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    Projet VBA Word S'est terminé left

    ...« Equations mathématiques » (Image 1) mais il faut les sélectionner un par un dans l’onglet « Equations » pour les utiliser, ce qui est trop long pour une prise de notes. J’ai des moyens assez limités merci d’en tenir compte. Je souhaiterais que Word ou une macro remplace automatiquement des mots-clés précis par les objets mathématiques auxquels je les aurais associés : par exemple, le mot sum sera remplacé par le signe de la somme telle quelle apparaît dans l’onglet « Equations » (donc avec le signe de la somme et une zone pour écrire l’expression à sommer) ; le mot int sera remplacé par une intégrale (le signe et les zo...

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    Do some Excel Work S'est terminé left

    PLATE FORM - EXCEL Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot Table, Validation, Formatting, Macro, Len, Trim, Proper, True False, Sum, Count, Count A, Count Blank, Chart, Count if, Clean, Concatenate, Filter, Advance Filter, Custom Filter, Right, left, Upper, Lower, Proper, Convert, Tex To Column, Formatting and more excel functions. TYPING SPEED In English : 45-50 Word Per Minute with Excellent Numerical Speed. In Hindi : 25-30 Word Per Minute

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    Rédactor of blogs S'est terminé left

    ...d'une startup internet - 0.05$ par article de 250 mots le moyen de paiement sera moneybooker ou wester union chaque fin de mois English version hello sir I'm looking for a article writer for my blog that talks about employment looking for content writers for its ads jobs. Your mission is to write original texts (no copy / paste) You will write 2-4 articles of 250 words per day for the sum of $ 0.05 per item texts to enhance the organic ranking site in Google. Conditions: - Written French (maternal level) - Good writing ability - Good spelling - Rigorous and precise We offer: - The opportunity to participate in developing an internet startup - $ 0.05 per item 250 words the method of payment will moneybooker or wester union end of each month....

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    Traduction Plaquette Commerciales S'est terminé left

    ...société audiovisuelle spécialisée dans le documentaire et nous avons besoin de quelqu'un pour les traductions de nos plaquettes commerciales. Pour l'instant, nous en avons cinq à faire traduire du Français vers l'Anglais mais nous en faisons régulièrmeent tout au long de l'année. Chaque plaquette comprend un résumé long et un résumé court de nos y a également une tagline et des key features à traduire. Je vous mets en pj un exemple de plaquette. Pouvez-vous m'envoyer un devis pour cinq plaquettes? Ainsi que vos délais de traduction pour ces travaux? Pour finir, êtes-vous en mesure de nous fournir des factures domiciliées en...

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    I have An Small open Source Application , I need to add one feature for demonstration and proof of concept, the features are the following: 1) Activate Button to navigate to another activity called payment specify the quantity and sum the price (display Product details and prompt the user add Card details) ( Note, this is demo project no payment gate way required only the output) 2) add My Orders activity to display the successfully the items purchased Source Code and mock design will be provided upon biding on this project Freelancers with no rating and new are highly welcome to bid

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    Assetto Corsa Server script 5 jours left

    ...amongst the drivers while cutting up I am now in need of an overtake script. Let me explain what the script should do and what some of my requirements are: The basic idea is to gain points while overtaking cars. Whenever a player starts his run a timer should start and get the time he needs to reach X amount of points. After that I can save the time in my database to create a leaderboard. So let me sum up my requirements: - Overtaking cars gives the player points: 1. Going faster speed gives a multiplier 2. Another multiplier for the amount of cars you have overtaken very close (basically amount of close calls) - If you hit anything you lose a decent amount of points/lose them all or just end the race(would need some testing) - If you use the shoulder you will lose points for ...

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    Looking to hire experienced animators to create a short anime-esque movie (5 - 10min). I am not well-versed in generating animated movies so I will need someone who is able to steer the ship. The 2D style of animation I am looking to achieve is realistic and fluid similar to Cowboy Bebop, Reign: The Conqueror, Aeon Flux, Ergo Proxy, Animatrix: A Detective Story, and Ghost in the Shell The original motion picture just to name a few. However, I am not opposed to incorporating the artist's unique/signature style should it enhance the vision. I am receptive to cost and time effective options as animation is not my forte. Should we find great synergy, I would not be opposed to utilizing your services/style long term and in the eventual branding of this product. You must be willing t...

