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    MP3 Recorder S'est terminé left

    Looking for someone to create an application that allows a user to quickly record audio from Microphone and saves audio in MP3 format. Would like app to have our name and logo visible. Would like to work on windows and mac osX. Application would be used by novice computer users (educational teachers) so a wizard type product is what is needed (ie upon launch, users is prompted to hit record button...

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    299919 Server Setup S'est terminé left

    I have a new cpanel server that needs to be setup for security, initial setup, dns, nameserver and autobackup, etc.....everthing to get it running in 2 days and ready for accounts. This is a rackshack dual server just purchased - I do not have time to get done right now. You must have previous experience in cpanel setup - payment upon completion.

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    AOL Instant Messenger AIMExpression S'est terminé left

    I am requiring the coding and creation of a 1-click downloadable AOL Instant Messenger Theme that will include all associated images. Buddy icon, Buddylist background image, buddylist top image, etc. Additionally, I will be wanting to expand the width of the buddylist to display a list of links (or any HTML) on the side of the buddylist as well as the Instant Message window. Once bid is accepted, ...

    €27 - €90
    €27 - €90
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    Minimize RedHat 7.2 image S'est terminé left

    The minimum hard drive space needed for RedHat 7.2 is around 340MB. We need to have a small RedHat 7.2 image which is smaller. When bidding on this project, specify the size which you will commit to. We would like to have a minimum size RedHat 7.2 system that fits into a 64MB compactflash. We are not looking for floppy-based firewall/VPN image that does not meet the requirements below, so please d...

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    Scheduler Application in Delphi S'est terminé left

    I want to create a Scheduler similar to the ones available in the following products: Eraser: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] AutoTask: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The Scheduler should be able to: - Schedule the execution of tasks on an hourly, daily, weekly etc. basis. - Schedule a task to occur on odd days/times e.g. every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday etc. at 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 6...

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    ramdrive S'est terminé left

    Looking for some type of way to install operating system and programs to computer's RAM, and operate the computer normally (run and install programs) with out the need of a hard drive. I know all data will be lost when the pc is powered down. The preferd concept is, boot from a hard drive and transfer the contents of the hard drive to ram, then be able to manually remove hard drive and the pc...

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    This project will consists of a highly detailed flash introduction for a new product coming to market. I will need a complete multimedia experience for the website visitor to preview the product. Including features such as full 3D rotation, audio, the ability to basically use the flash to emulate what the product can do. Basically a flash version of having the actual product in hand. It will need ...

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    Mobile phones SoundFonts S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need two soundfonts. The first of them is to emulate a Nokia 6150 or Nokia 6110 or Nokia 8210 mobile phones. So this should be monophonic. The other one should emulate a sharp gx10, so should be polyphonic. This Soundfonts will be used with timidity to convert tones and polytones (monophonic tones) to wav files. Complete and fully functional working Timidity conf files should be de...

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    €27 - €45
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    I need a Virtual Machine to run Windows XP applications/games on Linux without installing Windows XP. No dual boot option, no installing second OS, just Mandrake 9.1 Linux on X86 Intel based PC. Windows XP Virtual Machine will have to support DirectX and .NET to be able to play all kinds of games and applications under linux. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program...

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    There are hundreds of thousands of PC Gamers in this world that are getting tired of the board manufacturers leaving the Sound Blaster Legacy setting out of the BIOS of their boards. I need to run a Sound Blaster Dependant DOS game on this board. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This boards BIOS does NOT have SB Legacy settings. PLEASE do not suggest any type of Windows solution, I am a...

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    entrepreneur ideas S'est terminé left

    I'm working on a website for a small busines opp., but I would like help writing the content on my pages. This would be just one of about 10 -12 different pages to start with. I am willing to pay $5/article with a minimum of 10 articles. 300-800 words/article. I am trying to interest them in a small business opportunity. I would like to have a quick paragraph on the keywords(3-5 sentences). L...

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    PHP/Perl/MySQL : Optimization Job S'est terminé left

    Our company provides Dialer Solutions to Clients, to promote onto their website. To know how much each customer earned we utilize an Statistical System which is build in PHP heavily using Mysql. Due to too much expensation the last months the system is not able to handle the amount at all anymore. Our Account (that lists all accounts under us) takes usually 9-12 Minutes to load, and we...

