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    Nous recherchons pour le Mardi 23 Février un photographe professionel sur la ville de Nancy ou alentours pouvant réaliser un shooting photo (30 à 40 photos) d'une automobile de collection. Société HPA Motors

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    Create an application using Fiware and Orion Context Broker so that it receives data from a tilt sensor and passes it on to a temperature sensor. - You must also simulate the sensors, especially in the Java language - You should use Docker and docker-compose

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    Gearbox design - portable mixer 6 jours left

    Euromixers design and manufacture Industrial Fluid mixers for general chemicals and a broad range of industries. The project is to design and detail the motor attachment and planetary gears for a gear drive portable mixer - the attached sketch gives an outline of the proposed concept. Input 0.37kw electric or air motor - 1500 rpm 71 - B5 flange 160mm dia - input motor shaft 14mm diameter Reduction ratio 5.5 or 6.0 :1 service factor 1.4 min (robust design) if successful an extension of this project could also include the same arrangement for a 0.75kw motor - 1500 rpm B5 flange mounting The gearbox to be designed to be self contained and suitable for motors to be" plugged in" to the gearbox a new housing will be designed to accommodate ...

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    I am creating a project which will involve two NEMA 17 motors driven by two A4988 Drivers and using the ESP8266 module. The motors are used for horizontal and vertical movements. I want to create a list of 50 processes where each process will specify motor speed and direction for both motors. For eg: Process 1 may involve moving motor 1 for a few seconds, and the motor 2 and then again motor 1 in another direction and then motor 2 and so on. I am looking for someone who has time and is excited to be involved in this kind of a project. Some experience in Arduino is essential. I want to finish off this week.

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    black bird 5 jours left

    ...new sensors (temperature, humidity and gas); I accept suggestion for sensors (sensor Mq-2 and Dht11) - Add 3 Push Button Switch 3*6*2.5mm smt Tactile switches 3*6 smd tact switch ( 1 mode setup / 1 (+) / 1 (-) ) - Update BOM componets with end of life; - Work on tentative the remain within PCB same size. - Ultimate goal is to make the PCB with the lowest possible cost of production and manufacture 10 samples for test; notice: currently i am using MCU Mega 2560 and isn't possible deploy FOTA (firmware over the air) with ESP8266-01 (Serial3). So, if identified any concerns please, let me know before start - milestone #1 Design(SCH, PCB, BOM, Gerber, Pick place, Assembly Drawing): 2days - milestone # 2 components quotes and solve a...

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    ESP32 Programming 4 jours left

    We want to use ESP32 for our project 1. COMMUNICATES TO CLOUD: Firmware for Data upload to AWS IoT Hub​ via MQTT 2. READ SENSOR DATA: Firmware for data write communication from sensors​ 3. COMMUNICATES TO LOCAL NETWORK: Communication with Mobile APP

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    PCB design, manufacture and firmware programming for a heating controller. It will involve multiple inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue, NTC,0-10v, pulse, CT, on-off, power supply, separate high quality touch screen controller, 8 gig SD storage, Modbus master, Lora, Zigbee (connection to Sonoff sensors), Wi-Fi and LAN. It must connect to a website for analysis of data and the ability to upload data and download instructions and update the firmware through the internet. The project will also include the development of the firmware, website apps ect. I do have a precious version written in C as an example. A full description of the firmware will be supplied after a NDA is signed.

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    A portal for monitoring and configurering traffic equipment like sensors, information signs etc. Pages e.g.: - Dashboard displaying up or down of equipment, warnings etc. - Geographical overview map. Interactive map (OpenStreetMap or similar) with icons representing the equipment in the field with e.g. colorcoding (status). - Configuration page where equipment can be configured - API and Rest interface - Scalable and modular

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    The project was basically a productivity time tracker. How it worked was that I would place gesture sensors around my home, and they would detect when I entered a room and when I left. This would also be in combination with proximity node modules that would detect a chip place onto my phone. This way when I enter a room, the gesture sensor will trigger the proximity node to check for the chip I’m carrying to confirm that I am in the room. This is done so the gesture sensors that are constantly on, will not trigger a bunch of false positives. The purpose of this system is so I can get data like: 8:30am – 10:00am Office, 10:01am – 1:00pm Kitchen, 1:01pm – 3:00 Outside, ect, in a Excel. I hope this makes sense.