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    Hi Abdul, I hope you have been well! I used to hire you for work and i’m wondering if you’d be able to some projects for me. If you’re agreeable, I will send you the deliverables. to sum it, it’s a python project.

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    We have a list of 4469 children (dataset A) who we would like to be matched with a bigger list of 260,000 children (dataset B). The two datsets have names of children, their parent names, block, panchayat, village, gender and caste category (all string variables) in common. In sum, we want to merge dataset A to dataset B using the common string identifiers. I am attaching the common variables in dataset A and B. Note: The dataset contains names of children and other indetifying information about them. Under the government of India data protection laws and also our organisations's guidelines, all parties involved will need to follow parctices to ensure privacy of children's names and their identifying information.

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    I need the HTML/PHP for a Google Column Chart that will display year-over-year gross sales, by month The mysqli query for the data set is: ========== SELECT DATE_FORMAT(, '%Y') AS Year, DATE_FORMAT(, '%m') AS Month, SUM(COALESCE(llx_facturedet.total_ht,0)) AS Gross_Sales FROM llx_facture AS t LEFT JOIN llx_facturedet ON = llx_facturedet.fk_facture GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(, '%Y-%m') ORDER BY DATE_FORMAT(, '%Y-%m') DESC =========== So each year should be a series, then each of the 12 months displayed with totals for that year.

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    I need to create a program that will pull data from this page daily: and match it up with data from this page: and this page The progra... and this page The program will display the following information in a spreadsheet column 1: team a vs team b column 2: points per game for team a column 3: points per game for team b column 4: sum of column 2+3 column 5: first half points per game for team a column 6: first half points per game for team b column 7: sum of column 5 +6

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    Must be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement. Must seamlessly assemble numerous video clips and layer text, graphics, sound. * May be willing to revenue share with producer in exchange for production. We can discuss. Will be willing to do lump sum payment post production or an hourly rate, or a hybrid of the above. We can discuss. Woke need not apply because you’d be offended. This is a world changing opportunity.

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    ...part will be paid per common task you execute (for example, for formatting a post I will pay you X dollars). The bonus will be paid based on your efficacy, absence of mistakes, and the amount of headache you will cause me (the less the better). If you need to do a task that’s new for you, I will again ask you to track your time while you are learning how to do it. After that, we will agree on a fix sum for this task. At the moment, the required amount of work is about 5-10 hours a week. If you cannot give that many hours, your chances of passing the probation significantly decrease. Wow, congrats! You’ve read almost till the end of the job description! This will put you on the top of my pile! So, to let me know about it, could you also add “mouse” to the...

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    €6 - €10 / hr
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    The deliverable is a python script commented that uses Gurobi to solve the problem attached. The problem variables need to be clear to know what they correspond to. Data is attached in file: "" Here are the objective / preferences / constraints I listed from the project: # Objective: Maximize the sum of the gains from completed projects - the sum of the penalties for delay # Preference 1: Minimize the maximum number of projects for the employee with the most projects # Preference 2: Minimize the total duration of each project # Constraint 1: A project must be completed in a number of consecutive days # Constraint 2: An employee can only be assigned to a project skill if he/she has that skill # Constraint 3: An employee can only be assigned to one qualification ...

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    You must create a database for clinic Briefly explain the company in a few sentences The database schema must be built (as we learned in the form of a graph), at least 3 nodes are required and at least 4 relationships between nodes and one of the relationships must be a self relationshi...Explain what the purpose of the query is b) Write the query c) Attach a screenshot of the query results (every query must have something returned) The types of queries required: Two simple queries to search for nodes after filtering (where) that use limit and/or skip and/or sorting Two simple queries to search for nodes that meet a certain pattern Two queries that include data grouping (count, sum, avg, min, max) Two advanced queries that include a combination of filtering by condition, pattern an...

