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    PHP/MySQL Weblog S'est terminé left

    Basically I want a PHP/MySQL weblog. I have the design and I think all or most of the pages are designed. I just need someone to go in and use PHP to program the backend. Please visit this site [se connecter pour voir l'URL] That is my install of pMachine which has the functionality that I desire. If you visit <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> you will see my creation but there is n...

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    As I have received many bids and requests of further information I am inserting more information and requirements so that we can get a bid with no strings and hidden costs but, more than anything else, a realistic price. ## Deliverables Here are the requirements: The website to take into account is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] but the new dB will be installaed on a new site. The outcome ...

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    Custom Editor Control S'est terminé left

    I’m in need of a custom text control, which should support grouping. More then likely this control will have to be derived from a picturebox so some other image control. Each group heading allows the text contained within it to be closed. Under the heading should be the text area. The text area needs to allow text and images. The groups need to be able to groups of other groups therefore cre...

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    **Write a basic command-line interpreter (or shell) for Solaris (Linux /Unix) in C/C++. You are to use execv to execute commands.** Requirement: 1: Your program is to print a prompt and then wait for the user to type a command. Your program then executes the command, and the loops back to print another prompt. Thus the program is an infinite loop. 2. The command may be the name of any executabl...

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    java S'est terminé left

    The Unix command expr treats its command line argument as an expression to be evaluated and prints the resulting value. The Unix man page includes the following description. The expr utility will evaluate the expression and write the result to standard output. Arguments are taken as an expression. Terms of the expression must be separated by blanks. Characters special to the shell must be escapedT...

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    Access conversion S'est terminé left

    **There are 3 parts to this project **1. Convert Access db to APD linking to upsized SQL backend 2. Create a webstore based on SQL backend 3. Create a web-app which will mimic the Access ADP. **_Part 1_:** We have completed an extensive Access database which we would like to have converted: -to SQL backend -update code to reflect updated ActiveX components (using FMS Memo control ...

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    The requirement is for an experienced php programmer to help me out in customising, and writing of codes in order to develop a blogging solution based on geeklog as per my requirements. Would prefer a sharp programmer who can access the work properly and deliver on time. Reliability of the final product is quite essential ## Deliverables **As per my requirement taking the following th...

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    Web based Scheduling system S'est terminé left

    PHP based scheduling system needed for small operation. * must be written in php and using mysql A member joins up and can buy a time block of space (1 day or more) for a designated ammt of money. They are buying a sentence and a hyperlink (for advertising) this will be stored in the dbase for later retrieval - read on.. When someone buys, they pay with paypal..the system should know they paid...

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    Hello. Hope you're all well! Here's the scenario. Out team is currently working on converting from Outlook 98 to Lotus Notes 6.0 and we've run into a hiccup. We've covered all migration areas but are stuck with the temporary coexistence of calendar functionality between the 2 programs. From my understanding, MS claims that OL 98 supports both the vCal and iCal formats but ...

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    This is essentially an online customised calendar / resource (room) booking application for use by small hotels (max 60 rooms). It is not an online public reservations system and we do not currently require credit card processing or rate information to be incorporated. One installation will be used by one hotel, i.e. the system will not have to handle multiple hotels at once. The bookings datab...

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    I need someone to fix this script, text goes off the scrollpane area, i know it is due to the ScrollPane behavior, all fonts used inside the content movie clip must be embeded fonts, i have tried a dozen of possible solutions and some of them work but not in all the boxes or OS versions i have tried. We need a solution ASAP, thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working prog...

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    Hi there, I would like an experienced & reliable programmer to do a quick little project for me. I need the following script converted to multi-user capabilty. This means that I'd like users to sign-up for an account and they then each receive their own private organizer, with all the features. Here is the URL: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I have also attempted to upload th...

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    NURREDIN.COM S'est terminé left


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    Complete Website S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a complete website: website, database & graphics. This website's function is to accept rss(xml) feeds from sports and casino related sites and use that information to produce dynamically generated graphs and charts. ## Deliverables Track and graph all event's odds that come in through the feeds. Graphing should include a "major line(odds) change flag...

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    We want a 'skinable' bespoke instant messaging (IM) client and server for Win32, Linux and Apple OSX platforms. Functionality may be identical to existing IM clients, but with the following additional features: a) An optional calendar per user. Each user may choose to share (publish and or edit according to owner selectable priveleges) their calendar through the IM client or on the web. ...

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    School Media Network S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone who has innovative design ideas as well as backend capabilities. I am looking for all inclusive price and someone who will assist if there any bugs once live. Because I am not a tech person, there may be specifics I've neglected in the following that will need to be assumed in order to execute. Definitely ongoing opportunity for right designer/developer. Please read a...

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    Enhanced .Net Console Class S'est terminé left

    I need an enhanced version of the .Net console mode class with the following enhancements. 1. An event which I can insert code into that fires when the user closes the console mode window from the system menu "X" in the upper right hand corner. 2. The capability to copy/paste test within the console mode window to/from the clipboard. Must use the system clipboard to allow copy/...

