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    Pour l'un de nos client nous devons réaliser une carte électronique simple comprenant: - 1 Atmega 328P 16mhz - 1 Module Wifi - 1 Module Ethernet - 1 Diode Infrarouge (longue portée) en émission - 1 relais 230V - 1 entrée alimentation 5V - 1 module d'emission 868Mhz - 1 port SPI pour le debug - 1 port permettant le debug par liaison série...

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    Project for theshadowx S'est terminé left

    Bonjour. J ai un schema eagle a adapter [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Il faut: -dépopuler une partie des composant (ethernet ...). -Rajouter des modules dont les schemas ne sont pas a concevoir:power lcd, ... -effectuer le routage et créér la bom list Que vous faut il comme niveau de détail pour effectuer un chiffrage? Pouvez vous deja effectuer une evaluaton et...

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    Bonjour, je souhaite faire développer une application sous Ios. Elle consiste à piloter un automate avec le driver Modbus TCP. L'étude est faite, je connais le nombre de pages (5) et il y a entre 1 et 6 commandes par page. L'iphone ou ipod dialogue via le réseau Wifi au travers d'un routeur sur lequel est connecté au routeur via un câb...

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    I'm new to Beckhoff, I have a BK9000 Ethernet TCP/IP coupler and don't know how to get it to work. This project is to make the hardware work in TwinCAT 3 and write a small C# or VB program to show you can turn on/off a digital output or read a digital input. My setup: PC - crossover ethernet cable - BK9000 - KL1104 - KL2612 - KL9010 PC has TwinCAD 3 and Visual Studio 2019 installed ...

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    Ethernet Hub 5 jours left

    We need a hub module with two Ethernet ports which either one will be input an other one output also we need a branch for internal use inside the module itself. This module is suppose to work through arduino and Enc28j60 chip. This device should work stand alone or integrate in main board. At the end we need altuim file of pcb design and related arduino sketch. For better understanding check atta...

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    No spammers or timewasters --- Please.. its so easy for me to tell if you havent used WinCE. If you dont mention how much experience you have using WinCE then I will not even consider you. I need someone who understands Windows Compact Edition 7.0 and using Bluetooth with it. Two things I want.. 1. No need for pairing. 2. To use a fixed IP address for the PAN address. More detail below.. I ha...

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    [se connecter pour voir l'URL] script works find for one IP and one ethernet interface for bandwidth shaping(throttle upload/download limit). For the following setup with multiple IPs, only one IP on the interface can be bandwidth controlled with the above script. eth0: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] eth0:1: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] eth0:2: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]...

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    we have FreePBX and need to route the 2 ethernet link on one pc for the call center

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    myBus ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) es una empresa que se dedica a ofrecer sistemas software para transporte público. Para ello también instalamos un ordenador en cada autobús conectado por 3G o por un router por Ethernet. Actualmente tenemos tres tipos de configuraciones en los diferentes autobuses con Ubuntu 14. Tenemos algún problema de estabilidad y nos gust...

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    Stepper Motor: the motor size should be a NEMA 23, you will have to figure out the exact motor to use and for the pump head : the pump head that I am using is Masterflex Miniflex pump head and also need to figure out the mechanical interface between the stepper motor and the miniflex (motor shaft to pump interface)

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    The project is about creating a POS system that comes with Inventory management Employee management Sales analytics Loyalty program Restaurant, bar , store chains features Credit card payments ESL support Integrations Multi-language support Sell from a smartphone, tablet, windows POS Apps that work on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet. Printed or electronic receipts Printed receipt or s...

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    Wireshark Ethernet Frames 1 jour left

    packet analysis using Wireshark require experience consultant who already used Wireshark

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    I'm looking for a PCB design to control consumer motherboards over ethernet. The board should be able to communicate over an ethernet RJ45 connection and have an 8 pin header to connect it to the start / reset / pwr led / hdd led headers on normal motherboards. The board should also have 2 buttons and 2 led's as you would find on any computer case.

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    Design a PCB with 4 Deutsch DT15-4P connectors [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The Deutsch connectors should all be wired in Parallel . All connectors to be mounted next to each other as per attached picture. Design and Gerber+Drill Files need to be provided at the end of the Project

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    Código para arduino donde pueda activar un relay mediante un control remoto 433mhz, los códigos de los controles los pueda subir mediante una pagina web. Tengo los siguientes materiales. 1. Arduino uno 1. W5100 ethernet 1. Modulo lcd 1. Modulo rf 1. Relay 1. Modulo wifi 1. Micro sd 1. Control remoto portón 433 mhz Se pueden cambiar los módulos en caso requerido La ...

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    Hello everyone, I need someone who could provide me step by step process to configure a 48 port managed Cisco 4948 SFP ports, VLANs, etc. Please do NOT copy and paste the material from Cisco's website. I need to configure this switch, and I have already researched, Cisco do not provide a friendly guide. About the switch, - Cisco 4948 Catalyst managed switch, no serial port. - Connected by...

