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    I have created a podcast called "Cicada Madness!" I need someone to spread this news like wildfire. Reaching out to individual reporters, cicada interest groups, etc... This is timely and relevant to the emergence of Brood X. Someone who is savvy and knows how to pitch and optimize the visibility of this podcast so it gets talked about and reported on. It's a fun project!

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    ...from a English text to Germany, eg: “- Honey Bees are social insects,” which means that they live together in large well-organized family groups. Features such as: - Communication; Complex nest building; -------------- The phenomenon called as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), Is characterized by the sudden — overnight in some cases — loss of the vast majority of the hive, leaving a queen full brood (larvae) cells, and full honey stores behind. Research on the possible causes of CCD is currently ongoing, Pesticide poisoning through exposure to Pesticides applied, can be the cause. ---------------------------------- Within the individual cells capped with a beeswax cover provided by adult worker bees, the prepupae begin to change from their larval form to ...

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    Just A Though S'est terminé left

    You can brood and cry with the pillows on your face anytime your heart can't seem to endure the pain that has been haunting you. But today, I want you to find another way to lift your head up high. I want you to look for another reason to smile and to laugh. Spoil your heart with reasons to be happy. You deserve it.

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    The front of our T-shirt will just have our company logo and the back of the T-shirt will have the following. I want one side of the back of the shirt to look like the hog barns with a fence of a pen with a feeder and a watering cup. Two pigs standing at the fence like bellied up to the bar looking over at a bunch of small chickens under our Brooder that looks like the s...the following. I want one side of the back of the shirt to look like the hog barns with a fence of a pen with a feeder and a watering cup. Two pigs standing at the fence like bellied up to the bar looking over at a bunch of small chickens under our Brooder that looks like the saw dust covered dance floor. The Caption will read "Just checking out some HOT CHICKS" in the bottom right corner "Brood...

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    Trophy icon Design a Book Cover - 05/05/2019 18:29 EDT S'est terminé left

    The Title of this book is "Our Father Forsaken" with the subtitle of "The Abandonment of the God of the Old and New Testaments". We would like to see two options/versions of this book cover: # 1 option: The Bible tattered, destroyed, and abandoned on the side of the road. # 2 option: A brood of vipers (snakes) encircling and attacking the Bible. Clarification: -Please have the words "Holy Bible" on the Bible, not a Cross. -Unlike the previous contest, we do not want any daggers piercing the Bible. We would like the font of the book title to be bold and eye-catching. We envision the book cover to be dramatic, eye catching and able to communicate the message of the book. Feel free to include additional elements, such as creative interpretation of the...

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    Quick flyer fashion label S'est terminé left

    A small fashion label in Uganda intends to develop flyers to get people into their retail shop. Check their style on For t...thinking about a book mark shape with ratio 1:5. We can use 1/5th for the logo, 2x 1/5th for photos and 2/5 th for the details Possibly we include 2 photos. Feel free to select which photos fit together with the theme. The following content is to be included: The boldest fashion brand in Uganda Spring sale ongoing: Get 20,000UGX discount with this voucher today! Located in Kisementi next to Brood / Tribe / Arena +256774721257 Elijah Mcquinn Elijahmcquinn It would be great if some reference to fashion/african kitenge fabrics can be included into the design. Talk soon? Koen

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    Quick graphic / data visualization of data table. Font selection and use of colors to show that more funding raised will mean more scientific tests can be run. GERMAN LAB TESTS Funding Ladder 1. Syrups $6,900 2. Glyphosate $7,800 3. Neonicotinoids $8,90...table. Font selection and use of colors to show that more funding raised will mean more scientific tests can be run. GERMAN LAB TESTS Funding Ladder 1. Syrups $6,900 2. Glyphosate $7,800 3. Neonicotinoids $8,900 4. Antibiotics $16,100 5. Alkaloids $17,600 6. American foul brood $18,100 7. Varrocides & Amitraz $19,200 8. European foul brood $19,800 9. Canola GMO ...

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    Dodge Game. S'est terminé left

    Dodge Game. Name : DodgeGameYE Build a simple dodge game . Class diagram is attached .(you c...DodgeGameYE Build a simple dodge game . Class diagram is attached .(you can add & improve as you desire , but check it with my first). I need it on c# app win 8.1 and above.( example project is attached ). Simple menu to choose between 2 difficulty level . Player ( presented by image attached) need to shot enemy ,comes from top of the canvas , he can move left & right on the canvas (in game brood class) if he hit an enemy ( 1 shot for small , 2 shot for big , image also attached ) score counter we be updated accordingly . Game will be end if the score counter will reach 100/150 according to difficulty level or if time of the game will reach to 5/2 min accordingly to d...

