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    Outlook synchronization S'est terminé left

    Have contact information in a SQL Server 2000 database. Want to synchronize these contacts with an Outlook 2000 contacts folder. SQL database is accessed over the internet using ASP.NET. Outlook is on local machine. Need to update address info (street, city, prov, postal code, phone, email) for matching first name, last name, company name. Also, add any new contacts. Would like ASP.NET ...

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    Synchronization S'est terminé left

    Implement a multi-threaded program under NACHOS. **Part.1** **The Laundromat** **The Basics** The local Laundromat has just entered the computer age. As each customer enters, he or she puts coins into slots at one of two stations and types in the number of washing machines he/she will need. The stations are connected to a central computer that automatically assigns available machines and ou...

    €26 - €44
    €26 - €44
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    Desktop Syncing Nextel S'est terminé left

    I hope I describe this well. If there is a way I will place it to bid but need to know first. I'm developing a Nextell Phone Project in J2ME. JBorland. The phone will gather data Like who showed up for practice time/date ect... I need to sync the data with a database on my machine, for reporting statistics. I would like to have a desktop program (I have High speed DSL an...

    €-1 - €4
    €-1 - €4
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    I need an activeX control that can detect whether a certain key/value exists in the registry. When a user loads up a page in their browser it will popup and ask if they want to trust content from this company - then, it checks for the registry key. Next, it connects to a given url and passes true or false such as "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" or "[se connecter pour voir l�...

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    we need a fast but good scripter to fix this error: Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine. we have done this: Details: To enable the ...

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    ATM Machine S'est terminé left

    1. A form which allows the user to identify him/herself by keying in an account number and a pin number. 2. 2. A control form containing buttons for selecting one of the following functions. View Current Balance Withdraw money Withdraw money with receipt 3. This form should also have components for giving instructions to the user and for showing the balance if the first option is selected. 4. A fo...

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    We need 4 layouts designed for different projects : 1) A graphical layout for a communication / media site. This should be professionally cut up in html with all graphic elements. I need some icons and buttons and so on. Flash header is a plus but not mandatory, please state if you offer this. Design should be something that leads to thinking of satellite and cable TV. 2) A PostNuke theme for a ...

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    The project actually requires that you find the problem in an already built ActiveX .cab file. I have developed this activex control for a web site that I am working on. It is developed in VB (does not and should not require .NET framework), uses 2 third party controls and the standard VB run-times. I created an installation file (.cab) for the project and it works fine on my machine, bu...

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    Web site template needed S'est terminé left

    Hi. We are in need of a highquality webpage template for web design/development co. with flash header. the deliverable will be the psd file, fla file, fonts, and html page. We are looking for very high quality and decent template. Dont show me readymade one. Show me the demo in pmb. We will choose the designer in next 2 days. Thanks Justin

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    This job is to be performed for a small hosting company running qmail and courier-imap. Everything works, but? we must add some additional features. The server currently has: - qmail-1.03 with several common? patches applied (like ezmlm and qmail-queue) - ezmlm running serveral lists on multiple addresses - qmail-scanner-queue + spamassassin + clamav + razor2 - courier-imap - def...

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    Web Faxing Module/App S'est terminé left

    Need an app that will format data passed to it according to a predefined template/s and fax it to a traditional fax machine. My initial thought is a small object or app that we interface with through XML. The data currently resides in SQL Server 2000. The idea is that a user would verify a small report on screen... then press a button to send the information by fax. Perhaps a small ...

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    I want this: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> to made into a flash intro. I want it too look really nice as well, I want sort of a 3d aspect to it, but nothing too flashy that would be annoying. I want things to happen on overmouse for the links, and I want the project to be impressive. I guess this requires some creativity on the side of whoever is making this. ## Deliverables The f...

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    Autoresponder changes S'est terminé left

    Hi, I've got a copy of Autoresponder Unlimited. It's intermittently losing email contacts (this happens on more than one host machine). I think this is happening when the emails are sent out (this occurs daily). I need someone to look at the code, work out where it could be going wrong and re-code the bit that's not working properly. Source code available for the autoresponder. ##...

