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    We need to extract geospatial information about the occurrence of natural disasters and merge this with regional GDP data, in Python or R. For that, we would need a function which is able to crop country borders from shapefiles in Python or R. We need to work with datasets such as the DFO, EFAS, GLOfas, EDO, GDO and EFFIS and we need a function that extracts information about a large number of countries in an efficient way (for instance, automatically deleting the files after the download to avoid using too much space). For the country borders we want to use the GADM 3.6 database (see ). The extracted geospatial data should then be merged to a regional macroeconomic dataset at the most granular level. *** No scraping, no blockchain, no software development

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    ...biostatistics, epidemiology and medical writing to support our cutting-edge health sciences research programs in rare and complex diseases. A strong research interest, prior experience, university affiliation or role in a major healthcare organization are important assets. Syreon is a professional research corporation with headquarters in North America, Europe and the Middle East, integrating world experts in academia, industry and healthcare sectors across the fields of precision medicine, personalized care and population health. () Our research programs engage patients, providers, producers, payers and policy makers, using advanced adaptive decentralized research trials and large-scale outcomes studies to evaluate innovative therapies designed to transform the care ...

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    ...cardiology group that conducts clinical trials that focuses on cardiac research. Clinical research is a component of medical and health research intended to produce knowledge valuable for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health. Clinical Research embraces a continuum of studies involving interactions with patients, diagnostic clinical materials or data, or populations in any of the following categories: (1) disease mechanisms (etiopathogenesis); (2) bi-directional integrative (translational) research; (3) clinical knowledge, detection, diagnosis and natural history of disease; (4) therapeutic interventions including development and clinical trials of drugs, biologics, devices, and instruments; (5) prevention ...

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    video/clip resourcer S'est terminé left

    Hello, Im looking for someone find/resource a range of videos/clips from across the internet and beyond in particular niches. More than likely I will want the right person to stay on retainer for further work of the same nature on an ongoing basis. The kind of videos/clips wanted will be the following: Natural disasters unusual phenomena animals/pets - cute/funny/attack/rare animals relationship arguments/troubles/sweet/nice things unusual events football/soccer highlights NFL highlights NHL highlights basketball highlights Fails funny/stupid car accidents lucky people acrobatics talented people/people doing great things ASMR creation make-up transformations transformations of people snooker/pool trick shots diving and anything else you find interes...

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    Ghostwriting for an article about " Backup and Disaster-Recovery in Webhosting". For our blog we would write an article on the topic of backup and disaster recovery in web hosting. For this work we need a ghostwriter. The article should contain 800-1200 words and deal with the following topics: Introduction (Why is it important, what are the threats [Ransomware, Human error, Natural disasters, Technical problems). What is backup and disaster recovery (BDR)? What is a backup and disaster recovery plan? Why do I need backup and disaster recovery services? What should a backup and disaster recovery plan include? Conclusion

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    Argics STORY MAP S'est terminé left

    CREATE MAP OF DISASTER TYPE LOCATIONS 3. Bring your dataset into ArcGIS Online and display the ‘Disaster_Type.’ Save your disaster type location map. Give it a descriptive title (don’t just call it Final Project). Use different colours to represent different disaster types. CREATE MAPS WITH ANALYSES 4. Working off the first map you created, display the ‘Disaster_Type’ data in such a way that only one specific disaster is visible, such as ‘fire.’ You can do this by either arranging the different disaster types in ‘Change Type’ (see image below) or you can perform a query to identify data points pertaining to a specific situation. Cluster the data using the ‘Cluster Points’ option to determine where more resources ...

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    ...1986 (Links to an external site.)). Discuss with reference to technologies explored this semester.  Argument 1 -Explain how nuclear technology has revolutionized the energy sector since the mid 20th Century, but nuclear disasters have largely framed our response to civilian and military use. Argument 2 - Explain how humanity has greatly benefited from vaccine technology, yet mRNA technology has been particularly contested. Argument 3 -  Explain how AI is revolutionizing our lives, yet our response to the latest, more sophisticated generation of AI may be framed more by the myth of robots taking over the world.  I need an essay for 1500 words arguing these 3 points , prompt is Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition a...

