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    This is not a coding job. I need a person who knows MS SQL Server well, is familiar with SQL community and has good English, to monitor for me as many SQL-related web forums, email lists, newsgroups or sites like experts-exchange as he/she can find. The person should: (a) answer any questions he/she can, using AdeptSQL promo line in the signature (like you are an employee of Adept SQL Tools) and (...

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    €27 - €90
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    * Program should be developed in Appforge * Program Needs to run on Palm or Pocket PC * Purpose of program is to allow you to enter and store customer sales orders and approve credit cards. The program will have two primary screens and some other maintenance/setup screens. The two primary screens are * Customer and Item Information entry * Payment Information Screen 1 -----------------------------...

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    We're working on a new entertainment portal which is scheduled to launch in late-April/early-May, and need to find a suitable London-based partner agency, who will be required to build it. We have a usability/HCI consultancy designing the interface/functionality/architecture. The selected partner will be expected to build the site to an agreed deadline based on the provided design document. ...

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    Data Entry of Classified Ads S'est terminé left

    **Attention Websurfers** Data Input Job (English) no programming necessary **Summary: Collect classified ads from the internet and add to my site** 1. Data Entry person is given a classified ad web site. 2. Go to ad. Determine if ad has an email address, if no email skip. 3. Go to my web site and add the email address as a new member (4 fields): 1. login name, 2. email address 3. passwo...

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    I am looking for a forced matrix script to support: - 2x2 Forced Matrix - automatic re-entry into matirx below enrollee - automatic upgrade into a higher phase matrix(same structure) - bonus to members who personally sponsor more than two enrollees Our site is patterned after [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I have already started deisgn work at [se conne...

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    I need the whole thing a little more robust and tested. a)The unit calc needs to be QA'd and possibly modified; Some minor annoyances - I can't rename the application because file IO stops working... b)File IO needs to be more elegant (I like some X control type solution) to read directories and select files...) c)I like to add current eod data (if possible) and limit the calculation to ...

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    graphics for a map S'est terminé left

    We have some graphic files to build a map. some work must be done on it. Part 1: To be done in Photoshop (or paintshop pro or any program that makes PSP or PSD files). We have 9 mosaics made of 3x3 tiles. Each tile is 988x1333 pixels, each 3x3 mosaic must be combined in a single image that will be 3x3 times larger (2964 * 3999) Each of the 9 resulting images will become a level in a final PSD file...

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    Restaurant management system S'est terminé left

    Hi all, this is a project consists of 2 parts, first part is a program used within a restaurant for order taking and stock control, second part is web based for take away orders and seat reservatios online. Both parts are connected to a sql database with tomcat acts as the web server. This project is highly flexible so let me know if you have better ideas of what should be used to make this projec...

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    I wrote a console version for this project already and need a visual programmer to incorporate it into a nice GUI wizard. OBJECTIVE: Simple (four step) Win32 GUI wizard that modifies generic (relative) “playlist data?? from an input file and puts them into a user defined directory. The resulting playlists would contain the same .mp3 files, but now pointing to a specific directory defined by ...

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    I am looking for a stock downloader that is going to be used as a "phase" of a larger project. It should be able to download historical stock prices from Yahoo. I would like features similar to what appears on this screenshot. It only needs to be able to grab data from yahoo. None of the other free providers matters at this time. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]~darrend/[se connecter ...

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    Telephone input to website. S'est terminé left

    I need a program that will pickup the phone line on a modem, play a greeting, and at any time during the greeting allow you to press *, #, or a number then #. If a number is entered, it will take that number to a specified URL and submit the information on a web-based form, and then will play a message saying something like "the number you entered (read number) has been recorded. etc..."...

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    Java Web Application S'est terminé left

    Only Bidders who are incredibly strong in Java and English should bid on this project. You should be able to file a status report twice a week and show progress. This is the initial bidding process for this project. All bids will be reviewed and once a bidder(s) has been chosen this auction will be cancelled and a private auction will ensue to create different phases of this project. Each phase wi...

