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    lottery draw program 11 heures left

    he development of a 3d application similar to a videogame where you should enter values ​​in the ballot box as the weight of each ball, the amount of air with which the balls will be mixed, the measurements of the ballot box and time. must have physics with which with the values ​​entered the most likely balls come out in relation to all data

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    computer science 9 heures left

    using linux draw a railway nake expression unix expertise is also applicable on this assignment

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Features needed: 1. Users will register and place a bet on numbers from 0 to 9. He can bet for any amount within a range(I will give you the range). 2. I need a web panel from where I can mark a winner among these numbers. 3. Winners will be displayed on a screen of the app, called as "Winners". 4. Each winner will get 10 times...

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    Illustrator needed. 5 heures left

    I am looking for an illustrator who can draw with an anime/manga art style to bring my characters to life through a few model sheets. Please see 12:31 of the linked video to see what I'm going for. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] *Note that the art style in the video is not what I'm going for, it's just to show you the layout I'm looking

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    Draw sheets 5 heures left

    I want someone to draw 20 engineering drawing sheets. I'll send the sheets, you just have to copy them.

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    ...have already written an assessment on methodology, your account here can draw on that material, but not by direct replication. We would expect you to have considered carefully and addressed the weaknesses of the work you submitted at the end of the first term if you do decide to draw on that assessment. • Limitations o What are the limitations of your project

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    Hi, I need an experienced locations / background artist to draw a location for a sci-fi game. It is called Vault (an adult bar placed inside an old vault). - elements of location should be drawn in separate layers / folders (not just one layer with everything) - some extra nice small elements (missing on sketches) are also required - location active

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    ...functions to all web marketers for the development of real sales funnels, therefore pages of: optin, sales What should the freelancer web design expert do? The freelancer must draw the complete HTML Template, then: - Login and register page - Home page console (admin) - Funnel page - Console menu - Navigator - Icons - Buttons - Organize the link structure

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    ...functions to all web marketers for the development of real sales funnels, therefore pages of: optin, sales What should the freelancer web design expert do? The freelancer must draw the complete HTML Template, then: - Login and register page - Home page console (admin) - Funnel page - Console menu - Navigator - Icons - Buttons - Organize the link structure

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    Thi...create points by clicking in the window and lines will be draw between the points as well as a curve between each point that can be edited by moving the points around. Each vertex entered by the user becomes a point that is to be interpolated and/or approximated by the program via a cubic curve. I can send you a link of an example if interested!

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    ...view_as=subscriber Slider 1 - Free Measure and Consult Service This is a service were we go to someones office. Find out what they need for there office. Measure the area. Draw the area in both 2D and 3D. All for free, Here we need a slider that catches someone attention and make them click. Slider 2 10% price beat guarantee. This one is simple Slider

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    Draw a figure on Latex S'est terminé left

    I have drawn a relatively simple figure on Latex, but the code is a mess because I'm having trouble with pgfplots. I want you to either replicate the figure using a better, easier code. I'll provide both the image and my code.

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    C++ Graphing S'est terminé left

    write a C++ program based on the graph data structure that can determine if it is possible to draw a picture in one stroke

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    Fix up LOGO S'est terminé left

    I have already drawn a logo that i like but i have not executed it properly on illustrator as i do do not kno...illustrator as i do do not know all the techniques. please could somebody use the attached file to go off and create a more professional execution of it with straight lines and curve ratios, etc. Please follow the already drawn idea! Thanks.

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    Corel Draw Professional S'est terminé left

    I need a corel draw professional. sombody who knows it very well. this is what i need. I am going to send you a picture. you will need to take this picure and convert it into vectors. then i am going to take that file and send it to print on a laser. you have to understand exactly how to make sure that the setup for this picture is correct. if you want

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    coreldraw professional S'est terminé left

    Looking for a corel draw professional. someone who knows how to set up vectors. my project needs to be as follows. I will send you a regular picture and you need to convert it in corel draw into a picture with vectors. i then am going to send this picture to print on a laser so it has to be done correctly and the lazer understands all the parameters

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    Popular digital audio workstation, FL Studio has the ability to export automation data in the form of a FL Studio Score file. This is essentially a list of X and Y values. I want to translate the data in this file to CSV which can in turn be imported into Blender 3D with a 3rd Party script. I have analysed the score file with a hex editor and have spotted the pattern where the plot information exi...

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    MIET Database S'est terminé left

    ...between projects and not allowing them to have an easy view of the impact their projects are having in general. With that said, we did a first overview of the project data and draw a possible first view of their MIET Unified relational database that is attached. In this context we would like to know if you have the skills to build this relational database

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    ...functions to all web marketers for the development of real sales funnels, therefore pages of: optin, sales What should the freelancer web design expert do? The freelancer must draw the complete HTML Template, then: - Login and register page - Home page console (admin) - Funnel page - Console menu - Navigator - Icons - Buttons - Organize the link structure

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    logo in gold medal format S'est terminé left

    I have my colored logo and I want to turn it into a gold medal with a phrase. Simple thing. I want the file in corel draw.

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    ...points to the excel that I attached: 1. Adding More performance measures (Area Under Curve ROC ). 2. Calculate the Standard Derivation & Average of the Accuracy for the Mentioned Points 4 in Section (A) 3. For each Modules (Points 1 in Section (A)) , For each Method Draw one Graphs showing the accuracy for the different methods against the different Iterations

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    Ongoing project with cartoon portrait caricature required. We will supply portrait pictures of individuals and will require these to be turned into cartoon portrait caricature (in colours) First project start with 2 drawings before proceeding to next project

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    Build a design in Corel Draw S'est terminé left

    I want someone to convert a design (in PDF format) to Corel Draw. Also need some changes to the color scheme and other minor changes.

