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    Need A Custom Script ASAP S'est terminé left

    Hello, We recently purchased our 3rd dedicated server from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] , and we are in the process of setting it up and testing it. We are trying to test our servers ability to handle overloading and to see if our personal firewall. We need a “safe” script, or program that when uploaded to the server will attempt to perform a DOS attack against itself, or...

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    Build classic ASP procedure for Mappoint test on a server where there is no net framework. The SOAP toolkit and the Microsoft XML parser are available. The coder will need to have his/her own account for the Mappoint web service. Free trial accounts are usually available. I would like for the ASP procedure to prompt for account name and password and then pass those to the Mappoint web service and ...

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    Need A Custom Script ASAP S'est terminé left

    Hello, We recently purchased our 3rd dedicated server from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] , and we are in the process of setting it up and testing it. We are trying to test our servers ability to handle overloading and to see if our personal firewall. We need a “safe” script, or program that when uploaded to the server will attempt to perform a DOS attack against itself, or...

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    €18 - €88
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    Hello, We recently purchased our 3rd dedicated server from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] , and we are in the process of setting it up and testing it. We are trying to test our servers ability to handle overloading and to see if our personal firewall. We need a “safe” script, or program that when uploaded to the server will attempt to perform a DOS attack against itself, ...

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    I need a ASP.NET webpage/code that does what the script on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] does. I need the style/look of the script presentation to be customizable with css and I also need to be able to easily translate the text and result into other languages (the script will be used in two different websites - one English and one Swedish). The script/result will be placed in the centerco...

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    b2b S'est terminé left

    The project is as follows: Background: In the Middle East mainly the Gulf region business is done through "trading agents" since the law prohibits the government from purchasing directly from a manufacturer, instead the government is required to flot a tender that trading agents in the country would bid on through their principles that they represent. This form of business is be...

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    Revise software to consume web service to ASP classic. Previously was created in I have a server which does not have the the .net framework or Apache and does not have the use of so I want to revise to software which is written in ASP classic. Cannot use the ASP command "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" since the security is set too high. Cannot use PHP since there is ...

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    €26 - €88
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    osCommerce + Graphics Work S'est terminé left

    We are going to base our site update on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] but with a few different cosmetic changes. 1) Change order email confirmation back from html to plain text as my boss doesn't like the way it all looks, same for welcome email. 2) Ability to have images on/off and nicer layout similar to staples - [se connecter pour voir l'URL];name=UK%5FCL%5FDiaries 3) Wh...

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    attached is a simple .NET webservice that takes a datatime parm. also attached is a java client that calls that webservice (axis). The issue is this, in java, datetime is an object and can be null. in .NET, it is a value type and cannot be null. So . . . if I send a null from the java program it blows up with invalid data time format on the .NET side. I think to solve this, we have ...

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    UPS Shipping object S'est terminé left

    Basic reqs. DLL written in VB. Should include a public function *CreateShipLabel() *input params for *CreateShipLabel()* should be (XML , printer Path) DLL functional overview. 1) transform XML input 2) connect to UPS webservice 3) submit data to UPS web service 4) create/send shipping label(s) to printer or return error message as XML ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-...

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    we need a windows service which will check every 2 hours a spam logfile. the logfile does show per email messages a check against dns black lists. the service should scan the log and extract ip addresses on dns blacklist entries which appear 3 times on different dns blacklists. if a ip is found in 3 different dns blacklists, the ip is extracted and written to an text file. the second tool we need...

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    I have an administrator interface for a GPS tracking system writtein in VB.NET running as ASP.NET. It connects to a WebService. The Admin Interface needs to be beautified with nice graphics, some error handling to escape the Frames if the WebService and things like that. The interface includes some tables, data entry fields and a hirerarchical list. To bid on the work, I would like ...

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    I would like a VB.NET application that allows the user to select some parameters, builds a query string and passes the string to a webservice to get the data. The user also points the application to a Word document with tags in it (pre-defined to match to data fields). On clicking Merge, the application will perform a function just like Word's Mail Merge (you can even use this if it wi...

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    I need to have an image uploading ActiveX control (developed with VB6) redone and enhanced using Visual C++ (but definitely not C#, and also, not using MFC). The final product must look exactly like the screenshot I have provided with this bid. You can test the existing control on the life web site. Follow these instructions: 1) go to <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> 2) Click on the...

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    We want a webservice that can pull some data that currently appears as our "featured listings" to another website. We also will need the element that consumes our webservice formatted to fit with their site. Our "featured listings": [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The webservice consumer site: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] (right hand column) Our website is .NET, ASP....

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    VB .Net Advanced sample S'est terminé left

    I need a sample project explaining the following: 1) How to create a DBMS Independent Layer using the Microsoft Data Access Application Block. I am already using MSDAAB in my project, but it is set to use SQL Server only. I need to modify this dll in order to make it use any DMBS. The application must be able to connect to the database by using either local, LAN or a webservice for remote connect...

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    Jabber authentication extension Need to extend the Jabber messaging server jabberd 1.4.3 to include in an in process authentication callout to a webservice (xml over http). Background on jabber: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> An external authenctication example: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> The solution must: - be in process to jabberd - m...