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    We need C#/Unity expert that would copy the native iOS/Android SDK for nRF52 Sensor and make Unity Plugin for it. We need to read accelerometer data and display it on the screen. If you know how to, you can also use some of Unity plugins from Asset store and modify it to work with our sensor. We're using this sensor: Here are native SDK's and documentation: Please apply only if you have experience with nRF52 sensors.

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    The project consists of connecting ESP32+RFM95 nodes that have sensors (you don't need to program the sensor, just the communication) to a lora gateway, either multichannel or a packet forwarder (a dual channel gateway). Not necessarily using TTN. The data must be sent to the cloud and the parameters sent by the nodes must be displayed. Proposals are accepted.

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    i need to build a temperature Mentoring system , including 1 report, and an interface for temperature and humidity sensors

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    I am needing configs built within these programs, they will be to a specific site of my choosing, sensors must be accounted for,

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    Hi, I need someone to make this simple VI for me. I would like to measure the speed of a rotating shaft inside a transmission gearbox. There's 3 shafts in total, each having a hall effect sensor mounted to them. I would like to have the RPM of the shaft displayed on gauges at a rate of 10 Hz minimum (meaning 10 RPM readings per ...data must also be logged with their time stamps. Additional info: The speed sensor outputs a voltage (pulse) with each passing gear tooth so you can simulate a high/low digital signal to as an input from the sensor. I have already attempted to write this VI but it is currently unreliable because it fluctuates. The DAQ device I am using is the USB 6002 from NI and I want to make use of the Digital inputs because I have 3 sensors and...

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    Data Analysis Research S'est terminé left

    ...pool of data, including raw and pre-processed data from radar/image or other sensors, through data cleaning, data conversion and data modeling. The objective of this position is to create leading-edge data processing software (in C++) for various applications, including environmental. Solid communication and presentation skills are required as it may be necessary to author technical reports and present the results/information to the team. Requirements: • 1+ year industrial experience with C/C++ using Visual Studio (or 2+ years' post-graduate experience) • Experience creating CMakeLists or Makefiles • Prior experience with MATLAB for analysis is preferred • Knowledge of and experience in various machine learning algorit...

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    Hi Akash R., I have the occasional project where i need to interface different sensors to STM32L073. Are you interested in intermittent work? Gary

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    Mannki is a digital phenotyping platform which connects patients and clinicians. Data from smartphone sensors is used to compute various behavioral markers like sleep, mood and mental wellbeing. We are looking for Android Devs who can take the application to next level with integration of more data streams - wearables, setting up notifications section and update the UI to the new designs already created.

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    Text classification S'est terminé left

    ...coursework requires you to develop a text classifier and apply it to a specific problem or challenge, e.g. fake news detection, sentiment analysis, spam detection, document tagging, etc. You will need to identify a suitable problem area with an associated data set. 1. Domain-specific area The first step of the coursework is to identify and describe the problem or challenge. This is an area of industry or science where text classification methods can contribute. 2. Objectives State and justify the objectives of the project. Discuss its impact and contribution to the problem area. State any contribution which the results may make to the challenge addressed. 3. Dataset The next step is to identify a suitable dataset which is representative of the challenge an...

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    ...features etc) and I also have about 25 Bullet cameras. they all IP cameras. Havent bought the signal transmitters and nvdr device yet. Question 1 Can we integrate an embedded software to the camera for smart tracking vehicles people etc on the field or ptz cameras needs to get signals from the base station that where the software is installed? How effective can it be with long range signal transmitters to tracking motions etc? Furthest tower to the base station is at 2.5 km distance. Question 2 I am planning to install motion detector sensors around the field and signal transmitters as well so when a motion detector radar senses a motion we want it to send signal to the camera tower, and ptz camera to turn on to the preset we determined for each m...

