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    un mini formulaire S'est terminé left

    J’ai besoin d’un très petit script de page web qui formule un lien internet composer d’un préfix (SA) statique (qui ne change pas) d’une partie (E1) dynamique qui est un ‘echo ‘ d’un champs du formulaire (F1) d’une autre partie statique (SB) et d’une fin également (E2) dynamique qui est un ‘echo‘ d’un champs du formulaire (F2)

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    Bonjour, Nous recherchons un intégrateur spécialisé VOIP capable d'installer la pile complète de logiciel Goautodial 3.3 et y installer un trunk SIP pour permettre la mise en place de campagne d'appels sortantes (sondages, prise de rendez vous). Nous fournirons un serveur dédié (idéalement OVH) qu'il faudra paramétrer intégralement et installer avec les logiciels nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la suite GOAUTODIAL 3.3, il faudra également prévoir une migration vers Goautodial 4.0 dans les prochains mois. Possibilité d'infogérance par vos soins du serveur dédié aux campagnes d'appels.

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    La société LWS, spécialisée dans l'hébergement de sites web depuis 1999, recherche une personne expérimentée dans le cadre d'une mission ponctuelle. La mission consiste à - installer un trunk SIP sur un serveur Asterisk - installer minimum 5 comptes SIP pour appels sortants avec enregistrement de chaque appel - installer un panel de gestion (XIVO ou autre)

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    La société LWS, spécialisée dans l'hébergement de sites web depuis 1999, recherche une personne expérimentée dans le cadre d'une mission ponctuelle. La mission consiste à terminer la configuration du logiciel VOIP Xivo sur un serveur VPS Linux : installation d'un trunk SIP installation de minimum 5 comptes SIP pour appels sortants avec enregistrement de chaque appel

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    Nous avons un serveur asterisk configuré avec quelque sip trunk ovh. Nous avons des problemes dans la presentation des alias dans les appelles sortant. Nous avons besoins de quelqu'un qui connait bien se fournisseur Merci

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    ...server <------ 183 session Progress <<--- Bserver <<------- 183 session Progress <<------- PSTN Step 4:- A server <------ 183 session Progress <<--- Bserver <<------- 180 Ringing <<------- PSTN A Server >>> Installed Asterisk with Freepbx B Server >>> Installed Asterisk with Freepbx PSTN (SIP) attached with Server B An extension 123 created on Server B On Server A created a SIP Trunk with configuration of extension 123 that was created on Server B Also connected server B with the server A via chain_SIP Trunking. Now created a Extension 321 created on server A and configured in soft-phone like zoiper and dialling call on XXXXXXXXXX number. Now the problem is in Step 4 where I am not getting same 180 Rin...

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    i have already have freepbx setup it needs to be configure to to work with twilio sip trunk send and receive phone calls Setup when call give you announcement options then customer can press in 1-2-3 go to different number I have number from twillio and elastic sip trunk from twillio

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    Arkces App 3 jours left

    I'm looking to create a siptrunk and a hosting app similar to 3cx but what is most important is the sip trunk, I'm operating from south africa

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    ...will access the Directory to obtain user permissions. I work in an all macOS environment. iOS and Android solutions would need to exist for my mobile users. For the SIP and VOIP, I have over 200 phone numbers in sequence that I would like to "park" somewhere because I don't want to lose the numbers. I need a cost-effective solution to store those numbers. Can I set up and host my own SIP trunk service so I can park those numbers? I need a VOIP service or Asterisk PBX that uses the LDAP directory to create an account for the users if that service is selected. These features are necessary for the VOIP service: texting, inter-company chatting, video calling, voice calling, viewing a list of all company users, transferring calls to other company users, seeing ...

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    ...that looks like picture 1, only also adding p-values to the very right in the table. You need to calculate the mean, standard error and pvalue (H0 mean(variable A1)=0) of each of the variables [A1,B1,C,D1,E1]. Mean should be named = "CAR", standard error = "Std.err.", just like in the table, and pvalue ="P-value". Pvalue column should be added right of Std.err. Add stars (*) to denote any significance (if any). For the text above the table, just write: “Type text here”. Variable name in df should be set to "Variable name in table" A1 = [-20,-11] B1 = [-10,-6] C = [-5,10] D1 = [11,20] E1 = [21,60] Task 2: (short task) Data = df1 Now create a table that looks like picture 2. ONLY variable C should be used when...

