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    I need a form to be fixed, and create the JavaScript from scratch. this form is almost ready, I have few problems to correct. this form collect information from user confirm it and send is to an built in email. no database needed. Please see the link: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Fill the form (add some items) and click the send

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    Enclosed is the project for the paypal history information. No parsing is needed on this one (unless there is a hidden field needed). Currently, it logs into Paypal and obtains transactions. However, even though it puts in the different fields, it does not get the transactions for the time period needed. Currently it matches the included wrong paypal

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    Hello I need system similar to Prefered developes from russian speaking countries. good luck

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    ...the other, use an appropriate secondary hash function of your choice. The data will be integers in the range 1000-9999. Run the program with two different sets of input and collect data on its behavior each time. To do this, create two data files, each containing 240 unique randomly generated integers in the range given above. Each file contains the data

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    I require a FLASH/LAMP and HTML/LAMP proposal generator solution that will collect RFP details via an online form. Username and password (possibly IP authentication) must also be created in conjunction with each registration. The database must validate username, password (if necessary, IP) before end user can login to view secure content. Requirements:

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    Flash Designer Needed S'est terminé left provided. **Payments:** Since we're looking for a partner, you as a partner would receive a **LARGE** percentage of the profits earned from the website (assuming we do collect profits, and that is the goal). ## Deliverables 1) High quality Flash Cartoons, should be able to design cartoons similar to those found on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] with ease

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    Pure web based sytem to collect basic webpage information and store in an ODBC compliant DB. Generic (Java/VBScript/HTML/?) code (Client Code) that resides (or is included) on any page of a website that passes information like: Referring page, Keywords, IP, current page, date/time, an ID, browser, browser resolution, etc. another

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    dll for tradestation2000i S'est terminé left

    ...has any experience of this kind of software, then please inform me so I will offer you the job infront of someone who hasnt. the code has to have 5 arrays, 1st one has to collect x numbers of data1, 2nd one is x numbers of data2, 3rd is x numbers of data1 squared, 4th is x numbers of data2 squared, 5th is x numbers of data1*data2. once the arrays are

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    Linear Regression S'est terminé left pair of numbers x and y, each */ /* time through the loop. */ /* The sentinel value to indicate end */ /* END-OF-DATA is the pair -999 -999. */ /* If a valid data point, collect all */ /* sums needed and increment the cnt. */ printf("Data entry loop not done yetn"); endOfData = TRUE; } cc = calcCorrelation( xSum, ySum, xySum, xxSum, yySum, cnt );

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    ...Unfortunately at the moment I’m having problems. I have a microchip PIC16F872 which I wish to program to receive information from two ultrasonic and two infrared sensors calculate the distance of the robot to an obstacle and then send this information through a USB module to the robots on board laptop. I know this sounds quite difficult but I have sample code

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    NETWORK (LAN) INVENTORY TOOL S'est terminé left

    ...These computers must be displayed on the left side of the screen with a three-view style. Front end must be Windows XP Style (preferably). This tool have to collect the network inventory information and provide our Network Administrators with the detailed comprehensive reports. Must be compatible with: Windows 9X, ME, NT, 200X, XP environments. Programming

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    Hello, The projects: - you will receive content from me in the form of raw text files. This is content I will collect from client, by conducting an interview, collecting form information, and otherwise gathering resume content. ~ you will format this content into a Word template that I provide. Basically, this will be cutting and pasting info

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    Website S'est terminé left

    ...the following 1. Full source code for the webpages. 2. Should specify how I can make the web page functional and enlist the process for hosting the webpage. 3. I am looking for the most economical webhosting and maintenance method. need a way to collect payments through paypal on website: ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    So I've got a mysql database that looks like this: Table 1 Id Name Password Tables(one for each name) Date Score I need ASP that flash can read to: 1. Collect date and score from a table specified by a user log on (name) 2. Update tables with new dates and scores 3. Update tables with new rows for adding more users 4. Create tables

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    FTP application development S'est terminé left

    ...that will be able to: 1. take a group of files and put in zip file. 2. FTP zip file to server. 3. Trigger web page upon FTP completetion. Application must be able to store 3 variables in config that will be used in FTP and web page trigger. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR PROTOTYPE LAYOUT --------------- More Details ---------------

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    ...use for this project. The database is access. However, the statements must be compatible with SQL Server 7.0. It should return a string that would be used for a missing information template. The relationship of the table is as follows 1.[se connecter pour voir l'URL] This procedure would only run for those that has a value for whatad. If somehow, whatad

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    Dollarfarm S'est terminé left