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    I need a website designer S'est terminé left

    I am a private DoD contractor. I am looking for someone to design a technical website that can advertise technical services (Wireless, Radio Frequency, Satellite Communication, Fiber/Ethernet cable install, etc...) to the US military. Please refer to the example attached photo. Only technical webdesigners that design technical webpages

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    Static HTML Main layout S'est terminé left

    I need a HTM template with HTML5 and CSS files based on Bootstrap (And MDBootstrap), FontAwesome Pro. I have an almost working project, but its not right for content, submenus searchpart are not correct aligned, scrolling not like we want and content splitter doesnt work like we want. And it is not good in mobilephones. See attached PDF for details, and our working example on [se connecter pour ...

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    I am redesigning a website for a client and I have reached a roadblock I’m hoping to get some help with. My client has a few plug-ins for sale on their current website and moving the “payment process” over to Wordpress has proven to be more complex than I can manage. The current website is built on expression engine. My client is good with how everything is currently set up and ...

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    we have a 7 port ethernet switch which is connected to fiber optics and industrial ethernet PHYs through media converters and hence since its not directly connected to PHYs, not able to figure out who would be device tree DTS file configuration. Need help with that.

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    We need 6 OPI (over the phone interpreters) where 4 of them should be medical interpreters and 2 non-medical interpreters in each language pair. Talents should meet the following criteria: • Must be fluent in English and Native on target language/s, CEFR level “C1 , C2, B2 only • Minimum one year of experience in telephone interpretation • Must be available to work at minimu...

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    We have developed a PWA app using Reactjs and we need to print the image of the receipt on Esc-pos thermal printers installed on device. We need an android service to provide an api for us and get the image from the web app and print it on Esc pos printers. The printer can be local or in the same network ( USB, Bluetooth or IP base ). NOTE: When printing, NO DIALOG BOX May APPEAR AND THE PRINT...

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    CentOS 8 KVM - Bridge Network Setup S'est terminé left

    I have setup a CentOS server with KVM setup with a bridge network. Everything works as expected except the KVM guest has no internet access. The Guest and Host are setup for DHCP. When creating a NAT network there are no issues accessing the Internet. It's a basic network setup with a single ethernet port on a server. Nothing complicated. Guest DHCP from Router (working) Guest >> In...

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    The app would be set up to have various screens, one with the ability to add devices and choose input/output type. Choose display type for inputs ex gauge, graph, readout. And choose the output type and control style. ex linear actuator, motor, stepper, servo, valve. A screen for all inputs and a screen for all outputs. and finally a screen for controlling outputs with the input data. This app wou...

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    I would like to charge 32650 Lifepo4 batteries in a 12-volt system and pass ethernet through. Also DC input for charging without POE and if we could include a BMS with temp protection, over-discharge current, Overcharge current, and over-under voltage protections. I can always add this separately.

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    Hi, I need an expert in arduino programming, to connect the enc28j60 ethernet card to my arduino UNO. to create a web page dovo I can access to turn on and off 7 bulbs with relays. Hi, I need an expert in arduino programming, to connect the enc28j60 ethernet card to my arduino UNO. to create a web page dovo I can log in to switch 7 light bulbs with relays on and off. I can't get the web ser...

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    Mach vfd/spindle wiring S'est terminé left

    Needing help wiring a NVEM Ethernet breakout board to a sunfar e300 inverter

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    Software que realice seguimiento de rostro (face tracking) y a través de eso mueva el pan, tilt y zoom en una cámara visca a través de ethernet, la cámara de conecta a la computadora por usb y funciona como webcam

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    NVIDIA Jetson Nano Carrier Board S'est terminé left

    We have an application for a NVIDIA Jetson Nano in an industrial Vision project. So far we have prototyped on NVIDIA's Developer Board (which is open source) and now need to move to our own dedicated Board which will be a feature reduced version on the NVIDIA Developer Board with just 1 camera port, 2 off 3.3v UART, simplified power supply, and Ethernet. So this project is essentially a simp...

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    I'm using ESP32 Arduino libraries to make HTTPS requests over Wi-Fi to virtually any https domain. I want to do the same over Ethernet, but I could only find SSLClient Library that needs pre-compiled trust anchor files for each domain I want to reach. This is not acceptable, as I need to be able to send HTTPS requests to new domains without reprorgarmming the ESP32. I don't need a full ...

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    QNX Embedded system Programmer S'est terminé left

    PRC Laser is a manufacturer of industrial CO2 Lasers. We have an embedded single board computer with mixed analog and digital IO for control of our laser. The OS on the current Control is QNX 6.3. our current HW has gone end of life due to chip availability. We need to port the SW to new HW running QNX 7.0 , 7.1, test all new drivers for Ethernet , Serial , USB, Video, Touch panel , confirm all ...

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    We need 6 OPI (over the phone interpreters) where 4 of them should be medical interpreters and 2 non-medical interpreters. • Talents should meet the following criteria: • Must be fluent in English and Native on target language/s, CEFR level “C1 , C2, B2 only • Minimum one year of experience in telephone interpretation • Must be available to work at minimum 5 logged hours ...

