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    360 Feedback S'est terminé left

    On-line 360 degree feedback is technique to provide information about the perceptions of a workers work behaviors. The Focal person (the person who will receive the feedback) chooses 10 to 20 individuals to provide him/her feedback. These 10 to 20 "Raters" usually fall into these categories, (Self, Boss, Colleagues, Direct Reports, Others). An invitation

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    Feedback Form S'est terminé left

    What I hope to be a simple asp form action. I have an html form. It contains input fields for name, email, and comment. I need each field to verify it contains text and to verify the email field contains the (at) symbol and the (dot) 3 character suffix. I then want a redirect to an html page if the form contains errors, and a redirect to a different html page if the form is submitted correctly. I ...

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    ...project will require a confidentiality agreement. In essence, the project entails the **complete development**, according to our specifications of a memebership-based feedback site. It will require all information to be stored in a MySQL database. There will be several levels of users including 2 types of administrators, 2 types of members and 1

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    ...your screen) * Ability to attach a music file to a puzzle * Ability to edit existing puzzles * Ghost view showing the completed puzzle as you work to solve it * Comprehensive help * Auto-saving of partially completed puzzles * Any background color * Force feedback mouse support If you have the skills and time available to finish

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    Employee feedback web form S'est terminé left

    ...Personal information as well as answer a few questions (mutiple choice). Nay user should be able to come back to the web page enter his Cell phone number or email and view and/or edit the information availble for him. One or teo of the fields should be capable of reciving a uploded image (picture) This web page will be usde to collect and filter job applicants

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    Online Multiple Choice Test S'est terminé left

    ...and administrator. Students will be required to login with their e-mail address which must have a domain of '[se connecter pour voir l'URL]' and a valid password. They will be able to edit their own details, just as admins can. Students will presented with a number of tests to choose from, they will be presented with radio button options to answer a question.

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    ebay leave feedback S'est terminé left

    I need a script writen in PHP that can connect to [se connecter pour voir l'URL], logon into my account and leave a feedback for a buyer. I will enter the **Artikelnummer** and the **feedback text** in a form and when I click submit the script will do the rest. If you don't understand the task, but you have experince with ebay please ask me and I'll gladly gi...

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    feedback tool (PHP) S'est terminé left

    ...the questions. He can either choose one of the predefined answers or he can enter a custom comment into some memo-field. After going through all questions he receives some feedback-page which tells him that he is finished. Admin: can see all answers (he can browse by user/e-mail etc.) and read all answers. Because there will be predefined answers there

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    ...Registration Facility Speculative candidates can register with the web site including CV upload. Contact Us/ Feedback Form Vehicle for site visitors to provide feedback on the web site. Administration Features Vacancy Database Administration Ability to add, edit, delete jobs on the web site. Includes archive facilities and advanced search facility on live vacancies

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    Epinions style system with following features: - Directory structure - Multi user (role based) - Multiple rating categories based on item type - Ability to delete, move, approve new items submitted by users Detailed requirements and design provided in the attached word doc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete...

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    ...marks and teacher analysis of all the past tests he has taken 5) contact the teacher through a feedback form - the form should include his username and email id by default In the Teacher's area, the teacher should be able to 1) create new tests 2) edit old tests 3) enter a test name and description 4) select the no. of questions that the test

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    ...shipping or not, in which case, obviously when it comes to to "checking out" that particular item will be or wont be charged shipping accordingly. 5. Interface to add/remove/edit all fields of products in the MySQL dbase so that I or my staff can make changes accordingly. 6. Customer information will be stored, such as name, address, phone number, etc

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    I need an E-Bay type auction script. Its important that it has a feedback and buyer rating system. Also important that I can edit all pricing.(price per uploaded picture,extra for BOLD,etc.)

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    ...deleting it. 2. The option to edit and relist a closed auction. That is, edit, preview, and submit. The edit should include the listing enhancement options the same as is available when an auction is first listed. 3. Automatic removal from the closed auction list when an auction is manually relisted. 4. The ability to edit the starting bid in an active

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    Wholesaler's Market S'est terminé left

    ...-items purchased list, track history up to 60 days -items added to watch list -leave feedback for a sellers or buyer when a transaction is done -view a seller or buyer's feedback by good or bad ratings (default sort by date) -create about me page -edit account details -change email (verification required) -change ID -change password

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    ...completion. Any other recommendation would be appreciated. ADMIN FEATURES: Add Users Edit Users Delete Users Edit Book Listings Delete Book Listings Add Book Listings Mass Mail All users or individual users Ability to edit forms to include additional fields Ability to edit forms to take out un-needed fields Automated mailing to a user who has requested

