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    Sistema basado en AWS que monitorea sensores a travez de mqtt.

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    logiciel ARDUINO - onduleur PIP4048 S'est terminé left

    Bonjour, je possède un Arduino Méga + Shield Ethernet avec du code Arduino qui importe les trames d'un onduleur photovoltaïque et je souhaite que ce code au lieu d'être envoyé sur un serveur Web que je ne possède pas, expédie les données au format MQTT vers Home assistant;

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    Arduino - ESP8266 aide S'est terminé left

    Arduino - ESP8266 aide Bonjour je suis à la recherche de quelqu'un pour mettre en place un ESP8266 avec une sonde de température et un pluviomètre. Les informations devront ensuite être envoyé sur un site internet. Merci de bien vouloir m'indiquer votre coût horaire.

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    ESP8266+LORA 6 jours left

    Hello, I want to make two weather station based on EPS8266 and LORA sx1278. For this purpose I plan to use this project. 2 ESP8266 and 2 lora sx1278. + 1 ght11 temperature sensor. And maybe one DS3231 to wake up the transmitter to save power. My plan is to mount one lora high above me about 6-7km away in the mountains - that way I will have a direct line of sight with both devices. All the data after receive have to be upload to The Things Network Server

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    Build MQTT Bridge 5 jours left

    I have a MQTT broker setup in AWS (IOT-Core). I need to read/subscribe data from third-party MQTT broker (with username, password, 2 topic names) and put/publish the data in my IOT-Core. I'll provide access to my AWS account. As I understand, this will take less than 1 hour for the experienced resource once login credentials are available. I would prefer to do it in MS Teams meeting in the screen sharing session. Thank you.

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    Program to Read MQTT Channel and Save Data to Database as per Specification The Program can be written in NodeJS (Node Red) , server scripts . Experienced Developer who has experience with 10+ years can bid for a one time project.

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    *** Please Read This project Carefully And Add The Text At The Bottom Of This Project In The Title Of Your Proposal Bid *** We have already developed both Android and iOS Apps but we have discovered that the Apps do not continuously monititor the received mqtt messages from out iot device. We are therefore looking to remove the Alerts section and within our Apps and instead have our server create Push Notifications from the mqtt messages from the iot devices. So, we are looking for a developer who has previously developed apps that register for Push Notifications on both Android and iOS. Please send your hourly rate. If you do a good job we have a lot of other work for you. *** Please Add 'I Have Push Notifications Experience' as the title of your bid *****

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    ...(via Web API) before being broadcasted by the Gateway on the farm so the intended device receives this instruction *** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS *** - Hardware components: ESP32 + Digi XBee 3 PRO (2.4 Ghz Zigbee 3.0) - Device communication: Bluetooth (Device setup), WiFi (WAN telemetry), ZigBee v3/Xbee (mesh network), MQTT/JSON - Development/programming requirements: C programming (required), Arduino IDE (desirable), experience with GraphQL (Web API endpoint), AWS IoT (MQTT broker) *** ADDITIONAL PROJECT DETAILS *** - Refer to our Request for Quote for more detailed information regarding this firmware project, which includes user requirements, technical requirements and other specifics for the purposes of you to understand our requirements and project scope in order t...

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    IoT Web Interface 1 jour left

    The solution uses Python 3.10+ using flask and flask-MQTT to configure and display data for up to 500 sensors

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    Hello, I need to develop a code for an esp8266 project in which = Read the IR sensor and when active, start the servo motor, when inactive, return to the starting position. (During each status, trigger an LED as well) If the ultrasound is at a distance of 8 cm, it is in a condition to check if the load cell is above 4 kg and if so, activate a led. Check if the weight is still above 4kg after 5 days, if so, activate an LED. Its similiar with this project =

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    ipk: We are in the final stage of development and there are few issues which are required to be resolved, for this we are looking for a python developer who had prior experience working in IoT, lora and mqtt service, Problem Statement 1- We are able to send the command by manually pressing button from app via sent aws and then it will run the function in the Iot device, but the issue we are facing is while scheduling the function to run multiple times in a day on daily basis, for this we will be adding those time slots in the app, via aws- api , then it will be saved as shadow of the device in aws and then it will be sent to the device and that schedule will be saved to run everyday until any change made in those times lots in the application, Action point :- Schedule the exe...

