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    I need an app to automatically open Outlook 2003 calendar and export it as web page at "c:calendar". Outlook 2003 should show up on the screen unless unavoidable. Can you help? Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be

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    ...populated in the database. Calculate A+B+C+X=0, where A,B & C have been imported, X is calculated and exported with A, B & C in an export DTS package. (approximately 30 output rows) Create one (1) DTS package to export a tab delimited text file (QuickBooks IIF Journal file)from a MS SQL 2000 database [se connecter pour voir l'URL] from start to finish must be acc...

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    Service Report S'est terminé left

    ...Windows Print out blank form to fill out manually if required. Print out service report for customer Search on obvious feilds and list to screen or printer Generate reports Export Parts and Labour costs to Invoice (yet to be written) Please allow for a few revisions to get it correct. Identify your choice of datadase and why. Possible multiuser (network

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    Online Survey Project S'est terminé left

    ...supposed each answer can be assigned a grid number, sort of like a spreadsheet, so that it would be easy to generate a report from the data file. I would like to be able to export the data file using a button or have the data written to a file that can be downloaded via FTP. I need someone who can start on this IMMEDIATELY. My client got this to

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    Import/Export/Backup/Restore S'est terminé left

    An import/export/backup/restore/compact program The import would only import customers and employees into the attached database. It would allow them to import from .txt, .csv, .xls and another mdb. The export would allow the exporting of any table or query within the database to a .txt, .csv, .xls or another mdb. The backup would backup

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    The work consists of: - Create a software which will convert/export Hivemail mysql tables to socketmai/icewarp mysql tables. The database used by Hivemail on my site (Myisam) is using lot of my server resource. This database has +/- 6000 accounts and has a size of +/-300 mb. What is important for me is to keep/transfer all the users data kept in

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    Autoresponder Project S'est terminé left

    ...your messages Send PDFs, spreadsheets, sounds, video, documents, ebooks and programs with your follow-up and broadcast messages. Easy Installation script Easy import / export of email lists Development time is very flexible. 60 days from start to finish are acceptable, however feedback and working modules should be provided when they are

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    Book cover design S'est terminé left

    ...cover. A5 format, all three parts are to be designed (front, spine, back). I'll give a title (3 words), author, subject (it is marketing related), and some text and photo for back cover. Final product should be provided in print-ready form, with all the restrictions of such (CMYK, bleed, fonts converted to curves and all the rest of those). Format - vector

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    Static Image Creator S'est terminé left

    ...selection with use of windows installed fonts -Clip art over background with (gif, png, jpg) support -updating of library of clipart easy use for updates in the future -Export to a Jpeg ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must

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    ...[se connecter pour voir l'URL]~oracle/ (anyone of the listed dmp is OK). I need someone to load the dump into their own Oracle and then export it to a format that could be read by MySQL, then enter into the MySQL and then DUMP it back in a format for me to include it into MY own MySQL database. There are 2 option: 1) Do the conversion and give me just the MySQL dump

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    3-5 Database-driven webpages S'est terminé left

    ...normalizing database; making database lean and elegant, eliminating duplication; guaranteeing referential integrity · for implementing in less than 14 days · for automating import/export...

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    ...other will be a summary sheet for all the transports. Make me a separate program that will allow me to make the custom templetes would be better. Also needs to be a way to export data in comma delimited file, so that the data can be sent electronically if needed by the payor. There needs to be a way to merge the information. I would rather not use the

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    67437 Sending emails S'est terminé left

    Hello, I need to send 13733 emails. It is a newsletter. i would like to have unsubscription link and have an export of the people that want to unsubscribe. I do not have a server. I do not want to send them myself. the email is html and it is 10k. It is not spam.. it is a newsletter. the return path will have to be personalised to my mail account. I

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    Btrieve and C++ S'est terminé left

    Our software is based on old btrieve database and written by c++. first of all you have to develope a tool that export the datas to a new generation database server system(like interbase6.0 or mssql2000). 2. you have to develope a 1 to 1 clone of program with c#.net.(with code documentation). when you're developing the program, you must change the

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    Website already created with a admin backend. Features in there are image upload, excel export, all functions are created. I need a new section added with the existing site. Should not be more than just a few copy and paste pages. Other sections of the website are relational, but this new section is not, pretty straight forward, here's the

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    Simon Based Game S'est terminé left

    ...with 1 triangle for level 1, 2 triangles for level 2 etc, up to at least 25 levels. would like a score box where score would be the number of levels completed, and option ot export the score either to .php or Sql database. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    Database Clone S'est terminé left

    Im looking who can mae MySQL database copy from one website,if you have any ideas leave your contact info like yahoo messenger id, icq on PMB

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    For whatever reason simple lines made from the minus key were not allowed in the project description so I am attaching the project description as a text file. Without the line breaks etc it would be nearly impossible to understand as all though it may not be an extremly difficult project I have provided a great amount of detail for the project anyway as it must be completed correctly and complet...