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    Javascript order form S'est terminé left

    I have a javascript order form that sends data received through a mail script. I am now going to start using this form to sell a calendar and need for it to calculate tax and shipping costs. TAX: applies to sales in California. When the customer enters "CA" in the state field it should add tax in a new text box by multiplying the subtotal before shipping by .0825 SHIPPING: Shipping will ...

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    webcalendar enhancement S'est terminé left

    this bid involves enhancements to existing project webcalendar we need to track income, expenses, name1, id, and name2, id, in this existing software program. when we add or edit an entry, there needs to be additional fields where we may input 4 of these 6 items into text fields. the id numbers will be inputted and the names will be viewable to the user of webcal. they need to see th...

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    298045 Fix errors in script. S'est terminé left

    Need errors in program corrected. 1) if logged in as member or guest, and post an event and have no date, Internal error message appears. Would like a default "Enter Date" in input box so people trying demo will see posted event. 2) Switching Template (on left menu) not working. Template #6 - to #5 and back. 3) General clean up of code. 4) Admin section and other aspects of t...

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    Birthday Autoresponder S'est terminé left

    I would like an HTML autoresponder (Install on desktop with Icon in system tray) that I can load date and times into. this is a stand alone program or uses MS Outlook express address book. Features include unlimited loaded html documents and or Text message(optional to user) Each contact email may have multiple reminders linked to it ie "Birthday" "anniv" "wi...

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    We are looking for a Geocities style "Build Your Own Site" software for one of our clients. This is a music community style site where members of the network can post their music, pictures and contact info similar to [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], etc. This is the general idea of what we want: (feel free to make suggestions) The user s...

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    298010 Concert calendar S'est terminé left

    I need to create a calendar system for a band's website. It's very simple: INPUT: Bare-bones web front-end to input events: date, venue, url, country, comments. OUTPUT: List of events, omitting any blank field, fully customizable using CSS. -Past events should automatically disappear from the list after a configurable amount of days. -The ideal format would be having the month's...

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    We've created a website that uses PhpBB to create an online dicussion board meant for people (mainly in London) to meet and Discuss topics and Issues BUT we want to add an online calendar system so people can add events that they plan to have meet-ups. The Calander must match the style of the current site as below: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    The project is based on the development of a .NET web service and an application to test it. The application will be a database driven web-based event scheduler that incorporates an event calendar, tasks and reminders. Users would have to register and create an account to enable them log in with a username and password. The registration page should include email (mandatory) and an optional al...

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    I have a 70% finished function that I need debugged and fixed. It calculates start and end times based on stored procedure that returns the monthly recurring pattern. An example would be first Tuesday and Thursday of month for month of June. It is wrapped by an outer function that is handing off daily and weekly patterns to 2 other subroutines. The details are in the include file. ## Deliverable...

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    A Spreadsheet task using a very small interface Keerside Primary school has a weather recording project that is undertaken by the infant classes. At noon each day pupils record the rainfall for the last 24 hours and the temperature at noon. These two figures are entered into a spreadsheet and used to produce a graph showing both rainfall (as a bar chart) and temperature (as a line graph) for the ...

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    myPHPnuke clone S'est terminé left

    myPhpnuke Clone ## Deliverables | Phpnuke Clone | | **Requirements:** | 5. Ad management 460x60 & 125x125 | | 1. Mysql database | 6. Polls & Surveys | | 2. Forums | 7. News | | 3. Game Room for java games | 8. Calendar | | 4. Photo Album | 9. Count Down Clock (To Hoilday)...

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    Web Email System S'est terminé left

    i need a fully functional web based email system just like yahoo or [se connecter pour voir l'URL] . It should have all the features of mail System. Imap4 and pop3 access. The possibility to show the size of the mail box used. Address Book. Administration-area (Newsletter, Banner-management,...) scheduler System which works according to GMT settings set by the user ...

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    I am a manager of a toy supermarket in Hong Kong ??" TOYOU SHOP (just like Toysrus, but much smaller than them). Recently, the owner of my company has heard about the team “Business Intelligence/Data Mining??. He is very interested in it and he wants to spend some money on it. We decide to spend the money on investigating a software package. The purpose of this software package i...

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    Rewrite applet to 1.4 spec S'est terminé left

    We are a leading web services company specializing in automated database publishing. One of the components of our solution is a Java applet that presents a hierarchical tree of product information to non-technical users. These users then select which products will appear in their catalog by clicking on check boxes. The applet also contains some other UI components. This applet works fine on most W...

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    I have a site already ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]).....I need someone to enhance it with features to make it more interactive,ie...weather, shout outs, calendar, etc......also want to enhance navigation and graphics by you or others. Features to be added described below: weather script (by zipcode) shout out script(clear) calendar script MC Gear(OScommerce) Paypal Donate script fad...