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    I wish to create a short animation video to tell the story of a business. Here is a reference video for the style I am after: A voiceover script will be provided, with the following being the script: I’ve always LOVED traveling - in 1992 I told my boss, I want a job which allows me to travel and work wherever I want... she thought I was a dreamer... In the mid 90’s, this internet took off. Remember the AltaVista search engine? I found my dream job - traveling the world working on the World Wide Web    At the end of 1999, my friend wanted to establish a business, I said 'why not open a travel agency.. we all love to travel, it’s just selling tickets, how hard that would be??' oh boy.. what a mistake that was......

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    ...typically live to be around 80 years old, whilst men typically live to be 75. A recent study has found that some colored foods can improve the health of those who live longer. The prevalence of disabling diseases is significantly higher in women than in men. In the United States, women make about two-thirds of Alzheimer's patients, according to Sepi Shokoui, PhD, an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. For macular degeneration patients, the figures are the same. And since women live longer than men, they will have to deal with these circumstances for a longer period of time. However, recent research from the University of Georgia reveals that the food that women consume may have an impact. According to Richard Seidman, ...

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    Trophy icon Create Logo for Property Auction Website S'est terminé left

    We are building a website for auctioning off property that has been affected by Weather Disasters, such as Hurricanes, Fires, Tornadoes, floods, etc. We need a logo for that. Can you draw one? The name of the website is Disaster Home Auctions. Please draw a logo that reflects that (maybe in acronym form if you think that is better). You have a fair range of creative freedom, however we definitely want the logo to feature some form of weather disasters in its design. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FOR COLOR THEME

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    Submissiion Date: 01.11.2022 30 Slides as minimum References : ILO, OECD, Mckinsey, UN, FAO, WHO, Research papers and one or two websites BUDGET: 3000INR Need References for each point and explanation TOPIC: Future Trends & Challenges Of Agriculture • Introduction • Trends • Agricultural productivity and innovation • Competition for natural recourses • Climate Chnages • Employement • Challenges • Sustainable agriculture • Urbanisation • Socio Economic Aspects • Natural Disasters • Population • Trade and policy • How to over come these challenges , You can improvise the topic a bit more

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    Mailchimp Template for eNewsletter S'est terminé left

    ...two versions of a (2) email template for a client - they will be very similar, and share the same design and header/footer areas. They just varying in content area/blocks: 1A) Quarterly Newsletter: A custom designed template with 5 content blocks, and 3 images (two matched to 'Latest News' teaser boxes). 1B) General Email Template: One image field, 1 basic text areas -potentially pulled from website data. Looking for: - Designer/Developer with vast experience in specifically Mailchimp and Mailchimp template building, integration, etc. - Someone who has build 100+ email templates for clients, and understands BEST PRACTICES to minimize block/spam rates, coding efficacy, and overall the 'do and do nots' of email templates. - Testing: How do you test ...

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    I have a website that is collecting field data in Ghana at animal markets and other animal locations as part of a pilot for my work. People are entering data using EpiCollect5 or Google Forms. I'm able to have the data output in tables on my website or even using AwesomeTables (or similar), but I would like to have a Tableau Dashboard page that automatically displays the data collected using Tableau. I've done some very basic single charts in Tableau but to do it well is beyond my skill/time.

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    Epidemiology projects writing S'est terminé left

    I need someone with very good knowledge in Public health who can do Epidemiology tasks and public health task

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    Deliverables: 1. Epidemiology data on the cases of dengue fever and type the hepatitis in Aruba in 2019 as compared to other Caribbean/Central American countries and as compared to the United States, specifically Indiana. 2. Epidemiology data on liver injury resulting in the United States from dengue fever or hepatitis E, , specifically in Indiana 3. Data/studies regarding the water purification and water quality of drinking water in Aruba in 2019. Required Skills: Experience researching and interpreting/applying public health statistics and writing report on such findings. Need completed by August 26

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    I need someone to design a logo for my disaster preparedness website. My target audience is people interested in personal and household preparedness for natural disasters, such as a hurricanes, heat, floods, and earthquakes. The logo should convey that this website is geared toward people who are concerned about natural disasters and want to protect themselves in the event of a disaster. I will need the source file. Name Be Forever Ready Audience Women Younger and Older Women - Mothers, Young Adults, Senior Citizens looking for tips. Feel: Buzz feed + Color Codes #CBDBD4 #E3C9E3 #EEDBEA

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    Disaster Home Auction Website S'est terminé left

    Do you see how [login to view URL] sells disaster/broken cars and they sell them on an auction? We want to do that for homes. If a home has been damaged by fire/water/other natural disasters and the homeowner wants to get rid of it, this is the place they will come to do that. We want it to be a quick way to sell as-is homes that need major repairs. See pictures for reference of ridesafely website. This will be an auction site, but every listing will have a buy now option as well. It needs to have capability of doing more than just real estate, in case we want to expand the brand. Please note the menu in one picture. We would want ours to say "Buy Now" "By Property Type" (which would lead to House, Townhouse, Condominium etc.) and "B...

