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    Record French voice for two educational chemistry videos - approximately 500 words. These texts will be a step-by-step voice instruction in a video of a certain chemical experiment. A separate mp3 file for each video is expected. Here's a sample piece of text: "Versez les deux bouteilles de verre liquide dans la boîte de Pétri. Maintenant, prenez la solution de sulfate de manganèse et ajoutez 6-10 gouttes à partir de différentes hauteurs et à différents endroits sur la boîte de Pétri. Répétez avec les solutions de chlorure ferrique, de sulfate ferreux et de sulfate de cuivre." "Les ions de manganèse, de cuivre et de fer dans chacune des solutions salines réagissent avec ...

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    As discussed

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    This is the cold plunge unit I have: This is the system I want to integrate: Attached is an image of a set up, I am just unsure how to integrate it. Is this something you can help me do?

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    I'm looking for a professional who can help me design a custom formula for a car shampoo. The shampoo is i...experience. - Gentle on paint: Even with its foaming capabilities, the final product must be safe and gentle on car paint to avoid any damage and ensure a long product lifespan. - Eco-friendly: The car shampoo should be completely biodegradable to align with sustainability goals and cater to environmentally-conscious consumers. The ideal candidate for this project should have a strong background in chemical formulation, particularly in the automotive or cleaning product industry. Experience with creating high foaming, gentle-on-surface and eco-friendly formulas is a significant advantage. The ability to balance these properties effectively will be key to the success o...

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    I am looking for a capable freelancer to develop a chemical reaction generation model. The goal is to do retrosynthesis, so basically predicting reactants from every SMILES product on my test data. You can use whatever you want(pre trained models or you own script)

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    ...of product data in a spreadsheet. I need each product's specifications to be created in a standardized PDF format. The level of detail should include everything detailed on the spreadsheet. The data on the spreadsheet is broken down into the following sections, which must be reflected on the product specifications. - Production Information - Packaging - Pallet Configuration - Physical Data - Chemical & Microbiological Tolerances - Storage - Labeling You will be responsible for: - Creating individual product specifications from provided data. - Ensuring all specifications are formatted consistently in PDF format and include our company logo provided. - Include all the information provided in each product specification. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: ...

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    require assistance with conducting a chemical composition analysis on hair strand samples that someone will be providing to me by mail or meet up in person! I need 1 to 3 strands of specifically 3a/3b curly textured hair. I am in need of the entire follicle also meaning that the hair/ hairs need to be plucked, waxed, pulled, or naired out of the scalp! Remember I am in need of 3a/ 3b curly textured hair!

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    I require assistance with conducting a chemical composition analysis on hair strand samples that you will be providing in person or by mail. I need 1 to 3 strands of specifically 3a/3b curly textured hair. I am in need of the entire follicle also meaning that the hair/ hairs need to be plucked, waxed, pulled, or naired out of the scalp! Remember I am in need of 3a/ 3b curly textured hair!

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    I am seeking a seasoned web developer to create a clean, clutter-free, and highly informative website in the agricultural bio-chemical industry. The website will consist of 5 pages and must include information on crop protection, soil health, research and development, news timeline and crop yield. Key Features: - Infographics: aesthetically pleasing and informative - Video on landing page: showcasing the beginning of an exciting journey. The option to view the video must be available. - Press release Timeline: this will serve as the news timeline. Key Sections: - About Us: this section should introduce our company and its mission. - Services: a comprehensive list of services that we offer. - R&D / USF Connect: this is our research and development section, providing insight int...

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    Enthalpy energy chemical calculation for gas reaction Quick calculation will share details in message

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    Chemical Company Website Design S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a skilled web designer to create a professional and user-friendly website for my chemical company. Key Deliverables: - Design a visually appealing and responsive website - Provide a platform that showcases all our products and services - Ensure the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate for chemical industry professionals - Incorporate sections that provide detailed information about the company's history and values Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience in designing E-commerce websites - Understanding of UI/UX principles for different target audiences - Ability to create a visually appealing design that aligns with the company's branding - Strong communication skills to understand and implement the requirements of the project.

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    thermodynamics calculation xx flow, xx flow g/s, stoich combustion ratio = xx , what is the energy output Watts

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    I'm seeking a lead generation expert with experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare, API and nutraceutical industries. The primary goal of the project is to generate new business opportunities through phone-based outreach. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting market research to identify potential clients within the specified industries - Initiating contact with decision-makers through phone calls to introduce our services - Qualifying leads and setting appointments for our sales team - Building and maintaining a database of potential clients The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in B2B lead generation, specifically within the pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare, API & nutraceutical sectors - Excellent communication and interpersonal skill...