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    We need somebody that can help us with testing of our IoT Device Manager. We have NiFi, a database and devices using MQTT protocol. We need somebody that are very familiar with NiFi and custom processors as well as database and MQTT, We need somebody that have experinces we IoT devices , device management and NiFi that can help us to make different test cases. We need somebody that is familiar with device managment and MQTT. We do not need a wen developer.

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    This project is to create expandable webserver website consits of 7-8 Tabs for thermostaer and lighting gang switch The Freelancer should have expernice in Full stack , implement glb file on the website as per the below document.

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    We are de...solution is an AWS-based MQTT broker that connects to Azure IoT, but this may be re-developed to connect directly via MQTT using Azure IoT DPS and Azure IoT Hub. There will be two types of hardware in general. Some LTE/NB-IoT gateway autonomous devices and some BLE devices that will need gateway devices to connect to the cloud. High-level tasks includes, but are not limited to: 1) Development of FW for FOTA updates via the cloud solution 2) MQTT logic for 2-way messaging 3) Trigger-based logic on devices for automatic events (change of LED colour, sound notifications) 4) BLE Mesh FW for BLE devices 5) Logic for BLE devices to connect automatically to gateways 6) Logic for FW settings (update frequency, type of device, other settings) to be changed via lo...

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    We are working on IoT app using android studio and Java ,we want to add a notifications service to our app, when we publish data through certain topic on app, that notification service should work even our phone is closed.

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    Simple MQTT web client S'est terminé left

    I have seen MQTT client projects on GitHub () I need you to create or adapt a solution that will connect to a specified MQTT server and display the data based on the JSON configuration file (see the attachments). I also attach a screenshot from our mobile app that does the same thing, so you can get an idea what is to be displayed and in what manner.

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    Arduino + gps module programming S'est terminé left

    the project involves writing code to store and send lat & lng data via MQTT

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    iOT Engineer/ iOT architect S'est terminé left

    Basically, it's an IoT requirement with the knowledge of Bigdata and experience with Angular or React with NoSql-based database systems such as Scylla / Cassandra. JD: As a Software/Solution Architect engineer, you are ready to work with us to design efficient, forward-looking and resource-saving logistics processes in or...profile. You bring in-depth experience in frontend development with Angular/React. You have already gained experience with NoSql-based database systems such as Scylla / Cassandra or similar and are familiar with SQL. Experience in the IoT environment, especially with event processing systems and data modeling of NoSql databases would be desirable. Experience with typical IoT technologies such as MQTT, Kafka and InfluxDB are desirable, but not essential. Ti...

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    Necesito programar el Nodemcu esp8266 Arduino para que envíe a través de wifi las pulsaciones de 2 botones distintos a una base datos instalado en mi Nas Synology. Y otro de botón de reset para poner los contadores de las pulsaciones a 0. Debe de disponer de un pin que cuando llegue corriente indique que el aparato entre encendido. En la base de datos deben figurar Id. Fecha y hora del conteo de los botones, en número de veces pulsados los botones y fecha y hora de encendido y/o apagado

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    MQTT payload decoder S'est terminé left

    I want a payload decoder that will allow a Browan temp and humidity sensor TBHH100 to send data to my Chirpstack server. All the infrastructure setup and working, all I am missing this the payload decoder.

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    Experienced Android Developer 10+ S'est terminé left


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    MQTT Raw Data Parsing S'est terminé left

    You are given a task to convert the raw data available in EddyStone TLM , iBeacon format and extract MAC , Temperature and Humidity along with Battery The code is to be written in Python , Java, PHP ,Go any language will suite our purpose The Stream link is {"msg_id":3004,"device_info":{"device_id":"moko001","mac":"58bf25314cce"},"data":[{"type":8,"value":{"timestamp":"2022-11-17T20:25:35+05:00","type":"Unknown","mac":"bc57290093f3","rssi":-82,"name":"AC Probe","raw":"0201060303aafe1216aafe21010f0e5b1e0fff000119fff1fca509168020750100000000090941432050726f6265"}},{"type":8,"...

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    ...send and receive data via MQTT QoS 1. WiFi: Entry of credentials in the web portal via initial access point (no hard coding of credentials) Protocoll: MQTT with "Quality of Service" 1 MQTT Broker: HiveMQ Data to be sent Publisher 1 (topic: /chip-id/stat/....) 1. temperature value e.g. 22.3°C 2. temperature setpoint e.g. 25°C 3. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,50,8 Data to be sent Publisher 2 (can be done via MQTT Explorer, topic: /chip-id/cmd/....) 1. temperature set point e.g. 24.0°C 2. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,23,7 If the Publisher 2 sends changed data, these are to be taken over from Publisher 1. MCU: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 IDE: PlatformIO VS code Framework: Arduino/RTOS The freelancer should be ...