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    Insect Farm sql database S'est terminé left and volume - population counts - harvest counts - Hatcher source ID - current bin ID Hatchers - Bins - species - Brood source - tracking of seed date and estimated hatch date - Population esitimates - populations actual (determined when the insects are transfered to a brood bin - form to split Mature hatchers into broods - Last fed date - total protien to date - total Produce to date Dashboard displaying - population...

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    Illustrate A Honey Bee Hive Design S'est terminé left

    ...and compare them to prototypes. The objective is to determine if changes to the physical size, materials, and finish of honey bee hives will result in better honey production, and if thermal (insulative) characteristics in both cold and hot climates will increase honey bee survivability. 1 1/2" thick wall versus 3/4" thick wall Langstroth honey bee hives will be studied. Frame dimensions and brood chamber size will be considered for modification. Inside rough cut wood will be considered to increase the propolis density on the inside hive walls. Frame design improvements and simplification will be analyzed. Issues such as the cost, insulating factor, weight, durability, wood breathing factor, ease of use, bee population size, bee disease resistance, movability, and ...

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    Ontwerp een Logo S'est terminé left

    ...Geeft jullie een beeld van hoe de asana's (houdingen) zijn gekoppeld aan de thema's (waarden) Het gevaar is dat het te zweverig kan overkomen en dat wil ik niet. Het moet zowel kinderen als volwassenen aanspreken. mag speels zijn. Hoop dat jullie er iets mee kunnen! :) Tot slot: Graag wil ik jullie vragen de verstuurde bijlagen en ideeën strikt voor jezelf te houden aangezien ik hier mijn brood mee moet gaan verdienen! misschien spreekt het voor zich maar toch wil ik het even benadrukken. bedankt! ...

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    Dear All,I am finding a woocommerce developer who can quickly fix my small task described below: Category listing : Product details page: You can see the product options: Brood and Butter at the product view page Task1:We need also these product options to category listing page instead of select we can directly buy product from listing page. Scrreen shots: Please only bid who knows woocommerce and start from now ..please write "I know woocommerce" at top of the applications. Cheers :)

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    Doe wat Excel Werk S'est terminé left

    ...ecosystemen." Hier zou je een staafdiagram bij kunnen maken. "Veranderingen in consumptiepatronen in Nederland volgen de algemene trend in Westerse samenlevingen. Door de stijging in welvaart in de decennia na de Tweede Wereldoorlog hebben luxe producten zoals vlees, groenten en fruit een steeds groter aandeel gekregen in de Nederlandse voedselconsumptie, ten koste van basisvoedsel als brood en aardappelen (Van Bruchem en Silvis 2008: 29-30). Op een gegeven moment is echter een ‘verzadigingsniveau’ bereikt en stabiliseert de consumptie van dierlijke producten. In Nederland vond deze stabilisatie waarschijnlijk rond de jaren negentig plaats (ibid: 29). De consumptie van groente en fruit nam in de jaren daarna af, terwijl het aandeel van verwerkt...

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    Logo + Posters S'est terminé left

    1. The logo - Some suggestions are that the "W" be in the shape of a wave. Or the words inside a " Also, take into account we are ...Creative Special Interest Events - These events are for singles that work in the media, arts or creative industries, or at the very least have a penchant for all things cultural. Postgraduate Special Interest Events - designed for singles that are educated to postgraduate level Special Interest Events for singles that have children -These events are for people that already have their own brood or would like to meet people that have mini me's of their own. Some experience of events, clubs, pubs, catering, media, art, design would be useful. You must be 18 years + Contact details Simon Abbott Mob: 07700332796

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    €26 - €221
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    Vile Gamers S'est terminé left

    ...II Star Wars Jedi Knight SWAT 4 Team Fortess 2 Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2004 Unreal Tournament 3 Wolfenstein: ET RTS Warcraft III: Reign off Chaos Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Company of Heroes Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath Starcraft Starcraft: Brood War Age of Empires III Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Medieval II: Total War The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II - The Rise of the Witch King Command & Conquer: Generals Command & C...

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    4 offres mind each record can have multiple images uploaded to it. I would think we would need a FK to the images. Like the example I would like a thumbnail of each image created. Table1 should contain the following: id > int pk name > nvarchar sex > nvarchar color > nvarchar dateWhelped > time date racingWeight > nvarchar (there is a reason for this) sire > nvarchar brood > nvarchar greyDataPage > nvarchar notes > nvarchar isActive > bit isBrrod > bit isStud > bit Project should be done in C#. I will let you decide on the FK table... but remember each record will have multiple images. For the edit and insert forms on the telerik grid you can use a template or a user control... Not used in the example above. Also you ...