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    I seek an experienced engineer equipped with both mechanical and aeronautical skills. The mission is to create a high-quality rendering for an octocopter drone, intending for agricultural chemical spraying tasks. Confidentiality is paramount so signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be required. KEY DETAILS: - Purpose: Agriculture chemical spraying - Payload: Accommodate 250 lbs (not including drone weight) - Flight distance: Up to 5 miles Technical drawing skills, a solid understanding of drone aerodynamics, and experience in mechanical drone development will come in handy for this project. Reach out if you find this interesting and we can delve deeper into the specifications.

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    I'm looking for an Arduino expert to setup an Opta PLC that can effectively monitor temperature readings. The system should be able to: - Receive inputs from different temperature sensors and digital inputs. - Monitor a vast range of temperatures from below freezin...temperatures from below freezing to above 90°F. - Send email notifications of temperature readings and changes every hour for remote monitoring. The perfect freelancer for this project is experienced in programming Arduino Opta PLCs, utilizing sensors, particularly those for temperature, and setting up efficient email notification systems. Beside technical proficiency, good understanding of thermodynamics would be a plus, but is not a requirement. The end-goal is an efficient and reliable remote temperature ...

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    thermodynamics calculation xx flow, xx flow g/s, stoich combustion ratio = xx , what is the energy output Watts

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    ...manufacturing company of more than 100 employees, we have a significant responsibility in ensuring that workplace safety is a top priority. We are seeking a seasoned professional with a background in occupational safety or industrial hygiene to develop an all-encompassing safety policy for our facility. The ideal candidate will have experience in handling the following safety hazards: - Chemical exposure - Heavy machinery accidents - Slips, trips, and falls Your expertise will be indispensable for creating a comprehensive safety policy with effective control measures for these hazards. Your scope of work also includes conducting a hazard analysis, developing preventive measures and designing an employee-safety training program. Previous experience in creating safet...

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced chemical engineer to help me with I only want the attached pictrures to be re designed and drawn with software like visio or Lucid chart. I do not mind changing the lay out. But i want it for learning purposes so it should be full of colours and simple Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven background in chemical engineering with a focus on process design - Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines

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    I'm in need of a knowledgeable individual to assist me in teaching high school chemistry, specifically focused on chemical reactions and organic chemistry. - Mastery of these topics is imperative. - Experience in teaching high school level chemistry is beneficial, however experts with hands-on experience in chemical reactions or organic chemistry fields are also welcomed. - Familiarity with common teaching materials and textbooks is a necessity, as I will provide specific resources for you to follow and integrate into the lesson plan. Looking forward to employing your skills to catalyze my student's understanding!

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    As part of this project, I need a freelancer with Chemical or Mechanical engineering background to do a model using Aspen HYSYS for CO2 capture from a flue gas stream using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process (using either zeolite 13X or Activated carbon as the adsorbent).

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    Im looking for someone who has mechanical and electronics engineering background to build a physical product prototype Key Requirements: - mechatronics and embedded systems background specifically appliances using heat/steam.. The ideal professional for this job should: - Have strong prototyping skills. - Be familiar with usability testing methods. - Have experience creating prototypes or MVP's

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    ...level of nitrates and nitrites provided by natural sources can be less than or greater than synthetic nitrates and nitrites, as this varies greatly between products. However, that means these organic and natural meat products still retain the potential to produce nitrosamines when cooked at high heats because they still contain nitrites. The source of the nitrites does not matter when undergoing a chemical reaction. It's essential to keep this in mind when grocery shopping because our food products, especially our meat food products, require preservatives to retain their quality. Whether you choose natural, organic, or traditional meat products, nitrates and nitrites will still be present in some form to keep our foods safe and fresh. As we fire up our grills and make ve...

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    Physics PhD Project: Lighting Focus S'est terminé left

    As a dedicated researcher, I'm looking to engage a scientifically skilled volunteer with keen expertise in Physics, particularly Lighting. I need a devoted mind who can contribute substantially to my PhD project (150 pages). I need help proof reading and going through details. I need help structuring and adding whatev...- Commit to meet milestones within the assigned timescale, which is within a month. This project is an excellent opportunity for individuals with a background in Physics or related disciplines to apply and further develop their knowledge and skills in a high-level research context. In-depth familiarity with three main categories of Physics such as Quantum Physics, Classical Mechanics and Thermodynamics will be considered highly advantageous. I look forwar...