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    ...add the hundreds of zones to the new server, we would like a script created for this purpose. This script will simply take the current DNS zones on the old server and export it to the new server (also running BIND on Linux). This script will be used to transfer the DNS zones from 2 old servers to 2 new ones (primary/secondary DNS). ## Deliverables

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    ... 2. From my Desktop: Select directory or drive or file on any server and display who has what access rights to that resource. 3. I need to be able to print report or export as txt file or display on screen. 4. Program should be small and reside in the task bar for quick access. If you need to put another program on servers it is OK as long

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    DJVU image exporter S'est terminé left

    Coder will develop a Windows 2000 application that will process the attached sample multipage DjVu file (4.5 MB) and export each page to a 24-bit TIFF (preferably compressed LZW) at full original resolution. Each page will produce separate output images as [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l...

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    ...for scheduling the backup as well as the destination option. This utility should work on network and TCP/IP so even if the DB is on a different server it should be able to export and import it. The coder can suggest some other features to be included in this utility The development can be done using VB6 or VB .net, also Iwould like if possible

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    DBF Export Utility S'est terminé left

    We need a VB6 routine that will take a DBF data file (with NTX index file) and import this file into Microsoft Access 2000. We simply need to import the file into the database. But, please examine the attached DB files very carefully. This may NOT be so easy. Access imports all data fine except two columns (ADI, SOYADI) which look like somehow encrypted, some meaningless characters. We couldn...

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    Clone Site of Vistaprint.com S'est terminé left

    ...to add/delete/modify registered users data File Exporting to export file GUI to pdf, tiff or postscript File Saving to save from GUI to a proprietry format or to the database. Files can be loaded for orders in the future File Uploading to let user upload his own file in jpg, gif format for background and logoDynamic Directory of Business Card Category

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    SQL Homework Help 3 S'est terminé left

    ...received. Finally provide a screen shot of the table rows in the Enterprise Manager once the data is imported. Export that table to Excel using DTS. Provide screen shots of the various wizard screens and explanations of your choices. If the export doesn't work at first, be sure to document the error message. When the Excel file is created successfully,

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    PHP Scripts that perform the duties of the html code I have created. These functions include import, export, add, edit and update records in conjunction with a MySQL database. A working example of what I'm looking for is located at the following: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> These scripts must run on Lunix as well as Windows 2000

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    ...of our Search Engine (Data Mining) Related scripts when designing it: • Unlimited number of projects. • Unlimited number of URLs and keywords in a project. • Import/export keywords and URL lists. • Automated checks of website(s) ranking in search engines. • Tracking of the progress of rankings over time. • Custom colors for quick identificati...

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    ...site, the number of additional PHP pages developed will be 16 pages - Logon (1), Status (1), District Results (1 per District), School Results (12 [1 per Survey Section]), and Export (1). The "Scores, Tables, and Graphs" on the District Results and School Results pages will be calculated by a weighted formula and displayed using data retrieved from the

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    ...displays in the email. 4. Would like all emails that are sent to the subscriber's email account to be automatically added to the autoresponder prospect database. 5. Import/export of subscriber email lists need to function properly. Admin 1. Unable to attach banner ad to free accounts. When operational, would like to have option of placing the ad at

    67805 New Shopping Cart S'est terminé left

    ...Order - Order Confirmation - Order Shipped - Order Rejected - Online Editing - Policies, Refunds, Returns Text or MySQL Based - Selectable in the admin - Import, Export Option Plug-in Compatibilities - Ability to add, remove edit plug ins, with spec sheet on show to create plug-in Searchable Database - Admin can select which fields are

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    67811 Unique Website Design S'est terminé left

    ...data - name, email, ID, position, etc. - Secure admin section to run detailed reports transactions, referrals, downline, purchases, sales, member's details, top sellers etc. - Export member info and reports to Excel 3. Password protected admin/member area. Similar to Pecunix and NetPay 4. Automatic admin notification of new members, when affiliate is

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    I have 1 file written in PHP for OSCommerce but you dont need to be an OSC guru for this though having it could help. This file permits to export data from a database and exports it to an excel file. The problem is when I open the exported file, all the data seems to be stuck together and it doesnt skip lines, doesnt make have 1 piece of information

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    ...developer can analyse the file based on the softwares I/O, to find patterns. I have attempted the above, with little success. The output is in HEX not binary, the file format is actually very simple once the simple hex encoding is hashed out. I am fully willing, and would prefer, to assist in any way possiblem during this process. ## Deliverables

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    67856 website revamp S'est terminé left

    ...com/xcart) I would like this site to be suped up and look a bit more 2004 The design ideas are tottaly up to you i have done lots of research and it shouldnt be too difficult to mae this site look like the most proffessional in its field. It is designed around a xcart shopping cart so i hope this is ok for you to rk with. there is lots of info and help

