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    Looking for code to import data that is in Excel97 crosstab format (dates down the left, categories across to...categories across top, data in between) into an Access97 Database. Change ND to -9999 during import. ## Deliverables Access 97 database with one table. Fields should be Date | Compound | Value. ## Platform windows 95,98,2000 access 97

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    We are currently seeking someone to give us the VBScript or the ASP or what ever code they can, to do 3 things with an Access 2002 Database. 1. Search from columns that appear in an interactive data access page. (i.e. this will be a dating site so we need to have people select "Race", "Gender", etc. from list boxes and have a query "show" those records

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    Simple MS-ACCESS Database II S'est terminé left

    ...complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. The project will produce an inventory database to keep track of equipments and software licenses. Create a MS-ACESS database with the following & Sofware specifications: HARDWARE: 1. PC: Serial Number, Model, Processor Type, Location (Building, Office #, Faculty/Staff name (Last

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    I am looking for brief, cheap, and well commented code to regularly back up an Access 2000 database. The code must: 1. Allow me to ask a user where they would like to back up their [se connecter pour voir l'URL] database (using a common dialog mechanism get the path to the folder they want to have the backup saved). 2. Automatically back up the database every hour, even if

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    Create a java application using the BCED framework to access an exiting database (provided) using JDBC commands and retrieve unsent messagess. User chooses messages to sens, database is updated to reflect sent date. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    I have an Access database that has 4 tables and many forms, queries, and macros. I already exported the data from the 4 tables in Access to SQL Server and I deleted the tables in Access. Now, I need to hard code the SQL Server connection info into the Access database so that when a user opens the Access file, it will automatically connect to SQL Server

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    Access database construction S'est terminé left

    We require the assistance of a programmer to help build an Access database. We will supply the database schema, but we require an external individual to build the following: * Query programming * User Interface Design (using tabbed panels) * Passing information from Access to other Microsoft products, e.g. sending an email to all entries in database *

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    ...English upon first use). Need to work on at least English Windows.. meaning Chinese text need to be properly displayed. Some facts about my database application: 10 tables ADO ACCESS Code written in English but GUI and error message in Chinese dozens of ocx mainly for GUIs and messageboxes. In your bid, please place specific range and justify your cost

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    ...and well commented code that will allow me to view a picture (gif or jpeg) in a picture box, and change the selected pic as described below. The picture must be stored in an Access 2000 db (see attached example) in the Picture field and is associated with a unique ID (e.g., #1 through 6). When the user enters a number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) into the ID

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    MS Access 2000 S'est terminé left

    ...have 5 months of data (consecutive months) while other companies have over 100 months of data (consecutive months). I want to pick a starting month and then have a program create a new table with a table name that I input containing all columns from the original table IF and ONLY IF the date column has 84 CONSECUTIVE months of data for any company starting

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    ...------------------------------------ Problem 2 For this program you must submit ONE project, one form, and one module. A. Write a program that allows you to enter 5 quiz scores. Create a command button that first edits the form to insure that at least one value was entered. If you pass the edit, your procedure will then use a public function on a module

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    5 offres[se connecter pour voir l'URL] I need to know which teacher they came from, who the student is and whether they have know there student password. I need a template in which I can create tests which are automatically graded and submitted by Email. Once the teacher receives the E'mail. The Email has the score in percentage correct printed on it and a question

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    Simple MS-ACCESS Database S'est terminé left

    ...Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. 1. A MS-ACCESS from will be established in a form of a drop down list consisting of the faculty names. Once a name is chosen all the pertinent information will pop up on the screen The output

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    Access 2000 Contacts S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need an Access 2000 Database which will store appointments for 4 practitioners. The data will be entered by a receptionist, with each of the practitioners having access to their own timetable. Data Stored: 1st Name Surname Tel Email Treatment Length ( in 15 min increments up to 2 hours ) Prices and timescales please Many thanks Phil.

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    €178 - €268
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    Small Access Project S'est terminé left

    We need an Access 2000 Database to allow us to assign serial numbers, make labels, and track the serial numbers. Nothing too fancy. Basically, I need the user to be able to select a part from a combo box, enter the month, the year, and a quantity. Then the DB should assign the serial number based on the month and year entered, store that in the “labels

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    Access Data capture System S'est terminé left

    MS Access data entry frontend to be developed - normalised tables already in place. 2 primary data entry screens + 3 to 4 very small (2 - 5 field) pop-up data entry screens. Require Main Menu. 2 primary data entry screens have a few buttons at bottom of screen (not complicated) More comprejensive specification available upon request. ## Deliverables

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    Access Control System S'est terminé left

    To create a fairly simple Access Control and Time & Attendance application that interfaces to a particular piece of sensing hardware. The task is not complex however I am willing to look at a slightly higher fee if necessary. I will supply the SDK for that hardware and the hardware itself to test with. The project will be modeled after a couple of existing

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    MS Access Inventory Database S'est terminé left

