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    ...database instance is $5 a month). [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Please let me know what a solution like this would cost me, should I choose you as developer. Best regards Daniel...

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    Animated Youtube Intro S'est terminé left

    I want an animated YouTube intro that's blobs and lines of ink that are in a shape of a simple puppet without much detail, and of course strings controlling it

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    I need to add to my VB project a wind...area set in a textbox as integer value then it picks the closest colour value from the combobox and makes it the selected index. Also, I need to track the position of the blobs. 0-255 X and 0-255 Y. Only interested in the first new blob to appear. Stop tracking it after 10 seconds and then re-start the process.

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    HTML5 Canvas mediaRecorder S'est terminé left

    Hello, I'm attempting to play a video inside of a canvas and then using .streamCapture & mediaRecorder, send the blobs via a websocket to one of my servers. I have done most of this,however, I cannot get the mediaRecorder to work. Your support is much appreciated.

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    i get this message #1118 - Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs whatever i do. table wont let me add a new row.. wont accept any varchar. it only admits text.. i

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    ...resources for new deployments. The developer should also be familiar with optimizing the use of these cloud resources. The candidate must have experience with: Azure tables and blobs, service buses and queue, Azure functions, ARM deployment, AZ CLI, Kudu, Azure Web apps. He/she should also be proficient with: C#, C# script, PowerShell script, JSON Knowledge

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    I am looking for an expert PHP programmer to help solve a problem updating blobs in tables. I am trying to copy image blobs from one table to another, and it is not working, since the mysql_real_escape_string () is no longer available. The special characters in the blob are blocking the insert and I can't figure out how to correct this. Your help would

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    AWS Based Web App S'est terminé left

    ...e/[se connecter pour voir l'URL] 2. landing page with icons on it that I can add using a form. The landing page should hold a container that can have blobs or iPhone/Android-like icons. When you select the icons, the icons should take you to the next page. 3. a form that can write json to the root/ folder on the web page Create

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    Hello, I need an expert PHP programmer to make me a simple PHP program that takes an image stored in a blob field from within a mysql table and makes it print using TCPDF. I am unable to get the image stored in a blob to print using TCPDF and I absolutely need this. So you will need to give me a program that works, using the simplest PHP possible. I would prefer that you do not use any ot...

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    ...extract their region properties (e.g., centroid, area, bounding box) 4- Complement the image, and repeat the process to find all black blobs. 5- Now check every possible pair of white and black blobs. 6- Pseudocode: for each white blob for each black blob Get centroid of white blob Get centroid of black blob

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    I'd like help building simple Java prototype of a function that can detect blobs of black pixels in black-and-white scanned images. This function is available in the freely available library OpenCV [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I'm picturing the algorithm being something like the pseudocode below:

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    ...Minimum Expectations - Running prototype of the file sharing system on GCP and a walk through of components - choice of front end (GAE/GCE/GKE), choice of data storage (blobs and metadata); explain pros/cons of your choices. 
 - At least one alternative architecture with pros/cons 
 - Users belonging to different groups being isolated from each

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    Finding Line - st6 S'est terminé left

    ...should compute and find rest of the blob data. There should be 2 progress bar at the bottom of user window. First is for finding big part blobs. Second is for background worker..finding the rest of the blobs. 2- In our [se connecter pour voir l'URL] , we have partnames, count of parts. In this stage now we are going to have additionally an edge length. After

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    OpenCV Fingertip Tracking S'est terminé left

    ...someone to make a C++ fingertip tracker in OpenCV. We would prefer not to have background subtraction and would rather have you create an algorithm that detects finger-shaped blobs or contours after preprocessing. This job is probably very easy for an OpenCV expert, but we are not experts. We do NOT need help setting up OpenCV for testing: we merely

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    Trophy icon Simple 5-7 second animation S'est terminé left on the HBC logo, once the full logo is shown (for 2-3 seconds), the text flies in. Lastly all elements fluidly fly off the image. By fluidly I mean either cartoony blobs coming in and changing shape, or another creative animation for them coming into place. Okay with cartoon-like animations for the whole thing, or it can be crisp clear animation