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    Language Probabilities S'est terminé left

    Language Detection The goal is to run fastText on 76 files to detect the language probabilities for each line of text in the Message column in and output a spreadsheet of summary probabilities for each language as columns and the file names as rows. Because the output of fast...files to detect the language probabilities for each line of text in the Message column in and output a spreadsheet of summary probabilities for each language as columns and the file names as rows. Because the output of fastText will vary in the listing of languages and probabilities across files, create a master list of all languages to populate the columns of the summary spreadsheet. Compute the sum of the probabilities for lines by language in each file and enter the values for each file into the spre...

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    ...(sender/receiver) 6. Edit How many boxes includes the order (by default 1) 7. Edit total Weight of the order (by default we take the calculation made by prestashop) 8. Choose if there is cash on delivery (by default: the amount of the order if the customer has chosen to pay cash on delivery or disabled when he has chosen to pay any other method - for example: bank wire, card, etc.) 9. Edit the sum of the cash on delivery, if it is active from p. 8 10. Choose if “check the package before opening” is allowed or not. 11. Choose if the package will be picked up from an address or dropped at the office of the courier (with their default options, set priorly in the setting of the module) 12. Ability to Generate Shipping label (fetched from the courier) 13. Add the t...

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    Hi, I need a simple tool to generate sequence of numbers given a sum range (min range and max range), and given a mask, I provided a screenshot of an example non-functional GUI to help you understand what I need. Need to run it on Win10. Thanks.

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    Hello, I need a simple number generator that will generate given digits number based on total sum range.

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    Social Media Marketing S'est terminé left

    ...find out which social media target audience actively uses, how much time they spend on social media, what times they’re most active, and how they interact with each other. Accordingly Professional will plan and share the SMM strategy with the school. This would involve: • Social Crawly tics • Check Audience Stats in Platform Advertising Options • Analyse the Most Shared Industry Content in Buzz Sum Build a Community for School's Audience - A crucial part of this is establishing a personality online. We want to ensure that our business comes across as having heart and soul, and people don't see us as a faceless corporation 3. Setup and optimize our all- social media channels with Citations, Keyword rich content and description (Facebook, Instagram, Y...

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    3 x Javascript popup games S'est terminé left

    You must have a strong background in creating javascript games. We will provide the creative, but you must have a creative ability to modify and adjust designs to look good. We're looking to create 3 x games each provided in an html wrapper. We will open them in a popup div from our application. The requirements are: 1) Games must be mobile responsive 2) User places an X on one square and submits. Game determines the score for that square. If it matches the winning score, the user is a winner. That score is passed back to us when the game closes. Game 3 - Scratchcard. User scratches out 9 boxes to see if they have a matching set. Under each box is an image generated at random from a set of 3 images. Each image has a value. The score is the sum of the values that are ...

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    Project Coordination S'est terminé left

    We bagged one Railway consultancy project in Kyrgyzstan in 2021 and are working on it. In continuation, we also...and attending meetings Administrative look out Data collection from Kyrgyz enterprises viz., Transport sector, Tourism sector Logistic support for the team visiting Kyrgyzstan from India and site visit Arranging local experts and sub-agencies for execution of work. Collection of information and translation to English as per requirement. We need a proposal from you for your association on the Lump-Sum model or monthly remuneration model. We anticipate the work will be about 6 months+. Hope I am clear on project details. If you have any queries please post here. After your confirmation and receipt of the proposal, we can have a virtual meeting [Removed by Freelancer....

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    SEO for Australian Website S'est terminé left

    We are seeking SEO for our website We currently have the need for SEO, keyword and locations, monitor and reporting. We have had our website for over 10 years, with upgrades over the years, and we are in the process of relocation offices 800km away, therefore our SEO'd location is much different, and w...the onpage SEO recommendation and changes. Our website is Keywords: Building Expert Witness, Scott Schedule, NCAT etc Locations: From Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads, approximately 400km (Australia) As we have not done SEO for over 2 years, we are seeking someone with previous experience with managing SEO and we are seeking a long term working relationship. We are seeking lump sum / fixed price, on a per month basis. We will not respond to standard copy & paste response...