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    Disaster Home Auction Website S'est terminé left

    Do you see how sells disaster/broken cars and they sell them on an auction? We want to do that for homes. If a home has been damaged by fire/water/other natural disasters and the homeowner wants to get rid of it, this is the place they will come to do that. We want it to be a quick way to sell as-is homes that need major repairs. See pictures for reference of ridesafely website. This will be an auction site, but every listing will have a buy now option as well. It needs to have capability of doing more than just real estate, in case we want to expand the brand. Please note the menu in one picture. We would want ours to say "Buy Now" "By Property Type" (which would lead to House, Townhouse, Condominium etc.) and "By Location" (w...

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    All around accountant -- 2 S'est terminé left

    We are a small accounting practice with a backlog of jobs due to the extra compliance and reporting through COVID-19 and natural disasters. We need a positive creative minded individual to help us get through the backlog of business and individual tax returns. Working remotely is an option.

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    All around accountant S'est terminé left

    We are a small accounting practice with a backlog of jobs due to the extra compliance and reporting through COVID-19 and natural disasters. We need a positive creative minded individual to help us get through the backlog of business and individual tax returns. Working remotely is an option.

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    ...Instagram page. The organization is called "Links Projects", The overall aim of the LINKS project is to strengthen links between technologies and society for improved European disaster resilience, by producing sustainable advanced learning on the use of social media and crowdsourcing (SMCS) in disasters. By following and filling the slides; my homework, is to and build an Instagram page that correlates to what I filled in the PowerPoint blanks. You can use memes or humor, brief facts and other innovative styles to make the process more fun. Use only good quality pictures and create a good page that introduces the organization and shows other aspects of it; including: real live action, advice on how to behave in disasters, people roles in ...

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    Me gustaría que me tradujeron dos hojas sobre una asignatura de la universidad sobre epidemiología (epidemiology - medical sciencies). En total son 5096 caracteres por espacio. Lo necesito como máximo para el miércoles 29. Muchas gracias

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    I’m looking for a professional SOP writer for environmental health Ph.D.

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    Hi there. I need help to build a set of heat maps (data layers, to overlap) using data from public sources. At the minimum, the data layers shall include: - Demographic information (density, age groups, gender, and others) - hazards (exposure to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions) - Infrastructure availability (port, airport) - historical disasters (from EM-DAT database) REGION: ASEAN (10 countries) DELIVERABLES: - Heat Maps - Raw Data - Dashboard In your bid, please specify timeline with milestones, software, and budget.

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    Island Energy Resilience web search S'est terminé left

    Find cases on how to make islands more energy resilient against energy disasters. 2-5 cases would suffice. 2nd step, would be to do quick summary on the found cases. An estimate of 3 hours is estimated to start.

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    I’m looking for professional for environmental health phd. Please help

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    I need a grant writer -- 2 S'est terminé left

    we are looking for grant writers to assist with writing two types of grants 1: Natural Disasters Preparedness Grant to get equipment for Hurricane Season and other critical items such as emergency food, water, generators lifeboats, retired buses, and retired airport fire engines to assist residents displaced by the disaster. 2: Public Safety Grant so that we can buy equipment, and life-saving efforts to help the Baltimore City Police Department fight the war on domestic Terrorism (Violent, Deadly crime) And protect schools from active shooters. Our website is

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    Deep Learning S'est terminé left

    "Multiclass classification of damages caused by natural disasters". Here I used DeepLabV3+ for semantic segmentation & Custom CNN for classification. I want to make some changes & updation so that I will increase the model performance like accuracy & F1-Score because the dataset is imbalanced. I want F1-score & accuracy around 85-90%. Code is there means more than 70% of the work is already done , just hypertunning and image manipulation work is contact no. 9922700207. My budget 3k-5k.