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    ...a new 20s mp3 sample of the original mp3 file which will be stored in a new blob. This will then be selectable and playable, along with all other previously created sample blobs, from the Web Form page. The whole solution should work both locally with the Azure storage emulator and also be fully deployed to the cloud. MUST KNOW HOW TO CODE WEB AND

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    Finding line - sg5 S'est terminé left

    ...the gripper which will be processed in the code 5- Match tab we need to show a list in which the matched part and blobs in green and unmatched blobs with red..So there should be a list on the left that shows only unmatched blobs..and there may be a dropdown box with unmatched we can select the part from dropdown box..after selecting a

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    Build a website S'est terminé left

    Building a web-site in the aromatherphy, holistic, alternative lifestyle. This web-site will be my main form of income so needs to be of excellent, user friendly, blobs/ products, cart, sign-up, Email, google words . Im needing someone that is an expert in this feild......the advertising attached...(facebook, instagram, Twitter, pinterest, Linkendin

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    ... Example code to get you started for uploading, downloading, deleting and listing content is available at: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The CLI will be used to do streaming transfer of 250GB files, so it must not buffer the whole file in memory, only a small (say 32-128MB) portion of it

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    ...Syntax error or access violation: 1118 Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs' in /home/dddsite/public_html/oldgreen/lib/Zend/Db/Statement/[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Stack trace: #0 /home/dddsite/public_html/

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo For a Motivational Speaker S'est terminé left

    I have attached a ver...incorporate the eagle with the banner and a sunburst behind. We also want it to be colorful and like the idea of adding both "Dream Big Win" and DBW to the banner. The pink blobs on the image are where we want to place a rose. The mockup is only a concept and please don't let it steer you too much beyond the main components.

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    ...into an online form and press search. The results could be displayed in one of two different methods. 1. on a google maps style page with POIs represented as pins, dots or blobs, or 2. as a list sorted by closest distance first with information read from the .KML (or the google maps data). There are certain boundaries where addresses are out of

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    I need a software program that I can run on my laptop that does the following: 1. Track up to a set number of blobs (e.g. 6 blobs or fewer) of one color from a webcam. 2. Allow which color is tracked (within a tolerance) to be set with a mouse click. 3. Send the approx. XY coordinates of each blob to a localhost via the Python OSC library: (https://pypi

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    VFX Water blob morph Shot S'est terminé left

    ...silhouette's head should resemble our actor (we have a green screen shot of that) After hovering for about 2-3 sec above the water the "entity" will divide into a group of spheres/blobs. That will reunite into a circle that slowly spins above the water for about 3 sec. Spinning faster and faster then disappearing in a bright explosion. Reference for the

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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt S'est terminé left

    I need a child's hand drawn concept turned into a professional looking graphic. The attached drawing shows a ram diving off the starting blocks into a swimming pool. the blobs all over are supposed to be water splashing. the two characters in the background are rams holding timer buttons. a picture of a real one of the buttons is attached as well

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    I NEED A NICE LOGO MY BRAND IS CALLED ART SHOP Q8 maybe put in paint blobs or paint squirts on it make it cool

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    I need to fix an existing upload script written in javascript/jQuery which is upload files in chunks ONLY If you know how to upload files as chunks / blobs and have used cloud storage services like S3 storage

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    Trying to access some data from an Andoird device that has been stored in Couchbase format (.cblite) and some Blobs, require to extract the data in CSV format.

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    Trying to access some data from an Andoird device that has been stored in Couchbase format (.cblite) and some Blobs, require to extract the data in CSV format.

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    Do some Blog Posting S'est terminé left

    writing and posting blobs, each blog no more than 1 page, including pictures. More than 20 blogs

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    Get Traffic to my Website S'est terminé left

    I need Computer Networking and Security related blobs on Website as part of my SEO process to boost web presence.