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    We are currently in search of a 2D architect designer who can work with us for all upcoming projects. The project consists of 1 Million square feet facility that we are converting in a shopping center. It would hold a sum of 4 floors with 3 floors i.e. ground + 2 being shopping stores and outlets whereas, 4th floor being the food court, cinema, bowling alley, children's den and a sitting lobby. Whomsoever is interested in providing us with the service can provide their cost estimation with an idea they have. We have some suggestions already which can enhance the quality of work and improve the creativity in the end product. There will be 3 designers shortlisted based on their reviews and history of work and timeline, etc. Not to worry, we wouldn't be asking for any detai...

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    Literature review S'est terminé left

    I wish to sum up the technical information in the attached literature review sheet.

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    Excel Macro S'est terminé left

    A Excel Macro to perform a range of functions depending on column and rows selected. Based on the sample file I want a Macro that does the following once I select any number of rows. It is very important that I can select exactly what rows I run the...set will be far more complicated. The Marco will place the calculated data on a new line at the bottom of the existing sheet each time it is run. The calculation it will run on each column and place in new row: Year=copy value of first selected row. Name=copy value of first selected row. Sold=SUM of selected rows. Stakes Performers=SUM of selected rows. Stakes Winners=SUM of selected rows. Gr1 Winners=SUM of selected rows. Average Price=AVG of selected rows, NO decimal places needed. Sale Gross=SUM of sel...

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    Query in SQL, Pyspark S'est terminé left

    Suppose I have a table with 10,000 customer transactions, I need to do the sum in a time window (as described in the attachment). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Suponha-se que tem uma tabela com 10.000 transações de clientes, preciso que faça a somatoria em janela de tempo(como descrito no anexo).

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    I need information currently located in tables in image PDF's (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2 attached) digitised and placed into their respective columns in the attached excel (tab A1 refers to data from pdf A1 and so on). I have indicated in each excel tab relating to each PDF which data is 'Year' or 'Text' or 'Number' format. (I need to be able to sum up the Number columns in the excel for example, so I need those to be actual numbers that can be added up). See attached the 8 PDF's and the excel template into which the digitised data needs to go.

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    I want a web3 freelancer website that will have -dapp connector (ergo blockchain) -cms -cookie , gdpr -payments integration (with crypro) -works as an app on mobile browser build in laravel & react or others solutions

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    The time value of money is a foundational concept to asset valuation, capital budgeting, determining the cost of capital, and working capital management (concepts you explore later in this course). In the simplest of terms, the time value of money means that money available at the present time is worth more than the identical sum in the future due to its potential earning capacity today. Imagine your parents decided you deserved some money for all of the hard work you have been doing while in school. Let's say they wanted to give you $5,000.00 to jumpstart your life after earning your degree. As such, they present you with an offer. They can either give you $5,000 today or the same $5,000 dollars one year from today as a graduation gift. Which offer would you choose? The obviou...

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    Our current backend framework, based on NestJS with combination of MongoDB, doesn't have an completed referential integrity service. Users working with an Angular frontend currently have no valid information about existing references on MongoDB collections, if they try t...working with an Angular frontend currently have no valid information about existing references on MongoDB collections, if they try to delete one record. The current referential integrity service only displays an general warning, that it might be, that some data has reference. Our first goal would be an referential integrity service, that checks for any existing reference on different collections, sum results and display these on the Angular frontend. So users know which data is referenced to the record they w...

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    Dear All, A great opportunity for civil engineers. A site developmet (Subdivision) is going to be built in Victoria, Australia. This project will provide more than 1000 units in three stages. Now we are in the first stage that is 286 units in 44 ha land. Please refer to master plan attached. We would like to invite an Ele...and providing information. Please provide your price breakdown for each of the package above if you are having the below qualifications and experience: 1. Having good experience in site development and subdivision in Australia is a MUST. Please do not contact me otherwise. 2. Providing a design report which includes the calculation and design process. 3. Being able to quote above job as a lump sum. 4. Being able to provide drafting as per Melton Council req...

