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    I have a project that primarily involves cost allocation and budgeting and forecasting. I currently use Excel for cost accounting, so experience with this software is a must. I'm looking for someone with an excellent understanding of cost accounting within the Retail industry. Ideal candidates should also possess the following: - Expertise in Excel - Extensive knowledge in cost allocation, budgeting and forecasting - Experience or familiarization with cost accounting in the retail sector This project would suit a meticulous and analytical minded individual with strong financial acumen.

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    I am in need of a professional who is adept at creating financial models. Primarily, the model is intended for forecasting and organisational valuation purposes. The datasets at your disposal for this project include our current operational data, as well as future financial projections. A critical component of this model will be to accurately present the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. We have done most of the work and need someone to jump in and align our financial model with best practices. Understanding and experience with financial planning, specifically in a context of profit analysis, will be particularly valued for this task.

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    ...responsibility will be to perform trend research and analysis. SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: • In-depth knowledge and passion towards sustainable fashion. • Experience in fashion trend research, analysis and forecasting. • Proven experience in buying in the fashion industry. TASKS TO HANDLE: • Carry out detailed research on sustainable fashion trends. • Based on the analysis, make informed purchasing decisions. • Regularly update me with forefront sustainable fashion trends. This project requires the assistant to also make purchasing decisions, thus prior experience in this aspect of the industry would be a valuable asset. If you are enthusiastic about sustainable fashion and have an acumen for trend analysis, please bid. C...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned financial professional, highly skilled in financial forecasting. As the ideal candidate, you should have a proven track record in this field. Responsibilities: - Main task is providing expert financial forecasting. Please note, it is optional to focus on key financial indicators like Revenue growth rate, profit margins, operating cash flow, etc. during the forecast. And also, the frequency of providing forecast updates is open for negotiation once the project is undertaken. Experience in budgeting, planning, and investment analysis would be a huge plus, although not strictly necessary.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned financial professional, highly skilled in financial forecasting. As the ideal candidate, you should have a proven track record in this field. Responsibilities: - Main task is providing expert financial forecasting. Please note, it is optional to focus on key financial indicators like Revenue growth rate, profit margins, operating cash flow, etc. during the forecast. And also, the frequency of providing forecast updates is open for negotiation once the project is undertaken. Experience in budgeting, planning, and investment analysis would be a huge plus, although not strictly necessary.

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    ...with undefined objectives. Despite the vague project specifics, there is ample room for creativity and the application of diverse machine learning techniques, including but not limited to image recognition, natural language processing, and anomaly detection. Key aspects to consider: • Data for Training: The data type for AI/ML training is not predefined. Depending on the direction we take, the project may require dealing with text data, image data, and/or numeric data. • Application: The intended use case for the AI/ML remains open-ended. Whether it's for medical prognosis, customer segmentation or financial forecasting, your knowledge and recommendations will be crucial. Ideal Skills and Experiences: • Extensive Python ...

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    Trophy icon Logo for AI Brand 5 jours left

    The start-up from Germany makes AI-based solutions for your supply chain. Demand forecasting and carbon footprint. The name is We need a simple, very modern logo. A black lettering is enough. If you have a great idea for an icon, please let us know!

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    I am in need of a financial expert to assist with transitioning my organization from a university to a standalone nonprofit. Specific tasks include: - E...nonprofit. Specific tasks include: - Establishing a new Quickbooks system from scratch, as we currently lack any financial systems. - Configuring specific functionalities in the Quickbooks system, such as inventory tracking, invoicing, payment to 1099s, nonprofit financial reporting, and budgeting and forecasting features. - Migrating less than one year worth of financial data into the newly set Quickbooks system. Ideal candidates should possess excellent knowledge in Quickbooks, accounting, financial management, and nonprofit operations. Experience with financial system transitions or setups for ...

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    I'm seeking a Python expert for building a predictive forecasting script using neural networks. The task comprises of constructing a robust and dynamic forecasting model capable of accurately predicting future sales trends on the basis of our consistent and standardized sales data. Your responsibilities would include: 1. Script Development: Studiously build a python script to train, validate, and test a Neural Networks model. 2. Predictive Analysis: The model should forecast sales data utilizing our existing dataset. Ideal Skills/Experience: • Strong experience with Python • A deep understanding of Neural Networks. • Experience in predictive forecasting, particularly with sales data. • Ability to assess the accuracy of pr...