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    PXE-boot knoppix with a difference S'est terminé left

    Help of a knoppix guru is needed for this school linux project. Each time I want to PXE boot knoppix, I start knoppix Terminal Server in one PC in the classroom and in order not no mess up the DHCP on our Windows 2000 server, I unplug the uplink lead from the local hub. I then start the diskless PCs and plug the uplink lead back so we can use shared files and printers. If the Windows 2000 Server c...

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    VB 6 winsock interface to web site S'est terminé left

    I need code written in VB6 either using Inet, webbrowser, the winsock control or windows DLL calls, whatever is easier for the coder himself (no third party controls) to perform the following tasks programmatically: - Connect to a cargo shipping company web site (login with a user and password) - Enter a shipping cargo code to the web site search form and start the search (for dual situa...

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    Java/Linux Kiosk Application S'est terminé left

    We are looking for an experienced Java/Linux programmer to create a simple kiosk program which will interface with a handheld device we are developing. Coder must live in the U.S.A. ## Deliverables **_Program Requirements_ ** We are looking for an experienced Java/Linux programmer to create a simple kiosk program which will interface with a handheld device we are developing. The progra...

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    Palm Conduit S'est terminé left

    Hello all Palm/ MS Exchange Coders, I would like to have a Palm conduit created for Outlook 2001 (running in OSX Classic Mode) to synch with the most recent palm operating systems. The minimum requirement is synching the Outlook Calendar to the Palm. Two other desirable features are synching contacts and email. Thank you, MPS ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) i...

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    Java Poker Game W/ Live Cam S'est terminé left

    Hello Coders! I need a Java-based poker game applet that has a live-camera window embedded into the game. The live-camera will show a host (the dealer). I also need a "backside" applet that the host will use to moderate the game (deal cards, open & close the game, etc). Before going any further, please note that I would prefer a coder with a vast amount of Java experience w...

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    BIOS setup application needed S'est terminé left

    We need a program which will run under Windows2000/WindowsXP and change BIOS (CMOS) settings. BIOS setting should after running the program - be changed that first boot device in the CMOS must be the hard disk, booting from CD must be disabled and the BIOS system password must also be set. The program must work on the most common types of BIOS. We have tried to write a driver for direct access to ...

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    OE: Create a folder with VB S'est terminé left

    I need someone to write me some VB code that can add a folder to the Outlook Express [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file using VB. The folder should be placed in the root of the inbox. The script also has to make sure that the folder doesn't already exist. Write the program so it makes a popup asking what the folder should be named. Just like when you press add folder in OE. The cod...

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    298971 OSCommerce Customisation S'est terminé left

    I require an OS Commerce interface to be professionally customised to suit an online COSTUME JEWELLERY SALES business. You must create and implement a solution which includes the graphics, an introduction page and company logo. I would also ask that the whole site be installed on my domain, SSL enabled for customer registrations and payments, ready for work. I have a shared SSL certificate to ...

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    Image output S'est terminé left

    Software need to output Images from a Standard Definition Uncompressed 10-bit SDI I/O Card. Hardware and SDK for VC++ and Delphi will be provided. User must be able to browse computer (from within app) select file then output it threw the I/O card. Pretty simple! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of a...

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    Personal Website Needs a Facelift S'est terminé left

    PERSONAL WEBSITE NEEDS A FACELIFT (URL in PMB): My personal website (approximately 10 pages) needs to be improved (re-designed and re-developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash). Its not that its ugly; its just that it could use a facelift. I like the elegance of sites like [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] and would like to emulate that look and feel. My site is simple...

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    SQL, DB & a front end S'est terminé left

    My main customer wants to send their orders electronically. They will be sending them as an email attachment or might be uploading them to my database and I would manually download them (I prefer email). I have detailed info on their file layout (fixed length fields) and have verified all will work as described (I wrote parts of a verification program in VB6). They send some information that ...

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    298722 Screensaver & Wallpaper S'est terminé left

    I need a screen saver and some wallpaper for a travel website. Whilst they will be distributed for free and used to promote the site, and should maintain its look and feel, they should also be attractive in their own right, and users should really want to use them on their desktops! Screensaver: - Installable .exe file. With uninstall. Must not exceed 3.0MB unzipped. - Featuring approx. 20 ima...

    Software Activation Site for coders S'est terminé left

    There is an open source ocx called Activelock([se connecter pour voir l'URL]), it is very good and strong to boot. What I would like to do is provide a frontend website for coders to sell their shareware. In theory, they could use the activelock in their shareware program, when their customer is ready to purchase the program they can click on a link inside the program and link back to m...