    I need a MSAccess database written to help me track inventory in my warehouse. The database has to be user friendly (I am somewhat familiar with Access, but the lady who will do the data entry is not). The product is plywood, in different thicknesses, species and sizes. The system has to have / be able to: Track inventory by crate number (like a serial

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    145 offres an excel wkbk. I need this data put into an access database (2002). In addition, i need a input form made in access that adds additional fields that are not imported from the excel wkbk. FOR THE FIRST MONTH For instance, my excel wkbk has product, company, quantity, and date. I need a form in access that will open this excel wkbk and by hitting a

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    1. Using Microsoft Excel or Acess, create a simple relational prototype database (files consisting of columns and rows) for the University of Phoenix. The database should include student information such as name, address, telephone number, G.P.A., date of birth, major, current employer, and any other information you might consider pertinent. Be sure

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    Access / ASP Developer S'est terminé left

    Access / ASP Developer required to improve website. Please quote rates and skillset. Please send sample ASP code. * Support type applications * Content management applications * Log in Authentication There is budget restaints here, however the right individual would be offered future work. NO AGENCIES PLEASE - Email applications accepted only.

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    €178 - €268
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    Data Entry (Access Database) S'est terminé left

    ...(the database password is "exam123")!!!!!!!! MISSION CRITICAL PROJECT FOR SOMEONE WITH A BIT OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPOSURE WHAT I AM IN NEED OF: I need to have a table in my Access database updated with 150 questions, choices and answers. The table already has 40+ questions, choices and answers in it, but I am in need of 150 more entries. The table must

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    I'm looking for 2 code snippets that will solve some data-crashing problems I'm having running an Access 2000 db on a 6 computer peer-to-peer network. First off, sometimes when 2 folks simultaneously try to connect to the same table, there is an error and the database gets corrupted and I get an error stating the database is in an unrecognizable format

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    No-reading quiz S'est terminé left

    This project is for a pre-school class. The quiz consists of colors and shapes. It encourages positive feedback as well as an introduction to web-based learning. The applet will eventually be part of an overall pre-school learning package. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    This is a very small proof-of-concept project. The "concept" is to i...## Deliverables A complete and fully-functional single form, as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform MS Access 2000; MS Graph 2000 Chart objects (i.e. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) (a little-used object model in Office 2000); VBA.

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    Access 2000 Forms (4) S'est terminé left

    This small project consists of four single-page forms and associated VBA code, to be integrated later in an MS Access 2000-based application. Detailed prototyping and design for all forms has already been completed. Scale drawings of the forms, and descriptions of control behavior will be provided to the coder. The forms make extensive and repeated

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    I need a page that will search an Access DB for a Zip Code and if there is a match, Display Info also Display Info from Zip Codes that Match the first four(4) Numbers, Then those that match the first three(3) Numbers. DB is already created DSN-Less Connection Upon Acceptance I will email coder... DB Path DB Name Table Name Record Name ## Deliverables

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    Can any one help me with my computing [se connecter pour voir l'URL] are five tables: patients, equipment,Loan,Stock and stock equipment. equipment contains Item code (such as WC),description, number in stock, and price of repalcement. Stock equipment contains if on loan, if repaired, date out for repair, item code and stock ID(such as WC1, WC2 etc..)i want to know how to update "number ...

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    Convert access tables to oracle tables. Write Oracle Scripts for all access tables and then write access database scripts to import Access database (data) tables into oracle tables. Table names should be same as MS Access tables. I should be able to run SQL Plus scripts in personal Oracle 8i. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working

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    In our small office, we are accessing application over the intranet. Now, we need to access the same application over the internet i.e. outside world. Can you help? Here is environment detail: We have 4 PCs running Windows ME and 2000, that are connected through router (LINKSYS BEFSR41 V.2) and the router is connected through a DSL line(PacBell). One

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    83575 Content Management S'est terminé left

    ...often than once a week. Administrator must be able to credit/delete user accounts with points. Also a special event login must be created: For example: If the user solves a quiz, he will be presented a screen where he could enter his username to get the points as a reward. He can do this only once (until the admin resets the "special event login" for

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    Need a vb program with a ms access database. database only needs one table with 10 different records. Need: splash page menu with about form to add, update and delete records combo box must appear to be written by a very novice programmer and very well commented. Can provide more detail and the beginning form to programmer whose bid is accepted. ##

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    ...application written in Cold Fusion that utilizes an MS Access DB backend. There are a few hundred files and most of them perform some sort of query on the db. Unfortunately, the original developer (who is no longer available) LOST the database! I need someone who is knowledgable in both Cold Fusion and MS Access to take all of these files, analyze them, and

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    access database project S'est terminé left

    I have a school project where I have an access database with several tables. I am having great difficulty with two items 1) I have a lookup filed using the wizzare in table JOBS that looks up purchase date from the orders table and inserts it in jobs table. my problem is I am trying to add that to 5 days to make a delinquent date. I have tried = DateAdd("d"

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    I have some simple breif, I have 3 sections: listings info, category info, subcategory info. and size info. There are 4 tables(already created) for these. I will explain the whole structure to the winning bidder. For each of these sections, I need coder to allow 1. editing of data 2. addition of data 3. deletion of data. THIS IS NOT HARD. THREE OF THE TABLES HAVE ONLY 2 FIELDS WHILE TH...