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    ...transitioning to a proprietary limited company in the upcoming months. At present, we manage all our revenues and expenditures through a single business account. For different types of expenses, we use different cards - for instance, the card ending in 1234 is used for fixed expenses, while the card ending in 0123 is for non-fixed expenditures. All our receipts are sent to Receipt-Bank, which is synced with QuickBooks. However, the data in QuickBooks isn't reliable due to subpar performance from our current bookkeeper. We require a detailed business budget that outlines our expenses and income, with the remainder divided into allocations for family expenses, business costs, savings, and reinvestment into the company. Additionally, we need assistance in cr...

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    ...needed: - **Data Understanding**: Ability to analyze and understand sales and business data, identifying key trends and patterns that will inform the visualizations. - **Visualization Skills**: Expertise in using data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI) to create insightful and easily interpretable visual representations of complex data. - **Project Goal**: The main purpose is to make data-driven decisions more accessible by visualizing the data in a way that highlights important trends and aids in sales forecasting and customer segmentation. - **Experience Required**: - Proven experience in data visualization projects, preferably related to business statistics or sales data. - Strong analytical skills to accurately interpr...

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    ...providing essential functionalities and additional features to enhance the hiking experience. **Core Features:** - Trail Mapping: Easy-to-use interface for exploring and downloading hiking trails. - Weather Updates: Real-time weather forecasting tailored to specific trails or regions. - SOS Feature: Quick access to send location-based SOS alerts in case of emergencies. **Additional Features:** - GPS Navigation: Interactive GPS navigation to guide users through trails, alert user when he get out of trail - Distance Tracking: Tools for users to track their hiking distance and time. - Offline Maps: Capability for users to download maps for offline use, ensuring availability in remote areas. - In the end of track, app must ask user to review trail **Ideal Ski...

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    ...developing a compelling weather forecasting app for both iOS and Android platforms. It is aimed to serve the general public, outdoor enthusiasts and travelers with accurate, location-based weather updates on an hourly basis. Forecasts are to include weather alerts to help app users stay prepared in real-time. A major concern is that the app design should be simple and clean, ensuring an efficient user experience. Key Features: - Location-based weather forecasting - Hourly weather updates - Real-time weather alerts - Languages choose (ARABIC, ENGLISH, HEBREW) Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in iOS and Android app development - Experience in creating weather or geolocation-based software - Strong understanding of design aesthetics...

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    ...**Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Extensive experience in mathematical modeling and inventory management - Proficient in advanced mathematical techniques, including but not limited to forecasting demand, determining reorder points and order quantities, and analyzing shortage costs - Strong analytical skills with the ability to apply postgraduate level mathematics to solve complex problems efficiently - Previous work on similar projects or in related areas is highly desirable **Project Requirements:** - Develop an inventory model that efficiently manages deteriorating items across two warehouses - Incorporate advanced mathematical methods to forecast demand accurately - Determine optimal reorder points and order quantities to minimize costs ...

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    ...create a robust and efficient ERP system for our business with mobile app both ios and androids. The perfect match would have previous experience in integrating different business elements such as: - Sales - Inventory - Finance We also aim to automate various manual tasks to streamline operational efficiency. These tasks include: - Order processing - Inventory management - Invoice generation - Expense tracking Additionally, the ERP system should be capable of performing more complex data analysis tasks: - Sales forecasting - Inventory optimization - Financial reporting Priority will be given to candidates who can demonstrate proficiency in these areas. This project is aimed at increasing our business tracking, visibility, and compliance. So if you bel...

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    Mobile Wallet App 3 jours left

    ...platforms, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation across different devices. - **Key Features:** - **Peer-to-Peer Transfers:** It should enable users to send and receive money effortlessly to and from their contacts. - **Online Payments:** The app should facilitate online transactions, allowing users to pay for goods and services directly from their wallet. - **Budgeting and Analytics:** I want the app to have features that help users track their spending, set budgets, and analyze their financial habits through easy-to-understand visuals and reports. - **Design Preferences:** - The interface should reflect a **modern and sleek** design aesthetic, focusing on usability while maintaining an attractive and...

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    ...engaging and insightful book tailored for young adults, aiming to boost their financial literacy. This book will serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering the basics of personal finance, including investing, budgeting, saving, and comprehending credit. I envision this project to span between 100-200 pages, making it an in-depth yet approachable resource. **What the Book Will Cover:** - **Investing Basics:** Simplifying the complex world of investing, including types of investments, risk management, and starting strategies. - **Budgeting and Saving:** Strategies for effective money management, creating realistic budgets, and tips for building savings. - **Understanding Credit:** Insights into the importance of c...