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    Build a Website S'est terminé left

    ...we service and support. On the administration side I would like to have the ability to create a hierarchy of topic, generate topic related forms for data entry and store blobs into a database On the presentation side i would like to be presented with the hierarchy of topics and the data generated on each topic. This is a rough outline of the

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    ...files that are stored in Azure's blobs. Files uploaded by the user are also uploaded to the blobs. The production version works perfectly. Now, the issue is with the development version candidate to be moved to production, since we are migrating part of the process to our own servers, but are going to continue using the blobs for storage. In the development

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    motor facturación 3.3 S'est terminé left

    ...facturación ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) de acuerdo con CFDI 3.3 ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]), genere y guarde en blobs los pdfs/xml timbrados y envíe los correos a los destinatarios de acuerdo a registros en tablas. Deseamos migrar a web una aplicación win32 desarrollada en casa para facturar;

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    Trophy icon Create an Oil Well Diversion Animation S'est terminé left

    ...blood cells in the bloodstream, in that it requires fluid to be carried down. In photo 3 the yellow blobs (plastic solution) are gathering around perforations in the well to block them off (similar to clotting). In pictures 4-remaining, the yellow blobs are continuing to block off perforations as they become unnecessary and fluid is continuing further

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    12 propositions[se connecter pour voir l'URL] People already made contribution for a code to control these syringe pumps (Matlab library) here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and here (python): [se connecter pour voir l'URL] A very good example of what we would like would be this app (free trial

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    c# program: part matching S'est terminé left

    ...Try to match which part fits to the blobs that are found in the sensor. 5-Program has to be in the format described in part [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 6-Also part in database, - and + offsets and blob that comes from sensor has to be displayed graphically. 7-The user has the right to manually force match parts and blobs..Also user can rotate and move graphically

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    Project for ralwel S'est terminé left

    Hi ralwel, do you own this image on 123rf i would like to use in but without the color blobs did you draw it vector? I would like to turn it into a video background [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Design a Brochure S'est terminé left

    ...brochure similar to the example attached. It will be 9 pages long. I want to model it after the one I have attached, but also adding details from our branding with coloured blobs in the style of the business card attached. I would like to work closely with you on this page by page, so please make sure you are available to spend some time with me as

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    I have an appthat collect data from an API. I want to send this data down an AWS Kinesis Firehose. The expected data type is a blob. I know nothing about blobs. I expect that the solution will be someform of type conversion to blob. I have considerable expereince with AWS and Kenesis Firehose (several working production workflows) so I expect that

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    ...stores. GamePlay (Gameplay is determined via serverside) Eat blobs smaller than you to grow in size Use the space bar to send 50% of your mass flying at a blob to eat it Use the W key to eject some mass Viruses are the mid sized green 'spikey' blobs which cause blobs larger than them to explode into many smaller parts if they consume them

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    I am building a Cloud Computing Solution Company website that have pages like Partners Network, Contact, Community, Become a Partner, Academy, Training, etc I need a good English writer to write all the overview paragraphs of the respective pages and eventually more into the product description pages. I don't have a specific number of pages nor products. Talk to me and we can try out a ...

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    ...conflict-free minerals. Due to a few blobs it is not possible to develop a fully working Fairphone 2 (smartphone) running on Ubuntu Touch: the GPS and Camera modules aren't working. We are looking for developers/reverse engineers who can help us get Ubuntu Touch running on the Fairphone (without any blobs). Links to blobs: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    ...drawings. There are other features such as "round bay windows" that need to be preserved, but they should be obvious. I care that the features are accurate (eg no coloured blobs or walls disappear, and that the proportions are close to the originals), that the drawings are reasonably nice, but these are not for entry in an architecture competition,

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    hi, searching for someone who can write an imagemagick script that will detect and remove splats(blobs, disks) up to x/y size from pics with white background so that image could be properly auto trimmed. example of uncleaned image and its dirt blob that should be removed from it are attached.

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