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    Hi, I want to develop a Vendor management system in PHP & MYSQL in Web The requirements are 1. The input is obtained in Barcode ,(i.e when the employee enters his id card is scanned and the data is fed into the system ,along with his Name ,Empid,in time and out time should be noted). [se connecter pour voir l'URL] are 2 types of shifts either 3 shifts(8 hrs/shift=24 hrs)

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    Trophy icon Book Cover Design Spread 7 jours left

    ...QUOTES or REVIEWS -I've attached a PHOTO for the back cover -please leave a space for SHORT BIOGRAPHY beside or underneath the photo (your design) -please add a place for BARCODE The book will be a self-help book for artists and business people so it must look professional, in the self-help and motivational realm of books, and should aim to stand out

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    algorithms problems 5 heures left

    ...1 sorting by counting 7.2 input enhancement in string matching 8.2 Knapsack problem and memory functions 8.3 optimal binary search trees 8.4 warshall’s and floyd’s algorithm 10.2 maximum-flow problem 10.3 maximum matching in bipartite graphs 10.4 the stable marriage problem 11.1 lower bound arguments 11.2 deicion trees 11.3 p, np, and

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    ...these rules to extract information about the strategy of the game which is not obvious from the outset. This ATTACHED PAPER deals with the implementation of a well-known algorithm. REQUIREMENT: We will need you to implement the position estimation function in two programming languages, Python and Prolog (two versions) with comments wherever needed

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    Product sticker design by making modifications to a previous design. Modifications include overall sie, color scheme and barcode.

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    Only initial bids will be accepted as the project fee. The code will be peer tested. IT IS *ESSENTIAL* THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DEVELOP IN DOCKER The Dockerfile and installation instructions are @ [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The source code has flaws, so compiling from source is not recommended. Ability to work within Docker is essential. Sample indexing files at [se connecter pou...

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    I have 3 simulink file I need to integrate them. It's related to cuckoo algorithm with hybrid P&O optimization method

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    Python/Django developer S'est terminé left

    ...set of images in which the sample object is served. For example, I have an existing set of images with boats. When we serve new image which might contain a boat or not, the algorithm shall be able to "tell" the similarity % of the new image compared with the image set we have already provided. Back-end shall be written in Python and be able to run/perform

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    Two strings are specified, possibly of different lengths. The ...are quite large (up to 3000 symbols). It is necessary to develop and implement an algorithm for finding the maximum length of a subsequence that is included in both specified strings. If there are several such lines, then give all of them. I need description of algorithm and code on C#.

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    A mixture of Gaussians and Logistic Regression. Require a small description at the end to describe how it works

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    ...into. The second algorithm will consist of a supervised model, having the results with the customer segmentation obtained earlier, that will learn to assign a new customer(artificially created in Azure ML) to one of the existing clusters. This will be useful for a web-service integration. For this trained and optimized algorithm, an API will be built

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    Andriod ios mobile app S'est terminé left

    Social appl...later on through companies account after deducting some percentage.- it should be automated Customer after joining specific gym/tutor should get a promo code or neoReader or barcode scanner which can be sacnned by the owner of gym whenever customer goes to gym building.. Hope You would have got the idea what we are looking in the app.

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    ...combine 2 papers into one implementation 1. makespan time In this paper they used FCFS algorithm to minimizing the makespan time 2. energy consumption In this paper they used Genetic algorithm to minimizing the energy consumption and the comparing this algorithm with FCFS algortihm So now I need to combine this two work into one using cloudsim plus

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    ...own main and insert function to insert the sequence of integers { 121, 81, 16, 100, 25, 0, 1, 9, 4, 36, 64, 49,) using a table of size 17. 1.2. Implement your own rehashing algorithm of choice and run the same sequence of input using a table of size 7. Let me know if you will be willing to help. I will probably need some more help later. If you are ok

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    Window Mobile Back Office S'est terminé left

    I need a software to be installed on a Window Mobile 6 Handheld barcode device.. The device will be able to connected to my current SQL Database. When I scan from the handheld device. it will pull up information about that product from a table from the server and display it on the handheld device.. I also would to scan an item figure out how many I

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    This simulation shows how PV array can be connected to grid via an inverter. First maximum power that can be extracted from PV is calculated from Incremental conductance algorithm. From the value of this power with loss power compensated and grid voltage, reference current is calculated. This calculated reference current is compared with actual current

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    The name of metaheuristic algorithm will be provided later. The given algorithm codes will need to write in same structure as given example code of other metaheuristic algorithm.