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    Project: implement the class definition defined below. In your bid please tell me what primitive type/functions you will be using so that I know you have a clue. (eg, will "sem_t" be involved). If you can provide insight on how you will implement the interrupt() method, that would be great because then I'll know you understand what I want. I will give you a simple test harness (c pr...

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    coin-op mp3 jukebox S'est terminé left

    I need a functional equiv of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to be run on linux. ## Deliverables functional equiv clone of "virtual jukebox" at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to be run on linux. Features include but not limited to: (see virtual jukebox for feature set, and free demo for examples of layout and functionality). * must operate without X in framebuffer. * must hav...

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    Multibootable Boot Sector File S'est terminé left

    PLEASE READ BOTH DESCRIPTION AND DELIVERABLES, AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE BIDDING! A Class for making a bootsector file for CDDVD's WITH a menu from C# at runtime This will be a bootsector file that will boot multiple Windows OS's and floppy disk images. It will have a menu to choose which to boot. It must must support a title. It will have 26 dynamic options lettered A, B.....

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    OSX OpenGL Code Maintenence S'est terminé left

    a 3d engine has already been ported from win32 to OSX which uses opengl. 1)The win32 project has advanced, and the OSX version needs to be updated. 2)also, code to access the the HID manager needs to be added to capture mouse+keyboard. 3)also, The render to texture code also has a bug that needs fixing. You will need a OSX machine All code must contain the right choices, ...

    €90 - €452
    €90 - €452
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    We have a password recovery application design in Visual C++ (Visual Studio, v8). This tool attempts to recovery passwords from Word and Excel documents using bruteforce and dictionary methods. It also instantly retrieves Access passwords. Everything is finished, and the application works well. However a rival product, Advanced Office Password Recovery claims to retrieve passwords "...

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    usb keyboard emulator S'est terminé left

    i need an interface that will emulate a USB KEYBOARD. i need an interface from a project board that will talk to the interface to send keyboard data to a pc USB port. You will supply the interface either in design or off the shelf modules. I can make PCB from your design if required. Simply stated, my microcontroller will send either serial or parallel data to your interface,prefer ascii str...

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    298432 Banner Rotator S'est terminé left

    I'm sure one of you must already have what I'm looking for. I want a Banner Rotator that will hold unlimitted banners, must be able to work on different sites from just one location. I have several sites on different servers but need this to work from just one to cover all.. There must allso be a User section where people who have their Banners up can check on their stats etc. I have se...

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    Delphi MapToListBox S'est terminé left

    This project will be to create a descendent class of the Delphi TListBox component. This component will expose an additional property (MapList) that will behave very similar to the MapList property of the Infopower TwwDbComboBox component. The MapList property will be hidden from the user, just as MapList property is in the InfoPower component. The linkage between the ListBox value and the Ma...

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    Ebay Bid Sniper(repost) S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an application to run on a desktop that allows you to monitor and place proxy bids on items listed with Ebay. Ideally the application should allow you to enter the item # and it should then watch that bid, tracking the time and if your proxy bid is beaten then place a new proxy bid. It should allow the user to enter their username/password and allow for the user to decide how much...

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    298356 Linux server tweak needed S'est terminé left

    Hi, I run a large advertising network agency and I am getting about I'd say over 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 hits/day. My server info is below: Red Hat Linux 7.3 (Valhalla) Dell Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz (1) Gig DDR ram (2) 70Gig SCSI drives (one for DB and one for files) 1300 Gigs of bandwidth. I am getting that server from RackShack right now. The reason I am concerned is because I think I am be...

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    Time Logging App Mac S'est terminé left

    I would like a quote to create a time logging program that is a step above of the rest. I have reviewed many different programs and they all have the same flaw... they require human intervention to start and stop the sessions. I want a program that will watch what I am doing and when I open or create a new document, it should ask me what job to allocate time to. I am in the graphic design industry...

    €90 - €452
    €90 - €452
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    Software Evaluation S'est terminé left

    Evaluation of a simple presentation program. The program is designed to display song lyrics on a video projection screen primarily for use by churches. In order to evauluate this you don't need a video projector but a pc with a second monitor attached would be handy though not essential(dual video cards). There is a 1 page evaluation form (attached). It should take about half an hour to 1 hou...

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    We want a 'skinable' bespoke instant messaging (IM) client and server for Win32, Linux and Apple OSX platforms. Functionality may be identical to existing IM clients, but with the following additional features: a) An optional calendar per user. Each user may choose to share (publish and or edit according to owner selectable priveleges) their calendar through the IM client or on the web. ...

