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    Okay, I need this website copied exactly. It must still function exactly as shown. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The website uses a 'survey' format. THE ANSWERS ARE NOT ACTUALLY RECORDED, I DONT CARE WHAT THEY ANSWER. The site functions by hiding the question 1, question 2, question 3, and etc. div's then

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    I need help with advanced wordpress theme. It going to have around 6 custom pages. Please post your relevant experience.

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    need to clone send coupon via sms function as on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or add sms send function to SOBI2 directory component

    Custom WordPress Theme S'est terminé left

    Looking for a custom made sleek style theme with no outgoing links. ex: (no links to theme creator, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], or anyone else. We would like the design to look sharp but not complicated. It can be a simple wordpress theme with no bells or whistles. It just needs to do the job of a basic word press and look good. Here is an example of

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    ...costumers, the one that uses the coupons, and the stores we sell them to. We wants more stats and graphs for the storeowners. I will provide this how i want it for you. This function is kind of poor now, to little information. We want to track our customers where and what the search for in the site. So... to final point. If i get can a price from any

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    ...FILE AT THE END OF THE FILE AND PLEASE COMMENT YOUR CODE. All code below $r_items = get_items($c); should be copied into your script. The function get_items will be replaced with your new function that must get the same information as get_items but limit it to the requested limitations(Such as Womens, Shoes, Slip On). It of course should group


    Hi! Our firm is implementing a custom news fetching and filtering feature that will be integrated with our website and intranet. Need support in customizing Development Seed's PHP Managing News application (a Drupal module) to meet our specific needs. Familiarity with this module or drupal would be very helpful to the project. Required amendments:


    One of our Joomla installed web sites is returning this error: jtablesession::Store Failed DB function failed with error number 1034 Incorrect key file for table 'jos_session'; try to repair it SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_session` ( `session_id`,`time`,`username`,`gid`,`guest`,`client_id` ) VALUES ( '75775205f42829d6b0a16d97ec4cbde7','1264434897','',�...

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    PHP SOAP call function S'est terminé left

    Have an ASP.Net script which works fine and makes a simple SOAP call to return a value. I had it translated to PHP but it doesnt seem to work. Shouldnt take more than an hour with someone who knows what they are doing, the code is there in PHP but just isnt functional. Let me know, Thanks! ## Deliverables Attached is the PHP code given to me by the last programmer. I can also supp...

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    Room Application S'est terminé left

    Our Room application has already been built. We need a function for our application which prints a page directly from the browser, but without displaying the usual print dialog box Our application is running on the foll Linux Cent OS, Apache Webserver, PHP/MYSQL(5+) Basically we have two pages to be printed. Page1 needs to be printed on Printer

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    Asterisk Conferencing GUI S'est terminé left

    The custom conferencing web gui should be based around the latest version of the open source PBX; Asterisk and easily integrated into a package like Trixbox. The functionality requirements will be very similar to web meetme. It will need to be written in PHP/MySQL with supporting controls. Keep in mind that the scheduler for webmeetme4 is probably written

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    Improve search function S'est terminé left

    My website is? <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]>? the search function is very basic and I would like to improve it and add a lot of features something like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] has on there website where you are able to do categories and in the results they show the product rating if it has one and price ect, as well as related products and misspellings to the

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    384419 Vidiscript MOD Needed S'est terminé left

    ...tags) via ftp, and then allow those files to be automatically imported as a bulk batch into the vidiscript database. 2. The script will also need to allow a remote import function to import videos directly from a standard URL (including a password protected server/cpanel hosting account). This must be able to fetch single files, or queue files to import


    ...simple: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]:_Authentication but I can't get it going! I need someone to write this script for me please! (Preferably as a php function that I can call as a check when a user signs up). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    I would like to have to scripts installed on my server. one is to be installed under the website url and the other would be installed as a sub domain. All pages must work and all members area must be set up for downloads. ## Deliverables As noted I would like both scripts installed and operational. One script will be installed under the website name progreesionmatrix and the other sub dom...