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    domain web connection issue S&#039;est terminé left

    I am running a webservice with url of at AWS. The...with url of at AWS. Then I have made a webapp with url of at GCP. Because of the need of ssl, I had to make a loadbalancer (https ip ) that is connected with the instance group with the server (httpip ). And the loadbalancer has name server of ns-cloud-e1.googledomains.com. Therefore, I set CNAME with to the name server of ns-cloud-e1.googledomains.com. But I have a connection issue with that url. It sometimes opens but often returns connection error page. I need help. The buget for this task is 20 UDS and after I confirm that it works without any problem, the money will be released. Thanks!

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    Greetings, Me and my brothers have been through a lot and decided to create a family coat of arms crest for a ring we wish to have made to commemorate our brotherhood. We decided the ring would consist of three images: Top, left and right: - The face of the ...a ribbon on the top that says “Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.” And another ribbon on the bottom saying “Give preference to one another in honor.” Between the ribbons I would like two hands shaking (soul brother handshake see image attached). - The Left side of the ring image: I would like the image of the world tree with the branches sprouting towards the earth, the trunk of the tree look like DNA/helix and the roots of the tree flourishing in the ground deep (please see ...

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    Project for Muhammad Ashar K. S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi Muhammad Ashar K., I would like to offer you my project. I would like you to create an elephant cartoon that would be a basis for a generative NFT collection. The basic image will have traits thatt can be added in layers. Examples of traits are the head ornamnet, back cover, earrings, painted nails, bands for legs, painted tusks, things carried in the trunk etc. If initila images are statisfactory, the project will continue until the complete collection is created.

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    We have a raspberry PI installed with FreePBX. We have a trunk configured to Twilio, it was all working just ok for some months but right now is not connecting. I tried different settings but is not working. We need someone with knowdledge in both tools to solve it. Thank you Current error message from FreePBX WARNING[1240] res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c: No response received from 'sip:XXX:5060' on registration attempt to 'sip:XXX', retrying in '60'

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    We have a Freepbx with a SIP trunk to a PATTON Smartnode connected to ISDN BRI lines. We are able to do calls to the outside except international calls that we are unable...

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    Hello, i'm having a problem with our freepbx. We have a SIP Trunk that connects it to a Patton Smartnode, and we are unable to do internatiuonal phone calls. can you help?

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    I have a FreePBX/Asterisk installed on a Raspbx, I need Trunk setup (I have already inserted the trunk details but it doesn't ring and Yealink extensions aren't registered). I also have a Yealink W52P Base station with 3 handsets, so will need 3x extensions setup on the base. I have direct port forwards into the FreePBX GUI and the Yealink base - you need to accept the job to get access, no you'll have a look first will be accepted. Must have experience with FreePBX, Asterisk and setting up VoIP phone.

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    Goaling assignments S&#039;est terminé left

    ...the top of the letter then the form automatically grab each speciality they are goaled with and how many of each. The problem I am having is that if HQ says find 3 of SPECIALITY A, then I will assign 1 to recruiter A, 1 to recruiter B, and 1 to recruiter C. Or maybe I give 1 to A and 2 to B. As an example cell A2 says speciality A. B2, says "3". A3 says speciality B and B3 says 2. Then C1,D1,E1, say recruiter 1, recruiter 2,recruiter 3. C2 says 1, D2 says 1, E2 says 1, C3 says 1, D3 says 1 and E3 is blank. I need a line of excel code I can put in a cell that reads the recruiters name at the top of the page, goes to my chart, find that recruiters column and goes down and pulls every speciality that does not have a 0 or blank assignment. Once I have the names, pu...