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    I want to make a arduino mega baseed PLC that power up with 24v I put 24v and relay output It must have one rtc,ethernet and rs484

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    Add ethernet driver in micropython for stm32f767ZI

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    Devward is looking for an embedded software developer with experience in ESP32 and STM32. We are currently developing a custom industrial air quality monitor for one of our clients. We just released the first prototype and will start working on the second one soon. The product consists of one main processor (ESP32) and two small co-processors (STM32). Here come the main software tasks the develop...

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    We need a linux shell script with a Gstreamer or ffmpeg application on linux server to do dynamic logo overlay and dynamic text ticker scroll and titles on LIVE VIDEO - and stream the output to an rtmp server. The live video will be available via usb port (or IP video via rtsp - both options should be available) The live video has to be muxed with an audio stream which will be available on anoth...

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    OTA Bootloader - Atmega1284 S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for someone who can develop an ethernet bootloader using Atmega1284 and W5500 with the arduino framework. The code mustbe 100% functional and easy to embedded to others application. I need the souce code to embed at my main application and some support if needed. What we expect: 1) A web server with forms embedded at arduino, where the user can select the file .BIN file and POST...

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    Router / Mini-Linux box S'est terminé left

    I have a project, currently created with 8-devices carambola 2 soc, that combines a wireless host and a usb connection, running a php or node server, powered by lipo battery. I'm looking to lower production costs and have been drawn to an existing product: GL-MT300N-V2 that on a hardware level is most of what we need. it's based on the MTK7628NN @580Mhz SoC, and contains DDR2 128MB / FLA...

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    €619 - €1237
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    We are developing a line of Power Over Ethernet based IoT devices, and we're looking for a regular firmware developer to help augment our design team.

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    Device Drivers for Raspberry Pi 4B S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone to help me with device drivers for Raspberry Pi 4B. In general, the work essentially involves making changes to device tree overlays for devices that interface with RPi4B and compiling their driver source codes. Both overlays and source codes are readily available from the Linux public domain. Having said that, these will be provided. Specifically, hardware wise, there ...

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    Need Raspberry Pi experts S'est terminé left

    I have a project for which I need a firmware designer. Skillset required: 1. Experience with ARM32 bit or other microcontrollers family. 2. Experience in communication protocols like Bluetooth, Ethernet, SPI, I2C. 3. Familiarity with using sensors, such as accelerometers gyroscopes, temperature etc.

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    Computer Networks S'est terminé left

    Need an expert who are familiar with below topics. Computer Networks Topic 1 = Foundation Applications Requirements Architecture SOftware Performance )))Calculate the bandwidth × delay product for the following links. Use one-way delay, measured from first bit sent to first bit received. (a) 100-Mbps Ethernet with a delay of 10 μs. Topic 2 = Direct Links Technology Landscape Encodi...

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    This project contains two boards. 1) Carrier board. 2) CPU board. The CPU board shall interface with the following peripherals: 1) SDRAM. 16 data Lines and 12 Address lines. Details given. 2) RGB LCD INTERFACE RGB (8-8-8), DE, VSYNS HSYNC AND CLK WITH CAP TOUCH INTERFACE. LCD SHALL BE GIVEN. 3) EXTERNAL QUAD SPI NOR FLASH: USING QUAD LINES for Code Execution. All details are given. ...

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    Network cable wiring S'est terminé left

    Need to get done pricing for day labor help. Person with experience with cat5e/6 wire runs, cable management, making Ethernet plug ends Clean work needed - lay conduit lines and fittings on exterior to camera locations Text with reply and details of what experience you have, what tools you may have

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    - Main issue: program [se connecter pour voir l'URL] cannot read data from web site since the url has changed. My attempt to make an isolated program (unit-grab [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) to read the data didn’t work. My assumption is that the Arduino Ethernet shield2 cannot reach encrypted sites. If that is the case I think ESP8266 is better option to connect the Arduino ...

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    Mikrotik RouterOS Configuraztion S'est terminé left

    I need some help to create a configuration for a Mikrotik LtAP Router. 1. Router has LTE Connection (DONE) 2. Firewall Active (DONE) 3. Scada Server active on Serial0 (DONE) port 5001 4. Firewall allows connection from outside to port 5001 5. Router open an SStp client to a server (DONE) 6. The SStp interface is on the lan side (allow routing between the ethernet/bridge/wifi/sstp (no need to have...

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    PCB Design S'est terminé left

    PCB design incorporating changes to existing board design and reference schematics. Board is a carrier board for IMX6 SOM with ethernet, Serial, SPI communications.

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    I recently moved, but in my former home, I had set up a local network in which one of the drives of a Windows 10 machine was shared over my local network with an iMac and a Kubuntu machine. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten exactly what I did to enable all this, but I’m pretty sure I’m sharing the drive via SMB. The iMac accesses the shared drive through the Finder, and the Kubun...

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    Es ist ein experimentales Windturbine Hobbyprojekt. Eine erste Sketchversion liegt vor. Es gibt aber Probleme mit Darstellung der Strom und Spannungswerte, weil keine feste Drehzahl, Spannung und Stromstärke vom 3 Phasengenerator geliefert wird. Die angezeigten Diagrammlinien schwanken über den Messbereich und sind somit unbrauchbar. Im Idealfall sollen die Amplituden über z.B. eine...

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