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    Hi there. I need help to build a set of heat maps (data layers, to overlap) to be built using data from the public domain. At the minimum, the data layers shall include: - demographic data (density, age groups and others) - hazards (exposure to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunamis etc.) - infrastructure availability (ports, airport) REGION: ASEAN (10 Countries) DELIVERABLES: - Static Maps - Raw data In your bid, please specify timeline with milestones, software used, budget.

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    Project for Puneet S. -- SCM1 S'est terminé left

    ...networks, companies have been witnessing frequent disruptions. These disruptions manifest in different forms and cost billions of dollars to industries ranging from automotive, electronics, consumer goods or industrial manufacturing. Responses to these disruptions varies across industries sectors and maturity of companies within those sectors - but mostly the response is reactive and ad-hoc in nature. Significant time and resources are spent in fire-fighting due to inadequate readiness and low penetration of technology in this space. Most of the companies have implemented multi-sourcing strategies, work closely with suppliers and have established some kind of audit system. On an ongoing basis they monitor some most common factors such as: demand fl...

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    I need to write a proposal S'est terminé left

    I want a proposal for phd dgree in epidemiology

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    Diabetes S'est terminé left

    ntroduction: brief description of the selected problem, history & epidemiology. Etiology ( cause ) Predisposing/risk factors Signs, symptoms. Diagnosis Complications Prognosis Treatment and/or management diagrams Conclusion References : New England journal of Medicine Mayo Clinic Pictures and diagrams from Summarize the topic in your own words Fonts #12, Times New Roman, double spaced.

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    It's Machine Learning & Deep Learning based project, where we have to do Object Detection/ Semantic Segmentation and its Classification. Dataset is already downloaded, Just need some pre-processing & training of the model. Model selection based on your own choice whichever is better. If getting a good accuracy then it's okay otherwise we have to hyper-tune it.

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    Trophy icon Logo Creation for Non-Profit S'est terminé left

    We are creating a new non-profit named "Cozy Crates" that will provide comfort items for children affected by natural disasters. We are looking for a logo that appeals to children 5-12 and still looks professional. The logo will be used on marketing materials, backpacks, boxes, and a website. We are interested in a blue and green logo and soft lettering.

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    Powerpoint Designer S'est terminé left

    ...will assess the problem in the community using descriptive and inferential epidemiology. You will describe the community and the distribution and frequency of the health problem within the community. You will explore and review a variety of data sources to help you describe both the community and the issue within the community. You will also explore disparities, health inequities and social determinants within the community that contribute to the incidence and prevalence of the health issue within the community. You will also explore research on the heath issue and gaps in the research. Finally, you will provide recommendations for addressing the issue within the community. These recommendations can be in the form of prevention and intervention pr...

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    what is environmental health epidemiology? in breif

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    Trophy icon Design a logo S'est terminé left

    I run Bags of Care. We offer care packages chosen with love & delivered with care. The care packages are for: Self-isolation - Get well - Thinking of you - Thank you - Breakups - Christmas - Easter - New job - Love - Natural disasters - Celebrations - Moving house - Bereavement - Sorry - Miss you - Birthdays - Homesick - Uncertain times - Mother's Day - Corporate - Anniversaries - New parents - Just because - Quarantine Here at Bags of Care, we personally curate and deliver care packages throughout all of Australia, for every occasion. Choose from delivery by hand if you’d like it to arrive same or next day in Sydney or Adelaide. Or by Australia Post, if the delivery is elsewhere and there’s less rush. Our thoughtful care packages...

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    Use the Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis Framework to inform your critical assessment of the impact of your chosen policy on your chosen public health issue. Include in your report an overview of your chosen health or public health issue and the policy context. You are to explain, how you are intending to use the Intersectionality policy analysis framework, what areas of the policy you will be focusing on and why. Include in your report your critical analysis of the policy in which you will be commenting/discussing on the ways the policy aims and objectives can be achieved and what aspects of inequalities/diversity the policy may or may not be able to improve/reduce. You are to ensure that you draw on existing literature and research to sup...

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    Looking for a skilled writer to help write a 2000 word research proposal on any specific bacteria of your choice. Your area(s) of investigation can be in basic or applied research, provided you are able to reason your choice as one that would enhance knowledge and understanding of the pathogen. You may develop a proposal to investigate virulence mechanisms, host pathogen interaction, molecular biology, or evolution of the pathogen of interest. Please avoid proposals that fall within the domains of diagnostics, epidemiology or antimicrobial resistance. Avoid plagiarism. References should be in Vancouver format. Minimum 8 references, no maximum. Looking for proposal to be written within by 1st April 2022. Am willing to negotiate to up ...