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    Telephone input to website S'est terminé left

    I need a program that will pickup the phone line on a modem, play a greeting, and at any time during the greeting allow you to press *, #, or a number then #. If a number is entered, it will take that number to a specified URL and submit the information on a web-based form, and then will play a message saying something like "the number you entered (read number) has been recorded. etc..."...

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    I need a program that will collect and check many proxies from different sources (text / HTML)? All domestic and foreign. It must Check SOCKS and HTTP proxies. Convert any proxy lists to standard format. Proxy List Filter. Proxy Checker. SOCKS proxy checker. check socks 4 and socks 5 proxies Collect fo IP and Open port. I will supply links for interested Coder's who can take this project on.I...

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    79871 greeting cards site S'est terminé left

    I need a well designed site that can produce and mail quality greeting cards in flash and non flash format for users. must list about 20 categories for me and each category must tally about 20 cards each of which there must be at least 5 flash cards each. design is of unltimate importance. there must also be a recurring mini-message board on the front page. please bid only if serious. prior ex...

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    The project involves solving a differential- algebraic System of equations by solving the non-linear equations first and then using the solution to solve the ODE. This is followed by continuation of the solution w.r.t. to one of the parameters employing some continuation technique. This is the case of catalytic combustion where the reaction takes place in the solid phase (very thin layer of cataly...

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    €27 - €90
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    I am a front-end web designer. I would like to build the interface/graphics/flash/layout for a dating website targeted at Catholics. This is strictly a programming project ??" graphic design is not needed as I will take care of this. I would like to find a programmer who has a strong programming skillset that can program functionality that is similar to The programmer sho...

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    I have IRC services based on C, and I need you to merge it with the features I already added to older version of this application. Current one needs to be enahnced, and needs cleaning , memorey leak ..etc to make sure it's free of bugs, wont crash, and can handle alot of users more than 10.000 users online and more than 100.000 registered nicks, and more than 20.000 channels , We need to add ...

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    THIS A REAL ESTATE LISTING SITE, MEMBERS SHOULD HAVE THE ABILITY TO VIEW DATA THROUGH SEARCH FORMS ACCORDING TO THEIR PREFERENCES. I just need the backend for the site, and barebones frontend. I will provide graphics and layout in html, and you will provide the underlying code to adapt and integrate these pages with the sql database (MS SQL SERVER 2000). Phase 1. Property owner fills out online li...

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    A fully integrated web site for a geographical community. Suggestion is INVISION POWER BOARD for forums, along with SQUIRREL MAIL for web mail access. Phase one must include: Site login with unified access to auctions and/or classifieds ads, web-mail, calendar and event notification, site customization, and user forums. Basically, this means INVISION fully loaded with all ad-on modules, and S...

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    Web Design S'est terminé left

    I need a website designed similar to the one like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] . Due to the time constraints I have on my other web designing projects that I'm working on right now, I'm looking for someone to design me a website similar to the URL above for the new company that I'm starting up. If you have any queries, please contact me. Thanks. I'll hand out further det...

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    Developement to start ASAP on logistics and supply SAP modules. Lead trainer and developer requird for inital phase (est 6 weeks) with training to follow. Client based in South west

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    We hired some developers to put up a web site for us ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) which includes (5) five CGI scripts for registration forms. The forms aren't working as we expected them to. They loaded all their tested files (they tell me everything worked in the testing phase on their server) on to our server and the scripts won't work. They have provided a work around by keep...

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    ClientTrak S'est terminé left

    I have a medium sized client/server type application written in VB6, which utilizes SQL server with Stored Procedures. I am converting this to a ASP.NET application but I am new to ASP programming so I am not very efficient. What I am looking for is an experienced ASP.NET programmer whose code I can learn from, to provide you with screen shots of existing screens with the list of data elements and...

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    A fully integrated web site for a geographical community. Suggestion is INVISION POWER BOARD for forums, along with SQUIRREL MAIL for web mail access. Phase one must include: Site login with unified access to auctions and/or classifieds ads, web-mail, calendar and event notification, site customization, and user forums. Basically, this means INVISION fully loaded with all ad-on modules, and SQ...

