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    Hi, I sell a prod...government. The product I sell is called Kratom. It's a product that is consumed as a tea. Since I sell a "grew zone" product I'm limited on advertising and hard to rank on Google. About 2 months ago I was trying to use Google Adwords but was denied specific keywords like Kratom powder, Kratom, Ketum or Kratom Extracts. They actually let me use these specific keywords for about 8 hours and it brought me in 10 sales but once they "flagged" those keywords I'm now ony getting 1-2 sales daily and sometime none. I'm still fairly new and only have a small budget to work with. If anyone can help. Please let me know. Here is my website Let me know your thoughts and if you can get me higher key word rankings/ overall organic tra...

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    Export and import elasticity for Germany ( collect export and import data of Germany in 2019 and 2020) Reflect which sector, goods, products brought in the highest export or import and also those with the lowest numbers. Export and import data between Germany and China analyze total export and import elasticity with regards to the currency exchange rate and Identify which trends, goods, services were most traded between the 2 countries. Export-import between Germany and the united stated analyze which specific goods and commodities were traded between the two countries

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    6 offres will be mostly rectangular in shape. The lot is a rectangle & is very long (390’). At the street it is 69 feet wide narrowing to 46 feet wide at the end. We may have to scale the house according to the lot size. The land continues to drop off from the street level. It encompasses four different drop off‘s all the way down to the lake. Much grading has to be done. Fill soil must be brought in. The home pictured will have to be reversed. The lot runs east and west dash to Lake Michigan. The South Haven Mi. pier is about a mile away and I need to capture it’s beauty (focal point). So the windows have to be on the other side of the house.. The incredible views will be to the south instead of the north - as pictured. A snake like driveway will ...

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    I need 2 of the people erased from the image and the other two brought together like side by side. The girl in the pink shirt and the man in the jacket I need side by side. Will upload pic for reference

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    Report Writing 10 heures left improve machine safety and/or manufacturing efficiencies for Factory of the Future? or the factory of today, safety systems cannot detect what is or isn’t a human, and instead take appropriate safety action when any obstacle is detected. The Factory of the Future will focus on human-centric manufacturing, and is sometimes referred to as Industry 5.0. Write a report on how humans can be “brought into the loop” with digital manufacturing systems. In your report, propose an architecture which can be used for detecting and mapping humans on the manufacturing floor and explain how the different layers (e.g. sensing layer, decision layer, control layer etc…) of the architecture will function. Consider human movement patterns on the manufacturing floor, as w...

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    m. s. monsters 3 heures left

    i have the template or my attempt at a coffee table book. its a big book with colorful photos of a subject very controversial. i have brought out the bad from the bad. a subject i guarantee you have never even heard of. some people will hate it some people will love it. but they will all buy it out of curiosity. i need professional help in bringing it to market. both in print and ebook. i need it formatted and edited and resized and a barcode to sell it . im basically looking for someone that believes in my book and will do whatever it takes to see that its a big seller. i know it will be . this person will just take over the helm and steer this ship over the big waves and into the surf all the way to the beach. can you look at this with a open mind and see what ...

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    Hello all! S'est terminé left

    Hello all! I am looking for a 2d anima...can make it. I definitely need the sample you made earlier. - the words “WIGGLES ANNUAL GALA” appear on the screen. - a dog comes in the screen, wagging its tail, jumps on the words starting from the last “A” of “GALA”, walks over all the words dropping all the letters except the first letters of every word. - the words fall and disappear, leaving the letters “W” “A” & “G”. - these letters are brought together to form “WAG” - The dog then while wagging its tail paws the letter “W” which falls down a little bit at the bottom leaving the “W” expression and hangs on the bottom of the “W” expression while becoming a 3 - t...

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    Hi, I deleted my ad accidentally and am waiting to see if it can be brought back up. I am sorry. I am just hiring you separately incase I can't get it back up.

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    R language -- 2 S'est terminé left

    ...Even if no parts are replaced, the contractor performs an inspection and a tuning of the pump at no additional cost. Sensors on the pump keep track of energy use, volume of liquid extracted, as well as vibrations of the pump. Because of their remote location, the data are just stored locally as there are no networks available. The extracted liquid gets collected every month, and the data are then brought back on a physical device by the transporter. The company provides you with a summary of the sensor data for the first 5 months of the years to decide which pump will be maintained at month 6. Last year, a study was also done on 200 pumps that were randomly split in two groups. The first group got a maintenance at 6 months, then the regular maintenance at 12 months, but the secon...