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    We Need a full stack developer for our IOT and IIOT based products. Desired Candidate Profile : - Hands-on experience in JavaScript, Node.js, typescript, python, PHP, html etc. - Experience working on IOT/Cloud based projects. - Strong knowledge in IoT communication protocols like MQTT, OPC UA, REST APIs - Working knowledge of Cloud Technologies (Azure/AWS), EC2, Cloud Architecture, etc. - Experience in Data modelling and RESTful API design and implementation - Exposure to cloud computing technologies.

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    i want to insert data into sql database from mqtt brocker on data changed

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    We have a python code that works with a Telegram bot and a MQTT broker. We need to add a couple of functionalities.

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    black bird 3.0 S'est terminé left

    Troubleshooting on hardware design, fix the issue and generate Design (SCH, PCB, BOM, Gerber, Pick place, Assembly Drawing) files. before: ESP8266-01 (serial3) was replaced by ESP8266-12F (serial 0) but isn't working Uploading firmware ESP8266-X ins't working add polarity marks(inside PCB) to positions PZ1, M5, D1,D2,D5,D6,D7,LED1,LED2 and pin 1 to position U8 to facilited assembly Adjust in the spacing so that the components in L1 e L2 can be completely fixed to the board

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    esp8266 VS programing S'est terminé left

    hi we need to develope feathers for our esp8266 code need knowledge in esp8266 webserver tcp http cliaents end ects' we have a working code for sprinklers system and we need to improve it with some feathers the job for now will be to add a api weather client the the existing code so we will get alsoo serial print and data on the webserver of esp8266 of wether and temperaturs from openwether site to the esp8266

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    python to micropython S'est terminé left

    I need to convert a program from python to micropython

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    Description: We are building an app that allows users to control the iot on a scooter from the front-end app. We don’t need you to make the entire app just these MQTT Server We need to setup a MQTT server on AWS to port our servers to the iOT Framework. Backend We need to setup a backend to communicate with the IOT and send commands. The commands are as follows: These commands need to be done as API to connect to the frontend and admin dashboard.

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    I would like to track a couple of raspberry pies with GPSs on a map using plotly/dash. I am using mqtt to send the gps coordinates to the sever. A demo with random coordinates updating every ~second is fine for now. If that looks good, I have more to do.

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    Hello, I am wondering is it possible to implement micropython/Arduino into these low cost purple colour boards based on w801 and w806 processors i found online as it would greatly reduce the build time for my hobby projects. I have their datasheets in English version & would ready to provide you the required documents for the build and you can find their SDK on GitHub and even one which sees to be Arduino support see: nulllab_w80x_arduino on GitHub. The freelancer need to make sample code document and guide to test it's working.

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    TTGO Watch MQTT Part 2 S'est terminé left

    Hi Muhammad Usman A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Using Esp8266 wifi microcontroller and gps receiver (ublox neo-6M-001), i want the nmea sentences to transfer wirelessly to my computer continuously (connected to same network) and i also want to display the latitude and longitude values on lcd (ST7735 SPI 128*160),TinyGPS++ library can be use to display the latitude and longitude. LCD will also be connected to ESP Microcontroller(LCD can be supplied power externally)

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    I have an IoT which I need to build a web-based MQTT to communicate with front end of mobile app

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    API call for my MQTT S'est terminé left

    I am building a MQTT system and need from anyone that could guide me or help me figure out a script for connecting with the MQTT server when my SERVER WEBPAGE is OFFLINE, I other words, when I have the HTML page OPEN on my BROWSER I could press buttons and send to my Electronic module ESP32. The issue is when I closed the HTML then the ESP32 when sending signals from ESP32 module to SERVER will not get signals. I need some type of API to call the server and able to store the DOOR status of every MQTT ESP32 module. I am creating a IOT server but the SERVER needs to be open and when I triggers the ESP32 door inputs it reflects on the SERVER but when close the HTML on the server no response.