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    €26 - €88
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    I Want a nice extreamly creative logo for Webwingz. We are mostly into webservice, E-learning & Multimedia (flash). I want a unique & a fabulous font and bright colours (orange, grey etc). a very corporate look. Not much of an artwork needed, but very much creative. Notice the 'z'. If this turns out well I have a complete designing tool kit to be designined along with print sta...

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    Fruitmachine S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a fruit/slot-machine for our memberarea on our website. We have one currently but are not satisfied with it. Grafics as well as odd's and gameplay shold be customizable. Possible to do several language versions. Possibility to have at least 3 types of users (eg. with differnt odds, starting credits ect.) Exchange data with our .net member/webservice Good stati...

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    I need a VB.NET smart client based on Janus Schedule Control for .NET. This schedule control is a Windows Forms UI control for scheduling resources. A sample application, written in VB.NET contained in the demo download of the component shows how to use a local Access-database to store appointment data. I need this demo application (called **Schedule DataBound Demo**) to be modified into a Smar...

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    We run a SMS text message website. Currently, the system works like this. A user can register on the site and then create contacts (firstname, lastname, mobile number) and they can also create groups (groupid, groupname) and then link users to the groups. They can then chopose to sent SMS messages to a single user or group. We need to have a webservice or similar that will accept information ...

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    I have a classified concept that I wish to put into business. You will design a site using ASP.NET and MySQL (or sql server if I decide it's worth the purchase) I'm not going to divulge my idea, but will offer an identical scenario so that you may bid accordingly. The site will host garage sale classifieds. Each sale will have upwards of 10-100 items that the user can...

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    Nexus S'est terminé left

    Developing a Webservice backend using Java related APIs such as JAX-RPC, J2EE etc.

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    XML project S'est terminé left

    An project combining asp .net and XML data base format , i have place the assingment sit below ## Deliverables •Create a web service (in C#) to provide access to a database for adding and searching records within one or more tables. (All database access must be via this web service and any SQL statements used must be native to the web service). •Create an ASP.NET / C# web application ...

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    Tampa J++ SQL 2000 Developer S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a part time developer in the Tampa area of Florida. We currently support a large J++ application, an ASP website, two small Java and C# apps and a MS SQL 2000 database. We continue to develop on the J++ system, and will be adding new web applications soon. We are currently developing a webservice to replace the SQL client we are using. If you bid/reply please have a resume read...

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    69787 simple scripts S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need 2 simple scripts that will work using SSI and normally. 1. i have a text database one entry per line, i need it on mysql the php script will query the mysql and get 90 entries ramdomly and print it. 2. php script that will query [se connecter pour voir l'URL], will print the suggestions to the screen i need this scripts to consume the lowest cpu as possible. Richard

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    Create a very basic flash based form which will be hosted on a web page. This form will use data received from a Microsoft web service query. The form will have a button for each record received by the web service. When you click the button it will navigate to a web site provided by the web service query. As an example the query will return the following (not really in this format): 1,Microsof...

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    Basic SQL and c#/ S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need a basic console app to query an MS SQL database (local) every minute and perform 2 actions if the time/date matches. 1, Call a Webservice and post some variables from DB 2, Write the response from the webservice back to the DB I would also like it to write a simple text log if it does match a record and what actions it did. And also it will need to catch up if the se...

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    71079 Modify script S'est terminé left

    I need script rewriting work. On this page you'll find the original code: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This is a code for parsing the US nodes of the Amazon Webservice program. You'll find a short explanation on that here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Now my request: This script works for US nodes, but I need the extract of the german nodes. The script gets the US nodes ...

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    Email compaction WebService S'est terminé left

    Buyer’s current business process logs all email messages received by his firm in an email database, where they are stored in raw form as message header and message body strings. The database has grown quite large and needs to be reduced in size (“compacted??) by stripping out unneeded data from both the header and body sections of email database records. The Buyer needs this capability...

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    Computers proposal software S'est terminé left

    Desktop application must take data from webservice (HTTP POST) and able configure product for further posibility sent proposal report by email, print. Primary is for computer assembly generation. Webservice address is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] login : usertest pass : userpass ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well ...

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    Web Service S'est terminé left

    Hello, I would like a webservice developed which will intergrate a legacy MS Acess database which is off line with a MS acess database which is online. How it would work: 1/ the client adds / edits or deletes a record in the offline database a clicks save on the form. 2/ the information is sent to the webservice which spits out a WSDL file 3/ the WSDL file is translated by an ASP li...

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    websphere5.1 /J2EE experts S'est terminé left

    create a webservice with JavaMail using websphere 5.1 This webservice can be used by anyone(in our group) who needs email sending capability in their web application. (so this webservice wil be like a common shared library) have you worked on Javamail before ? have you worked on webservices before ? what is your expert advice/suggestion; the best way to implement this web servic...

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    Multi-Colored Listview S'est terminé left

    I am in need of a function or sub which will allow me to have multiple background colors and forecolors for the Listview control in lvwReport in VB 6.0. The code must reside in a module. I should be able to use a call like: SetlvColor lvListView, 1, &HC0C0C0, &H808080 (Where SetLVColor is the call to the function/sub and 1 defines which entry/line in the listview to make the color changes ...