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    need a python code that copies values from into then, will calculate some new values, and results will be bring back to plano.xlsx. values from are located in CTEGpU AJUSTADA for every production unit, I mean, P-18, P-19 etc under column named Plano. Those values should be brought to progR in PME for every production unit. After that, the python coude will copy values from Programação de Retiradas in progR and paste them into in Programação de Retiradas.

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    Need a photographer for my son's cradle ceremony Date - Nov 29, 2021, Monday Time- 9am to 4 pm Place- Laggere, bangalore Only digital files needed, no need of album. All necessary equipments to be brought by the photographer.

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    Dir and the Howlers S'est terminé left

    Twenty minute musical. I had a liver performance videoed. The audio quantity is erratic. I have to have the sound brought up to professional quality. I can send you a link to G drive. Or I can ask the radiographer to export the recording to you. Prefer sound engineer located in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Time is of the essence.

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    ...set used for future use by us (that we can legally use). 9. Will require logos saved in 6 sizes of various resolution qualities and saved as .PDF, .JPEG (.JPG), .PNG, .BMP, .GIF & .TIFF file formats and properly labeled for use in business including for each social media use. 10. All Rights to these logos and all work provided will be owned by me and no claim to these logos or designs can be brought by the graphic artist or designing company. The graphic artist to pass all Right over to me to use the product as we choose. I require that I will own 100 percent of the Intelectual Property and require that the graphics artist sign the full IP Rights over to us at completion. 11. Graphic Artist to be very creative and works really fast. All graphics created or used in our job M...

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    ...STEP 3: Characteristics of a Tragic Hero Read through the various sources, and identify evidence from each one that shows this historical figure was a tragic hero. Use the chart below to assist you. Find evidence in your research that tells about 5 of the following traits/characteristics: Flaw or error in judgment A reversal of fortune brought about because of the hero’s error in judgment The discovery or recognition that the reversal was brought about by the hero’s own actions Excessive Pride The character’s fate must be greater than deserved Suffers more than he deserves Doomed from the start, but bears no responsibility for possessing his flaw Noble in nature, but imperfect so that the audience can see themselves in him He discovers his f...

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    Trophy icon Edit and photoshop image S'est terminé left

    I need a photo edited and brought to life with maybe some animation effects but Im open to all ideas right now because I cant think of any. I know I want the REFLECTION IN THE HEAD OF THE lightbulb removed. And the wires and platform the figure is standing on to be removed. CHANGE BACKGROUND COLOR

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    logo for scooter store S'est terminé left

    We started in 2007, and since our first day, we’ve brought the best selection of products to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Riyadh area. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic Bicycles along with a unique limited edition of e-Scooters to fit any budget. We also import different designs of e-Scooters for our customers on order

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    ...demonstrates a level of mastery in 3D art and design. Who we are... LongPack Toys is an OEM toy manufacturer with 7+ years of experience in toy manufacturing. Our HQ is located in Shanghai, China, our team is equipped with a strong western-oriented team. We have exported to 30 countries and have sales teams across Europe and in the United States. With our deep expertise, we have successfully brought fun to 6000 toys and games projects in the last 6 years ...

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    I brought a domain from A2hosting, but it doesn't work because it needs sll certification. I brought it but I've been trying to validate it but nothing works. So, I need my domain working, list of emails working and WordPress installation. Someone can help me?

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    We're looking to convert our organizations branded logo + text into CSS. The logo is simple geometric shapes with the organizations name to the right. The primary intention is to replace the current image in HTML emails - our organization email policy doesn't allow users to load images by default. Ideally, we would have a single block of CSS/HTML that could be brought inline for email use, and could be easily scaled for the correct size (either by em or fixed px width). The primary need is for a full color logo, horizontal layout, with a white background (see attached image). If possible, we would love for the same block of code to have switches that would toggle: Option A: Full color / B&W / Grayscale Option B: Horizontal / vertical layout (logo centered above the s...

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    Graphic design S'est terminé left

    Looking for someone to design and bring my idea to life. The design will be sent to my manufacturer and Displayed on Silver Bars or Coins. Attached are examples of what had been created by other people and brought to life. My first design i have a sketch to go off of so should be easy. Forgive the adult themed art Coins. I wont be having adult themed one made btw.