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    More details: Which features would you like to have in your home budgeting tool? Monthly editing of goals, Yearly summary, Expense tracking, yearly outlook calculations for saving goals How would you like to track your expenses in the home budgeting tool? Manual entry What platform do you prefer for your home budgeting tool? Desktop software

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    Atmos Studio Setup Blueprint 3 jours left

    ...embarking on an ambitious project to establish a state-of-the-art Atmos theatre studio, and I need a comprehensive project report that covers three main areas crucial for its success. The right freelancer will help me bring this vision to life by meticulously detailing every aspect of the setup. **Key Requirements:** 1. **Equipment & Setup Necessities** - A detailed list of all necessary audio and visual equipment to support Atmos technology. - Suggestions for spatial arrangements to optimize sound quality across the 2500 sq ft space. - Insights into acoustic treatment and soundproofing methods. 2. **Budgeting** - An in-depth budget plan specifying costs associated with equipment, renovation, and any additional expenses. My estimated...

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    ...universal forecasting and inventory replenishment tool that can be applied to various product styles in our Shopify store. Initially, we will focus on the "Vully 50 Stiletto" shoe as our test product, but the tool should be designed to easily extend its capabilities to encompass our full product range. The aim is to seamlessly integrate with Shopify's API for real-time data extraction, employ predictive modeling for accurate sales forecasts, and optimize inventory levels by incorporating historical sales data and production timelines. Core Objectives: Data Integration: Automate the retrieval of sales data for our products from Shopify's API, emphasizing the ability to adapt to any product style for future scalability. Forecasting M...

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    I require a detailed financial model focused on budgeting and forecasting for our internal team. This model needs to be built with moderate complexity, integrating numerous variables without it being unnecessarily intricate. - Skills and Experience Required: 1. Ideal candidates must possess skills in building budgeting, planning, and forecasting models. 2. Experience in handling various business variables within a financial model is crucial. 3. An ability to present the model in an easily digestible format for internal team members is crucial. This project requires a fine balance of detail and simplicity, ensuring our internal team is able to understand and manoeuvre around the model with ease. I look forward to working wit...

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    €1385 - €2769
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    Forecasting time series 2 jours left

    The project involves developing and applying forecasting models to predict demand and sales. The candidate will have experience in Python programming, forecasting libraries (Pandas, Prophet, ARIMA, XGBoost), machine learning and statistics. You must also be able to work independently and have excellent communication skills.

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    ...multiple areas such as budgeting, forecasting, financial statement analysis, and risk assessment to ensure a comprehensive analysis of my business's financial health. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in performing financial analysis - Strong understanding of budgeting, forecasting, and risk assessment - Adept at analyzing financial statements What You Should Include in Your Application: I would recommend that freelancers focus on providing a holistic view of their experience in financial analysis. This should include a showcase of past work, an overview of their experience, and an in-depth proposal for the project. Data Provided: You'll have access to necessary financial statements for a whole pictur...

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    ...within the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. Utilize both traditional and cutting-edge strategies to identify and nurture leads. - **Client Relationship Management**: Act as the primary point of contact for our clients. You’ll be responsible for building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. - **Sales Forecasting**: Analyze market trends and sales data to anticipate future opportunities and challenges. Your insights will guide our strategy, helping us adapt and stay ahead of the curve. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proven track record in business development, particularly within the technology sector, with healthcare or finance...

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    ...focused on streamlining our sales and inventory processes. This system will play a critical role in enhancing our operational efficiency and providing insightful analytics to guide decision-making. **Core Features Required:** - Sales tracking that captures real-time data and trends. - Inventory management capable of forecasting needs based on sales. - Integration with our existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a seamless workflow. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in developing MIS or similar systems. - Strong proficiency in database management and web development. - Experience with CRM integration. - Knowledge of sales and inventory optimization strategies. - Ability to implement data analytics...