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    I'm in search of a freelancer proficient in COMSOL Multiphysics to devise a model for a convection heater on a Polyimide substrate. This project involves: - Creating a heater model that reflects key factors such as te...Polyimide substrate. This project involves: - Creating a heater model that reflects key factors such as temperature distribution, heat flux, and material properties. - Ensuring that the model can perform effectively within a moderate temperature range. - Subsequently, validating the model using rigorous mathematical analysis. Ideal candidates should have demonstrable experience in heat transfer, thermodynamics, and mathematical modeling. Familiarity with Polyimide substrates is a plus. Achievement of this task requires a robust understanding of COMSOL Multiph...

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    I am in need of a highly skilled and experienced 3D Plant Layout creator to help with my Chemical Industry project. The ideal candidate will have the following abilities: - Create 3D plant layout drawings that are in accordance with P&ID and verify dimensions & Routes of pipings as per isometric & for equipments GA will be provided. - Possess a strong understanding of measurement tools, ensuring the utmost accuracy in the creation process. - Provide expertise in real-time collaboration, allowing for efficient and effective project management and feedback. - Transform input files, including P&ID files, Isometric files, and brief guidelines from our engineer, into detailed and accurate 3D models in CAD format. Please note, the creator will also have to work with a re...

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    I'm seeking an expert in simulation and thermodynamics who can carry out in-depth analysis of a small-scale photoelectrochemical reactor intended for green hydrogen production. The main objectives are to: - Optimize the efficiency of hydrogen production - Gain a deeper understanding of how various parameters impact the reactor's performance - Design a more cost-effective model of the reactor Your thermodynamic analysis should encompass both Gibbs free energy analysis and Exergy analysis. Experience in designing and improving small-scale reactors and a solid understanding of anion exchange membranes would be advantageous. Moreover, knowledge of both thermodynamic analysis methods mentioned is essential. Your contributions will be vital in enhancing our green hydrogen ...

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    ...deliverables: - A unique, efficient cleaner formula - Should work on various surfaces (windows, mirrors, glass tabletops) - product is a self dissolving pod so it should be compatible with the biodegradable content Note: As I've skipped answering the question regarding the form of the cleaner, I am open to recommendations on whether the cleaner should be a gel, wipe, or foam. Experienced chemical engineers, product developers, or anyone in a related field are encouraged to apply. Prior experience with cleaning product development is a plus, but not necessary if you have a promising solution to present....

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    I'm looking for a skilled journalist who can write and publish an article in the Times of India / ET/ DNA/ Hindutan times/ ANI etc (reputed online paper). The focus of the article should be on the API & Chemical industry. Requirements: - Prior experience in journalism, with a track record of published work. - Familiarity with writing about complex topics, such as the API & Chemical industry. - The ability to engage readers and communicate effectively. - A good understanding of the Times of India's target audience and editorial style. Please include past work in your proposal. This should demonstrate your ability to write engaging, informative articles on technical subjects.

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    I'm in need of an experienced article writer who can contribute to a prestigious online news paper by producing compelling pieces on the business world, particularly focused on the API & Chemical industry. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting engaging, well-researched articles on business-related topics. - Ensuring the content is tailored to the niche of API & Chemical industry. - Adhering to editorial guidelines and maintaining the high standards of the publication. Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record in writing business articles. - Strong understanding of the API & Chemical industry. - Experience in writing for reputable online news papers. - Ability to deliver 3-5 articles per week. If you're passionate about business writing and have a flair...

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    Physics Tutor for 10th Grade S'est terminé left

    I am seeking an experienced physics tutor who can help me with 10th-grade level physics. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of the following topics: - Electricity and Magnetism - Thermodynamics - Gravitation I prefer a teaching approach that combines both theory-based lectures and practical demonstrations. Additionally, I would appreciate if the tutor could provide me with good question practices to enhance my understanding of the concepts. The tutor should have: - Prior experience teaching physics at a high school level - Strong expertise in the mentioned topics - Ability to conduct engaging and informative theory-based lectures Being able to explain complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand way is crucial. Experience in preparing students for exams woul...