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    Looking for someone to design and bring my idea to life. The design will be sent to my manufacturer and Displayed on Silver Bars or Coins. Attached are examples of what had been created by other people and brought to life. My first design i have a sketch to go off of so should be easy. Forgive the adult themed art Coins. I wont be having adult themed one made btw.

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    €149 - €447
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    We have a basic larval 8 application using the following: - MysqlDB - schedule task (cron) - Port 80/443 showing html The freelancer will need to create a google cloud build yaml to have this application brought up and live and working.

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    Liquid animation in unity S'est terminé left

    Good morning! I have a unity project where we have a woman animated by an imported FBX in Unity from Unreal export. The goal of the collaboration sought is to ensure that a liquid comes out of an already animated jug. The woman is praying, she moves and takes a pitcher (this is already done), brings it in front of her and pours a l...Unreal export. The goal of the collaboration sought is to ensure that a liquid comes out of an already animated jug. The woman is praying, she moves and takes a pitcher (this is already done), brings it in front of her and pours a liquid (the latter to be made). The liquid must be at the beginning in the jug and come out when it is folded to pour and must stop the flow when the jug is brought back straight to be brought back to the starting posit...

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    14 offres bed. Examples of the monsters are included in the attached images along with intended color palette. Very simple backgrounds, if any at all. focusing each illustration on the movement the child is participating in so they don't become distracted. BOOK 2 Tying the tiny monsters in of course - very similar start to book 1. helping engage the child, briefly addressing their day and how it has brought them to feel here and now. Then guiding them to find a comfortable position in their bed now that they have taken a bath and brushed their teeth, etc. The meditation will start with guiding them to notice how the bed and the pillows are supporting their body. Encouraging them to take 3 intentional deep breathes, then guide them through their 5 senses: First, notice 5 things ...

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    Database Setup And Automated import S'est terminé left

    I have 2 CSV files that are updated daily that I want to import into a database that I can then use data studio to ...want to import into a database that I can then use data studio to build out some dashboards. Will need to read the CSV files and put the data into the tables (cron) Will also need to create database tables and set them up for optimal speed. File 1 This file contains Order ID (Unique Identifier) Tracking Number, Carrier Name, Cost, Tax The file also contains other fields that will not be brought in. and we will want to ignore and lines that do not have an Order ID as they would be subtotal lines in the file. File 2 This file is all the order information such as the order number,shipping address, freight paid, order total, customer type, ship via and a few other...

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    27 offres S'est terminé left

    Project has been started, Wordpress - Siteground - Elementor - Woo URL - We sit in the Digital Men's Health ...this is a vital part of the business it would be great if someone could lead on this -3d Mock ups for packaging -this needs to look perfect, it is quite good as it stands. -Marketing add ons -Sales tools alignment - Mail chimp , slack, ( about 5 tools) -Geo fence capability - Reviews from Facebook and google presented on website - Interactive Imagery for website- moving images , savvy ideas brought forward, we want an expert to amaze us on the latest abilities. - analytical tool understanding and alignment I would say the project is as it stands 75% complete, I need someone who can complete the front end with class. is the URL

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    Retouch Two Promotional Photos S'est terminé left

    The company brought in a photographer for updated promotional shots, but there's no budget for a little retouching. I would like the hotspots in the background reduced, a little retouch around my eyes, a little subtle tooth whitening, the shadows off my shirt collar a bit. I'm just looking for some subtle, non A-I, improvements to "finish" them.

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    I need a home cinema expert S'est terminé left

    We have high end home cinema with electric screen and projector which was idle for few years and need to be brought back to live.

    €12 - €18 / hr
    €12 - €18 / hr
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    Building permit- firewall S'est terminé left

    permit needed to build firewall separating 2 parts of an open shop area designated as f-2,a-2 . preexisting wall in that spot needs to be brought up to code and extended/replaced. end project is ~40' long and 18-20' high. In need of drawings to attain the permit to begin construction. Attached is a scale drawing of the building and legend. The wall in question is between area A & B.

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    Furniture (Chairs) design S'est terminé left

    I’m looking for a Designer to project a new line of Chairs to an Hotel. I’ll need the design of Restaurant, lobby, bar and rooms chairs. The concept base for the project is XVII century luxury seating brought to modern Palace Hotels.