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    ...front aide of the pouch. 2. The name of the brand needs to be in big and bold font and needs to hand drawn. (Please don't pick fonts from a font list. If you're not ready to draw the fonts from scratch, please don't bid.). 3. Please design the mandatory details in the back pouch. Details will be given later. 4. The design needs be innovative and modern

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    We need a architect to draw a remodel plan for a coffee shop in San Francisco. This is a very tiny store (around 200sf). We are looking forward to receive quote from different local architect to finish this up. The architect will be responsible for getting all the required permits from different departments (such as building department and plumbing

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    Draw caricature S'est terminé left

    Attached is a photo of a girl. Could you please draw a caricature of her surrounded by her favourite things and include her name 'MARLY'. Her favourite things include: cheese, Chinese dumplings, running, maths, minicooper cars, babies, swimming etc.

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    Looking to have an arched logo made and a Business card logo ma...Farm & Ranch Services (CFRS). I want the 2 charterers on the left a jumping Axis buck making the first part of the curve and on the right A tractor with a bucket making the second part of the curb. Similar to the attached photo but more curve involved to fit the company name underneath.

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    cad drawing S'est terminé left

    we want someone to draw new building concept panels

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    Children's book S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a professional illustrator for a children's book. Someone who is able to draw animals and elves with corresponding backgrounds to illustrate text. Have enclosed an example. There will be approx. 35 illustrations that will need to be done. Including a fox, koala, Kangaroo, etc. some soaking wet. a thunderstorm is the theme so must

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    ...made by a pot. 2 buttons on board for opening and closing the door (overriding the door position until next open or close) unless this is hard to implement. The circuit should draw <=1ma when idle. 5.5x21mm 12v jack, a small terminal block for motor. LDR mounting should have 2 options: on board and a pluggable terminal block for remote LDR installation

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    Android Kotlin DrawLines S'est terminé left

    I have a very simple Android app and need two lines drawing on the...lines drawing on the activity, I have tried to get it to work but cannot get it working. Please see the attached file for the layout and I would like some instruction how to draw the lines and the sample code. The code must be written in Kotlin for the latest Android Studio Version

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    We are getting married on June 7th, 2019at the Milleridge Cottage and i would love to hire an illustrator or two to draw our guests for a few hours. I specifically want a pen drawing with a bit of watercolor as it should only take 5 minutes or so.

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    I want to make a catalog for my local business of Arecanut. Total Pages : 12

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    Hello Our team is working on a portal for casual games. We need a 3d model avatar user with a little animation. This will be a fictional character that you have to invent and draw. Total required at least 10 types of characters. It also requires refinement of the appearance and inventory in the future. First you need to perform one character to assess

    €219 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a skilled graphics designer highly experienced in making very clickbaity thumbnails for my YouTube channel. Not only do we need the thumbnails to draw the most attention possible and laid out to be extremely appealing, but also keeping it real as to a certain part of the script/video. Its good to exaggerate it a bit so the thumbnails

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    quadratic classifier S'est terminé left

    Hello the task is to t...the training data, and compute the mean and covariance for each class 2) Run through the test data, classifying it using your knowledge of the mean/covar 3) Generate an ROC curve for the classifier (vary the threshold on the likelihood ratio) Note: the folder "others" contains two python files used as an exmaple for this task.

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    Redesign a mobile game app S'est terminé left

    Hello everyone, I made a game for Mobile, it's a kind of puzzle where you have to draw a complicated shape using one line. Logic works and now I want to design the game to make it look serious. You can download the current version here (Android): [se connecter pour voir l'URL] In the game: An opening screen - PLAY button

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    We are looking for someone to draw and visualise a building we are planning.

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    Build me a logo S'est terminé left

    Im a home based hairsalon , i need a logo done that i can make into business ca...the COLOUR blush , with bold matt black text. My salon name is hair with krystal jade. Also to incorporate the word melboure. Ive attached some pics of my salon space to draw inspiration, im tired of using pic collage trying to create my own. Its time i get a logo.

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    Trophy icon Service page copy 20 jours left

    Purpose: Landing/Service Page Audience: Small, Local, Services Businesses Keywords: web design redding, website design, w...ate. Be creative. Use sales language... Capture the essence for those that cannot experience it first hand. Engrossing, shaking, intriguing, enchanting, gripping words that draw the reader into the writing. “Smog in a can”.

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    5 propositions

    ...game by the end of April. The proposal should be done by today. The project will involve the implementation of an educational application through Scratch programming. You can draw project Ideas through the Scratch site, from educational materials repositories, or even educational toys on the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] direction for a good educational application is

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    I will explain the types of functions I want in my ERP. I need a class diagram in the UML, transaction diagram UI design, and Requirement Documents,I need a Draw for the first interface systems.

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    Trophy icon Comic panel contest 6 jours left

    ...planning content for a Youtube channel and am seeking an independent artist who can draw minimalist* storyboards on a weekly basis based on script/audio I send. For the purposes of this contest I have attached a short test transcript and its audio recording; please draw a storyboard that you feel best captures the dialogue. Each individual panel of the

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    Autocad Project S'est terminé left

    Draw the following image in autocad and also write a paragraph on the detail of how you did it. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    logo image design, t-shirt screen printing, vector banner, etc. I really mastered Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Correl Draw

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    Artists needed to draw Malayalam Title for a short Movie , Photoshop or illustrator professionals preferred

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    Trophy icon Political poster S'est terminé left

    It just a poster for a school project. I was born with bad moter skills an can not draw to save my life Idea: I was thinking that in the center of the poster we have an outline of a person. We can have that person drawn with a blindfold over the eyes. On that blindfold we have the word color dawn on it. The persons arms should be scared near the scares

    €89 (Avg Bid)
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