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    Project for Nhat N. -- 92514 S'est terminé left

    1. Implement bid history page 2. Implement view user info modal & auktion history on history page 3. Implement edit objekt page 4. Add user phone and email to auktion details page. 5. Implement call, sms, email buttons on aution detail page. 6. Implement Total sum and total winners and biggest buyers info on Auktion page 7. Fix swipper for auktion detail page

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    excell expert S'est terminé left

    ...following: Add a column titled Status. Use the information from the last bullet of the scenario box below to mark each employee as either F for full-time or C for contract. Create a new tab (worksheet) labeled IF. Set up an empty table like the one in the Data tab. Populate the table by linking the cells to the data in the Data tab. Use the IF function to complete the items below: Sum the costs incurred by full-time employees. Sum the costs incurred by contract employees. Write a rationale statement. The statement may be typed directly into the Excel document underneath the chart. Create a new tab labeled Pivot & Pie. Use the data in the IF tab to create a pivot table and a pie chart. Complete the following: Show the employee status. Show the employee’s name. Sho...

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    Virtual Asana Assistant S'est terminé left create tasks from my thinking about the project and review them / update with new info as it becomes available. Create any new project from the new job, add tasks to any existing project, set a deadline and assignee for each task, and then follow up with the assignee. Go through existing projects and track the progress and look into deadlines. Compare total working hours with estimated hours. Sum up the total labor cost+ material cost of the project. • Manage projects in Asana, including setting estimates, tracking progress, and conducting reviews • Ensure employees have tasks assigned to them days in advance and can easily access them in Asana • Convert personal and professional audio from the Acer app to the Otter app, create highlights, tasks and set dates. ...

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    Recover my hacked page -- 3 S'est terminé left

    My page was hacked 4 months ago and being used for pornographic material. I need an expert who can help me with recovery. The expert will be paid the agreed sum immediately after recovering the account.

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    excel spreadsheet S'est terminé left

    need a specific formula to look at a sepecific range of cells and determine if cells have a specific word then it would give me a sum of values in a particular cell

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    To insert data into a SQL database you have to develop a form (this will not include any SQL programming, just the form) which is interactive. Think of the typical form in which you enter the quantity of a product, and its code. HEADER: Customer Identification DETAIL Q | Code | Description | Price | Discount | Net Price | Line Sub-Total (Ne...Q total -> Sub-Total -> VAT sub-total -> Form Total By event-triggers (like field change) you will have to trigger field validations that execute a query to a DB, retrieves values from the DB, and do math calc. By that, (be sure to start your response with the word math as proof of reading, or your response will be deleted), you make "quantity * price is equal to the total", and "all totals sum, create the gros...

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    PDF to excel Data Entry S'est terminé left, Deliveroo, different aircrafts, transport organizations like uber and snatch vehicle, programming like adobe and google suite. The fields required are: 1. Page Number of the receipt (from PDF) 2. Date 3. Merchant 4. Depiction (of first detail for example from a café you will enter in the primary food thing in the receipt) 5. All out Cost 6. Cash (if any) A few records might not have a sum. They are the connections to the receipt, or a booking structure, or an agreements. All things considered you can overlook those pages. This venture is dire, I really want this in 24 hours or less. I would like to recruit somebody who has a couple of individuals working with them so I can finish the document in 24 hours or less. Connected are a few examples of the receipts. Mu...

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    I am trying to use the library Dataframe ( ) on a old version of ubuntu (12.4) and i couldn't use it in a program to compile it as it wouldn't be recognise with the g++ command. -How i generated the library ? The problem is perhaps the library ...-I/home/orange/project/bleuciel_bleuciel/mycpp/library/include/DataFrame -g3 -Wall -std=c++11 -o hello_world -L/home/orange/project/bleuciel_bleuciel/mycpp/library/DataFrame-master/lib/ -llibDataFrame.a error : :10: fatal error: DataFrame/DataFrame.h: No such file or directory 29 | #include <DataFrame/DataFrame.h> // Main DataFrame header So to sum up i need someone to : me compile on my computer a simple that uses the DataFrame library

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    optimization project S&#039;est terminé left

    This project requires integrating several existing programs in order on it. In the second stage, the constr_unit_circle7.c program should be taken and integrated with the majority of the code from the subspace2.c program and the compute_delta() function, along with code that calculates the nominal approximation of the Hessian matrix F(x) + λH(x). The required minimum is found by finding the root of the system of equations obtained by finding the minimum of the sum of the squares of the equations. There is a difficult problem of obtaining high accuracy in these algorithms. It seems that the smallest value of some of the epsilons is 0.003. If the algorithm does not converge to this accuracy, it is possible to reduce the value of epsilon, but the accuracy of the algorith...