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    I'm seeking an expert in chemical process scale-up. The purpose of this project involves the calculation of equipment sizing from a laboratory scale to a bulk scale with a primary focus to enhance production capacity, improve process efficiency and optimize product quality. Key Project Components include: - Sizing of Reactors - Sizing of Heat Exchangers - Sizing of Pumps In relation to the reactors, aspects to be determined will include the volume, operating pressure, and operating temperature. Ideal skills and experience for this job would involve a deep understanding of chemical processing and engineering, particularly in the aspects of reactor dynamics, heat exchanger operations and pump calculations. An experienced chemical/process engineer would be an ...

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    I need an expert with experience in creating eco-friendly cleaning products. Specifically, a powder detergent that's primarily used for general cleaning. Proficiency in incorporating biodegradable components is an absolute must. The ideal freelancer for this project would be someone with: - Knowledge in sustainable and green chemical formulations - Prior experience in detergent production, especially powder format - Understanding the necessary chemical composition for general cleaning products - Proven track record in creating biodegradable cleaning products.

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    I need an expert with experience in creating eco-friendly cleaning products. Specifically, a powder detergent that's primarily used for general cleaning. Proficiency in incorporating biodegradable components is an absolute must. The ideal freelancer for this project would be someone with: - Knowledge in sustainable and green chemical formulations - Prior experience in detergent production, especially powder format - Understanding the necessary chemical composition for general cleaning products - Proven track record in creating biodegradable cleaning products.

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    I am in need of a customized ISO 45001 risk management template on Excel, tailored for personal use. The template should be able to categorize and identify specific hazards such as Physical, Chemical, and Biological hazards. For each hazard category, it should include: - Description of the hazard - Probalility of it occurring - The severity of its potential outcome Ideal candidates for this project will have a proven track record in risk management, as well as proficiency in MS Excel. Experience in ISO 45001 standard implementation is also highly sought after.

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    I need a professional presentation and poster designed for my technical report on ethane cracking in the field of chemical engineering. Your task is to: - Summarize the key findings and conclusions, - Showcase the methodology of ethane cracking, - Present the results and findings, and - Illustrate the implications and practical applications. I want a clean, professional, and corporate look. A freelancer with a background in chemical engineering and graphic design would be highly valued. Proficiency in PowerPoint and poster design is also essential for this project.

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    I'm seeking a Chemical Engineer with proficiency in Aspen Plus software. The main aim of this project is to optimize the process design of our facility. Your task will involve working with our existing process models and coming up with enhancements to improve the efficiency of our operations. Key responsibilities will include: - Analyzing our current process design and identifying areas for optimization. - Implementing new design strategies using Aspen Plus software. - Conducting simulation studies to predict the performance of the proposed design changes. - Providing a detailed report with recommendations for process improvements. The ideal candidate will have: - A strong background in Chemical Engineering. - Substantial experience with Aspen Plus software, particu...

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    As the head of operations for a polymer company, I urgently need the expertise of a skilled chemical engineer who has a sound understanding of unsaturated polymers, MEKP, and cobalt accelerator. Our main objectives for this project are: • Research and development specifically relevant to unsaturated polymers • Achieving an optimal medium cure time • Minimizing waste through precise usages of chemicals at specific temperatures Our goal is to achieve the best cure time and minimize waste. However, we’re facing challenges during the winter and rainy seasons, typically when the temperature drops to around 5 degrees Celsius and the conditions become humid. During these periods, we’ve observed that the reaction does not start as expected. We’re unsur...

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    I'm seeking a skilled chemical engineer with a strong background in process engineering. The project is currently in the detailed design stage and I need someone who is proficient in utilizing software for this phase. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Process Engineering: Your understanding of this field is crucial as the project is centered around it. - Experience in Detailed Design: The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in this specific stage of the project. Id love to hear back if you’re proficient in hydrogen network integration If you have a strong background in chemical engineering, particularly in process design, and are adept a I'd love to hear from you.

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    Sea Pollution Remedies -- 2 S'est terminé left

    I am seeking a comprehensive solution for tackling the profound issue of chemical sea pollution, specifically focusing on creating effective recycling solutions. - Expertise in environmental science, waste management, and recycling processes is highly necessary. A strong understanding of chemical pollutants in the sea and their impact is crucial for this project. - Capabilities to develop a solution that is both efficient and practical are needed, particularly with experience in handling chemical wastes. - The outcome should be primarily aimed at educating students, thus proficiency in creating engaging and easily comprehensible content iteratively follows. - Ideally, I am seeking someone well-versed in these areas and possesses excellent skills in research and solu...