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    Travelling Salesman Problem S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need to solve the Travelling Salesman Problem in C++, Travelling Salesman is a famous algorithm in Graph Theory. The algorithm needs to be developed in a given API. The API is a fake mininet API which will help to construct the vertices and edges of the graph. I will share more details about the task once you reach out to me.

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    Python quick script S'est terminé left

    1)Define a vector X=(1, ..., 1000) 2) Scramble the vector X randomly 3) Read on Parallel (mandatory) X and follow the algorithm a) Run Pause (Xi) where i= 1....1000 and i it´s randomized b) Create a new vector Y=(1, ..., 1000) and scrambe, then insert a new entry to Y with the observed value Xi if and only if the last value

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    Build a mobile app S'est terminé left

    I would like to create a Bazi calculator, the timeline is 3months. I can provide the raw calculation. There is an app like this already, i want to use the same algorithm. Search on google: Bazi by Q&L soft.

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    Build a Trading Algorithm S'est terminé left

    I am a professional trader who uses approx 8 data sets of variables to predict future price movement. I am looking to hire someone to help me code this into a AI or machine learning software. Experience with Python or R is a must.

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    Design and built of iOS app S'est terminé left

    ...scan a barcode - check the barcode in a database - if the barcode is found then display the related product details (title, description, price, vendor, expiring date, encoding date, number of items in stock,...) - if the barcode does not exist then propose to create the product in the database with some fields prefilled with data from barcode (title

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    Spark graphx neo4j S'est terminé left

    We need to execute minimum spanning tree algorithm using spark graphx and neo4j combination.

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    Develop a simple python or java program that encode and decode with RSA algorithm

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    algorithm to find kMST S'est terminé left

    Implement the algorithm to find kMST if we have points in the level as described in 4 of the attached article. Implementation should have complete documentation and examples with their solution. Deadline: 30/6/2019.

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    Product: Android mobile Application Details: 1. Barcode Generation 2. App should be connected to printer through Bluetooth or any other mode to get barcode printed. 3. Login Screen and functionality 4. Barcode Reader 5. Fetch data from server and display product details screens 6. Display offline and online wallet screens with

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    ...User Can Reset Password / Recovery By Email System 6. User Can Deactivate Account 7. Account activation by email, using PHPMailer 8. Secured Password hashing with PHP hash algorithm 9. Checking That Value (username, email, password) Match 10. Checking That Value (username, email) hasn't been used already 11. Add 202 Subdomaine to Website (202 Country)

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    ...treating standard and non-standard elements in the same way. Machines and production lines can be integrated into the network through a post-processor and can be connected to a barcode system for automatic piece recognition. Custom user interface The user interface of the web configurator is designed to be completely customisable according to customer needs

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    ...further registration he is redirected to the first of 3 available screens. Screen “Scan Product” On that screen, the camera of the cellphone starts to scan for barcodes. Once a barcode is found the app checks a local database for the entered number. If it has found the number it gets the details like product name, etc. and adds the product to the Cart. If

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    ...gather. There are 2 Algorithms im after ( Prefer Algorithm 2 first ) All in HEX Algorithm 1 SEED KEY 1459 5009 445E 505C 1CEC D93A 1C63 D0AA 1688 F2F9 221E 2C5A 1B82 C29A 445E 505C 19ED A94A CE07 6AF5 3DBC 663C 21CF 276A 70C5 16CF 52EA 391D EF66 80E7 1CE6 D8DA A793 03B2 Algorithm 2 SEED KEY 7DD1 DD76 D310 FD21 E317 00A9

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    app android shop S'est terminé left

    I have a billing system I need an interface in an android application where the client can invoice and make orders, quote, use the barcode reader with the camera, it will work with api

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    ...combine 2 papers into one implementation 1. makespan time In this paper they used FCFS algorithm to minimizing the makespan time 2. energy consumption In this paper they used Genetic algorithm to minimizing the energy consumption and the comparing this algorithm with FCFS algortihm So now I need to combine this two work into one using cloudsim plus

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    REQUIRED - Experience on working with NextGen healthcare API . [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Build a simple web appli...using Nextgen HealthCare API . -- List patients , -- Add patients , -- List Orders for created patients -- Create new Order for selected patient -- Add multiple vaccines with barcode for selected order -- View orders and vaccines list

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    I have one implementation regarding my work which will reduce makespan time while cloud work which will reduce makespan time while cloud load balancing ( here i attached that paper) In that implementation now I need to add energy consumption using firefly algorithm cloudsim plus tool java code If anyone intrested means please contact me in chat

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    Hi , ...for updating the warehouse inventory . Also, the mobile device can scan item barcode and can check the item into delivery process and deduct the item quantity automatically from the inventory system , once the item is delivered , the delivery person can check the item barcode and indicate that the item is delivered in the inventory system .