    ...'sold' the replicable website to a client, (s)he can then start to collect monies from subsequent sales. This format would hold true for each subsequent buyer. An administration fee TBD would be charged to each buyer. The database and web would need to be integrated with PayPal, StormPay, and INTGold. The process would need

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    ...encapsulates the following but not limited to functionality. 1) Request a certificate from a Certificate Authority on w2k 2) Authorise a certificate for a person 3) Collect said certificate, 4) Install said certificate, 5) Validate certificate details, validity, not in revocation list etc 6) Encrypt/Decrypt data, strings etc with the certificate

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    ...workflow management processes to vet the content to be published) and be able to have text with images, and possibly video fed into one end (possibly via e-mail or LDAP secured web interface), with time, date and priorty settings for incoming messages, and universally formatted messages to be produced, stored on a MySQL database (or otherwise) until expiration

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    paypal intergration S'est terminé left

    need a way to collect donations though paypal on website: ability to use on multiple websites/pages with the ability to change paypal email address, 'pay to' and 'subscription to' fields... websites are hosted on unix servers needs to work on these here is a working example of what I am talking about, except it is in asp... http://www

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    A small GUI sale system S'est terminé left Dialy button- same function as press sale button an check the quantity ordered meets the mininium order requirment and update Qty prepare and Qty sold. c) when select collect button - calculate total sales indicate the profit or loss d) when select exit button- close the system and save all file Please submit all program code with data file(

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    betting spider S'est terminé left

    Hi there, What I'm after is a script that will collect odds from 12 different bookmakers sites. The script should then automatically update the odds every 5 minutes or so. Once the odds are collected they will probably have to be stored in some sort of database that will be accessible from a web page and simple calculations can be carried out. Much

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    74256 Clickbank Parser S'est terminé left's site so as to collect a more lengthy description (either via metags, etc.) of the ebooks/products i will list. Since my site is about scripts and resources, I also want someone to help me expand the site to add more types of categories/resources like cold fusion (research and input cold fusion scripts and resources, add a web hosting category and

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    PHP Script Needed S'est terminé left

    ...They can also see items by a certain consigner by clicking on a link under one of their items, tell a friend option and add items to their shopping cart. Admin: We collect payment from buyers we then send the consigner their 60% due them (this will be done through paypal or a payment by mail) Ability to delete items, change items, post our

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    We have just produced a commercial Web site selling an Outlook security tool and are looking to collect the e-mail addresses of other Web site owners we can swap links with. We need a Web-savvy user with good research skills to go out and spend a good few hours getting the contact details for these individuals -- namely NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. We

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    We have just produced a commercial Web site selling a relaxation CDs and are looking to collect the e-mail addresses of other Web site owners we can swap links with. We need a Web-savvy user with good research skills to go out and spend a good few hours getting the contact details for these individuals -- namely NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. We do not

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    ...awards members for new signups, this affiliate program also needs the ability to be able to turn on or off in the admin area. It needs to collect information such as first name, last name and other information which needs to be then merged onto the autoresponder/newsletter sending using codes such as ||Firstname|| It needs to offer a free and paid

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    Employee feedback web form S'est terminé left

    ...this web page where they can enter basic Personal information as well as answer a few questions (mutiple choice). Nay user should be able to come back to the web page enter his Cell phone number or email and view and/or edit the information availble for him. One or teo of the fields should be capable of reciving a uploded image (picture) This web page

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    Post Office Local Collect S'est terminé left

    The Post Office Local Collect program was written in Visual Basic 6.0. When the programs runs the user enters the first part of a british post code into the "Enter the first element of the Post Code" field. For example, NE23 7NX they enter NE23. The program then matches this with the database and displays the matching post offices in the window. If

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    * **Outcome we want to achieve:** A shopping cart designed to make purchasing by inexperienced users as easy as possible. It should also have the ability to collect data from abandoned purchases. <!-- --> * **Why we're doing this:** Prototype and debug the shopping cart in real time and later integrate into a larger system. <!-- --> * **Rules:**

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    74486 Simple order form S'est terminé left

    We have an order form at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We need to work this order form as follows: Collect customer infos, make a total of the orders (which should be verified by the customer), and then write all order details to a file which can be accessed by us securely. (We have SSL certificate). Meantime we need to have an email notification

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    74493 Simple Order Form S'est terminé left

    We have an order form at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We need to work this order form as follows: Collect customer infos, make a total of the orders (which should be verified by the customer), and then write all order details to a file which can be accessed by us securely. (We have SSL certificate). Meantime we need to have an email notification without


    I require a spreadsheet which will collect specific information on stocks from Microsoft Investor website and save it in a tabular format with the ability to update this information frequently on a weekly basis. Details of the project: I will have the stock symbol in one column which will be used to reference data from this site. http://moneycentral