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    We would like to have a financial projection created: Industry: Auto sales and service (services like ceramic coating, PPF, Tint, detailing) 5 Years projection Must include: Opening balance sheet, balance sheet, financial indicators with full details, revenue forecast, direct cost, break even analysis,pro forma income statement,gross margin and profit, cash flow with details, Check example in this bsuiness plan projection: Information such as services, number of services and sales, service amount, cost of sales, employee salary , rent ,expenses will be provided. SEND ME YOUR BEST OFFER ,MUST BE COMPLETED IN 5 DAYS

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    Microsoft BI - Project Management and Accounting Solution Introduction This document provides a comprehensive guide on setting up a Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solution tailored to track and monitor project management and related accounting. The system will facilitate the control and management of work orders by incorporating features such as client and supplier master data, a detailed general ledger (first note), and advanced functionalities for work order creation, cost allocation, and revenue tracking. Goals: 1. Visualizing revenue and expenses. 2. Creating visualizations for profit and loss statements. 3. Creating visualizations for balance sheets To avoid wasting time, please: 1) refrain from excel only experi...

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    ...the main goal of the CRM system, it would be beneficial for the professional to have expertise across customer management, sales pipeline tracking, and marketing automation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in developing CRM, hrm, sales systems - Broad understanding of CRM functionalities including customer management, sales pipeline tracking, and marketing automation - Proven ability to develop specific features like contact management, lead tracking, and sales forecasting Application Details: Even though I didn't specify what to include in the application, showcasing related past work, detailing applicable experience, and providing a comprehensive project proposal would be highly appreciated. If you have the experti...

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    I'm seeking an analytical expert with experie...Conduct Research on Industry Landscape ========>This will be first priority at current stage we can move on to others later during the engagement process Your financial forecasting approach will be driven by a wealth of data: - Historical financial statements - Industry market research data - Economic indicators The historical financial information will be provided in Excel spreadsheet format so mastery of this software is essential. A background in finance, economics, or related fields would be beneficial, as would previous experience in a similar role. Ideally, you should be highly data-driven, well-versed in financial analysis, and able to turn complex data sets into clear, actionable insights. Experience with bulg...

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    ...both the growth potential and the unique challenges within the health care industry. **Key Requirements:** - **Industry Knowledge:** Must have experience in health care finance, preferably within the home care sector. - **Financial Modeling:** Ability to create detailed, dynamic financial models reflecting revenue growth, expenses, and cash flow projections. - **Analytical Skills:** Strong analytical skills to provide insight and identify trends within the financial data. - **Reporting:** Create clear, easily understandable reports and visualizations for stakeholders to assess financial health and make informed decisions. - **Time Frame:** The financial projections should span a 3-year period, capturing the short to mid-term financial outlook. **Idea...

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    MedEquip Trade Plan 13 heures left

    ...launching a Medical Equipment Trading business, specifically focusing on sourcing and selling new medical equipment to hospitals. With the goal of securing a loan from the bank, I need a comprehensive business plan that not only highlights the viability and profitability of the venture but also clearly outlines the potential impact and importance of my business in the healthcare sector. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in business plan writing, especially for bank loans - Deep understanding of the medical equipment industry - Familiarity with healthcare procurement processes, particularly in hospitals - Experience in market analysis and financial forecasting - Strong research skills to identify trends and opportunities ...

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    PDF Excel Conversion & Price Boost 12 heures left

    ...Excel spreadsheets and strategically increase product prices to achieve a total sales value of $150,000,000. This project is crucial for meeting our company's new financial target without impacting the current volume of sales adversely. Key Requirements: - Convert PDFs to Excel: The PDF documents include both tables and text that must be accurately transferred to Excel format. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure data integrity. - Price Adjustment: Adjust the pricing of items that haven't been sold by applying a fixed percentage increase. The goal is to reach a total sales value of $150,000,000 without altering the prices of items that have already been sold. - Maintain Document Layout: Post-conversion, the Excel file should mirror the original PDF in terms...

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    ...am eager to develop a fun and engaging online course to educate children, specifically aged 5-8 years, on financial literacy under my brand "Credit Kidz". Key project features: - Utilize a 3D animation style reminiscent of Disney Pixar. - Course content should incorporate animated videos and interactive quizzes to keep the learning experience exciting. - The core topics that will be covered in this course are saving money, budgeting, understanding credit, and basic investing. Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Strong grasp on creating 3D animations. - Experience with online course development and interactive content design. - Background or understanding of finance or financial education is a bonus. If you're up for the challenge of combinin...