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    1)I would like to modify a wordpress blog so that certain posts can have its image displayed as a thumbnail on the frontpage. I would like to have control using the Custom Field if possible. Also, I would like the thumbnail generation to be automatic. The wordpress blog currently has the ability to create cropped thumbnails (proportions maintained)


    Hi Guys, I am creating an affiliate plugin for wordpress and need a function creating that will allow the user to upload banners for the affiliates to use. I already have the majority of this function created. Currently the user can enter a name and description for the banner and add it to the database however I still need the ability to upload

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    I need some help with my homework assignment. i am going to attach the word file where the questions are given. please help me if you are expert in these topics. even if you can do one of the 2, message me. thanks

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    Hi Guys, I am creating an affiliate plugin for wordpress and need a function creating that will allow the user to upload banners for the affiliates to use. I already have the majority of this function created. Currently the user can enter a name and description for the banner and add it to the database however I still need the ability to upload

    N/A must be something like: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] but ofcourse an own unique design. However its nearly pure HTML / CSS 80% what i need from PHP and maybe also MySQL is a form function that must be equel to: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] (which is not working always, but the customer will deliver his form soon). If you have any more questions

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    Joomla audio project S'est terminé left

    ...client is going to provide the design. It will be made in drupal or joomla. THE COMPANY is a music based platform that will allow users to stream music for free via our custom flash Player. The website will have an API connection to YouTube but will only play the audio and not display the video. THE Player will be located on the footer of the page

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    Looking for a contact with them. What we need: - back end interface to load existing MySQL data to new platform - back end interface to upload new lighting to the website (custom CMS?) - ability to work with existing design and graphics - great communication skills - fluent in English More details available on request

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    Need a C++ function written in Visual Studio 2008 which essentially takes input of two URLs in string format and determines if both URLs are on the same major domain, and the function returns true if they are both on the same major domain. ## Deliverables Criteria for determining if? two URLs are on the same domain: The point is to try to find

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    website: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] page [se connecter pour voir l'URL] has a form, need a php or asp function written to send out form e-mail to one or more addresses. i would also like a compatibility check on the formatting in different browsers if possible. it's set up with floating divs and i think it may affect formatting for some browsers, but i'm

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    Document Converter Function S'est terminé left

    ...PHP-based function which will receive several document types and return HTML text. The function must be able to accept DOC, DOT, DOCX, XML, PDF, TXT and RTF. The function will be called by passing a file name to it. If a file type that is passed that is listed above, the function willÂ

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    ...buddy! First of all thanks for taking interest in my bid. Here is what I want from you:- Actually, I need a php script that can read xml files and create wordpress posts (including custom fields) automatically, with the content of each xml file. In addition, the script has capability to download attached images, tags, or urls provided in XML

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    i want a very small application, just an custom application with iphone web browser (safari), which can open my web page for iphone application developers, it is a very basic application, just adding a web browser control with fixed url.

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    ...database at least 3 language portal ) - Travel news - Informational pages ( country introductions, city introductions, travel info on visas , etc. ) - Banner management system ( custom made or ready made banner system like OpenX ) - Simple newsletter option - users who check for newsletter receive newsletters regularly - SEO friendly pages Main admin

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    Dear Magento scripter, I need the following feature for my Magento based clothing shop: In the shop i have many configurable clothing items with different color and size options. For example: I have a T-shirt with a simple print in the colors black and red but also come in different sizes (small, medium and large). These different items have different stock levels for the different size...


    ...attach a note (enter text into database table) for common fields such as IP address. What I would like done is to have a custom page created for my Invision Power Board. This should be easy since it really is not that custom of a page. I want to clone/use the members page which list the members of my site and allows for a search. Then draw the info

    383343 Barcode Control & DLL S'est terminé left

    ...keyboard wedge. The following are a few things i think i need, you might have a few more ideas.. 2005/2008 comatable. Drag and drop onto your project. Print Barcode function. Save barcode multiple formats without the use of fonts [se connecter pour voir l'URL], GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG. Resolution should be able to choose. Convert to binary or something so barcode can

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    1 offres able to upload their own images within Sugar so they can use it in Email Campaigns or their email marketing message. One way of doing it we found is to: 1) Create a Custom module within Sugar and call it Images (with the fields image name, description, assigned to, URL) 2) Install the Photo Field Module below (we will purchase and provide

