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    VB COM ACTIVEX DLL WIZARD S'est terminé left


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    SQL, ASP Report S'est terminé left

    I need 3 ASP screens created. They read from a database (SQL 7). An attachment shows a summary screen, a detail screen, and an answer key screen. Here's what I need: Answers records filtered by companyid, a begin date, an end date, and a survey id. The answers records cause a lookup on employees who left them, and the stores they were left for. Some

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    We need to save orders we get via ClickBank in an online MySQL database and we need a web interface with all common functions for db management. It should be able to manage unlimited products/software titles. We already have a script (flatfile db) running, that we will provide to the selected coder. It has many of the functions we need, and you can

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    Secure site S'est terminé left

    ...building a secure website that is connected to a database and writes information to the database and also retrieves them and post them to a HTML/DHML page and you also know about FLASH please contact me. Remember you should be very professional and have good experience and you should also be able to finish this project within a month bug free. That means

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    83314 Autohits clone S'est terminé left

    I need a programmer to rewrite and finish my scripts. I previously had a programmer build me a clone of I paid the programmer and he disappeared on me. The programmer left a major flaw in the scripts. Currently a user can change their site url and not have it go through being site approved! Major problem all sites must

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    This is a visual basic project that I am in the middle of, and cannot finish. It has to be done by Thursday 1:00pm (this thursday! April 25th!) 3 pictures and their corresponding words appear on the screen, pulled from a database. 2 of which rhyme, and 1 that does not. The user is to click on the picture that does not rhyme. After getting 5 of them

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    Web-site in ASP S'est terminé left change/modify/update site details by themselves. An ADMINISTRATOR login with password would be requiredd to do so. Thus complete site details will have to be stored in a database table. This includes the details to be displayedd on the home page too. So would be with a few graphical images & photos like layout plans, logos, furniture items, etc. The

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    Split-Run Tester Script ***************************************************************** Basically what I need is a php script with an MySQL database that let's me do split-run tests of urls on my website. Let me explain... the script is actually divided in three sections: Section 1) I should be able to feed into the script 1,2,3,4 or as many different

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    Estimate S'est terminé left

    ...last 20+ years. It works with a database, but I don't know if it can be exported. They would like the program to run almost like it does now, only not in DOS as it is now. The various items needed for a building estimate program along with the prices would need to be able to be adjusted by the user. So access to the database would be needed. They would

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    VB.Net Accounting S'est terminé left

    I have already started a portion of the program, I just do not have the time to finish up one of the accounting phases i need. I need to import and export the QUICKBOOKS database and to use it for an accounting program. Pretty much like quickbooks but some features disabled and the ability to use with-out a user license. ## Deliverables Complete

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    discusion about database S'est terminé left

    discusion: how database technology used by the audio music industry? The paper should have the following criteria: 1. Introduce the topic (what and why it is important and timely to understanding dbase technology in the 21st century). 2. Describe the most significant thing(s) from the research and why it is significant. 3. Relate the material to the

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    Employee Skills Database S'est terminé left

    ...application must be secure. The manager viewing the data must have the ability to search through the database(using key words such as name and experience) and print reports. The project was started in Microsoft Access, but was never finished. The database may remain in Access, but the front end of the application must be in VB. 6.0. I have started on the

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    Problem Submission Web Page S'est terminé left

    ...information on problem. Additional Support ONLY fields: Assignee Name, Preferred contact method, Email address and Phone number, disposition field for support comments, start and finish date/time, total time spent (billable time), transportation time/mileage (possibly auto filled), parts or software purchased and installed, status (open, assigned, monitoring

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    Computer Based Training/Test S'est terminé left

    ... click on buttons and submit. Would like a Administrator module where administrator can enter texts / mepg for the learning module (Add/edit/delete/)...pull out data from database of the answers that were input'ed by the user, along with bracket'ed admin can double check on answers and Sign off by signature, print out of user data(answers)

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    ...need my current website (which is approximately 50% completed) to be finished ASAP. Due to workload and fiscal year-end of the current programming staff, they were unable to finish the site. So I have a half-done site. What's left to do includes making the contact feature work within the site, so members have a private way of contacting one another

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    I've got a working website using Access 2000 databases and Cold Fusion 5. I need to add a keyword(phrase) search for a particular table of a database. It would also be nice to have the keyword highlighted in the search results if possible but I can always work the javascript myself if I have to. In this same table, I have 9 fields of "status stages"

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    Video Cassette Rental S'est terminé left

    ...account. I should be able to mark comments on members account and can make it in-active. I should be able to record complains against rental items. It should have standard database for customers items. I shouls be able to add/edit/delete new catagory and should be able to add/change /delete titles based on catagory VHS video cassettes, VCDs (Video CDs)

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    ...information from a MySQL database through PHP. The website is for an educational Japanese newspaper site. Needs a 4 sections and a simple input system for all the information to be put into the database. A menu with a list of articles in the database and a assosiated picture. An article page where article is loaded from database and the user can click

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    IFA S'est terminé left

    ...% functional. this project. All current code is VB DLL Server Side as well As ASP, MS Access database. ## Deliverables Finish Search Criteria that passes search selection to DLL from Web pages. Pages completed the DLL is not. Must be a team player. Finish DLL for searches By Area Code, Zip Code, State and Standard Industry Code. Must be completed