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    Remote freepbx update page S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi! we have 6 freepbx 15 (asterisk 16) servers. 3 for incoming calls and 3 for outgoing calls. we need a central place (ex. remote script) that: 1. for inbounds servers: 1.1 create trunks to remote servers. 1.2. create inbound num and set the destination to trunks. 2. for outbound servers. 2.1 create custom extensions for server. 2.1 create a trunk to the server. notes: 1. no 3rd party framework. 2. ok to use fwconsole. 3. full log needs to be kept on initiating server. 4. scripts need to be reviewed and approved by us. 5. all errors need to be caught and reported to console and log. 6. testing can be done on the testing environment but the project will be approved after testing on our production environment.

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    Trophy icon Build me a custom logo S&#039;est terminé left

    ...extremely excited to see the creativity you guys are able to bring to the table. For this project I'd like to test out your graphic design capabilities for my own company named Let me tell you what I expect my logo to looks like. 1. The period in the middle of the name, sodatsu(.)ai will be a seed of a cherry blossom tree. 2. I am looking to have the tree on top of the seed and the tree trunk made up of binary code (0's and 1's). 3. I would like to leave the leafs pink and very distinct from one leaf to another (fine lines between the leaves, very detailed). You're welcome to play around with the font as well, keep in mind that this is a software company that has simplicity as it's forefront. Having said this, the most important factor is the...

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    Assistance with SBC Configuration S&#039;est terminé left

    We're looking for help in configuring our Audiocodes Mediant Virtual SBC between a Cisco UCM PBX and a SIP Trunk. If you have proven experience, and can help us manage this instance, please apply. There are a few projects that will require SBC instances to be configured, and also in HA mode.

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    Trophy icon Partial Vinyl Wrap Decal for Truck S&#039;est terminé left

    We have a commercial Truck that we would like to partially wrap with vinyl. Vinyl wrap will be on the side doors and small section at back side (trunk door). We would like a design that will have our logo and company name on the side and small design with website on the back side. Be creative :) Truck info: 2021 Dodge RAM 1500 Classic Express color PATRIOT BLUE PEARL 4 Doors Company Info: RevSolz Corp.

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    Php small crud app S&#039;est terminé left

    A. purpose: a small b2b site where customers login, check product availabily and make orders (not purchases) . customer adds products to a cart, checkout clears the cart and sends by email the order to warehouse and cc to customer . B....D211. there must be a search/filter on all the fields D22. with button to "order" on every line, and text input to specify qtty D23. with menu option to crud cart table D24. with buton to checkout the cart D241. checkout button sendd email to warehouse and cc to customer with customer ID (name, customer id, address, contacts etc and ordered products) D242. after sending the email cart is cleared E1. Products table fields: Reference, Design, Price, stock, family E2. Customers table fields: Name, ID, email, address1, address2, postal code...

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    zipcode list GB S&#039;est terminé left

    i need a spreadsheet of all zipcodes in GB with cityname like this .. E1 6AN Bishopsgate E1 7AA Portsoken E1 7AD Portsoken E1 7AE Portsoken as i can read there is about 1.800.000 zipcodes in GB total no idear where to get it, please give price

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    ...the settings tab C13. Enter user/license key provided to the member D. Recordings Tab D1. Should show the amount of space left on the HD D2. Recently recorded models with the following info. D2a. Models Name D2b. Date Recorded D2c. Status D2d. Size D2e. Notes D3. Right-Click Menu D3a. Open in player D3b. Pause Recording D3c. Open Recording Directory on PC D3d. Add notes E. Models to Record Tab E1. Display all model information that is being monitored to be recorded. E1a. Models Name E1b. URL to model E1c. Online status E1d. Recording status E1e. The date/time model was last seen online E1f. The date/time model was last recorded E2. Right-click menu E2a. Remove Model E2b. Open in player E2c. Pause Recording E2d. Open Recording Directory on PC E2e. Add notes E2f. Switch Resolut...