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    ...feel free to ask any questions so that you can more accurately bid on the project. We require a programmer that has experience with Magento, and can show us examples of custom work. All interested parties need to submit urls of past work. Graphic/HTML/CSS work isnt a necessity since we will be providing the templates for you. Thanks, and we look

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    I am speaking on behalf of the owner of what we need done. We have an html layout that we want to work on oscommerce. Looking for someone who can do it, do it fast and you will get paid. No bs. you either can do it or you can't. i will provide links to what i am asking for if you feel you are capable of doing this. Be reasonable as well with price.

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    ...few examples: rates:: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] access numbers: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Please bid and show past Drupal works. Thanks

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    ...file:///C:/jana/[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Second, opening a local write file returns NULL and it is not created at all. Here is the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var xmlhttp; function ziReadF() { var fn="C:/jana/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]"; var fso = new ActiveXObject("[se connecter pour voir l'URL]"); ...


    I need simple paypal code that will authenticate a user, and charge the user $1 - $5 depending on result of the random() function. eg pseudo code: chargeAmount = (random() % 5) + 1; An executable Android App written in java is first priority iPhone App in Objective C is second priority. If Android code is executable, clear, and the same

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    Expression Engine Template S'est terminé left to have mootools integrated into the install. I have included a cutup version of the website with some mootools interactions in the menu. The content area needs to have a custom scroll bar. We would prefer that the scroll bar use mootools also. The background image will change with every page (though there should be a default) The graphic on the left

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    382724 Small VB Project S'est terminé left

    I have a multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet that I...logic, just not how to express in VB or code), someone who knows VB and can make me either an visual interface or even a function to use in Excel could knock this out quickly. More tasks to come afterwards so either the Function as code or the mini-mini-app that can be tweaked for future tasks necessary.

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    One of my client's websites [se connecter pour voir l'URL] that's on a very custom high end Joomla/CuteEditor WYSIWYG platform and hosted by [se connecter pour voir l'URL] is NOT allowing anyone to edit or get accesss to the 98 web pages thru Joomla's front end as of last 72 hours for some reason. We can logon/off the Joomla website fine, all web pages are on...

    5150 Poker Site Assistance S'est terminé left

    ...accounts and send e-mail notifications. Phase 2:? Constructsimple “promotion?? web pages where players can edit their accounts. Phase 3: Add a “post to Facebook?? button and function on thepages. **? ** **PROPOSERREQUIREMENTS** All proposers must be able to program: 1. HTML 2. PHP All proposers will need to become familiar with: 1. Poker Mavens

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    I have an existing website page coded in XHTML (NO PHP - no backend engine) I will need someone to add a Javascript picture changer with (*) BACK button (*) FORWARD button For instance [se connecter pour voir l'URL]'s news changer. Note: There is no need to include HTML text in your Javascript. All I want to do is routinely change from [se connecter pour voir l'URL...

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    Trichview S'est terminé left

    ...I only want to add one little function to it. And that is it should be activated by a key-combination (such as ctrl-0...). That way user of this program can access it at the touch of a key. So this bid include following jobs: 1. use the components that I would buy (if I find a coder to do the additonal function just mentioned) to compile that

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    ...quickly install custom wordpress sites. (not Fantastico) We setup basically the same site over and over. And have a very specfic set of plugins, templates, core wordpress code changes, and about 5 static pages (privacy policy, terms, etc). Looking for an installer where we can install our custom setup in the least time possible. (Wordpress, our code

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    Looking to program the following via php or flash. User will upload photo. Script will either do 1 of the following: Remove Redeye Whiten Teeth ETC... Have a few more ideas that would like to discuss with a programmer. The new photo will be uploaded to gallery so the user can download it.


    ...sell door-to-door as well... but is NOT required! Site will include: Search Engine Friendly pages Complete Custom Web Design - Up To 10 Pages 4 Custom Feedback Forms - Contact, Appoint., Survey, etc Full Custom Navigation Menu - CSS and/or Javascript/jQuery Online Video - Optional And Supplied By Client Free Picture Placement

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