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    ...ebay warning, edit or add to item description, or get the transactionid number. The project shows the webpages needed to goto in order to obtain or fill in the necessary information. On the page for ebay warning or ebay reminder, the reason to fill in would be buyer did not send payment. Amount received would be 0. However, put in comments where that

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    shopping cart S'est terminé left

    It's an art website that requires a shoppong card -enable shipping and handling -enable record keeping of past customers ## Deliverables 1) enable online payment using a credit card 2)collect shipping and handling information 3)enable record keeping of past customers ## Platform windows xp latest version of internet explorer

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    server diagnostic tool S'est terminé left

    ...servers which will collect info such as, 1-is server running? 2-the services they are providing? 3-memory usage of server?. Application is specifically designed to run on servers running linux o/s once data is collected it is sent to dedicated linux server which will store the data in a database and also make it available on a web page. ## Deliverables

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    We require a proficient Web researcher to collate a fair number of "affirmation" messages from the Internet. We're compiling a bunch of affirmations for use in a software program. We already have about 250, neatly categorized into categories such as "Get Motivated" and "Lose Weight Quickly". We want a Web researcher to locate even more of

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    I am looking to develop a java utility. I will run the utility by windows scheduler. The utility has to connect to the specified web site, read specified information and log it into a file. For instance I will use this program to pull daily current temperature from the internet and log it into the file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    This project is simple to explain. We are a web design company and we build sites for people. When we build sites, we often put e-mail address in the pages for our clients. We need a way to capture and export those addresses. ( I also want to be able do make this software shareware.) I need software that will crawl any URL string (including

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    LPT3 printer capture utility S'est terminé left

    ...ascii text sent for printing (from any windows 9x/2000/XP program) to a service program that is normally running. The service program will be written in Delphi 7 and will collect all the ascii text lines. When a memory buffer of ascii text lines is full then the service program will send this buffer of text lines appended with a date-time stamp

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    Game (for marketing) S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a single-player game to be written that can be used online of offline. The game is to find/ collect items and then gain points for doing to. When you have collected a certain number of items you can convert these items to points which you can then spend immediatly with a number of online retailers. The game needs to be able

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    74887 Maillist addon S'est terminé left

    What I need is a hack for my email program when someone joins my mailing list I want to collect their IP address and the time of subscription. When sending out a mailing I want to be able to use these tags in my newsletter %ip%: [se connecter pour voir l'URL], %time%: 20:45. I use PHP/MYSQL to run my mailing program.

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    1 offres check if my link partners ars still linking back to my website. I would like to simply enter a url of a links page on my website. Then press "go" and the tool would collect all links from my site that are on that page and are pointing towards outbound websites. It would then crawl each of their sites looking for a link back to my main index page

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    email script - php S'est terminé left

    ...a php script and form as a temporay email adress collection and notification for new users. Let me explain. We are putting up a temporary page that will be used to collect information from new users. We also need the new user to have the ability to send out multiple emails to there friends and family notifying them of our website. With each email that

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    ...then it would send the data immedietly. The server would decide what to do with the trap once it recieves it (send an email, or netsend a message to certian users, etc). Collect Data: We need to gather statistics for free disk space, CPU utilization, memory utilization, network utilization, Pages per second (thrashing), antivirus update dates. We

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    Webcam to wap script S'est terminé left

    ...index file reloads a picture that could be [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The script that I would like you to do would be based on my server and will with intervals collect the latest webcam picture, resize it to an size that can be seen on a mobile phone and generate a wml wrapper for the picture. This way I will be able to see the webcam on

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    VBA, Excel, VB, Access Work S'est terminé left

    I collect data in CSV format and then insert it into a spreadsheet to analyze. I need to automate this process to save time. Ideally you will have expert knowledge of Office Products and be able to to program in VBA, do advanced Excel 2000 macros, program in VB and know Access exceptionally well. I'm interested in giving you a small test job to assess

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    We are in need of an internal information management system to be built. We do a lot of business on eBay and managing this information has gotten out of hand. We will need customer management / inventory management and the ability to view this information in many different ways. We need to associate licensing information to our customers and our distributors

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    System should be built in ASP.Net (preferably C#). We have our own server which developer will have full access to. We have SQL Server backend database for development. Stored procedures are preferred for queries. A team with A+ development and project management skills are required. The online system that will need to be developed will be an extension of This sytem in essance ...

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    2 offres on a computer information related website for the purpose of improving search engine rankings for the entire site. I am interested in creating 10 one page articles, ranging between 200 - 800 words per article, containing the various keyword sets identified by me. The content can be found / borrowed / and compiled from other web sources and does

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