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    ...(plug-in or similar for MS Internet Explorer) that allows for drag and drop uploading of a single file, multiple files or a folder containing any number of files from the user's local desktop onto a webserver. Transfer of files shall be done over port 80, posting data as when uploading using a standard file upload web form. The program shall be

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    ...Madam: We are looking to create a Windows application that would reside on the desktop. Users will then take digital pictures, select the JPGs of the new pictures, and drag these JPG files to this application. When this happens, the application will do the following: 1. Popup a dialog box asking for the name of these pictures 2. Rename

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    Flash Save and Drag and Drop S'est terminé left

    ...for the library, as well as the general design of the site. We have outlined our expectations of deliverables in the following section. ## Deliverables • Apply drag and drop action scripting to around 40 objects in flash. These objects need to snap to a predefined grid when they are placed. • Create the ability to save and retrieve layouts

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    DBCombobox with with more than just one drop down columns. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working components in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND

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    i have a dating software (php base). it's funny, they don't have drop down for states. We would like to add drop down for all pages that requires (4 or 5 different pages). Also, after registering the software ask for geographical info twice. It would read the geographical info when user put it in on the first page.


    [se connecter pour voir l'URL], When you register you have to select a country for registration purposes. I want the county box to display only the counties dependant on the country selected, i.e Select United Kingdom Counties list will only display UK Counties like Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire etc etc USA Canada Belgium France Holland Germany Ireland United Kingdom Italy In...

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    The attached HTML screen gets generated by a PHP script. The field called "Level" needs to be changed from 3 radio-style controlls to a Drop Down Listbox that gets populated from a mysql table. This table is called "levels", sql def attached, the field LevelDescription is what gets displayed to the user. When the user selects/changes the "level"

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    Need to fill a drop down box based upon the user's selection of another drop down. Currently, an ASP script is used to generate the information to be stored in the oModels object (which is used by a function called refreshModel). The attached file is the source that is generated. The 2nd javascript area (that defines oModels) is generated by an ASP

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    We are looking for web based program that will let users drag and drop various graphics(including some user defined) onto an image. The app should also have radio buttons and drop down boxes so that certain variables can be added and/or chosen. As items are added to the image and variables chosen the program will add pre-deterimed prices to a quote

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    Drag-N-Drop File Encryption S'est terminé left

    ...will be encrypted INDIVIDUALLY with that password or key. I will also need a companion application that will automatically decrypt files encrypted with the encryption module, using the password or key method, whenever encrypted files are encountered in a specific folder. The decrypted files are then moved to a subdirectory to keep them separate from incoming

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    I need a function for a mobile phone look up service. Contains two drop down boxes. Box 1. - Mobile Handset list Box 2. - Network list Certain models are available on certain networks. I need to have a client side java script that if you select a handset it will change the values in the network box to a list that the handset is available

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    Delphi Drop-Drag Component S'est terminé left

    Modify the existing Drag & Drop Component Suite VCL library to handle accepting dropped OutLook messages. This is a freeware component library - source code can be downloaded from <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]>. The scope of this project would be to add a function that would accept a dropped object from OutLook and expose the elements of

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    Drag &amp; Drop in VB.net S'est terminé left

    hi Coders I am looking for a way to incorporate drag and drop feature in my vb.net app. how it works? user be able to select an image which is displayed in the picturebox then darg it on to the mainstage then be able to drag another image and try to place it over that image and then basically capture the screenshot and save it into the db. Its

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    Take an existing JavaScript "mm_menu" (created by Macromedia Dreamweaver), and optimize the code to reduce the file file size. (To speed up page load times). The existing code is 36,132 bytes, I think it should be possible to get it down to around half that. I want you to do everything possible to reduce the file size, but not change how it

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    ...upload an image of their own lounge and position the picture of the artwork in-situ. They should also have a button to print etc. I would like to be able to add new artworks by using an online form where I can add the images and info about the artworks so that the artists list of works can be automatically updated. I have included a more detailed word file

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    ...visitor places the mouse over one of the images in the already existing navigation, a menu should drop down from it, listing the areas within that section. The code for this must be modular. We will need the ability to add/remove links from the drop down, as well as change the style of it (font color, sizes, etc) should the need arise. Technical

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    I'm looking for the ability to generate a web page that contains a graphic (.gif,.jpg) that will let me drag the graphic into another program like Word or PowerPoint and drop it. I already have the graphic, its static. I believe that what I want is an OLE object although I'm not certain. I don't believe that this can be done within html

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    Outlook Drag and Drop S'est terminé left

    ...logs email activity related to projects. Email generated from the base application automatically stores and logs that data. What I need is code that will allow the user to drag and drop an email from Outlook to a control within the application that can then log the dropped email information in the database. The specifications for this project will be to

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    I'm looking for an app written in VB6 which will: Read a list of .JPG filenames from a file and display them on an on-screen workarea as "slides". Allow the user to drag-and-drop or highlight-cut-and-paste the "slides" from one area on-screen onto another area of the workarea. In other words, reordering the slides. Save the filenames of the user-modified

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    A program that allows the user to drag and drop an email from Outlook or Outlook Express, and can process that message into a format where it can be sent using the Legitima TSmtpRelayServer component. Must be able to handle embedded graphics. For the purposes of this program a hard coded list of recipients is fine. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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