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    cvpr maths123 S&#039;est terminé left

    ...that uses facial data to help users log into their devices. You train a classification model for user X until it achieves 98% accuracy on the validation set for same user. However, upon deployment (at test time) the model has a 50% misclassification rate. List the two most important factors for the differences in performance between the validation set and test set Pooling layers such as Max or Sum pooling in Deep Nets cause a loss of information between convolutional layers, why would we add Pooling layers to our network? Why do we need activation functions (ReLU etc) in neural networks? A medical company approaches you for deep learning expertise. They want to classify X-ray images into 2 classes (disease or healthy). In the given dataset the disease class is very underrepr...

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    Hey! I'm the director of an organization that received a $10,000 monthly grant from Google for search advertising. The organization is legalized in Ukraine, and has a license for publishing and educational activities. I am looking for a motivated person who wants to participate in developing the organization's business and become a co-foun...are a marketing genius, an excellent monitor, and a good salesperson, then you are probably the one I need. Your task is to develop and implement a strategy for turning an advertising grant into fundraising. I am ready to give shares to the organization. Please note that you will not receive any upfront payments. If you are interested, write the answer to the question of how much will be the sum of two dozen figures at the beginni...

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    I am in need of a full-stack programmer to develop a CRM and IDX website for my Real Estate Business. This programmer will also need to be available after the project completion for support. The CRM would be similar to Boomtown, but with more adjustable features. In sum, it's a CRM (desktop and mobile app) that works in concert with an IDX website and tracks prospects' activity on the site and automatically updates them with listings via texts and emails, and creates prompts to perform follow-ups. I also need to be able to call prospects through the app, having the phone number assigned through the app show up on the prospect's caller ID. Additionally, it needs the ability to post ads to social media sites and route them to the site and creates a profile for them, a...

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    HI folks, The requirements are below. you can create it using the terminal and then: create-migration initial update-database it will migrate all the tables and all necessary to your worn DB you may need to create a new user (anyone) to test the token... there is a...postman or arc client but it should be relative easy using swagger as well. you can create it with the endpoint, already in the project /api/login the project has integrated swagger, which is very easy to use all the endpoints run the project and you will see the swagger If you can't do in given budget do not apply i will report the time waster who will ask for increase budget over chat. mention sum of 3+7 in top of proposal otherwise bid will denied.

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    make autosum in excell S&#039;est terminé left

    I imported a .csv to excell , and now I need make a SUM in a column but i have a problem the formula show me a 0. I need make SUM in .

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    We have a ...Drive more buyers to our page Only consultants with proven record and reviews from existing clients in Amazon de should bid I need a consultancy rate by the hour so we can book consultation session. You are free to use any tools you have like AMZ, Helio, Jungle Scout etc but you need to provide detail reporting on the steps i need assistance, as shown in the attachments You can provide fixed sum of effort in hours per step required as shown in the attachments, you can use any of of the Amazon tools like Jungle scout, Helio etc, Balkonkraftwerk 600 W (ie Balcony solar module) Hoymiles HM-1500 Solar Micro Inverter (They come in 600, 800,1200,1500 configurations but I m not sure which is better to go DO NOT POST A BID IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK GERMAN, AI DO NO WANT GOOGLE ...

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    Use an Excel .xlsx template provided (header and footer) and fill in the rows between the header and footer with the data that is provided from a REST API (csv or json formated data). The project should be done with PHP. Green areas in the preview is data provided from API and blue is the calculated sum. Everything else is provided by the .xlsx template.

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    Hi, I see I have an issue with the .csv file I use. I need to filter on the current day so I only make SUM on the data for the current day. Is that possible to do? /Kasper

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