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    Nous développons une plateforme de social intelligence couplée à un moteur de recherche. Le projet proposé est de réaliser le module web de visualisation des analytics. Il y a une part importante de visualisation de données avec des librairies comme d3. La maitrise d'un language de scripting est impérative (PHP/Ruby,...)

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    We are in need of developer familiar with D3.js and strong experience in this area. We will share detailed requirement for chosen developer. It will lead you to deal with long term. Regards

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    we are looking to develop the attached dashboard from scratch and make it beautiful. The project will be in two parts. The first is to design the dashboard and after approval to develop it. Please show samples of previous work in that field (design and develop dashboards).

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    Vector Infographic Tiles will be provided in a grid format Build a 2 column layout with 4 rows, with the 8 SVG infographic tiles. Graphic will collapse smoothly for mobile devices as per grid system. 2 variations are needed to show the difference how responsive versions collapse. Proper alt text should describe the svg images. Need someone who is well experienced with SVG, HTML5, CSS Javascript...

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    I need a D3 Gauge chart with angular 6+ (using any available open source support library ex: ngx-charts) Simply I want to convert [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to angular 6+ using D3 package or any useful library like ngx-charts (Add Ajax call so that I can pass real-time data, the pointer will change accordingly)

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    I want to display my air pollution data as a heatmap. The data is gathered by us every 5 minutes and can be fetched through our API. Our website: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] desired work: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] relevant experience will be preferred​.

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    - Custom Visuals for Power BI Development - Graphics with D3.js and Typescripts (Desarrollo Custom Visuals for Power BI - Gráficos con D3.js y Typescripts) - Price per chart and difficultty (low, medium, hight)

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    displaying data from table to heatmap (capture2 - > capture1)

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    We are looking for a D3.JS expert who can develop Chart sections by using D3.js Chart sections means Bar chart, Line Chart, 3D chart, Bar and line Chart, Pie Chart and so on. the graph should bwork on Reaact JS, Angular JS, Vue JS This is testable task, Once you pass our test, you can work with us continuousely. Please describe the url and also description need.

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    Need an experienced D3.js developer who can streamline the development of various charts only in D3.js, basic charts are to be developed

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    Expert only ! I am planning to build Blog website and looking for senior React, GraphQL, Gatsby developer. Will use Netlify CMS or Contentful CMS for content management. And D3.js skill required for data visualization. If you have experience in JAM stack, React, Gatsby, Graphql, GIT, Netlify, Contentful, D3.js, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

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    I want to represent the supply chain provenance by tree chart and payments for the same using hierarchy bar chart. The basic model is already in place, need to make that model more versatile. I am also uploading my requirement document for your better understanding. Sample Link:- tree chart: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] hierarchy bar chart: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Job is adding products in online store, using provided source files and/or given sources. You need to be expert to be able to: 1) correct any errors and typos (especially items that do not exist) 2) paste right info into the right place to make navigation through offers as easy as possible (attributes/filters, keywords/SEO etc.) 3) add or at least make a list of missing info (more information, ...

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    Trying to develop a widget per month calculator without having the manually configure each cell. Number of widget's times the M columns will provide the output. Right now, it is linear, needing to put a bell curve into the numbers. For example: M3 column is 1 (100%) divided by the number of months giving you 33% per month of widgets. With a curve, D2 should be .25, D3 .5, and D4 .25 totaling...

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    Search engine for large database Preferred experience in * C++, C#, .NET, WPF, MFC, Java, Qt/QML, Python, VB, VB.NET, Matlab * Python, Numpy, pandas, Scipy, skit-learn, keras, caffe, etc. * OCR, Tesseract, ALPR/ANPR, Image/PDF to CSV Conversion, Invoice Reader * OpenCV, EmguCV, , Tensorflow, Leptonica * Web scraping, Data Mining, Data Clustering, ML, CNN, Deep Learning, AI, NLP * Algorithm: Wavele...

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    I’m in need of a frontend developer who’s capable of creating advanced visual charts. There will be two charts in total required. The more complex of the two will be a line chart that contains multiple lines similar in functionality to the following examples: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL]@d3/multi-line-c...

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    Camapnha de divulgação Mini Curso + Ebook Criação de identidade Capa para evento Capa para fanpage Capa para linkedin E-mail marketing Card/Post principal informativo Card/Post com foto do Maurílio Cards/Posts com perguntas (3) Storie geral informativo Stories com perguntas (d3) Storie com foto do Maurilio Imagem para Anúncio geração de...