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    Looking for Arduino developer S'est terminé left

    I am a craftsman and I need to design a very special profile meter for hand crafted curve on a woodwind instrument. I have some product development experience and need someone who can integrate these tiny sensors with a low cost microprocessor that will give me the ability to drive 25 simultaneous 3 segment LED digital read outs. The system will have to have dead on accuracy up to .001 (one thousandth of an inch). We may have to consider programming a calibration mode. Each sensor will have a tiny probe above it which will vary by about 3 mm.

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    business company website S'est terminé left

    company specialized in pumps and pumping systems of agricultural and industrial purposes, electrical induction asynchrounus motors and grinding mills for corn.

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    App needs to be written native for android and apple. Very little app UI requirements, mostly we are after BTLE expertise. The app will listen for connection requests from nearby sensors. To save power and bandwidth full BT pairing is not used. Instead, we transmit the necessary data in the initial BTLE pairing advertisement. The app needs to identify pairing requests, list the BTLE name, the MAC address and the pairing request packet contents on screen.

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    You must transfer the design in a current Wix website and build a custom Eccomerce website. This cannot be wix, shopify or wordpress unless you are 100% confident you can build the custom plugin described below. The website built must allow for the easy upload and management of thousands of products. You must be able to fulfill the following requirements. Products should be managed through a clear and well designed admin panel. You must build a custom plugin that will allow the embedding of pages from third party websites to replace the role of product images. This will be explained now. In any eccomerce store, there are two types of product pages, a list page showing a list of products which you can open, and the individual product pages. Each of these ...

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    Interface made with studio to receive data from arduino and show in a graphics in real time, light some inidcators, capable of print screen this graphics and save the data in a text file, the interface is showed in the pìcture. It just take the value from 3 temp sensors and graphics in the time interval, to a low speed (2400 bps) Only the interfase, because the arduino equipment is working right now and is sending the data you see in the pictures and file text attached.

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    I need a firmware Engineer S'est terminé left

    I need someone to write embedded code in a Microchip PIC16F15243. The design includes a MEMS accelerometer and magnetometer that communicates with the uC vis I2C. The uC will need to process the signals from the accelerometer and magnetometer. The processing is relatively simple, a threshold above the baseline level. The device will operate on AA batteries so the uC and sensors will need to go in and out of sleep mode.

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    SQL Project - 10 queries S'est terminé left

    ...categories] 5) This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome5. Display the number of male and female customers in fastkart. (2 Rows) [Note: roles. users] 6) This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome6. Display ProductId. ProductName. Price and Item_Classes of all the products where Item_Classes are as follows: If the price of an item is less than 2.000 then “Affordable”. If the price of an item is in between 2.000 and 50.000 then “High End Stuff”. If the price of an item is more than 50.000 then “Luxury”. (57 Rows) 7) This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome7. Write a query to display ProductId. ProductName. CategoryName. Old_Price(price) and New_Price as per the following criteria a. If the category is “...

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    Fitness project S'est terminé left

    ...ideas that you can build at home and turn your workout into a game! Many of us plan our workouts in advance but when it comes to the crunch we tend to find it a chore and is something that just needs to be done. After all, humans are lazy, easily distracted and it’s in our nature. One of the best methods to overcome this problem is to gamify it!The following list describes some of the best ideas that I’ve seen on the net so far and I will continue to find more ideas and add them here over time. So check them out, get inspired and discover what your next project will be to get your next creativity fix! And have fun getting fit of course. How about this cool idea for an IoT fitness project. There are so many possibilities...

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    Scheduling of electricity source in the context of irregularity of resources such as wind speed, sun. The sources (Solar panel, wind turbine generator and battery) can be easily detected by sensors which can exchange information (IoT) for enabling the most convenient source to supply for the load. This will ensure supply availability/reliability at all times. Software to be used : Matlab

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    This is a IOT Based Project which includes data communication of different sensors between ESP8266 & Arduino and displaying those data on TFT Screen & Sending them to ThingSpeak. It includes dual I2C communication too.

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    This is project is a IOT Based Project which includes data communication of different sensors between ESP8266 & Arduino and displaying those data on TFT Screen & Sending them to ThingSpeak. It includes dual I2C communication too.