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    1.I have a range of oils, and health care products that require final information layout on ...Vitality) A1 size 5. Business Card 6 6 different types of facebook ads 6. Product catalogue that will be used as a sales tool when introducing my products to retail outlets 7.Barcode generate for my products x 35 I anticipate its a weeks worth of work

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    If someone could code algorithm named Hybrid Firefly and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in MATLAB 1) Single_objective Multi_objective 1) Two_objective 2) Three_objective

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    1. Seller to upload photos of their item and list down attributes of their product. (e.g. Red color; 1m long; easy wash) 2. Buyer to create a profile by listing down the product attributes they want. (e.g. Must be red color). 3. Based on both source of information (i.e. Buyer/Seller), generate a contract. (e.g Tom buys a red carpet from Peter) 4. Checklist system where Seller list down a list of i...

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    Build a simple web application using Nextgen HealthCare API . REQUIRED - Experience on working with NextGen health...with NextGen healthcare API . -- List patients , -- Add patients , -- List Orders for created patients -- Create new Order for selected patient -- Add multiple vaccines with barcode for selected order -- View orders and vaccines list

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    Project for Rahul G. S'est terminé left

    Hello sir i saw your announcement about t...console account under your name and upload your application there cool isn't it ? the application will be with a free google server (firebase) , and I will use compressor algorithm to reduce the size of images and data to make it more fast for low internet speed and many other features , what do you think ?

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    Project for Vijay P. S'est terminé left

    Hello dear client , I can make for you the social network application but only for android, it will be so professional and with free server , also with algorithm of compression to compress images and data to make the launching of the app so fast , and finally if you accept to hire me I will give you a free google console compte to upload your application

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    Barcode expert --Code 128 S'est terminé left

    I need one expert to help me generate code 128. Just one code

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    I want someone, who can code an algorithm based on bioinformatics research paper

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    15 offres Admin panel, dealer panel and private users panel. o Export Vehicles Listings Automatically (Trader, Kijiji, Car Gurus, etc.) o Vin Decoder interation o Lead Manager o Secure Credit App/Web Forms o CarProof Integration .Interact Integration o Window Stickers o Live Chat . in print invoice. and bill of sale

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    Project for Mahammadali M. S'est terminé left

    I m pla...consultant, banks but also provide convenient platform to investors and my focus market is GCC. I need who's help me to write project contents, report and develop codes with algorithm. please if you are capable to handle do this job or else refer who can do it for me. If more details required so please contact me at what's up 00971529219234

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    1 offres with money transfer, mobile payment, credit, debit card application, ekectronic money. I need an turnkey solution. Mainly problem is the security, krypto of data, algorithm. Need elso an app for it. And to win customers need something like spare app. I need this from an person or company which have realized until now some banking projects which

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    if you can develop a better algorithm than the FROM It needs to be simulated in a network of wireless systems. The document is needed in word. It´s necessary that a paper of such research be developed.

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    I am looking someone to create Fully automated trading bot for Stock market (Intraday) for Equity and options. including Backtesting, Intraday Screener with technical indictor with Buy Sell Signal (For next Day) & Trading Telegram Alert.

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    ...comparison 5 Purchase order procurement 6 Inventory addition of products after approving purchase. Unique Accession Number generation for every product with barcode. It should link the barcode of serial number to Accession number generated by the system so it should be support stock verification with both barcodes. 7 Departmental Entry of purchased

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    ...Scan/Read barcode (Code-128) of two successive barcodes and write their barcodes into a postgreSQL database Use internal camera detect Code-128 barcode 4 pages: - 1 main page with 2 buttons and logo - settings page to configure the postgres connection data like host, user, password - barcode scanner page 1 to scan the first barcode - barcode scanner

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