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    Build Our Menu Bar In Flash! S'est terminé left

    What we're looking for is for someone experienced with Macromedia Flash to build us a docking page. The docking page should look very similar to the one at this page: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> . You'll notice it has hyperlinks called: 'Product Info', 'Buy Now', 'Reasons To Buy', 'Company Info', and so forth. This is exactly what w...

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    MACMapper S'est terminé left

    Overview: Need a way to find a switch port to which hosts are connected. Deliverable: An executable that can be run on a Wintel machine (NT thru 2003), mapping host's MAC address to the switch port it's connected to. Received value: Host MAC address. Returned values: 1. Switch IP/hostname. 2. Port number on switch (in *module/port* format). Other requirement...

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    The objective is to get live video from an IQeye3 network camera (described at [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) onto a Microsoft IIS web server page using an intermediate FTP server (on same Windows 2000 machine). Step one is to write a Perl script to deliver motion jpeg images from the web server; step two is to push the images to the client with java applet or servlet. Finally, a web page wi...

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    Sports Website Design S'est terminé left

    I need a website for my company. My company is a sports development company that services professional and amateur franchises and athletes. I want to be able to edit the site on my own. I can design in fronpage 2003 or dreamweaver. I would like the site to have two sides to it. The site should be split vertically and on the left side should be flash. The left side will contain the links and a nice...

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    Outlook Express Backup S'est terminé left

    I want a program that can do the following: - It supports backing up the data of **all the identities** in Microsoft Outlook Express in the same backup file! - It backs up all **Microsoft Outlook Express files** (messages, contacts, rules, accounts ,etc) plus **Favorites** and **Windows Address Book**. - Backup data as an **executable EXE file -** uses a **wizard-like style** of backup ...

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    Screen Saver in Delphi S'est terminé left

    I need a basic screen saver that should do the following : 1) a simple image with a button. When the button is pressed the screen saver should exit and an aplication should start. For the scope of this project "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" should start. 2) An image should appear in the small screen when you select the screen saver in your machine. For more details pleas...

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    We at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] needs an ActiveX control to install our software onto a client’s computer. The control needs to be able to communicate with our pre-existing .Net structure on our servers (bi-directional), as well as communicate and execute the installation module(s) on the client’s system. What we need is an ActiveX control / component, written in Visual ...

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    I need the current site <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> redone more professionally. I need it to be modern and sleek, and it needs to load fairly quickly. Everything about the product is on website. Delivery required in 7 days. Please use colors which match. Flash animations should be on headers of each page. Nothing too complicated, just things describing the current section...

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    Spot the ball S'est terminé left

    Project to create a 'spot the ball' image map accurate to a pixel. Where the click made on the image an 'x' needs to be shown on the image in the user's browser. If possible the user should be able to cancel that click and do another one before submitting the location of the click and their email address to the server by clicking the submit button. Ideally this should writ...

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    ecommerce platform S'est terminé left

    I need a complete, fully featured ecommerce site. The site will be selling love gifts such as flowers, chocolates, champagne etc. It should have a good selection of ecommerce features. It will also need all the other usual sections such as contact us, distance selling regulations ( UK), terms and conditions etc. This is a UKbased site but if it can deal with international orders, so much the bette...

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    We need to correct a date/time error that affects 15,011 IIS Logfiles, totalling 18.5 GB. Logfiles are in W3C extended format, and run from 6/18/03 to present. We would like a Perl script that opens each folder in a directory, lists all of the logfiles inside, opens each logfile in turn, parses out the incorrect date and corrects the date. Using a temporary file is acceptable. ...

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    Graphic redo S'est terminé left

    We need to change the look and images of the site listed here [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We want to go with the color scheme of this page [se connecter pour voir l'URL] how ever the layout will stay the same , so we need a the new images and flash to be made the same size ect so we are able to just insert them into the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] page. We will need all l...