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    Development of Viscosity Sensor S'est terminé left

    We hereby are looking to connect with experienced people who have had past experience in development of sensors and it would be great where he/she has experience with viscosity sensor.

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    Smort - Smart Home Products S'est terminé left

    G'Day Carl, My name is Trent, we are a startup that manufactures smart home sensors and devices. We are needing an engineer or two who can help in the development of our first products. We are starting small but have some big plans. Our first products are focusing on low cost sensors. Looking over your profile, I was wondering if you might be able to help us with some electronics design and possibly CAD? I'd love to talk with you in chat or by phone. Pricing to be agreed as well. Trent.

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    Hello, I am interested in ordering an application to control a RC toy. The application is installed on a smartphone, Android and iOS. WiFi control in the ESP32-Wrom 32 toy and the l298n bridge, two DC motors and a mini servo. Application in the form of a virtual joystick. there will be 2 types of vehicles: 1) Servo-controlled travel direction (proportional) Drive by motor A and B controlled by bridge also proportional to joystick deflection. Back and front. Facing straight line calibration. 2) a tank vehicle controlled by an engine on the left and right side of the vehicle. Proportional. I need App for Android and App for iOS (Flutter ?) and one code for esp32. Marcin

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    5 years of experience designing or building circuit boards. Experience in microcontrollers, sensors, or high-voltage circuits Real world experience with electronics

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    Project for Maramreddy M. S'est terminé left

    I am interested in ordering a smartphone, Android and iOS App. WiFi control in the ESP32-Wrom 32 toy and the l298n bridge, two DC motors and a mini servo. Commercial project. App in the form of a virtual joystick, 2 types of vehicles: 1) Servo-controlled travel direction (proportional) Drive by motor A and B controlled by bridge also proportional to joystick deflection. 2) a tank vehicle controlled by an engine on the left and right side of the vehicle. Please propose cost calculation and date.

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    AWS IoT Pump station facility demo S'est terminé left

    We are seeking a freelancer to develop a working AWS IoT demo of a pump station facility showing - Sample Pump’s (3 off) with simulated speed and input - Sample environmental sensor showing temp/humidity -water tank sensors showing temp/alkalinity/other water inputs - Graphical floor layout showing data and location of pumps and sensors -simulated tend logs of data (temp/pump speed etc.) Skills demonstrated for the integration of PLC into AWS platform will be highly sought after and therefore using a live plc integrated into the system would be beneficial

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    Trophy icon Design a Door Hanger Flyer (3D Front Page) S'est terminé left

    As an IT Services company, one of the solutions that we provide is Security Surveillance and Automation for home and business owners and Commercial buildings. We want to target a large area consisting of both Residential and commercial businesses to advertise these services. Our Flyer will be hung on the front doors of residential houses and commercial buildings, and we want it to be appealing and eye catching with a modern and clean look. We want our flyer to have more pictures in it than text. Hence we would like to request you to put your creativity to work and make it more info-graphic. The content of the flyer is outlined below: *************** Front Page *************** • The front of the Door hanger should lo...

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    s-Domain Circuit Analysis Bode plots Sampling and Quantization Control Systems Digital Logic Electromagnetic Motors

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    ...cost. In Malaysia, water operators have embraced using a digitalized leak detection system, where multiple IoT-connected sensors are installed into pipelines that feed raw data into the cloud and presented in the dashboard for end-users in the local water operator. Problem: Even with the system installed, with mass of amount of data being feed from sensors, anytime a leakage is detected, a team needs to be send to the area to do verification of leakage. This consumes financial, time and energy cost to the local water operator to verify everytime. Solution: To create an AI processor that uses historical acoustic data from sensors to detect patterns of water leakage, and use the pattern as a highly accurate warning system that eliminates the...