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    ...and create a specified collection of directories and files in their own area on the server. A Perl script is required that will mark this assignment and provide suitable feedback to the students, thus avoiding the delay that would be required if the work were to be marked manually. ## Deliverables **Task** The requirements of the OSP assignment

    €26 - €35
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    Hello, I am needing to get a script installation but I have no money. If you would be willing to install this script on my domain in exchange for perfect 10 feedback, please let me know. I am willing to pay your Scriptlance fees but can not afford anything else. View the script install instructions at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] It is fairly

    Poker Content Site S'est terminé left

    ... ## Deliverables **_Poker Site_** **- Admin Stuff** - God Admin can add moderators, moderators can do everything the God admin can except add/edit/del admins - Create Category for Articles (Add/Edit/Del) - if a category is deleted admin will be prompted to move all articles in that category into another category - Add an Article Fields to Include:

    €87 - €434
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    ...so if you can edit it to do what I need, you will still get paid...just don't try to ask for too much to edit somthing already paid for =)*********** ++Once again. If you are going to flake out on me...please do not bid. I have been nice to the last 2 people who flaked on me, but the next person to flake will receive negative feedback++ ...

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    AssetLink2 S'est terminé left

    ...- Add an asset to the site Edit asset - Edit and asset you have added User details: Overview - Details about a user User details: Listings - Details about a users listings User details: Feedback - Details about a users feedback User details: Feedback Add - Leave feedback about user User details: Edit - Edit your details Mail ...

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    Feedback Database S'est terminé left

    I need someone to create a feedback database for use by real estate agents and their clients. I've been told before (original programmer backed out - not from this site) that I would need to probably go mySQL route. ## Deliverables I need someone to create a feedback database for use by real estate agents and their clients. I've been told before

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    ...whatever I choose to call it) it shoudl bring them to a new screen where they enter their message, then give them an option to submit it. users WILL NOT have the ability to edit or erase their messages once they are posted. after posting, the user should be brought back to the article to which they repsonded - but their talkback should be STORED, NOT

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    Ebay Feedback Tool S'est terminé left

    ...into Ebay, gather info about auction such as ID, price, dates, buyers name, email...etc. It's main function will be to determine if they have left you feedback and if you have left them feedback. It will report and display this information in a easy to understand format. Color coded or any other means to give a quick glance understanding. It

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    297756 Fix Feedback Forms S'est terminé left

    Conversion of 50 forms from sendmail to jmail.

    296999 Barter PHP Script S'est terminé left

    We are in need of a barter...they wish. Once the barter has taken place, each member should be able to post their feedback and "rate" the other member. The script should allow for a header and footer and html modifications such as fonts, etc. We will also need an admin section to add/edit categories and sub categories and manage the users, etc.

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    ...selected from a list from the database) will be emailed at the time of the appointment. (They will also be a button they can click on to edit the agent's email address.) The email will contatin a direct link back to a feedback form, which will create a record of their opinion of the appointment. In addition, their needs to be a simple report that can be run

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    eBay Feedback program S'est terminé left

    ...were feedback has been left already. Please see [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to get an idea of how I would like the layout to look. A button to generate POS, NEUT or NEG random feedback into a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] box with a MAX of 80 CHARs. The ability to add my own text into the box and to save text upon exiting the program. (I will insert ALL of the fee...

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    (1)We need a whois for e-truck.co.uk. Visitors will be able to enter a name and a search of names availalbe will display. The visitor will tick name(s) and complete a form with name, email & telephone number which will be sent. The box will then say - Thank you contacting e-truck we will contact you shortly. (2) We also require the form on the contact page to be made to work. Full FTP details ...

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    ...the config just as long as it is easily editable in a config file. I DO need an admin interface to add/edit/delete urls and email addresses. I want to provide this service to an existing user base of web site owners and need to be able to add/edit their urls and email addresses as required. There is no need at this time for an end user interface. The

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    Real Estate Feedback setup S'est terminé left

    ...specific date/time on the front-end, this appointment will be stored in the database, then the client will be emailed at the time of the appointment with a direct link to feedback form to fill out and submit into another table. I need password verification when accessing the webpage for the first time; pulling "Address" records up from the database;

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    ...cheerful site to promote our business. Our priorities are: - It must look good and professional. - It must have a feedback page where people can send us messages or make email bookings for our restaurant perhaps. - We want to be able to edit a "specials" page ourselves to keep people up to date with what is on offer. - It must get us high up the search

    €173 - €260
    €173 - €260
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    Designing a dynamic website which asks users multiple choice questions and provides feedback. The website will interact with stored information within a database. There are two modes of access; user and admin User mode takes a multiple-choice test and receives feedback on the answers they have chosen. Admin mode composes the multiple-choice tests and

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    ...help fixing a bug in the feedback script of Gavelware auction software v 2.0. Currently users can leave as many feedback transactions on a single auction to no end, need to limit it to one feedback per auction transaction. ** Need to add another bug to fix - closed auction page should show one button for seller to leave feedback to winning bidder, instead

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    Feedback page that emails me S'est terminé left

    I need a server side piece of software that will accept lengthy text input from a client. I prefer that it be written in VB Script / HTML, but would consider other languages if you have a convincing argument. The client will sometimes supply their email address, and it would be wise to send them a confirmation response. The text will be sent to my email address. This is probably a half or full day...