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    Flash-Based MP3 Jukebox S'est terminé left

    Need a Flash-based (Flash 6) MP3 player where the user can choose from a drop-down list of audio files to listen to. The MP3 files will be streamed, not compiled into the jukebox, and the jukebox will read an XML file to determine which MP3 files are available as well as other info about each file. Controls on the jukebox include: * Drop-down list of MP3 files * Typical buttons, such as P...

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    Web based image manipulator S'est terminé left

    I need a web based image manipulator. I have an .exe which processes images locally on a machine. I need it to run via a web browser, so that a client can upload an image and click on a button to run the exe. and print out its output. That's it. I prefer PHP and javascipt. Other addons after this is done - logins, thumbnails, and security will follow when I am happy. UPDATE. ...

    €145 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a utility to do batch printing with support for various file types. The program should have identical options and run in the same manner as the Z-Print utility available here with a few exceptions: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The program must: -Batch print office documents or e-mail -Recursively print selected folder(s) -Generate a folder summary by file types -...

    €500 (Avg Bid)
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    Experienced linux person to both update our linux machine and help us move a clients site from their current hosting company to our linux machine. Requires reworking of Linux installation to run PHP and MySQL as well as the setup of an interface to update two independant databases SIMULTANEOUSLY - one is a secure credit card database that runs on an IIS machine with an ASP interface and the ...

    €680 (Avg Bid)
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    Please note: We will accept both a PROJECT BID and HOURLY RATE BIDS on this project. Experienced linux person to both update our linux machine and help us move a clients site from their current hosting company to our linux machine. Requires reworking of Linux installation to run PHP and MySQL as well as the setup of an interface to update two independant databases SIMULTANEOUSLY - one is a se...

    €439 - €4386
    €439 - €4386
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    Flash application with XML S'est terminé left

    we have a paint application made in flash, <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> If you think you can 1) add layer based painting option 2) Add open/save option (users should be able to save what they have done and open it later on) to an XML file preferably. 3) Add 'adding anchors' option to the image (a little image to be placed somewhere on drawing which co...

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    This project calls for the development of a robust client-side encryption solution written entirely in Javascript. This is a great challenge for true programmers, especially those interested in cryptography. There are some potential starting points, including some freely available code at the following site: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Essentially, we're looking for an even more ro...

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    serial port data to table S'est terminé left

    I am purchashing a device that outputs data as an ASCII string ID# ,followed by followed by a Charater Return (Hex 0D = 13) and then a Line Return (hex 0A = 10)thru a serial port, I need a Visual Basic 6 program to be able to append this data with a time and date stamp then report this information in a table format. This program has to run on an XP MACHINE as a fully-functional working program(s) ...

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    ActionScript Code Flash MX S'est terminé left

    I need some code generated for a personality quiz that I have developed in flash. The layout and content for the quiz has already been generated, all I need is for someone to go in and add the code that will display the quiz results to the user. I have attached the .fla file for quiz to give you a better idea of what is needed, and what has been done so far. Basically the Quiz has 24 multiple-choi...

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    I want to create an online registration system for one of our products. It needs to work in a similar way to the MsOffice Online activation system. When the user buys the product they will receive a key. They will then register the product by entering this key into the online registration system. This Key combined with unique information about their machine is sent to a key server where the unlock...

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    Flash Application Needed S'est terminé left

    Ok, here we go.... Head over to <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> and into the "Other Options" section. You'll notice we offer custom pickguards/scratchplates. I need an application in Flash that is a "Pickguard Designer". It'd work something like this... 1. Select your guitar make/model - this will result in the correct pickguard (blank) being d...

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    Sports Website S'est terminé left

    I need a website for my company. My company is a sports development company that services professional and amateur franchises and athletes. I want to be able to edit the site on my own. I can design in fronpage 2003 or dreamweaver. I would like the site to have two sides to it. The site should be split vertically and on the left side should be flash. The left side will contain the links and a nice...

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    Ingotz Commercial S'est terminé left

    Creating a short film of 38-40 seconds for viral marketing resulting in a .swf file or mpeg fiile. Filming 2 scenes, the first 8 seconds plus 8 seonds (16 seconds) and then the second is 17 seconds with an end caption and tail-off of 5 seconds - total 38 seconds. **_Scene 1_** Visual starts with entrance to a public toilet, like on an underground station with a turnstile. You see people...