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    Expert Financial Guidance Needed 8 heures left

    ...focus is twofold: budgeting and investment, with a particular emphasis on retirement planning. This role is crucial for ensuring my long-term financial stability and growth. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Financial Acumen:** Deep understanding of financial principles, market trends, and investment strategies. - **Investment Expertise:** Proven experience in investment planning, capable of guiding on the best investment paths tailored to my goals. - **Negotiating Skills:** Proficiency in negotiating NDA terms, ensuring confidentiality and protection of financial strategies. - **Market Knowledge:** A well-rounded knowledge of various financial markets is imperative. This will play a key role in diversifying investments and minimizi...

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    I am at the very early idea stage of setting up a business and require guidance in a few critical areas. With the aim of increasing revenue, I need expert consulting in the following: - Marketing Strategy: A robust plan to position my business in the market to create a unique competitive advantage. - Financial Planning: A detailed financial blueprint to manage resources effectively, including budgeting, forecasting, and contingency planning. - Operations Management: Developing streamlined processes that can deliver our product/service efficiently and, scale up as the business grows. - Business Establishment Planning: Assistance in setting up the business, understanding legalities, and other administrative tasks. If you have a background in com...

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    Design logo S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a skilled logo designer to create an engaging and memorable logo for my weather forecasting service. This logo will serve as the cornerstone of our brand identity, assisting in our marketing efforts and establishing a strong online presence. **Requirements:** - The logo should encapsulate our service's core offerings: temperature readings, rainfall probability, and wind speed updates. - Creativity in design to symbolize weather forecasting in a way that's both professional and visually appealing. - The finished design should be versatile for use across various platforms, including digital and print mediums. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator,...

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    ...categorize and track prospective clients to help us maintain and build our customer relationships. - Sales Pipeline Tracking: We need an excellent tool to manage our sales flow. The feature should help track customer interactions, deal progress, and forecasting. - Task Automation: To increase productivity, a task automation feature is crucial. This tool should automate repetitive administrative tasks. - Languages spanish & English Although there are no specific third-party software integrations required at this time, it's essential that the system remains flexible for possible future integrations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Go High Level CRM - Knowledge of CRM customization and automation - Proven tra...

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    ...capable of performing data entry, analysis, and applying complex Excel formulas and calculations. This output should serve two main purposes: budgeting and financial tracking/reporting. Therefore, the freelancer must have a robust understanding of financial management concepts and how to track and report data effectively. As for the formatting, I require custom headers and footers to be implemented for a professional, personalized touch. Furthermore, conditional formatting and cell merging abilities are a must to ensure the created document is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Ideal skills and experiences include, but are not limited to: - Proven experience in comprehensive Excel use - Strong data analysis ...

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    Fast Concrete Quantity Extraction S'est terminé left

    I urgently need a skilled professional to accurately extract and calculate the quantities of concrete for various elements of a commercial building project by the end of Sunday, 18th Feb 2024. My focus is on ensuring that we have precise measurements for each building element, such as slabs and columns, to facilitate efficient procurement and construction planning. The building is of around three floor and toilet block of single floor. **Requirements:** - **Experience:** Proven track record in quantity surveying or a similar field, with specific expertise in commercial buildings. - **Skills:** Proficiency in using quantity surveying tools or software to extract accurate concrete quantities. - **Detail Orientation:** Ability to break down concrete quantities cu...

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    Child Care Launchpad S'est terminé left

    ...excellent care but also fosters an environment of growth and learning for children. To achieve this, I am seeking a grant that will cover several critical areas. **Grant Utilization:** - **Equipment Purchase:** We're focused on acquiring state-of-the-art cribs and high chairs that ensure safety and comfort. In addition to these, toys and games that promote cognitive development and social skills among the children will be procured. - **Technology and Transportation:** A modern infrastructure is incomplete without the necessary technology. Therefore, the procurement list includes desks, computers, and printers to manage operations smoothly. A vehicle dedicated to the center will facilitate outdoor learning experiences. - **Staffing...

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    ...transitioning to a proprietary limited company in the upcoming months. At present, we manage all our revenues and expenditures through a single business account. For different types of expenses, we use different cards - for instance, the card ending in 1234 is used for fixed expenses, while the card ending in 0123 is for non-fixed expenditures. All our receipts are sent to Receipt-Bank, which is synced with QuickBooks. However, the data in QuickBooks isn't reliable due to subpar performance from our current bookkeeper. We require a detailed business budget that outlines our expenses and income, with the remainder divided into allocations for family expenses, business costs, savings, and reinvestment into the company. Additionally, we need assistance in cr...