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    I need someone to write a function in VB6 that will decode the password to any MS Access 2000 database (.mde, .mdb, etc...) and to any MS Money 2000 file (.mny file). Both money and access use the same method to store the password. I believe that you only need the first 149 bytes in the file to recover the password, the function should be able to recover

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    newsocket S'est terminé left

    ...will use a dbm datbase, client-server socket communication and Perl feature of program submission. You will also add review of any reported crisis or any resource from the database. In this assignment the frame on the left is displayed at all time. When you select a submit activity ( add, delete, modify,sumit)for your assignment, an appropriate form

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    socket S'est terminé left

    ...will use a dbm datbase, client-server socket communication and Perl feature of program submission. You will also add review of any reported crisis or any resource from the database. In this assignment the frame on the left is displayed at all time. When you select a submit activity ( add, delete, modify,sumit)for your assignment, an appropriate form

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    I need an EXPERT in COM+ who can finish this project very fast. My new website is done but the COM+ components on the site need to be updated and possibly 1-2 added. The site is in ASP and the work-intensive functions involve querying the SQL database. I need this site to manage 100-200 concurrent users so I need the coding as efficient as possible

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    payroll database carrying names of employees and their salaries must be implemented as binary search tree ## Deliverables visit [se connecter pour voir l'URL] click on the assignments link click on Programming ASsignment 2 link in either ps or pdf format this gives exact description of assignment ## Deadline information i live in canada so coders

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    PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO FINISH IT OR IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH SIMILAR DEVELOPMENTS! THANK YOU. PROJECT Start Page Exchange - complete website REQUIRED FEATURES User login/registration Mailing list Database Web-administration Form handling As needed SIMILAR SITES [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

    Internet Screen Grabber S'est terminé left

    ...connect to a local database table using ODBC and get the list of urls/sites to "capture". Then, for each database entry, the program will perform the task of "grabbing" the html content (as displayed on IE browser) into JPG. Software should handle 2 types of "grabbing": 1. Simple grab (Capture the page as soon as the page finish loading [onLoad...

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    ...Email text must be able to be sent in text or html (depending on clients mail client capabilities) with merging capabilities in the body of the text with variables from a database file. Program must be able to process large files of email addresses for each message. I would like to have capabilities to set the BCC but want high delivery rates with no

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    Please see [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for more details. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information First in who can get this done gets the cash. I need this done ASAP!!! has to be done by tonight! - or at least by 9:00pm (GMT + 10hrs)

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    Reservation/Dispatch System S'est terminé left

    ...Connecting the application to either "QuickBooks" or to some third party accounting package. You will be provided with the complete working code along with the database. You will work from start to finish(All 3 phases), and will be responsible for the final implementation. Upon successful completion of this project, you will be awarded with second project

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    Visual Basic Source Code S'est terminé left

    We need a database program developing we have developed the form and some coding and we now need a coder to finish the project for us ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    I have a VB6.0 app that accesses an Access database and returns results of search queries in a table. Users have requested a Print, Save and Save As file menu be added to the results pages. I need help designing this file menu from start to finish but only for one result page and I will do the rest. ## Deliverables While I don't need every result

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    VB Invoicing Program S'est terminé left for a formalhire company and I have already to begun to make an invoicing program to improve customer service. I can't, however, finish the program in the way I want to. I need the program to come up with a database of all details recorded, put the details of individual records into a word doc (for example), allow staff to browse and search for specific

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    Car Dealer Inventory S'est terminé left the same time changing the size of the picture. Now I am asking for the implementation of both of these options. I am making a program for a car company that is a simple database program that allows the user to store various pieces of information about the cars that they have in stock (number in stock, model, vin #, etc.). This I have already done

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    ...setup. It is not an online pharmacy, but a closed door mail order pharmacy. Where a database of our medications can be made searchable/browseable and where the customer can see a picture of the med (by link or displaying the selected jpg in our database) The database will have an ID field for the Drug (not displayed until ordered) the drug name, the

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    Redesign my site + add ons S'est terminé left

    ...with a design that I do not like. the person who developed it for me did not finish it. Some of the features were not completely done. Others for admin area were also not completed. The site is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ASP code is completely there and also MSSql Database. the new design example is on: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    FTP Help S'est terminé left

    ...information in a database program I have made and then that database has to be uploaded to a server. I have attempted to use the Internet Transfer Control to allow me to do this, but it doesn't seem to work when the ftp I try to upload the db to is an IP. If someone can finish the code for me that would allow for the uploading of the database... ## Deliverable...

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    Feng Shui Web Site S'est terminé left

    ...Remember Me, Day month date and year Newsletter. Also, process login etc to tie into an Access 2000 database. Before bidding: 1) Visit [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and go through the site. 2) Another coder has started this project but did not finish. His source code is attached. You will have to make the decision whether or not to work off of this

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    84383 Product Comparison S'est terminé left

    The example is at this address: [se connecter pour voir l'URL],1982,,[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Basically this is a product database together with their features and pictures. At front-end user can browse the product one by one or can compare between the product. The script should be flexible enough so it can be applied to any