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    So I am looking for someone to help me fix Formula P6 and P9 Page 1-May in this excel sheet which supposes to sum W26: W247 (the commission) if the Ticket status is (TKTT, EMDA, EMDS, RFND) basically anything but CANX the Criteria range is N26:N247. and for the P9 Formula, I added an extra if which ties it to a Certain agent which is D3 and its Range is L26: L247. and also I want to Create a Searc...

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    Arduino midi in from DAW S'est terminé left

    I need a simple arduino script that will take a midi output note from my DAW and fire solenoids from the Arduino. Short example: 1) send out midi note C3 to Mac IAC midi driver, via hairless midi to serial bridge, to fire solenoid connected on pin 9. 2) send out midi note D3 the same way, and fire pin 10. Etc. Also open to other suggestions.

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    Problem: Implement a RadViz OR Star Coordinates visualization using the D3 library. Your implementationshould use HTML, CSS, and JS only! Do not use any other library besides D3 ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]).Use [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    We need someone who is able to help us to develop the dashboard. Our tech stack is React and Django and we have already base code project for our dashboard. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or D3.js experience is plus. There will be opportunities for future ongoing work. If you are not an expert on our stack, please don't waste time. When applying, send some past related work project we ...

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    I am writing a scientific medical paper and I need to develop heatmap for gene analysis urgently

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    Google Maps Heatmap S'est terminé left

    I have air pollution data in a MySQL table. Columns: + Sensor ID + Type + Latitude + Longitude + Timestamp Sample data: + ID : "229543" + Type : "NO2" + Latitude: 54.1691301333 + Longitude: -004.5021191333 + Timestamp : 2019-06-11 15:03:22 I would like a HTML page that does the following: - Google Maps or Open Street Map - Heatmap overlay - Heatmap colour intensity/gradien...

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    Financial charts S'est terminé left

    We are looking for someone who is familiar with D3.js or has had experience building financial charts where we can stream live data to the chart. In addition, technical indicators and other charting features needs to be built like trend lines.

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    Datavisualization S'est terminé left

    Hi, I am a visual designer and I am looking for a partner who can help me build my designs. I usually use Sketch/Invison, Figma, excel.....I want somebody who knows Javascript, CSS, HTML, and potentially D3.

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    Expert HTML 5 Developer S'est terminé left

    Looking for a web developer with experience in HTML, JS, and CSS. Deliverables: - a single page web app that takes data from an external CSV file (stored in AWS S3 bucket with public access) - data is visualized with D3.js (a few basic charts) - option to select which fields from the CSV file to visualize Use HTML 5, JS, and CSS to create the web app. Web app will be hosted locally for now.

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    Continue Build of Website S'est terminé left

    Angular / C# design like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] review of DB design mostly CRUD and process management one tricky part: tree management using [se connecter pour voir l'URL]@d3/tidy-tree

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    Animated Heatmap in R S'est terminé left

    I need to create an animated heatmap of the US in R with spotty data (it needs interpolation because not all counties have available data). I have the data in csv and would need someone to prep the data and provide the code to make the heatmap change based on specified characteristics in the data. More specifically, I have estimated travel time by county, and I'd like to show it increasing as...

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    If you didn't work with d3.js before then kindly don't waste my and your time. It is a project based on 2 different kinds of graphs that you will decide. They should be cross interactive and more details are available in the attached document. It needs at least one algorithm applied on dataset either PCA or MDS(your choice). Budget is fix: 75 euros.

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    To build an interactive dashboard using R Shiny or D3 JS

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    I am looking for an expert in 1) neural networks, and 2) wavelet modeling and forecasting. I want the expert to generate a forecast for the neural network. The requirements for the neural network are as follows: 1) Use my code to generate an n-step ahead out of sample forecast for my time series 2) Create a simpler code to run the neural network and generate the forecast. The code should use &ldq...

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    Please only bid if you can do the following. I need the exact setup of this: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] (I think it's made in D3, maybe I'm wrong) I should be able to add/change data, change titles, colors, add images, change the background, font type, font size, watermark, etc. Make your offers.

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    It's a tool that lets you easily follow the flow of funds in Ethereum. It represents all the ethereum addresses as nodes and transactions between addresses as paths. The mvp is already built and works. I require help with adding the following features: - When new nodes are added/removed, automatically positioning all nodes so that the graph looks clean and neat. This means little overlap ...