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    Trophy icon Fallout45 S'est terminé left

    I am creating a business called Fallout45. The business will be a retro mens clothing line, as style is bringing back the 80's look. The fallout portion of the name represents the recovery of my small hometown after numerous natural disasters, including fire, ice storms, and dealing with the pandemic. The 45 represents the fact that my hometown is positioned on the 45th parallel. I would love to get a retro logo that's exciting as this brand is going to be. The person that is awarded this project will bring something creative and innovative. Stock imagery will most likely be ignored as it needs to be next level cutting edge meets retro. Bring your A game and submit something awesome!

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    epidemiology -- 3 S'est terminé left

    minor project with small statistics

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    I need illustration for novel S'est terminé left

    ...map, of which I need two, is of the Kenton neighborhood of Portland Oregon. It should he the style of the John Snows map One map with dots of cholera cases distributed around the park, one map with an circle on it with the park in the center. I have examples of these as well, they do not look like John Snows map and need more dots There are two sketches: one on a water pump in a park. the pump should look like the Broadstreet pump of which there are many examples on the web and The pump needs a handle in the sketch There also needs to be a sketch of Chlorea

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    Environmental epidemiology S'est terminé left

    I want a article related to air pollution or water pollution related to environmental epidemiology 1 week, but I want a article that I can publish

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    ...analysis of rapid review methods based on the currentl literature o PICO/ PICo / or other approriate mnemonic for structuring your search o Search strategy to include the databases to be search and the priliminary search terms (a completed search in a database may be included as appendix - search terms and number of results only, not titles/ abstracts) o Inclusion and exclusion criteria to include types of study design and nny limits to be explained and a rational provided. o Methods for risk of bias assessment and data extraction o Methods for data analysis and synthesis. o References in the appropriate format o Appendices Remember that a rapid review aims to answer a review question in an optimum period and therefore makes use of efficiencies such ...

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    I need an article re writer S'est terminé left

    Greenhouse gases come into the ai...fumes emitted by factories, smoke released by vehicles and factories, and other instances of the burning of fossil fuels are causes of global warming and climate change. Deforestation is one more reason for the same, as cutting down trees means more carbon dioxide in the air than there was before they were cut a result of global warming and climate change, the icecaps and glaciers around the world are melting, thereby increasing the sea level. Many islands have even become fully submerged due to the rising water levels. Extreme climatic conditions cause many people to die due to heat strokes caused by heat waves, droughts, etc. Global warming and climate change have also caused many natural disasters, such as forest wi...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design (Need today) - 10/02/2022 11:19 EST S'est terminé left

    Logo for a podcast named “bridge the gap” Should be red or red and grey Mission is to bridge the gap in communication and documentation between contractors and insurance companies on natural disasters

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    I want to know: 1. What is the trend for building safety systems in New Zealand? (is it popular, required by regulation?) 2. Do New Zealand has many high-rise building? 3. How often do New Zealand have natural disasters? (earthquake, tsunami, landslide, or any) 4. Is association or business union a common practice in New Zealand? 5. What is the perspective of New Zealanders on Made in Taiwan products? This job is open for New Zealanders only. The candidate is required to answer the questions above through a chat with me. No need to do any report, just a casual conversation. However, I will appreciate it if the candidates do some research before the conversation started. Thanks!

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    SIUS - HEALTH DATA INTEGRATION S'est terminé left

    EN-US SIUS HEALTH DATA INTEGRATION Article goals: 1. DEMONSTRATE IN THE ARTICLE HOW THE INTEGRATION OF HEALTH DATA IS BENEFICIAL FOR BOTH THE PATIENT AND THE HEALTH SYSTEM 2. WRITE EXAMPLES OF BENEFITS FOR THE PATIENT AND THE HEALTH SYSTEM 3. EXPLAIN AND PROVE HOW HEALTH DATA INTEGRATION WOULD IMPROVE EPIDEMIOLOGY 4. MAKE UPDATED BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES OBS: This is just a topic of a large scientific article, and it is not necessary to create a complete article structure. OBS 2: I suggest writing at least 3 sheets for this article, there is no maximum number of pages. Avoid repeating terms and avoid redundancies. I prefer the text to be smaller, more compact but with the content I want. OBS 3: There are 100 other similar articles to be written, and e...

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