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    I'm seeking an experienced electronics professional who can help bring my vision to life. The project involves creating a wearable device that will be capable of reading a variety of vital signs and sending corresponding signals. This will be the start up phase for the device, which in end phase will be able to detect and alert for other signals like: environmental signals, chemical signals, thermal sensors, motion sensors, and/or communication and GPS signals. Key Features: - The device should have the ability to read heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. - It should be able to send alert notifications in case of abnormal readings. - The device should also have the capability to send data to a mobile app and a cloud server, allowing for remote monitoring and data col...

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    Dear Concern, I want to design a website for chemical treading business,pls share your past work & your charges with your T&C if any. Note : I already purchased domain & hosting, only want a developer or designer I'm in need of an experienced WordPress developer with a knack for creative and artistic design. The website's primary purpose is to provide information about my business. Key Requirements: - Incorporate modern, minimalist, creative and artistic design elements - Integrate a contact form for user engagement - Create a blog section for regular updates - Implement smooth social media integration for wider reach Ideal Skills: - Proficient in WordPress development - Strong portfolio in delivering modern and artistic designs - Proven track record in cre...

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    ...of an expert in agricultural pest control, specializing in biological methods. The project involves consultations for a startup, so the ideal candidate should have extensive experience in this area. Key details include: - Specialization in biological methods of pest control, with understanding and exposure to other pest control methods of chemical and organic pesticides. - Prior experience working on commercial farms, and have had used biological, chemical, and organic fertilizers. - Knowledge of the agricultural sector, particularly pest management and plant disease is a must - Ability to provide tailored consultation for pest control on commercial farm scale - We need agriculture engineer with experience in North America and another from the Middle east, preferably Eg...

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    I'm looking for an experienced chemist that can help us buying a specific equipment. The objective is to be able to analyze a liquid and get as many attributes as possible sur as the density, composition, etc. The more attributes the machine can do the better. After having a liquid analysed, I need to be able to transfert all attributes and chemical information to a computer for data science and statistical models building purposes. The part of building stats and models is out of scope on this project, I'm looking for advices on what equipement I should aquire to generate and capture the data from an analysis result. Please apply with your real fees, there will be no negociation. There's many bots on this platform, please start your message with "WEW"

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    I am looking for a graphics designer to develop the following sketches. Advantages would be if the designer has a (very basic) understanding of Chemistry, but this is not required. I’d like to be able to make minor touches to the figures after the work is completed. Therefore, I’d prefer the work to be completed in 1. Blender 2. Any adobe suite product The overall design of the figure is attached below. But, none of the arrows or labelling needs to be completed by you.

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    In this project, I require specialized skill-sets in heat transfer and fluid mechanics, informed by an understanding of thermodynamics. - Key Requirements: - Understanding of Heat Transfer: Proficiency to analyze and apply the principles of heat transfer within the scope of thermodynamics. - Expertise in Fluid Mechanics: Knowledge of complex fluid phenomena to approach, assess and solve fluid mechanic issues. Looking for a proven record in thermodynamics, specifically in industrial processes, material processing and energy systems. Experience with fluid dynamics in the context of fluid mechanics is strongly desired. The ideal freelancer would be a chemical engineer or a professional with similar training and experience. Your ability to tackle problems u...

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    As a chemical engineering student, I require assistance in designing a practical implementation of a mixing tank temperature control system. This project is a part of my academic assignment, and I'm seeking a freelancer with experience in process control and chemical engineering. Key Requirements: - Design of a robust temperature control system for a mixing tank - Consideration of potential features such as data logging and analysis, and an alarm system for temperature deviations - Comply with potential relevant regulations or standards (though the specifics are not clear at this point) The main goal of this assignment is to have a tangible and functional solution. The ideal freelancer for this project should have a solid understanding of: - Chemical engineering...

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    ...and informative, with the addition of helpful hints and appropriate subtopics to each question. Details: - You will be provided with the questions in an organized tabular format. - You will add meaningful hints and suitable subtopics for each question, adhering to the JEE syllabus norms. - You should have extensive knowledge of all sub-disciplines of JEE Physics, including Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Astrophysics. Ideal Skills: - Expert level comprehension of JEE Physics - Previous experience in educational content creation or tutoring - Meticulous attention to detail - Excellent organizational skills - Strong written communication skills. Your role will be instrumental in aiding JEE aspirants through their study journey, making understanding and revision a more st...

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    Thermodynamics combustion energy calculation How much energy released and what temperature rise at products .

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