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    Attached is the sample project I've put together. I have some VBA code as well. Currently I need to apply the formula for 25 rows, and if a3 value changes b3 should say Please select, if b3 changes c3 should say Please select and if c3 changes d3 should say Please select. I am kind of stuck to implement the VBA logic in the speardsheet

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    Hi, My problem statement is as follows - There are 150 Companies (C1,C2,C3,C4.....C150) and 200 Directors (D1,D2,D3...D200) Each company can have multiple directors Each director can be on multiple companies Each Director is therefore connected with other directors because they are on the same company Objective : To meet and gather contact information of all directors Starting Point : You have...

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    Build me a D3 dashboard . S'est terminé left

    I want visulization dashboard in d3, backend should consists of Python Flask api and SQL database. D3 dashboard(line graph with price on x axis and year on y axis) should fetch the values from api , where the api must be in python flask and database should be in SQL. How the web dashboard should be and API output and database images are attached here.

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    I need logic for finding out Winning Probability in Teen Patti 2 Players Game. Go through description carefully. 1. Based on currently dealt card(s) find the best possible hand for player A 1.1 Find the probability of getting best possible hand for player A based on cards dealt and remaining cards in unopened deck 2. Based on currently dealt card(s) find the best possible hand for player B 2.1 F...

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    I need logic for finding out Winning Probability in Teen Patti 2 Players Game. Go through description carefully. 1. Based on currently dealt card(s) find the best possible hand for player A 1.1 Find the probability of getting best possible hand for player A based on cards dealt and remaining cards in unopened deck 2. Based on currently dealt card(s) find the best possible hand for player B 2.1...

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    WBU, kami perusahaan bergerak di bidang distribusi farmasi secara nasional membutuhkan freelancer accounting. Syarat: 1. wanita, minimal usia 23 thn, lulusan minimal d3 akuntansi 2. pengalaman membuat laporan keuangan minimal 3 tahun. 3. bersedia bekerja dilokasi selama 2 minggu(senin - jumat, 09.00- 17.00) dan sisanya bisa dikerjakan diluar kantor, lokasi kantor di dekat kota tua, jakarta barat....

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    I am looking to have my family's names written in Kryptonian Script (Kryptonian syllabic). The script Alphabet can be found here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Here's another example of the glyphs for the letters: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I'm providing a sample script of what it looks like when the letters are put together. And here is a bit more information on h...

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    We need to feed Spreadsheet data in the form of .csv/.json into a Choropleth map and have this map displayed at a URL on our domain. •Need to convert zip code in spreadsheet to US county with API to allow mapping. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]@d3/choropleth schemeGreens

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    small data set, immediate start, less than 24 hours deliver

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    Project for Inderdeep S. S'est terminé left

    integrate the node js created values into front end as heatmap create a new page called heatmap the page will shop google maps map with floorplan as baselayer.(already in the mongo) the map will have standard map controls (map satelite and floorplan) the map will have checkboxes or radio buttons to hide the heat map or show , and radio button or checkbox to hide and show the dots of each point. i...

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    I need a web app mainly composed of an admin dashboard which collects data from Google Adwords API. When a customer signed up for the app, our system should ask for permission to access Google Adwords Data with OAuth2 ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). After getting access to data, the app will collect various data from Google Ads account, analyze the data, create scores for the analysis, sho...

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    Hi there, I am trying to build a visualization of customer experience for one of my websites. In the attached data, you will find an "Action From" and "Action To" column, which tells you where the customer is going from in the GUI. The "Time spent" column tells you how much time the customer spent for that event. The way I am imagining it would be a bubble chart, wi...

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    We want an employee who have the strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, D3 js, Peg js. This project is for duration of 3months.

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    Capturly blog S'est terminé left

    Capturly is a SAAS tool that provides website analytics, such as heatmap and session replay feature as well as other conversion rate optimization solutions. We're looking for skilled blog writers who could provide fresh content for our company blog.

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    CREATE AN ONLINE COOKBOOK: Create a web application that allows users to store and easily access cooking recipes Put some effort into designing a database schema based on recipes, and any other related properties and entities (e.g. views, upvotes, ingredients, recipe authors, allergens, author’s country of origin, cuisine etc…). Make sure to put some thought into the relationships bet...

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    I want a lambda layer created and implemented an open source machine learning model. The open source model is available here ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Deliverables Phase 1 - Verify that the model works and report back accuracy - Run 2 provided sample data set (provided as CSV’s) and share results (Can be done on your local machine as the model is pre-trained) Phase 2 Create a ...

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    I'm trying to accomplish the following on a Clickfunnels Order Page... Please reference this page to see what I'm talking about. I want to model the layout and functionality of this Order Page. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 1- Timer - I need a timer like this that only has minutes and seconds 2- Select Your Package - I will have 3 packages just like this. 3- Package Image 4- Pa...

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