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    SIP trunk which is located in our Office needs to be connected to IP-PBX (fusion - pbx) which is hosted in Google Cloud Platform through VPN. Also Some parameters have to be passed through X-Headers. Some one who worked previously on scaling IP-PBX preffered

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    3cx configuration sip trunk with cisco

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    Install,configure on sipewise S&#039;est terminé left

    ...serious and working transparent and clean. The sipewise will have to be configured for the moment with one phone provider with one "big" SIP Trunk and multiple channels. In the moment some 30 phone numbers. On sipewise I will generate different SIP Trunk based on the request of the client with one phone number and 2 or 3 or 8 channels. This SIP Trunk "generated" and managed by sipewise will be connected in 90% to an other PBX which the client have or in our data center or in his infrastructure. To secure the SIP Trunk we should think how will be the best solution or to offer to the client based on his possibility up to 3 ways how to connect his SIP Trunk. I would prefer in an IPSEC tunnel and with username and password... but we nee...

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    I want an app that can sync inventory between Shopify website and Sqaureup POS System. The inventory needs to sync including details such as product name, description, photos and more. This must continuously sync so that stock is up to date. Example of the shopify app is below:

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    Quintum gateway configuration S&#039;est terminé left

    I need a Quintum expert to configure a Quintum Tenor gateway (DX2060) for call origination and termination to and from a digital E1 and an Issabel PBX.

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    ...all should not be much cpu intensive, possibly use thread for pitch lib - definable volume level under which it will not track pitch (no draw on image) Image will have header and footer size (definable), inner part splitted equally to definable notes range (frequency ranges). Notes specified as [CDEFGAB][1-6][#]. So with image will be image definition file with parameters: - notes range, example e1-a2 - header size - footer size For debugging purpose asio4all may be used and some cheap microphone. Also before starting or even bidding please try vocaberry to understand how it should work. Tracking lib should be pretty precise (at least like in vocaberry) and delay minimized as much as possible. Also sometimes vocaberry mistakes for octave for few milliseconds, so need to some...

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    iOS App for iPad S&#039;est terminé left

    As a small start-up we need an IOS app for the iPad. The task: An animated tree that starts to grow every time the number in the database changes. Example: At number 1 the seed is put into the ground. Number 2, a small blade of grass grows from it. Number 3, a small trunk can already be seen. At some point at number 10, for example, a fully grown tree with green leaves should be visible. At number 11, the whole thing should start again. At the top right, a large number should indicate the total number of trees. I leave it to your imagination how the landscape should look, whether funny farmers are to be seen and whether they move. Who can program something like this for me? Make me an offer!

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    Trophy icon NFT Contest Elephant S&#039;est terminé left

    Hello @all, we want to create a new NFT collection and seeking an artist. Our topic is the elephant. But we dont want a "normal" profile picture like NFT Art. The market is full with that. We want a full body elephant standing in human pose, with clothes and weapons. The complete number of traits can be discussed further in detail. For now we think about Traits like: Head, Trunk, Tusk,Ears, Eyewear, Helmet, Weapon, Right hand magic,Shirt,Trousers, Jacket. We want you to create an elephant warrior or magician with those traits. The Pose is pretty near to Example1 also the artstyle. Maybe the left hand should be look up to put some magic in it, like example2. For this contest it is enough to draw one elephant in the style we want. No colours needed sketch is enough !!!

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    I need a creative and cool Trunk or Treat Sign-in sheet. It should be a normal paper length because it will be printed and massively distributed. I need to have Trunk or Treat Sign in on the top of the page. Club name and Club sponsor needs to be there with a place to fill in the information after it. There also needs to be plenty of lines/space with a column for students and then total time right next to students where students can write their downs below. On the bottom of the page, can be on the right or left or middle I want a place where it has Advisor Signature with a spot for the signature. Cool graphics and pictures on the sides, maybe a border around the page. Be creative.

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    ...indicator will use following functions: Stoch function EMA function ATR function An indicator source should be taken from the chart where the indicator has been placed to. INDICATOR SETTINGS Following values should be available as indicator settings: Number of bars to close above/below EMA to filter the signal as X EMA period as EP Stop size in ATRs (float) as S1 Entry 1 level (+- ATRs from EMA) as E1 Entry 2 level (+- ATRs from EMA) as E2 Target 1 size in ATR (float) as T1 Target 2 size in ATR (float) as T2 K line trigger level (+- from 50 level, i.e. for level 30 or 70 the value should be 20) as KT K line invalidation level (+- from 50 level, i.e. 50 levels should be set as 0, 40 level for long trade or 60 level for short trade should be set as -10, 60 level for long trade or ...