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    Flash Additions to Page S'est terminé left

    Four Flash Components on this page: First of all I want the page to verify that the client machine is able to display flash otherwise I want to use the existing images on the page. If this is not possible let me know and provide a suggested course of action. In all cases I want the .fla files so I can modify them as needed as we update our marketing. In all cases select use fonts like those in ...

    €340 (Avg Bid)
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    "Head-to-Head Wrestling" (H2H) is a text-based wrestling promotion simulator written in Visual Basic. The current team of coders and researchers have been working on the project for around two years on a part-time basis, but have now reached the stage where lack of time and motivation has meant that progress has ground to a halt. We are now looking to hire a coder to finish the project f...

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    Simulator for MIPS processor S'est terminé left

    this project consists of two parts: 1)assembler that translates an input file that contains MIPS assembley code to a llist of hexadecimal machine code and stores it in memory stating address 0*1000 2) simulator which reads the MIPS memory from adress 0*1000, excutes it and shows the result on the screen the 1st part: it is the assembler. with a given input file (list of MIPS assembly code), t...

    €101 (Avg Bid)
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    Hiqh Quality Web Template S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone whom can create very very very high quality website templates. These should be of the quality of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or even better! Each design should consist of: Home Page - This page should include a nice flash intro header at the top that is animated with music. The text within the flash intro music be able to be edited by using a text documen...

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    .swf to .fla II S'est terminé left

    I need a .swf file that our company created about a year ago converted back to a .fla file. I know there is software I can get to help me do this but I need it back to the original .fla with all transitions an effects. I deffinetly need it to be editable just like the original .fla. Only bid if you can get it petty much identice to the original source. Please include how long it will take you and ...

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    I need someone to remotely install Microsoft Exchange 2003 and the Blackberry Enterprise Server on a server. I have valid licenses for both. CD's will be copyed to the harddrive for the instalation. I will provide you with remove access using Remote Desktop or VNC. I will have the machine setup windows 2003 server. Please provide documentation on any changes to the standard ins...

    €55 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to distribute a freestanding application built around the MS Access Database. This is possible through the [MS Office for Developers program][1]. The user should get an installation file that puts the database on their Windows computer, and a shortcut to the application. You are not responsible for the DB or the palm application. Your task is to build the desk top application and the ...

    €541 (Avg Bid)
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    industrial machine S'est terminé left

    Offer industrial machines for sale! Upload by different users (company or private person). With pictures saved to directory! Listings with text and pictures! No use of frames. E-mail comunications save to dbase! No special specification on this project, so price reflects this! This is more introduction to coder how he/she works! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional worki...

    €13 - €18
    €13 - €18
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    ing. Machine S'est terminé left

    ing. Machine Creation of site which Offer industrial machines for sale! Machine pictures and data uploads by different users (company or private person). With pictures saved to directory! Listings of objects with text and/or pictures! Please no use of frames. E-mail comunications save to dbase! No special specification on this project, so price reflects this! This is more introducti...

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    Website for stock control S'est terminé left

    To set up a simple Web-based Stock Control System using PHP/MySQL and Apache Web server. The functionality should be such as any inventory appication example Sage Line 50 and should be provided on a web site. The web site should be easy to use and be very simple just as the project is. Most of the functionalities is not required from Sage, but very limited and this I will fully expl...

    €790 (Avg Bid)
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    I recently purchased a flash design and would like someone to edit it for me. I will send all pics and links that I want placed on the site. This site is for my business and I do need it rather quickly. Attached is a partial flash file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation pac...

    €26 (Avg Bid)
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    First, money is key...This website is for a strugling musician....Take note and lower bids will be given top consideration. I'm looking for a business/professional look. Something with some interactiveness. I'm also looking for streaming music (which I can add/remove/change the page music when necessary on my own) Prefer this site in Macromedia Flash format, including in this project...

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