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    Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet S'est terminé left

    ...pivotal in streamlining my kitchen's budgeting and financial planning. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Open Office Suite, particularly in Spreadsheet. - Strong background in creating financial or budgeting tools. - Experience with basic calculation formulas. - Capability to design user-friendly interfaces within spreadsheets. **Requirements:** 1. **Formula Implementation:** While I'm unsure of the exact formulas needed, the tool must support basic functions like SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT. It's essential for performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations seamlessly. 2. **Functionality for Basic Calculations:** The primary purpose is to facilitate basic calculations to track ingredie...

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    Desktop Application UI Design S'est terminé left

    ...business professionals, which focuses on data aggregation and scenario forecasting. In spesific: Input - Property Address: Calls 87 databases for numerical and qualitative data. Processing: Building Re-purpose Scenario Analysis: Projected timelines, financial projections, asset valuations, and capital deployment strategies Portfolio Fit: Evaluates portfolio compatibility over time Option Comparison: Side-by-side opportunity assessment. Output: Top Scenario & Recommended Price Range Portfolio Suitability Rating Opportunity Ranking Key Features: Data Weight Customisation Custom Assumptions Transparent Analysis The successful candidate should demonstrate: - Detailed understanding of UI principles - Experience with data-focused and forecasting...

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    ...the provided templates. We want to ensure that we can sort data and input new leads into the spreadsheet. The example includes specific categories on the left side, indicating the stage and type of business (new or existing). It's crucial to integrate these into the sales template. The candidate will also be required to walk me through entering this information to ensure accurate data presentation on other tabs. I look forward to working with you if you have the skills to complete this task. Here's what I need: - Incorporation of Current and Projected Sales Data: The primary focus should be on blending our existing sales figures with future projections to create a comprehensive forecast. This should include both revenue and units sold. - ...

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    ...the global meditation app industry. The study should provide in-depth insights and trends shaping the international marketplace. Key tasks: - Conducting an extensive analysis of the international meditation app market - Identifying key players, their market shares, and competitive strategy - Analyzing consumer behavior, tastes, preferences, and buying habits - Forecasting market trends and growth rates - Assesing opportunities and threats Desired Qualifications: - Proven experience in meditation app market research - In-depth understanding of international markets - Excellent analytical skills and business acumen - Proficiency in utilizing resources and tools for data collection - Exceptional report writing and present...

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    Seeking an experienced developer to create a casino forecasting app specifically for Android platforms, focusing primarily on the Aviator game. My main goal is for the app to serve as a platform where users can make predictions related to various outcomes within the Aviator game. **Key Features Required:** - User-friendly interface for making game predictions - Real-time updates and results tracking - Secure user login and data protection **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong expertise in Android app development - Previous experience with casino or prediction software - Proficiency in integrating real-time data and security measures - Knowledge of gambling regulations and compliance **Additional Expectations:** - Collaborative approach to ...

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    Excel Proforma Wizard Needed S'est terminé left

    ...proformas using advanced formulas and calculations, specifically for sales forecasting. This project is for a real estate development -- the proformas will be similar to the attached sample -- there will be a series of about 4-5 of these proformas in total and note that I was hoping to complete this task within the next week -- note as well that I was hoping to complete this work for about $200 if possible. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Mastery of Excel formulas and calculations; - Proven experience in sales forecasting and proforma creation using Excel; - Understanding the mechanics of various data sources that feed into sales forecasting. Please note, I will be providing the specifics of the data source. The select...

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    **Job Advertisement: Bookkeeper and administrator for 2 busy construction businesses** Are you a detail-oriented individual with a knack for numbers? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment where no two days are the same? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! We are currently seeking a skilled Bookkeeper to join our team and support two busy businesses on a full time basis: a construction contracting company and a flooring business. This dynamic role involves managing financial records, overseeing accounts payable and receivable, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. **Responsibilities:** - Maintain accurate financial records for both businesses - Process accounts payable and receivable transactions - Reconcile bank s...

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    As a pharmaceutical business, I'm looking for a competent freelancer who can develop an advanced inventory management system for our warehouse . The system should primarily focus on a excel: - Forecasting demand accurately to avoid stockouts or over-stocks - These counts will include a threshold level for each item, triggering a reorder process when stock falls below this level. Integrating these counts for consistency and real-time tracking. - Efficient order management to expedite the process The ideal candidate would have previous experience developing similar systems and an understanding of the pharmaceutical industry's needs. The timeline for the project's completion is within the end of Feburary.

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