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    Matchmaker Service Software S'est terminé left

    Database and calendar software to maintain simple client list, print introduction letters for mailing and schedule appointments. I prefer that this application be created in Visual Basic. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run ...

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    PHP Calendar S'est terminé left

    I own a consulting business and am looking for some additional outsourcing talent for some projects. I have an immediate requirement for a calendar that is updateable by a client on their website with a very simple interface so that they can maintain the calendar and make changes whenever they like. I originally created a static html calendar that they really like the look of, but they can't ...

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    Exchange MAPI S'est terminé left

    The application should be an example application demonstrating how to manipulate Outlook related data in an Exchange server using MAPI. Since understanding the arcitecture is important for me, source comments are highly appreciated. **Basic functionality** * Creation/modification of folders associated with a custom form. * Creation/modification of messages using custom forms. * Create appo...

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    **WE WILL BE TESTING THE SOFTWARE ON ADULT WEBSITES. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH ADULT SITES, DO NOT ENTER A BID. Most likely you will never have to look at any of the sites, but you must fully understand and must be over 21. NO STUDENTS, must be very experienced, speak and type good english and must coorespond within emails and instant messengers. I really need to get this job done as soon as po...

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    Events Calendar DB S'est terminé left

    There are three (3) parts to this calendar - 1. Add event interface, 2. View events interface, 3. Search function. Each event is "checkable", ultimately allowing the viewer to have their own personalized schedule. See: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> for details and examples ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as ...

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    Outlook Calendars S'est terminé left

    Assist is automating the following processes in a Microsoft Exchange / Outlook enviornment. 1. Automated access to calendars (read only and read / write) via the Web. 2. Combine multiple calanders into a single calendar with color coded events. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) In...

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    I need a C# (ASP.NET) functions: protected DataView GetMonthlyStartEndTimes(DateTime StartDate, DateTime EndDate, SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) This DataView will bind to a Calendar. Read the Deliverables section for the full description. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installat...

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    I need a C# (ASP.NET) functions: protected DataView GetWeeklyStartEndTimes(DateTime StartDate, DateTime EndDate, SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) This DataView will bind to a Calendar. The DataView returned should contain the following fields: ScheduleID ScheduleName StartDate EndDate As ScheduleDataReader is only a description of when the scheduled task can run, you must calculate...

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    I need a C# (ASP.NET) functions: protected DataView GetDailyStartEndTimes(DateTime StartDate, DateTime EndDate, SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) This DataView will bind to a Calendar. The DataView returned should contain the following fields: ScheduleID ScheduleName StartDate EndDate As ScheduleDataReader is only a description of when the scheduled task can run, you must calculate ...

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    online scheduler S'est terminé left

    web-enabled tool to allow administrators and staff to go online and depending on their role, to either view on schedule classes on a monthly basis and the ability for the teachers to record the course hours of their students, as well as all information pertaining to the students. will be using java - servlets, bean, jsp - tomcat - ant -access database - need to create a calendar that con...

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    We have purchased a calendar application that uses ASP and an Access database to populate a web-based calendar. The piece we are missing is a user registration of each event based on the program they select from the calendar. I have some examples of what we are wanting, but just can't figure out how its done. This registration also needs to email someone within our organization as well ...

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    Pc Backup S'est terminé left

    I need a program written to do the following features. I will require a demo version and a full version. need the gui also designed for this program. At the end is a list of optional programs that can be added to this version or be used for future new release of the program. Please note if your bid is for one complete program with all the optional programs included or just for the pr...

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    I need a program that can go to Yahoo Mail, log in with a username and password, and return various different pieces of information. This information may be the text of a received email, information from the address book, or appointments from the calendar. Keep in mind that you have to stay logged in to see all that stuff, so whatever you need to do (cookies or whatever) to make it look like ...

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    I need four C# (ASP.NET) functions (see Deliverables): 1. private DataTable FormatDailySchedules(SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) 2. private DataTable FormatWeeklySchedules(SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) 3. private DataTable FormatMonthlySchedules(SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) 4. protected DataView(DataTime StartDate, DateTime EndDate, SqlDataReader ScheduleDataReader) The ...

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    Content-rich destination portal site. Text supplied by us but entered by you if required. Cutting edge professional design, we need 3 mockups based on our requirements with unlimited revisions if necessary. Photographs and logo/s supplied by us. Top quality flash header if desired. Database driven site with WYSIWYG CMS offering complete flexibility for editing of site structure and content. M...

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    Software Testing S'est terminé left

    Hi there, I need to have someone thoroughly test my software. My software has cloned functionality of the software at the following site: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] For this testing position, I will give you a copy of my software and you can test it against the above software to ensure my software delivers the same results. You can obtain a copy of the above software b...

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    I need a PHP based calendar developed. It will be a data tracking calendar where users sign up, get an account and then enter data from a "data input" form and the data will then be saved to the calender. When the user views the calendar he/she will be able to see the data inputted for each day. The calender will appear just like a regular calender in terms of the layout. The data input ...

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