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    Project for Josh V. S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi Josh, I'm a VoIP communications engineer and developer that can add a new SIP Trunk and update existing SMS API to a new API RESTFul endpoint as you want.I have 3 locations listed in my file. 2 are meant to load balance eachother. At the moment it works perfectly as the logs show the calls doing a round robin between the 2 locations. We use 2 sip providers. 1 gives us 2 trunks to load balance and the 2nd we use just for failover in case the first provider goes down or is unable to route a call for any reason. Here is my file: The config file I am using was created by someone else for a different system we use to use. # $Id: ,v 1.1 2004/08/10 16:51:36 dcm Exp $ # sample config file for dispatcher module debug=2 # debug level (cmd line:

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    Project for Josh V. S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi Josh V., Hi Josh,.... I am an expert VoIP developer. I will add a new SIP Trunk and update existing SMS API to a new API RESTFul endpoint.I have solution for your problem. public virtual HttpResponseMessage Get([FromUri]TwilioRequest request) { TwilioResponse tr = new TwilioResponse(); if ( == "Hello World") ("Hello back!"); else ("Text 'Hello World' for a friendly message."); return (, ); } SMS API enables you to send and receive text messages to and from users worldwide, using our REST APIs. Programmatically send and receive high volumes of SMS globally. Send SMS with low latency and high delivery rates. Receive SMS using local numbers. Scale your applications with familiar web technologies. Pay only for

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    Istzustand: 3CX Telefonanlage auf einen firmeneigenen Server. (läuft bereits) ca. 5 Snom Telefone (IP per DHCP jedoch statisch fixiert), teilweise über VPN von extern angebunden. SIP-Trunk von Sipgate. Ich möchte gerne eine einzelne HTML Seite programmieren auf der der Status von ca. 5-10 SNOM Telefonen angezeigt wird. Unter Status meine ich den Zustand (Frei, Besetzt, DND, ...) Vewendet werden folgende Telefone: SNOM 760 und SNOM D735 Diese HTML Seite sollte auf einen eigenen vorhandenen Linux-Apache-Server laufen. Die Seite sollte von allen Mitarbeitern im internen Netzwerk zugänglich sein. Zugriffsgegelung ist ncht notwendig. Jeder im internen Netzwerk darf auf diese Seite zugreifen. Auch möchte ich gerne, dass der Zustand DND auf dieser Seite für...

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    Hi, I have an issue with Call Deflection when a mobile calls into a DDI which is then forwarded back onto another mobile. This is getting rejected when Call Deflection is turned on. Works when off but I need it on to show the A party calling number. Need some to trace and fix my SIP Trunk parameters / settings. Using Freeswitch with the same SIP Trunk it works so it is supported by the carrier. I just don't know the 3CX system enough to debug and fix.

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    FusionPBX/Freeswitch repair S&#039;est terminé left

    We are currently using a custom PBX solution. The PBX server is hosted in the Vultr Cloud and is based on Freeswitch with the frontend as FusionPBX. There are few issues which have come up which needs to be fixed urgently. The SIP trunk is being provided by Voxbeam 1) All incoming calls should ring the SIP softphones 2) Outgoing is not working properly for some regions. Need to diagnose that and resolve 3) If possible, need to configure an alternative SIP trunk in case Voxbeam is failing. The process should be automatic.

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    EFT PLlus competition S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi Md Mukul H., I really like the logo you've done that I've given 4 stars. Would it be possible for the tree trunk and branches to be sort of human shaped? Nice and abstract, like the face outline to the right of the tree, so you can see it as a tree and as a human. Thanks

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    Tfos flodder S&#039;est terminé left

    I am looking for a script from where sip trunk gets connected and make calls through different numbers to one number. Its basically known as TDos. Any one who know about this work and can do it , PM

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    Trophy icon Build a gaming logo S&#039;est terminé left

    ...their cards with the two fingers. If that would be integrated in our logo, maybe it will look nice. But we're open to all kind of ideas. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. BONUS: The winner of this contest is up for a long-time cooperation chance. We've got a lot to come up, for instance, the playing cards. So give it your best, and you'll thank the stars for the day you got into this contest. E1: I've uploaded a couple of sample logos just to give you an idea what we're after. Also the game graphics will be in fantasy style, so the logo should be somewhere near that as well. E2: See the file I uploaded. That's to give you an idea of how the playing cars will look. I just made that quickly, because I see we're nearly 300 entries, a...