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    Product Photography S'est terminé left

    Photograph shoe racks and boxes for my company. All equipment should be brought

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    Lead Generation -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Looking for a LEAD Generation expert to bring Business owner LEADS in need of Social Media Marketing Services On going monthly work if leads are brought Start ASAP

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    Laravel 8 - Fix Bug S'est terminé left

    Greetings, For some time now, a bug related to translations has brought troubles to our platform. We've tried to debug, and couldn't find the problem. [2021-11-05 09:23:18] : Method IlluminateTranslationTranslator::getDefault does not exist. {"exception":"[object] (BadMethodCallException(code: 0): Method IlluminateTranslationTranslator::getDefault does not exist. at /Project/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Macroable/Traits/) [stacktrace] #0 /Project/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Support/Facades/(261): IlluminateTranslationTranslator->__call() #1 /Project/vendor/symfony/translation/(162): IlluminateSupportFacadesFacade::__callStatic() #2 /Project/vendor/nesbot/carbon/src/Carbon/(328): Symf

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    À la une Urgent Scellé Meilleur concours LDN

    We recently started a new company in the field of coating (like powder coating, a loan service) We already have CI incl. the company Logo (as we belong to a group of companies with identical CI). Now we need help to design a high-end ...then be condensed into a brochure as well. These documents are needed to get in touch with new leads to have a basis of showing them what we are doing. The freelancer should have enough technical understanding to self-train him/herself into the technology used, and should know how a high-end company presentation should look like. Necessary pictures and text and so on should be identified and brought in best possible. The presentation/brochure can be designed in English. If the freelancer is doing a good job, a long-term cooperation is p...

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    ...looking for a logo for a new project that will drive a radical change in how water utilities engage with new technology, in particular around the climate crisis. The project (called 'Trial Reservoir) is a new way to support the adoption of technology. The aim of the Trial Reservoir is to adopt innovative solutions to battle the global climate crisis. Trial = testing and new innovation that is being brought to market Reservoir = a collection of funds to pay for the trials (Reservoir will be a play on words, as this is a fund primarily for technologies involved in the water). The logo would have to fit in with our other logos (see attached). The palette consists of four main colours. The primary colours used are teal, lime, orange and purple. Extra colours are grey and bl...

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    Seeking an experienced Shopify website builder that can duplicate information on a current active website that I am wanting to setup an ecommerce marketplace for. Currently this company does not sell direct to customer but this is the new direction. All company information, and product information/Descriptions is needed to be brought over to a suitable Shopify template. We are able to setup pricing and back office settings as far as banking info and tax info, etc. on our end

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    I need a module for PES Pro of Facebook. PES Pro is a social exchange script (Similar to kingdomlikes or addmefast) created in PHP 5 and MySQL. When I bought the platform it brought a module for Facebook. However, they are not working well, and I do not have a facebook API to connect it. So the person in charge must develop the module, and request the API from facebook. I also attach the Facebook module & screenshots that comes by default in the script I bought, in case it gives an idea of the logic of what I am looking for.

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    Book Cover S'est terminé left

    I’m in need of a book cover. I have an idea of the image I’d like to use I just need everything to be brought together.

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    Marketing Strategy and Plan S'est terminé left

    I am looking to remove myself from my branding and appeal to a broader market. I own a dog training business called The Stoic Dog and have just brought on my first team member after 2 years of being a solo operator. I will likely require an update to my website and turn it into a better landing page to qualify my leads as well. Some help with sales definitely wouldn't hurt either to convert those warm leads.

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    ...passionate website designer that will redesign this new product website and that can optimize the sale funnel of this product to create a higher conversion rate of purchase for a kickstarter launch. Small business JSW Products has created a new product called City Paw Cleaner (CPC). The City Paw Cleaner is a dog paw cleaning tool. website: (old website) This product is being brought to market by the way of a KickStarter Launch. The CPC need a new creative attractive website look to get people interested in the CPC launch, get people to fall in love with the CPC and gets people to sign into the email list from general website visitors. In order to make the Kickstarter launch successful there will be a pre-launch campaign to get a grand email list together. This pre-launch ca...

