appearance. General Description No BS Body is a system developed by Matt Gallant. The No BS Body system allows every human on earth to achieve any physical objective they desire that's humanly possible. Whether it's to build 50 lbs of muscle in 1 y...

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    Add kerning to font previewer S'est terminé left

    Another developer created a custom font previewer for me. This font previewer replaces the existing Window's [se connecter pour voir l'URL] program that displays when a font is double-clicked on. While the programmer did an excellent job of creating the program, he did not know how to display the embeded kerning pairs of a font correctly. (See attached file showing incorrect kerning of a...

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    Real Estate Loan Web Site S'est terminé left

    a) The goal is to create a web site for a Real Estate Loan Company b) The coder / web developer is expected to create a few sample layouts, using various themes & be flexible in changing the looks. That is part of the requirement. Definitely some changes will occur in layout & defining some links, so coder has to be flexible. If we do not like the layout or color combinations, it is expec...

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    Search Feature on Access Form S'est terminé left

    I have a standard form called "Case Information" that displays data from a in text fields. I also included one extra field "Search Case Number" with a button to allow users to search the database and display that record on the "Case Information" form. When the user clicks the search button, it runs the query "qrySearchCasesbyCaseNumber". If no record is...

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    Green Thumb port from Delphi to C++ S'est terminé left

    Green Thumb port from Delphi to C++ Playful Minds would like to receive bids on the port of our game, Green Thumb Cards, from Delphi 2.0 to MSVC++ 6.0 (not Borland or NET) The port is to Windows and must use the Playful Minds Game Library (PMGL). PMGL currently supports Direct X 8.0 and requires 3D graphic cards. **Green Thumb Cards Details:** Download the game here: [se connecter pour voir l&#...

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    This should be an easy script to do, and I'm willing to pay for results, and have an ongoing relationship with the programmer. I need a web-based app that finds arbitrage opportunities in sports betting. I can find many arbitrage opportunities manually, but I need to have a program written that does it for me... 1) I need a program that constantly and efficiently looks at the odds pages of ...

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    php/MySQL S'est terminé left

    I need someone to develop a database in php/MySql. It will be a list of instruments that are for hire, i do not need a shopping cart but i need a search box on the website that displays results from the database. It will be a database of around 200 products. my budget is very low. i want quotes i dont want ideas, or if this if that, i want reasonable quotes.

    €181 - €272
    €181 - €272
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    im trying to make it so that i can parse several variables from rich text boxes and putting them alltogether into one string in a rich text box so that some of my variables are highlighted and others are not _example _Dim A, B, C A = [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 'this one would be underlined B = [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 'not underlined C = [se connecter pou...

    €27 - €4530
    €27 - €4530
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    e-commerce S'est terminé left

    e commerce database/website that displays product info, company info and other info. allows customers to place order via the web and pay by credit card or add to accnt if applicable. Customers may need to view the status of the order. Rought draft of website has been designed. would need a database or other type to retrieve and analyse data. Project can be done using java, xml, asp or ...

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    I have a list of 1,850 homepages (mostly urls ending in .com, .net, .org, and .edu - but some end with /folder or /[se connecter pour voir l'URL], etc). I need a program that visits each page and extracts the page title (the text between the title and /title tags). Notes: (I'm flexible on the details below) 1) no fancy interface required, it's just for my use 2) urls will be in...

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    WYSIWYG Form Problem S'est terminé left

    Hello, I have downloaded a WYSIWYG textarea replacement from Interactive Tools. But when I tried to implement it into my web application, It almost worked except that when a user enters new text (or makes formatting changes) with the interface, the new HTML markup IS NOT passed to my CGI application. Attached to this request are two HMTL files. One is directly from the HTML output o...

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    Perl web input storing in the table S'est terminé left

    Inputs from the user 8 HTML colors, (#eeeeee is a dark grey), a font name and a string to be outputted. Writes text to a "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" file, which, when opened with a browser like IE, displays the colors as the background of cells in a <table> tag, with the content of the cells being the color codes. After that, it should display the inputted strin...

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    Cabinet Cutlist Maker (Add Ons) S&#039;est terminé left

    I have written a program that calculates the dimensions of cabinet parts. It calculates every wood part that goes into building a conventional cabinet. I have been programming on and off since 1990, but am in no way an expert, nor intermediate programmer. I learned by trial and error, no school, etc. However I have written several construction programs for Windows that work very well, though no fr...

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    Java RSS Poller. S&#039;est terminé left

    I need someone to write a long running Java program that will go retrieve a set of RSS News Feeds of both popular formats, keep the current content in memory, refresh it at the frequency indicated, and checkpoint it to a one local disk file per feed after each refresh. The program should provide public classes to provide on request the current content of any feed identified by KEYWORD (see below)....

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    298664 Dream come true template pls S&#039;est terminé left

    This is a pet project I have been working on & I want to see it come to life. It's a (1) page design that I have already, maybe 2 with fitted content page for it. 1 flash insert/1 graphic logo, The design that I have can be used, or you can redesign it with the same look, feel and layout I have created. So you can either do 1 of two things. (1)Take the present design I have and make i...

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    sparse matrix solver for Mx =b S&#039;est terminé left

    write a sparse matrix solver for Mx=b input files [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL] output file : [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL] format for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file #cols, #rows M11 M12 .... M1n ...... Mn1 Mn2 .....Mnn format for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] fil...

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    Search Engine Software Program S&#039;est terminé left

    I am looking for an application that can do the following: User would be able to enter a domain name to their website, then the application would search yahoo and google to see if that domain name is indexed in the search engine somewhere. If it is listed, it will then give the keywords in which the site is listed for and what search result number it is listed for. For example, if I ente...

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    Web Site Enhancements S&#039;est terminé left

    I have an existing website that I would like modifications to. The site is an E-commerce site but the most technical portion of the site has been completed. The shopping cart, the SSL and the server certificate are all in place. What I'm looking for is to modify the site for changes that were overlooked in the initial design of the site. To give you a brief overview of the site, it is a site ...

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    298624 FedEx API S&#039;est terminé left

    FedEx Shipping Manager Integration. Goal: I am looking for an individual to create a function that will interface with the FedEx Shipping Manger API. It must be written in PHP utilizing a mySQL database. Process: Our shipping department will bring up a list of individuals who need to have a product shipped to them. The current program opens the file up in a PDF and has the labels all organized w...

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    Access Table Administration Pages S&#039;est terminé left

    I need 2 ASP.NET Web Pages to allow me to view/update/insert/delete records in a 7 column (Text-based) Access table. I will provide the Access database. The first page displays all records from the table. It contains an Add Record hyperlink to navigate to the detail page to add a record. Also, each record on this page contains a hyperlink to navigate to the detail page to display the the curr...

    €43 (Avg Bid)
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