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    Starcraft/BW Resolution S'est terminé left

    Basically, I was going to see if anyone out there thinks they could make a modification for starcraft + brood war to increase the resolution. I've searched for a long time and it seems no one has found a way to make this possible. Personally, I already assume this would make it so you could see more of the map, and that's more or less what I would like. If anyone thinks they could tackle this idea, please let me know.

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    ...project is finished, our website () should have attached to it a functional ladder where people can log onto the gaming servers, play, and have their statistics and records displayed on a website. This ladder website can be separate from , but an some point they must be together. • Functionality ??" This project is two fold. It requires a launcher for the StarCraft: Brood War application that will initiate and record results, as well as prevent the injection of hack software. Secondly, it requires a website which is user friendly for both administrators and users, and which will accurately track statistics, generate rankings, and support nation team/clan/affiliation rankings as well as individuals. In addition, a second copy of the website will need to be created

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    €26 - €4410
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    Website Conversion PHP Mysql S'est terminé left

    ...file/list and place it in/on the mysql db. The header row will be the title of the fields. Each row in the excel spreadsheet will be on the site. The admin portion of the website must be able to control what fields are visible to viewers. This site is currently up and running on a linux server. noah's classifieds 1.3 is installed and running. The following will be the 8 categories on the front page. Brood Mares Studs For Sale Studs Standing Weanlings Yearlings Prospects Finished Horses Other The first 7 of these will have the subcategories populated by the attached spreadsheet. I will take car of the 'other' category. Remove the following from the site: Powered by Noah's Classifieds 1.3 - Donate Noah's Classifieds I will have an introductory paragraph tha...

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    500 word Articles Need 25 S'est terminé left

    ...and medication. content: One queen bee per hive, life expectancy can be 5 years but best productivity is 1st 2 years, the queen bee can lay up to 2500 eggs a day, 90% of the eggs a queen bee lays are female, to insure a strong hive medication is given in the spring to prevent disease 90 days before honey flow, terramyacin and fumagilin B are used to medicate the hive against foul brood and nosema, honey weighs 12 pounds per gallon, there can be over 100,000 air miles in a pound of honey. Please send a sample paragraph of no more than 60 words using ANY of the content above but both keywords must be used. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deli...

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    Private Server S'est terminé left

    Ok, we want to make a Battlenet Private server for starcraft brood war. The files are already existing (and is named PvPGN) and only need to be edited according to some specification that are attached. Please read it C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y. Also, take a look to the codes to edit. Estimation: around $200 - $250 Thanks.

    €18 - €88
    €18 - €88
    4 offres Private server S'est terminé left

    Ok, we need a Private server for Starcraft: Brood War which can be found here: Please see the attached file. Thanks.

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    €88 - €441
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    Private Server S'est terminé left

    Ok, we need a private server (PvPGN) for **Brood War** which can be found here: <> Also, loader if needed: [][1]**. **This is an existing open source software but we need it to be modified according to our needs so it does what we need and it can interact with our website. I attached a file (a word document) that describe our needs pretty well. **Note that this is pretty** **urgent to us** because the C++ programer that I previously accepted did nothing except asking for more delays. After 1 month of waiting, I decided to cancel it and find another _RELIABLE_ C++ programer. If you are very good at C++ and are willing to rush the project a little bit, this would be very much appreciated... and rewarded

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    *** Update *** Because the C++ Programer (the one who is making us the private server) delayed the job 2 times (1 month in all) and did nothing, this bid will be delayed until we found a real C++ Programer. Sorry for the inconvenience. *** Update *** We are currently building up a Ladder System for the Brood War Players on a Private Server. We got the website up and running and we got someone working on the Private Server. I am looking for someone highly skilled in PHP to make the Private Game Server information (such as ranks, # of games played, etc.) to be displayed on the website. You will have to work with the guy who is making us the Private Game Server (using ICQ) and update the website as soon as the Game Server is updated and the other guy gives you informati...

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    Ant Colony Simulation S&#039;est terminé left

    ...years or more. The colony can survive as long as the queen still lives, meaning the colony can also survive for 20 years or more. Since the individual ants only live for about a year, the colony isn't able to benefit from the wisdom of old "wise" ants. The colony lives simply because each individual ant does what it has been programmed to do. The colony you create will consist of a queen and her brood, which will have workers to gather food and dig new tunnels, and soldiers to protect the colony from enemies. The colony will start off with only the queen and a few workers and soldiers. Over time the colony will expand to function like a real ant colony, to a limited (very limited, actually!) extent. Since you will be building a simulation, how your colony behaves w...

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