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    China analysis S'est terminé left

    I need a paragraph on each Political : supremacy /primacy of CPC to be brought out Economy :middle income trap Future Impact on supply chain due to covid in terms of China Technology : Chips from Taiwan and impact now and how China is threatening Taiwan Legal :Nine dashed line Indian borders

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    We are looking for a talented voice over artist with an African accent to help us voice our stories. here is a sample of what we are trying to achieve: Below is also a sample paragraph that I'll nee... Below is also a sample paragraph that I'll need you to do for review purposes: I grew up in Mombasa, Kenya. I Walked to school and back with friends of all colors. Our dinner time was at 7pm, where we all sat together on the table and enjoyed that meal together.. There was no iPad or TV to see while having any meals. Instead we spoke to one another. It brought us closer to one another and we never took it for granted. If you can do the voice and add the effects as per the video is a big plus.

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    Youtube Script Writer S'est terminé left

    ? If you like ✅ Making impactful, story-driven content ✅ Seeing your words brought to life in videos seen by 1,000’s of people ✅ Bringing education and entertainment together to make the world a better place Then read on! ?Why we need you We’re looking for amazing freelance writers to bring ideas to life by writing scripts that will be presented on camera and animated by our editing team, then distributed to the world. Every script starts with research (so you should LOVE getting in the weeds) and also needs engaging visual elements written into the script itself, so we’re looking for rock star candidates who can bring a vision to life. ? Who you are Candidates should possess the following skills: You are a storyteller with a strong understanding of narrativ...

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    ART CYBER TECH S'est terminé left

    ...provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of the enterprise. Our promise: no fees will be charged if the repair is not done well or the fault is not found. Our promise: Commitment 1: After receiving a repair call, we will arrive at the repair site quickly. Commitment 2: Explain the cause of the failure truthfully and not deceive customers. Commitment 3: If the accessories need to be brought back for testing, record the serial number of the accessories in detail or affix a fragile label to ensure the safety of the customer's property. Commitment 4: No arbitrary charges, all repair prices are charged at market prices. Commitment 5: Due to our reasons, the failure has not been resolved, and no fees will be charged....

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    Social Multi Interface S'est terminé left

    ...similar to Tik tok. - Another part instead to the photos with an interface similar to Instagram where the user can browse the photos. - In the last part there would be the social network itself On the home page of the site, the user can choose which of these sections to display (photos, videos, or the social network itself). Obviously we are talking about a basic structure, of the three platforms brought together in a single Site. Being a startUp, it can also be used in an existing platform (opensource) such as "" Within the social network there will be a search engine that will read and search for all the data entered by users, including people, groups, personal pages, etc. Inside there will be a search engine that will read and search for the data entered by user...

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    We're looking for a native Malay speaker, expertise in marketing content, to create an accurate translation for a health product booklet content, from English to Malay, without changing the feel and the exact meaning brought up from the English text. The product would be on woman health supplement, hence the feel required to bring about is on femininity and sexual desires, in a professional manner. Attached together is the English file that needs to be translated. The English text is 650 words, kindly provide a quote if you are interested in this project. Thank you.

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    ...need for live action/actors/actresses/models. Simple background music is welcomed. Examples will be provided. Crypto currency knowledge is not required, but welcomed. Colors, Vectors, PNGs, Product sans, Sofia files, Logo will be provided. Key points of the project: About Gamerse is creating the first-ever NFT Gaming Social Ecosystem allowing gamers to explore popular NFT games aggregated and brought together in a single social marketplace. Join groups, trade, and connect with other NFT gamers specific to the game or games you play. Nobody knows which game will be their favorite a year from now, but Gamerse ensures their community will always have a home. Meet new friends, create parties, and connect with your fellow gamers on Gamerse. Social Platform Gamerse creates a fun, e...

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    Website Maintenance S'est terminé left

    ...card (saying on the website page) or pay by paypal which means they are redirected to paypal to pay. The checkout process should also should not break the other features we have regarding the checkout like the affiliation plugin we have installed and the magneto shopping carts rule (discount codes) When the customer pays , the screen should clearly show the receipt information and the product/s brought by the customer and the purchase email should be sent to the customer as well. ----- Colour filter on the product category page should be fixed - when you click on grey colour then you should only see grey coloured products -------- Product detail page, cart page and check out page - when a customer goes into a red product , but the customer selects the blue colour product from ...

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