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    Soccer WebService - WinForms S'est terminé left

    I am working on a sport Web Service System that would distribute soccer related data the project is currently not commercial. The project consists of three main parts the first is the web service server that would distribute the data, to it will be connected win forms that would be used to manipulate the data inside the database (thinking of typical client server application or .net remoting). T...

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    We currently use spamassassin on our mailservers to do the bulk of the processing. We also have other systems that I want to plug into spamassassin someway. The plan is to build a simple perl module/script that can be accessed from a webpage that will accept the html or text content of an email and run it through spamassassin using the builtin features. The system should return an array or similia...

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    website S'est terminé left

    A funky website required by an options trader to be built and the functions required are; 5 pages Links and leads/email address capture to 3rd party websites Photos/Charts even updates of charts Links to updates of indices in the US stockmarket/Australian stock market. Ability for website host to provide trading updates Mailing list Ability to charge to a credit card company in a sec...

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    This is my second attempt at getting this completed successfully, so please do not bid on this unless you can successfully complete the described task. I have a web application built with asp .net. I am using MS Office web components, specifically the spreadsheet control. That control is an Active X control, so it resides on the client and is not accessible from the [se connecter pour voir l&...

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    What i need to do here is send an array that is build client side using VB Script to the server. So, in a .NET project, i have an .aspx page that contains VB Script. This vb script builds an array that i want to store in a database, however to store it in the database i need to access the contents of the array from the server side code. Hosting a webservice would be perfectly fine! Ple...

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    C# TO VB.NET S'est terminé left

    I would like to translate this into Trying to leanr how to use the wmi .net [se connecter pour voir l'URL] providore. But i am haveing a hard time finding examples. using System; using [se connecter pour voir l'URL]; using [se connecter pour voir l'URL]; using [se connecter pour voir l'URL]; using [se connecter pour voir l'URL]; using [se connecter pour voir...

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    Ok this is going to be hard to explain but bare with me. I'm sure most of you know what an "affiliate" program is. It's a program where you let people sell your products for your website and give them a % of revenue or you pay them a flat amount per sale. **I don't want an affiliate program** but I want some sort of script/program webservice that allows an affiliate of an ...

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    Web app rebuild S'est terminé left

    This is not a formal request. I will consider all resonable bids. NOTE: if you are good at design but not programming you may still bid as I still am in contact with original programmers. What I want is for someone to take the web app and make it user friendly and remove the complication. Don't want activex, and I think the client prefers web based. dotNet is not a requirement. can ...

    €2000 (Avg Bid)
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    web site tracking S'est terminé left

    There is ilink to site [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We need download info from pages, parsing them, and place to db. It would be perfect do it like webservice. 2 major searchable links [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 'parameter" [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 'parameter' there is fields required to track : | Info | From country, region...

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    WEB SERVICE S'est terminé left

    I have a quick project for someone who is a savy coder and proficient with xml and soap connections using php objects. I wann create a bunch of interfaces for various web services. I will modify these for my own puposes at a later date but for now all i want is connectivity and the ability to succesfully call a method and get the appropriate response. I will give you a top 15 list of webservice mu...

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    **Problem: **You can often find the problem, that games (esp. flight sims)accept only one input device (besides Keyboard or mouse). So if you want to use joystick AND pedals, most of the software is inappropriate because only one device is accepted. **Objective: **Writing a small program which reads the value of a specific axe of a device (Analog joystick as well as USB-Pedals via HID) an...

    €26 - €4387
    €26 - €4387
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    Improve VB.NET winform APP S'est terminé left

    Skills required for this project: VB.NET, Threads, Error catching, Web services I have an application that consumes a webservice and uploads pictures with an FTP component. The app needs some improvements, they are listed below: -Thread webservice calls and FTP uploads so I can move windows and the progress bars are updated. -Log upload operations (WS-FTP style) example: -contacting web serv...

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    Audio conversion library S'est terminé left

    Extend existing Windows C library to convert back and forth between any WAVE format audio file supported by the Windows ACM to Dialogic PCM 8 bit, 8Khz format (uLaw or ALaw). Existing Windows C library that I will provide source code to already converts properly between 8 bit 8Khz WAV files and Dialogic PCM 8 bit, 8Khz format (uLaw or ALaw) files, so this should provide a strong head start. The Wi...

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    This project is to rewrite a messaging webservice in c#. The last implementation of this, while it works, is not very robust and I would like a simple implementation that works. In short, this service allows messages to be sent and gotten through webservice methods. messages are XML based and reside in a logical queue (by name). messages can either be "Broadcast" or &...

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    enCircle S'est terminé left

    Exciting portal based application project, now in it's 2nd year, requires frontend functionality delivering that will interact with a webservice oriented backend system. Required skills: JSP, JavaScript, DOM, XForms, XSLT, DHTML. Concerned with device independence, as apposed to graphical beauty, enCircle need people to deliver rich front-end functionality.

    €175 - €263
    €175 - €263
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