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    Custom software and beyond S'est terminé left

    ...for a customized software. While I am looking for regular auction features, and most of what I "want" might be the standard, I will list some of it here: Thumbnail creation. Feedback forms. Picture upload built in html editor for sellers listings I Also want to have a good "accounting" behind the scenes managability/database/filing portion in the program

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    I just need someone to program a very simple feedback form for us based on some existing programming (also in PHP). If you go here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This is the form that we need to be programmed. Our current system handles most of this, but not the additional questions on the right-hand side of this page (ie

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    ...feature changes or comments and feedback Admin Features: - Upload logo through admin - Remove/edit members - Ability to suspend individual features for each member - All front end pages editable through the admin - Ability to change admin password - Change admin email - Able to email individual members and all members - Edit welcome email that is sent

    €243 (Avg Bid)
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    ...earlier project as the programer never completed the job and does not reply to emails or messages. If you do not complete jobs do not bid as I will surely leave appropiate feedback. Please read below and be sure you understand what is wanted. Any questions pm me. I need a clone of the program that operates the following site with all the features

    Network of wine sites S'est terminé left

    ...posted iv. Body of article c. Article needs to be able to have pictures attached if necessary. d. Editor must approve articles before they post to site. i. Must be able to edit them as well. 4) Articles will link to Writer Bio page, which will include photo. 5) This site will rely heavily on press releases for information so a similar system for

    €173 - €260
    €173 - €260
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    ...nice looking web stores for registered users that uses the same user usernames, and passwords as the auction and be tied into all auction features, such as view my feedback, leave feedback, view my profile page, view my auctions. I would like to run the web stores with a subscription type monthly payment with PayPal. Up to 10 items in store $2.95/month

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    ...complete art gallery web site. It must have a professional design, layout, and look. I need a browser based administration area where I can add, edit, or delete an artists item. A place where I can add, edit, or delete my own paintings. Send email to an artist or all artists. Suspend or Unsuspend an artist. The artist must register to use the site. The

    €200 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Along with this we would want a site wide management tool that would monitor and report on most things - new members to messages sent to the ability to manually add/edit members, add/edit current sites etc. Please only serious developers apply as this is a mission critical site that we will pay a good price for provided the developer(s) are highly technically

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    Dispatching Trucks S'est terminé left

    ...this in i need to the program to check for exsiting trucks in table trucks, respond with appropriate feedback. I have multiple fields that need validation such as this. Estimated time for experianced programmer 5 hours if you use my form. I have Add, edit, delete, refresh(multi-user), and close buttons working. 27 Fields need validation, basic to advanced

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    Gentoo Documentation System S'est terminé left

    ...LOGIN: ( when first accessed ) The login screen can be accessed by a direct link to the login url, or a link to a specific document. This will come in handy because there is a "feedback" link included in the document. | Username/Password | - can be cached using cookies. | Register | - keep it simple, username and and email verification. INTERFACE: ( after

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    Website Feedback Form S'est terminé left

    ...website feedback form as a learning project and my problem is: when the 'submit feedback' button is clicked the following error message appears: "FrontPage Error. User: please report details to this site's webmaster. Webmaster: please see the server's application event log for more details." This feedback form is supposed to append the feedb...

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    Small Travel Agency web site S'est terminé left

    ...available accommodations, etc; 2. they also should be able to search and filter the data by some parameters; 3. administrator should be able to enter/edit/delete the data; 4. there are also should be simple feedback form, which will send mail to the administrator; 5. also need few informational pages with information about our company and our news. Administrator

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    83073 Feedback Form S'est terminé left

    I have a simple feedback form on my website that I need programmed. All the fields are required fields except for: *suite number *phone number *fax number The link to the form is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] All replies are to go to my personal email address and I will give that address to the programmer selected to do the job

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    PHP Feedback Form, etc. S'est terminé left

    PHP / Apache language compatible code for: 1. Feedback form 2. Email News Registration box 3. 3 products (free to download) need to each have a form required to fill out before the download takes place. 4. Minor web/html work - - forms can use either database or email the information to client. Please view the attached word doc for a more detailed explanation

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    Feedback form S'est terminé left

    I have a simple feedback form to connect and return data by email on a website that is near to completion. Server access FTP will be provided the server runs on Windows 2000. Another simple quick job because we are busy. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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