    Convert.JPG to .AI S'est terminé left

    ...We require that art be created in Adobe Illustrator® with all text converted to outlines. We can also accept CorelDraw files. If CorelDraw is used, please export as Adobe Illustrator Macintosh format and convert all type to curves. Business cards, letterheads, faxes and laser prints are NOT acceptable. PDF, DOC, PUB, TIF, BMP, JPG and GIF file formats

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    Every 5 minutes I generate an export file (d:temp[se connecter pour voir l'URL] where xxxx is a unique, incrementing number). Two examples of the export file are included. I want a program I can run (via a command line without parameters) which will check if the Shift Id (5th value) of the last two files are the same and, if so, then check if the time (3rd

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    Exp. Database Admin S'est terminé left

    ...available to all subscribers (in most cities) but is primarily used by software developers working with a Broker or Agent. The tool creates an automatic export of the MLS data in ASCII format and posts this information to a secure FTP site. This option requires: -The approval of the MLS -An experienced relational database professional involved

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    Hello, I need a Very good design for my website. It is related to Oceanic site. We are basically into shipping, import & export. I need the site with Blue, Green & White color. One Sea image with a Logo is needed. Logo should Be "S" with a ship and must contain the word "Oceanic". You have to show mw atleast 5 logos to select one. The main page shold

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    You need to open 1000 files that we provide using your internet browser and copy the text into our set html format. This project requires speed and efficiency and needs to be completed in 7 days after being handed over to you. Our budget for this project is roughly between $45-75 and we are looking for freelancers who wish to build a long term relationship

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    ...keywords. The resulting list of keywords would have an easy way to use, such as a copy all option (to paste elsewhere). Optional: A way to remove duplicate keywords. Optional: export to a text or cvs file. Required: spider down subkeyword results to get all associated keywords. Required: easy way to copy just the keywords (without hits). Required: remove

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    This project is actually a demo fo...hotel (budget around $200-250). In short: I need an intro with my logo, the hotels logo and a page with a floorplan where I can put my components. tech spec: I need to export it in flash 6.0 with actionscript 1.1. The domotica system is a vantage system (you don't need to know any of this system just flash)

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    Import/Export outlook-Sqlserver A set of routines and asp pages to import or export contacts and companies to and from outlook into or from tables in sqlserver The main idea is to: Grab outlook contacts from a machine with an asp page store them in a temporary database in sql server, manipulate the data to try to recognize if some contacts are not already

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    ...widely distributed Palm application that users use to log particular events. Each of the entries contains about 40 pieces of information (name, number, date, etc). I am able to export the data from the Palm to a CSV formatted file. Please note that each user will have their own CSV file. CSV files are NOT shared between users. The web site is simply

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    €89 - €445
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    Web based customer database S'est terminé left

    ...range/keywords and other criteria - Admin interface will allow users to update records - Admin interface will allow user to export records in 3 different formats. First format is a custom format (TXT based). Second format CSV based. Third format is exported via email. Either all records or search result or type can be exported - Admin interface will allo...

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    Simple Database S'est terminé left

    ...win 95 up that store the following information (see details in the zip file) Will need to intergrate with word to produce form letters with custom fields. Needs to be able to export the dats for safe keeping and running the program on another computer. • A simple/basic computer program, with no restrictions on which fields are to be used or left blank

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    ASP.Net Application S'est terminé left

    ...Use of Store procedures Database design is provided by me. This is the phase one of the project. The next phase will be the reporting in PDF and allow export of data in ASCII format. I need to get the Phase one done as soon as possible. I'll provide full specs with data validation and formating. Looking for someone who can write simple

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    I'm currently helping a friend out with a logo. I need someone to convert this logo into an illustrator file with SVGs. If you can suggest anything to make this logo look better, please do! The coloring/shading is kind of crappy, so if you can fix that, that would be appreciated Color please use CMYK. The cut off of the printout is around 10.5 cm in diameter. Please try to place all...

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    ...the phone list, and export the list of numbers that may be called. This program would also filter out duplicates (so they are only called once). -A sample phone number from the 612 DNC list would be: 612,5551234 612,5551111 -The phone list would be in CSV format : 6125551234 6125551122 6125551122 -The export end result would be

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    ...-Ability to export email list in the same formats as in importing -Ability to check and purge duplicate emails -Ability to add attachments on every folow-up message -Ability to create subscripton box HTML code with preview -Ability to add as many fields as desired to subscription box -Ability to send messages either in Text or HTML format -Ability

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    €18 - €89
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    ...-Ability to export email list in the same formats as in importing -Ability to check and purge duplicate emails -Ability to add attachments on every folow-up message -Ability to create subscripton box HTML code with preview -Ability to add as many fields as desired to subscription box -Ability to send messages either in Text or HTML format -Ability

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