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    Murder at Lloyds paradise S'est terminé left

    MURDER AT LLOYDS PARADISE Part one It all began in a beautiful small African town, Ndola. Ndola is a city known to be the second largest city in Zambia a country based in the southern region of Africa. There in the city of Ndola lived a young man known as Anthony Lloyds born and raised in a simple Christian family. He was quite muscular and of a normal acceptable height of 6 feet 2 inches. He...

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    Online Multiplayer Games S'est terminé left

    I currently have an advanced chatsystem being build with member functionalities. I would like to add game features aswell. I envision the following a games section just like yahoo games and or Zone from MSN. This would mean that the member function would be integrated with this gaming framework this because only members would be possible to play. Who ? 1. Have already experience with this 2. alrea...

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    Web-Address Organizer S'est terminé left

    Web-Address organizer. The application maintains a web-address database which allows the user to: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] an IE-address and paste it into a database record, 2. catalogue the address in various groups 3. add comments, group coding et. 4. maintain a web-visit log for analysis and reports. 5. use the address to open one or several web pages e.g. all news pages or all analy...

    €184 (Avg Bid)
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    have an Excel charting application and it is broken. It has ADX calculation among lots of other calculations built in. bidder must know VBA, excel and finance/trading apps? I need to include ATR, and the unit calculations for the turtle system. There is lot more logic already in the app. but it is not working quite right. It has a dynamic download ability, rules based set-up. proprietary indicator...

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    Basically what I want is a computer program that will use a voice-capable modem to answer the telephone. I should be able to specify the number of rings before the computer picks up. Then it should play a .wav file to the person calling in, which can be specific to the time of the day, and day of the week. The message will be something like this, "Thank you for calling, please enter the numbe...

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    clone in PHP S'est terminé left

    Clone of the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] site. Note: I only need a small portion of the site! Only the search function, by ISB Number, Title or Author. Need to the following info for each of about 10 sellers you choose(the ones that are easier to parse, the rest will be done as phase 2) from those listed on addall. Fields needed (I am using an example) TITLE: Celebration of Gone with the W...

    €190 (Avg Bid)
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    Forced Matrix Program S'est terminé left

    I need a script designed for me that allows me to run a Forced Matrix program. The structure will be five levels or phases of 2x3 matrixes with different amounts to be paid out after each phase completed. After each phase completion the member will automatically move into the next phase. I do not need self-replicating web sites, all enrollments will be through the main web site, and there are no s...

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    Template for sale S'est terminé left

    Merry Christmas! I've made template for sale. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Serge

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    Linux Tutor S'est terminé left

    This project is for someone proficient in Linux preferably Debian or LindowsOS. My goal is to learn Linux well enough to teach it to others. I need someone to be able to answer questions that I provide, in such a way that it is understandable. In other words "Geek it Down" This will be an on going project. The first phase will be all about getting started, configuring the desktop, how to...

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    Talent Site S'est terminé left

    This talent site needs a sign-up form, login, forgotten password. For talents and agents. There will be a database of talents will 3 level access one for talents, one for agents and one for admin. I also need searches that can be saved. An a credit card transaction during the sign-up phase. More in depth... Member registration (3 level access: one for agents and other for talents) includes uploadi...

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    Stair Program S'est terminé left

    I detail stairs and rails in present I insert various blocks and edit the text...I would like to insert the blocks in Autocad and then fill in a 12 question dialog box that is then linked to Excel to crunch the numbers and then replace the appropiate text in the blocks...break that specific link and do another series of blocks and re-link, etc as needed ...I use feet/inch/fractions an...

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    I am looking for a coder to that can start the framework development for a windows/mac based client to access the gnutella network. The additions I am looking over the standard clients on the network today are the abilities to queue files to be downloaded to areas on the internet such ftp space and or email boxes while the client is not connected. There are several scenarios of completing this by ...

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    We are seeking a mysql/php coder to develop some tools for our new site. Stage 1 (Jan/Feb 2003) - set up LDAP services and associated membership - password reminder, details change. Stage 2 (Feb 2003) - produce associated .inc files. Provisional functions on our 'shopping list' are: private discussion threads, personal annotation, activity register. Stage 3 (Sept 2003) - other features...