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    Our esp32 based gateway collects data over different ways (modbus, http, meterbus) and sends them using mqtt to our server. unfortunately ther is a memory leak which makes the device stop after some time. we are using esp idf as development plattform and will provide remote testing and debugging access to our test environnment. we do NOT have the option to use jtag for debugging

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    I need someone experienced in designing NFC antennas. An antenna multiplexer for NFC antennas (16-64 antennas) based on the MFC522 or PN532 chipset is to be created. Only the PCB for the antennas should be created here, ...experienced in designing NFC antennas. An antenna multiplexer for NFC antennas (16-64 antennas) based on the MFC522 or PN532 chipset is to be created. Only the PCB for the antennas should be created here, with the possibility of attaching an external reader to the PCB. If a solution with an integrated MFC522 or PN532 is possible, that would of course be welcome. The possibility of integrating an ESP8266 / ESP32 for wireless communication would also be conceivable, but it depends on the budget. If you have any questions or requirements, please feel free to contact...

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    The goal is to write a Mosquitto plugin in C++ to avoid excessive/unneeded messages by automatically disconnecting subscribers.

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    Mosquitto project development S'est terminé left

    Looking for an MQTT expert with Deep knowledge of Mosquitto with cluster architecture. The goal is to write a Mosquitto plugin in C++ to avoid excessive/unneeded messages by automatically disconnecting subscribers. Please only those who have experience with Mosquitto, MQTT expert and C++ skills.

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    Mosquitto MQTT expert needed S'est terminé left

    Hi everyone I need help from MQTT expert who know Mosquitto plugin. Only send proposal if you have experienced. Thanks.

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    We have an RFID Card + QR code reader, developed with NXP PN7150 IC, a QR Code reader module, ESP32 as the microcontroller, and some other peripherals. The PCB ,antenna tuning, code(micropython)is done in-house. The RFID card reader is used to read , ISO14443A ( MIFARE, Desfire, ) and ISO15693 Cards. Only CSN reading is done for now and no key or key management is implemented whatsoever. We are successfully reading the above cards. Now, we are facing a few problems in the functionality 1- The read distance is very low (only about 15 mm read distance for mifare, desfire and 45 mm for iso15693 cards, this should ideally be around 45 and 60 mm respectively.) 2- The read speed is a little bit less than optimal, the card has to be presented and held for a little less than 1 second, t...

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    Angular + .NET FULLSTACK – JD Location: Remote (India) 6 month contract Time: 11AM – 8PM Budget: 1200$ per month Mandatory Experience: • Strong skills in C#, Web based application development experience in C# .NET • Experience with .NET Framework, • Expertise in multiple front-end technologies such as: Angular, Web Forms, is desired •, C#, WEB API, SignalR/ RabbitMQ/MQTT • Hands-on experience working with Angular 12 is required • Experience Developing WEB API and REST Services. Expertise in developing REST services in C# alongside using Entity Framework or to consume a SQL Server database • Familiar with application architectures such as MVC, MV*, etc. • Familiar with relational database concepts and software developmen...

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    Develop a schematic and a pcb S'est terminé left

    I have a project, a universal power regulator on ESP8266 and an AD dimmer module. I need to develop a schematic and a pcb and fit it into the European standard 220v sockets for dimming lights, floors and etc.

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    Need freelancer who are experienced in MQTT and Google Maps for Real Time IOT Messaging and Visualization For Developing Android App for Android 12

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    ...hardware sensors should focus on building a measurement system with the following parameters: - Weight of the hive - Number of bees entering and exiting the hive - Temperature (both inside and outside the hive) - Humidity - Sound in the hive The same data should be transmitted to the online dashboard (BEEP, Azure, Grafana, or our own cloud) in real time using WiFi (LoRa) or IoT SIM card by the use of MQTT/Microcontrollers. Please check the reference links and images attached below - Almost the entire technical details of the project can be seen on these opensource technical links: - - - - BeeCounter example:

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    Busco desarrollador de aplicaciones móviles (Futter y React Native) para proyecto de emprendimiento. Estamos desarrollando un sistema IoT (similar a sistema de seguridad) con conexiones por HTTP, MQTT, Websockets y Bluetooth. La parte del código de backend y embebido (ESP32) está desarrollado al 100% Se requiere: Disponibilidad inmediata para comenzar Disponibilidad de agenda para las próximas semanas Se ofrece: Apoyo necesario por parte del equipo de desarrolladores de Backend y embebido. Reuniones para aclarar cualquier punto. Seriedad, proyecto real, referencias futuras, etc.

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    Need A Raspberry Pi Web Server which can upload BLUETOOTH BLE Beacons EddyStone and iBeacon to MQTT server or HTTP Server

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