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    VBA Access form S'est terminé left

    I have three forms linked to three tables. I need form #2 to automatically populate the fields from table # 1 when a number is input in the field. Example, solar # in table/form #1 will be solar# in table/form #2. i need this field to take from table #1 the coresponding records that go with this solar#. form #2 enter in solar # from table#1 Fname Lname Etc... ## Deliverables Complete and fully-...

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    VBA Function in MS Access 97 S'est terminé left

    I need a VB Function to accomplish the following in an Access 97 database. Function BuildInvnetory() What I need to accomplish. Compare the Inventory records Field [Item ID] in the "Item List" Table to the records Field [Item ID]in the "OnHand" Table that's [Customer Id] Field are = to the variable 'MyCust' MyCust = [Forms]![Customers].[ID] 'Identifie...

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    Hiding the Access Window S'est terminé left

    Can anybody tell me how to hide the Main Access window in Access 97 or newer. Does anyone know of a tool to convert an Access DB to VB 6.0 ## Deliverables All help will be appreciated ## Platform Windows MS Access 97 and newer

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    Deploy access db app on 95+ S'est terminé left

    I have created an Access database app for use in schools. It is written in DAO with dbGrid displays. I am having A TON OF TROUBLE installing it due to system issues. I have packaged it using PDW but I get CLSID issues (relating to DAO 3.50) that I can't seem to overcome. I am willing to pay someone to get it market-ready from here. I will pay what appears

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    This will be a VB6/Access 2K application. This will be a timesheet application. There will be an entry screen that has button for "Administrator", and another button for "Log Employee Time", and another button for "View Employee Time" When user clicks "Administrator", the following screen should be somewhat similar to this: 1) Password protected scree...

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    ...cares to waste our time we will be persuing you legally for losses. Please do not post a bid unless you are serious ! We need a networkable visual basic application to use an access database designed by myself. The project is a fair size in terms of forms but the complexety level fairly simple. Please read [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Access form/ VBA S'est terminé left

    I need to have my access form automatically populate certain fields when criteria is met. Example; If acount number = 100 then Fname = ron Lname = ferris ID = 45 etc.... I don't want to hard code the control or the form, unless this is the only way. I want the form to analyze the asociated table and verify if the criteria is being met then fill in the

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    Block Internet Access S'est terminé left

    I need a routine written in Visual Basic that will allow me to block internet access on dialup connections, DSL and cable modems. It should not allow browsers, instant messengers, America Online, etc. to work. If someone tries to use a program when it is turned off, it just causes the software not to connect and stop it. I do not want any messages popping

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    MS Access Help S'est terminé left

    I made a MS Access Database to organize phone numbers and names (address book). I had it make a .htm page to make it easier to submit names. But I dont want it to show the first entry in the address book. Just be blank and ready to be filled in so I dont have to explain to people how to add themselves by clicking the 'new' button. thanks. ## Deliverables

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    c++ proj1 S'est terminé left

    ...end of the semester. He gives four HWKs, four Quizzes, three tests, a Final exam and a Term Project. He calculates the grades based on the following criteria: Homework: 10% Quiz 10% Three tests: 45% Final: 25% Project: 10% Where the grade ranges are defined by: A 90% or above B+ 82% - 89% B 74% - 81% C+ 66% - 73% C 58% - 65% D 50% - 57% For example

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    Have an existing open ended database for tracking production quantities and revenues. Need to convet to a stable compiled front end and SQL server files. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows 95 and up. AS400 Server.

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    39 offres that will administer testing. The website will be hosted on a Windows 2000 Server; the programming language that will be used will be ASP. The database used will be Access or SQL Server 2000. Please deliver technical documentation that can be handed over to a website designer. I will modify the technical specifications after one has been delivered

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    I need a simple payroll system for school project,this should be done in Access 2000. The inputs on the form are: Employee ID, Firstname, Lastname, Hours worked, and Date they worked. You can make up anything for the wages as long as I can edit it later. Salary would be weekly. There should be a simple, but nice looking form. I need the complete code

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    83664 Online Quiz S'est terminé left

    I need an online quiz which will have about 22 questions. Each question is mutiple choice with three possible answers. The possible scores are 1,5,-20. We need to split the 22 questions into 2 groups of 11 and score the 2 results seperatly. Example (-10,35) Once the test is scored there will be 4 outcomes. 1. Both scores are 0 or greater 2. Both scores

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    83667 Access Control S'est terminé left

    ...following: 1) check referer for allowed refering URL 2) if match, allow access - if no match present Login Box 3) allow access with valid User/Pass The idea is to only require one of these methods to work... If the referer is allowed, user should immediately be allowed access to content, however, if the referer is not recognized, then the user should