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    Trophy icon Real Estate Service Company Logo S&#039;est terminé left

    ..."umbrella" or "canopy" for realtors in order to order inspections from us, and 3. The slogan we use for the clients and realtors is "We've got you covered", meaning we offer a bunch of services AND provide excellent service and we've "got their back". Initially, I think the logo should have a tree in it because a tree has a canopy and I like the homey feel of a tree. I had thought about maybe a tree trunk on one side of the logo with the big canopy over a house. IMPORTANT: I am also open to new and different ideas that might not involve a tree. The logo can include "Canopy Residential Services" or simply "Canopy" or simply be a logo. I will also use the final logo chosen to create a separate logo that wil...

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    My Cisco 2960 won't pass traffic between Tagged port and untagged port. see attached network diagram, need help configuring Cisco Also want cisco to respond to pings on VLAN2 trunk Just to log on via Anydesk

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    I want an animated video to explain the concept of trunk compensation in stroke. Basically, the video should be as follows: a healthy person is sitting in front of a table and glass is kept in front of the person. Person picks up the glass without moving their upper body too much. Then old person sitting in front of the table. Old person picks up the glass by moving their whole upper body because they can not freely move their elbow and shoulder joint.

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    manage port in router for PBX S&#039;est terminé left

    We got an issue with our PBX. Our SIP trunk provider indicates that our router blocks some traffic from his IP. We need to fix this. The router works well for many months without any issues. hardware: Mikrotik V6.48 RB3011UiAS PBX grandstream UCM6204 , up to date I join a pcap file with the issue. See example at line 15912, 15917 and many other lines. The PBX work well during about 18 minutes after this the issue happen and we need to reboot the PBX.

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    Install a configure fusion of pbx S&#039;est terminé left

    This project is the installation and configuration of fusion PBX on Debian 10. You will be provided access to a VM. What must be delivered Full functional system integrated to 1 sip trunk, VoIP phone and softphones A fully secured system that is only accessible to admin and users registered in PBX Full documentation of how to in Freepbx eg: add new PBX user, configure softphone, setting to be used for softphone, VoIP phone config and settings Auto-attendant with MOH for inbound Leave a VM by pressing a number VM must be sent as an email to admin and PBX registered users. New users can only be added by the admin Outbound calls are restricted to users registered in the PBX. Call recording when a call is answered. You must have experience of doing so as well. The development must ...

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    Trophy icon Design a brand logo S&#039;est terminé left

    We need a high-resolution logo of an adult male elephant silhouette with the trunk up. For the brand we want to convey confidence, consciousness, aggression, royalty, intelligence and strength. This is the true king of the jungle. This should be a serious-looking logo. Please DO NOT submit happy looking or cartoon-like elephants. We want a serious adult male. If your design is selected, we will ask for versions in black, white, and color (if the crown has a color we will want the various versions). We will also ask for the source files in Photoshop format or compatible. Please see attached for an idea of the concept. We'd like to see versions with an eye vs no eye.

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    I am looking for someone who has experience working with VoIP and a number of different PBX systems. The PBX will most likely be installed on Amazon AWS unless you have a good reason to use a different host. ========================== Wishlist for the PBX is: - SIP based - Free or low cost licensing f...match what you install just in case something goes wrong with the service. Ok, enough details. I'll probably get bombarded with bids so If you want me to consider your bid please reply with answers to the following: - What PBX you recommend and why - What features you are confident that you will be able to install from the wishlist - What are licensing costs for everything (if any) - What are SIP trunk providers or other providers have you worked with (bandwidth, telnyx, ...

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