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    HTML News Articles Site designed S'est terminé left

    I'm setting up a new opinion based site similar to a news and info website. Periodically i'll write articles and then there will be talkback from readers below the articles. Here's an idea of what the site will be like: [se connecter pour voir l'URL],10738,2909323,[se connecter pour voir l'URL] That site is amazingly ugly and crowded... but it gives you the idea of what i ...

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    SQL Talkback Database for Mac osX S'est terminé left

    I need someone to design (cheaply) a talkback system (kind of like forums, but VERY scaled down - i already use phpBB) for articles i write. I'm setting up a new website that will give weekly opinion articles for people to read and respond to - but i would like responses to be on the same page where the article is written. For an example of what i mean, check out: [se connecter pour voir l�...

    €156 (Avg Bid)
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    I am wanting source code in Visual Basic 6 for an EPOS with dual currency. VB6 and access (compatible with MSOffice XP on each till.) IRC and Web to use MS Sql. If you want to suggest a better way then that is fine. This will be a full Epos (Electronic Point of Sale) system made up of three parts. 1) Epos and Back Office. 2) Head Office. 3) Web Store. They should be able to be installe...

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    I have owned [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] for some time now was curious if any seasoned programmers out there had deep experience in "audio" programming to write the program called "virtual amp" for musicians.I would like the program to be able to emulate modern day guitar and keyboard amplifiers perhaps the ability to act as a microphone preamp [se connecter pour v...

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    Partial 32bit (Intel) code emulator S'est terminé left

    Program must be developed in any C Windows compiler (well structured C, please - inline assembly is also fine). Programmer should be experienced with assembly language (in terms of both assembling, disassembling, and debugging programs). We need you to create an emulator for 32-bit Intel code (such as found in EXE files). It only needs to support the 'common' instructions (such as m...

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    P2P client interface development S'est terminé left

    Our company seeks a developer to create a software that will be able access some of the major peer to peer networks. The software itself will not host a peer to peer network. We are looking to create an interface that will access these 3rd party peer to peer networks. Criteras for the project: 1. The software will be win98/ME/XP compatible 2. A port to mac may be an option 3. We will ke...

    €452 - €1356
    €452 - €1356
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    CDDVD Boot Sector S'est terminé left

    PLEASE READ BOTH DESCRIPTION AND DELIVERABLES, AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE BIDDING! A Class for making a bootsector for CDDVD's WITH a menu from C# at runtime This will be a bootsector that will boot multiple Windows OS's and floppy disk images. It will have a menu to choose which to boot. It must must support a title. It will have 26 dynamic options lettered A, B... When the...

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    I need a ASP or ASP.net script that displays boat ads with photo. Will require admin pages to edit, add, list, delete and detail. Display page will have clickable thumbnail photo to full detail page. Thumbnails will be created by a .net control or ASPImage component. Add boat Form entries must be validated. Have created pages,forms and DB that I want to emulate. [se connecter pour voir l'UR...

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    Conversion of Macromedia Freehand Brochure into Quark 4. There are 260 pages although some are blank and around 60 are just images so the requirement is 200 pages note many pages have tables. This is a small handbook 1/3 A4. The handbook is in Italian and is 20 or so files. This must be a perfect copy all text etc can be copy and paste but position must be perfect. All fonts etc supplied. This mus...

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    Logo for WEBsite have example S'est terminé left

    I have attached an example logo that I would like to emulate for my logo for my website; which is at IDEAmation.com. The logo's main part is "IDEAmation" (where VENOM is on the example) followed by the word "Engineering" underneath it...in a less dramatic graphic....similar to how they did the Venom logo. I particularly like the circuit board type background and the raised...

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    PXE boot tester S'est terminé left

    Network PXE Boot tester **Description** We need a tool that checks whether or not a machine can be booted via PXE, without actually rebooting the machine or changing IP-configuration. PXE stands for Pre Execution environment and is used to boot machines from the network. This means that this tool must perform the following checks: 1. Send out a “fake?? **DHCP request**. The DHCP request...

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    Dating Service S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an advanced coder to create an online dating website. We are looking at advanced features and the most comparable one is www.datindirect.com. We like the features in the DatingDirect site and need someone to create a reengineered and comparable / superior service. The backend has to be scalable and robust for future expansion. The front end design should be modern like dating dire...

    €2068 (Avg Bid)
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