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    ...manufacturers or service companies). Geographic scope: All of the North and South America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.). Scope of data: 700 records Company name 100% Country 100% Website 100% Email – if available Deadline: 27.10 Brands of spare parts that should be offered by the companies: SIEMENS, SCHEIDER ELECTRIC, ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, SICK, DANFOSS, KEYENCE, TURCK, BANNER, HONEYWELL, IFM ELECTRONIC, FESTO, BALLUFF, SEW EURODRIVE, ENDRESS+HAUSER, GEFRAN, ABB, HIRSHMANN, ASCO NUMATICS, PHOENIX CONTACT, RITTAL, LENZE, VEGA, WERMA, PARKER, OMRON, MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA, DYNICSO, BERNSTEIN, PEPPERL+FUCHS, EATON MOELLER, GE FANUC, SCHMERSAL, WEINTEK, SMC, ACE Key fields and keywords: AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY Au...

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    Custom Stripe checkout process S'est terminé left

    Requirements: The application will need to run on a server separate to the front-end web server. I imagine this will be done by embedding a button that calls back to the server. The application should be enabled by a license code, granting, revoking access as required (also controlled via Stripe). The application will enable users to associate products/options with a pricing/checkout box including buttons for each product option that will be embedded in the end user's website. The product/pricing box should have modal features to toggle between annual/monthly pricing if necessary. Clicking the button with reflect the pricing selected in the modal. The user should be able to configure colours/fonts for their embedded pricing box/checkout buttons to match their existing web...

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    Need to read real-time data from fuel sensors Scort TD-150 , TD - 500 insert into a odoo 15 CE new table and show as a curve graph in the fleet module based on the measurements of the sensor , more details here : Import all measurement result data produced by the fuel sensor into a new table in the Odoo server Create a new button named COMBUSTIBLE (fuel) inside the vehicle in the fleet module One new view needs to be linked to this button, where these new files should be filled by user a. Tank ID b. Fuel type c. Volume Also, a curve graph need to be stated for each sensor, this graph will be updated in real-time based on sensor results using time an tank level fuel Based on a scheduled task , an email need to be automatically sent by including: a. An PDF with a curve...

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    Rewrite native SDK in Unity S'est terminé left

    We need to make a new blank project inside Unity and make a iBeacon connection to scan iBeacons and read accelerometer data (X/Y/Z) and show that data from accelerometer on display. We're using this sensors: There is native iOS/Android SDK for help: (we can not use native SDK's because this part needs to be inside Unity and not seperated for each platform)

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    object detection S'est terminé left

    Automated detection of potential risk situations (human in the vicinity of the robot) based on distance measurements (e.g., through capacitive sensors in the robot arm or use of camera data) o Deriving intelligent decisions, e.g., in the form of a multi-level safety concept

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    A PLC program is needed to create this project, You have to tell me what PLC I have to buy, what other sensors, their wiring, and Ladder Logic, everything included. This Job is more about providing me Information.

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    PCB Design S'est terminé left

    hi All, I'm looking for PCB designer for a hobby project, pcb includes: ESP32 power supplier 220v to 3,3 and 5v Voltage & heat protection Current consumption sensor Temperature sensor externally Flow sensor externally MAX45 for modbus communication unite 4 relaies 4 buttons 2x PH sensors externally longrange wifi antena lithium ion battery lithium ion battery charger 2 led indicators LCD display

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    Hello, I’m looking for a professional and experienced PCB designer in order to develop two electronic boards. The first one should be able read high impedance (>1Tera ohms) mV signals from a pH sensor, the communication should be through rs485 modbus/RTU. The other board project should be for reading conductivity sensors and there is also need a communication port for rs485 modbus/rtu.

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    Hi All, I'm looking for someone with experience in Arduino using MicoPython to do the following: 1/ read 2 sensor data 2/ communicate with modbus device RS 485 (read and set parameters) 3/ controller two relays from pushbuttons and web app 4/ store sensor data every 10 second in JSON format (ideally in MongoDB database) 5/ enable and disable the relais via POST command 6/ read sensor data in webpage (current and history data) Please let only apply if you have done similar projects in the past.

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    Hi All, I'm looking for someone with experience in Arduino using MicoPython to do the following: 1/ read 2 sensor data 2/ communicate with modbus device RS 485 (read and set parameters) 3/ controller two relays from pushbuttons and web app 4/ store sensor data every 10 second in JSON format (ideally in MongoDB database) 5/ enable and disable the relais via POST command 6/ read sensor data in webpage (current and history data) Please let only apply if you have done similar projects in the past.

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