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    Christmas greeting card S'est terminé left

    I will need a small (i.e. up to a maximum of around 500 Kb in size) Christmas presentation done in Flash. Because of this size constraint, all graphics must be created as vectorial, or SMALL bitmaps used, if absolutely needed. I'm open to ideas for the actual content of the presentation, but it must contain some information that will advertise my company. Specific details will be given to the...

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    vb mswinsck.ocx cookies S'est terminé left

    How to use and work with webpage cookies thru [se connecter pour voir l'URL] in visual basics. With little notes on how you got the cookie and how you figured out what data to send to connect to the next page. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the...

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    Small pop Up on front page load. x mas background Like raindeer and sled wording: overnight 1 to 2 Days 2nd day 2 to 3 days ground 3 to 7 days Available If you read this window. A special savings for you. At checkout put (1101) in Discount Field. Hoping all A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years from all us at Fantasy fashion Mall. Time is now and Payment thru this site or paypal.

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    3D Flash eGreeting Card S'est terminé left

    I need the best quality ([se connecter pour voir l'URL] type) greeting card (welcome back) made with music and latest updates, with personal identifications. The card is to be hosted in Netfirm at first and later under a domain name, by the 31st. Can give you some ideas if you need or needed. There I have an another web-development project coming soon to the winner coder here. ## Deliverabl...

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    Looking for the following PHP or Perl/CGI scripts: 1. Matchmaker 2. Banner/Pop Up/Exit/Homepage Exchanges 3. Rate-A-Pic 4. Expired Domain Checking 5. Greeting Card 6. Shopping Cart 7. PayPal compatible scripts 8. Image Hosting 9. Others Template based scripts with installation instructions. Bug free. Link to demo via PMB please. Copyrights or unlimited resell rights required.

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    Please read attached document **ONLY SERIOUS CODERS PLZ** The project is quite big but not to big we are looking for this to look as professional as possible and are looking for coder to be available at a later stage for phase two of the project. We do not need any web design done we will do this we just need the main frame of the ASP side fo things done. ## Deliverables 1) Website to look prof...

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    Christmas Flash Animation S'est terminé left

    Hi all, I'm looking for an incredible Christmas Macromedia Flash 5.0 Animation. The Flash animation will be something that people will find super impressive and love to watch over and over again. This is Christmas animation, so I'd like to see some flying reindeers, Santa Claus in his sleigh, etc. I want something incredible so use your imagination and creativity: SURPRISE ME! This anima...

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    web tracker software S'est terminé left

    we need a web site for a web tracker application. basically, we want something very close to we need the structure more than anything. the app should let users log into the site, download code, track their end users, etc... basically a very close copy. you don't need to worry about the ads. we'll supply the text for the various areas. ## Deliverables 1) Complete...

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    I need a simple Visual Basic and Access database program that will manage my Christmas card lists for work and at home. I'll leave the design details up to you, but I need the program to do the following: Use Visual Basic 6 front-end and an Access 97 databse so that I can make necessary feature changes later. The VB 6 GUI should allow me to add, edit, and delete records. I also need some ...

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    Finish Home Page S'est terminé left

    Refer to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and NBCL.Net. The .org site is a alpha phase of the new home page. .net is the old site. I need a fantastic site designer to review and propose the completion of the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] home page. I would like to keep the general idea of the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] home page. The successful bidder could be in for a lot more w...

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    80756 AVS GOLD MOVIES SITES S'est terminé left

    I need a bunch of AVS GOLD MOVIE sites designed, each site must have warning page, 2 tour pages, and members area template. I Will supply all Licenced content for graphics in tour etc! Unique and professional designs only, each design has to be unique from the next! Payment will be made ONLY on completion for each batch of sites... PSDs must be included and all design ownership must be handed ove...

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    SELECT SSADM DFD HOMEWORK S'est terminé left

    Description: A personal homework university DFD Select SSADM assignment. Based on a fiction building company. The assignment sheet should be read in conjunction with the Builders Supplies case study. I had bids on this already but not one stated that they would undertake the project in Select SSADM. I am therefore opening the bid again with a short time span. There will be a bonus payment for a pr...

    €27 - €4476
    €27 - €4476
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