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    Watermarking S'est terminé left

    Watermarking is the art, science and technology of hiding one multimedia data type in another. This is used for ensuring several aspects of security of documents, pictures, audio, etc. This project will involve implementing some published watermarking algorithms. You can start with a tutorial level article on this topic and familiarize yourself with

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    DirectShow DV Splitter S'est terminé left

    ...pins. "Video Out" and "Audio Out". The "Video Out" pin will connect to Microsoft's DV Decoder filter, and send the DV video stream. The "Audio Out" pin will retrieve the PCM audio from the DV data. It must be able to deal with audio attribute switching. For example, if the beginning of the DV file contains 32khz ...

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    DirectShow Renderer Filter S'est terminé left

    DirectShow Filter Type: Renderer Filter Input (at the input pin): Mpeg-4 encoded stream (video only, or video and audio), the encoder used is either 3ivx encoding filter or XviD filter Output: RTP packets that are broadcasted (unicast) to the network (i.e. a particular machine) with a SDP file where the packets can be streamed by Darwin

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    WAV File Header Information S'est terminé left

    ...Function (no DLL's or ActiveX) to return information about any given audio WAV file. This is a very simple project: Inputs : Wav Pathname Output: String formatted as:- "Length (secs),Format Type (WAVE, AIFF, RIFF), Channels (1/2), Sample Rate in Hz (44100), Sample type (8 bit mono, 16 bit stereo etc), bytes per second" eg:- 12.3

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    ...for uploading to my ecommerce website in csv format and which can, ideally, be automated each day or every 2 days: ISBN Number Title Author Notes Publisher Type of book (Hardback, Softback, Audio, CD etc) Publication status (Will be mostly blank except for "not yet published" titles) Stock status (from the quantity calculate - In stock, low (1-5) or

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    Online Voting Script S'est terminé left

    ...a pre-defined list, to verify that the user is eligible to vote. Once a user has been verified, the script should display a ballot page which can contain text, graphics and audio describing the person or issue to be voted on. The user should be able to select one or more choices for each position/proposition. The script should contain some sort of mechanism

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    We need training and marketing videos for our web-based software. Here are samples of the type of videos we need produced: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We will provide complete training for how to use our product. We will also provide a list of training video topics. You will be required to write a professional quality script for each

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    I need a **video conferencing solution** for our local network. Often times I need to speak with someone next door and would prefer use an instant messenger type program with video/audio capabilities. This will only be used on an internal LAN, so there are no bandwidth/compression concerns. The platform used for the application does not matter as long

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    Internet Radio Project S'est terminé left

    A client of mine wants to have an internet radio station. We can use any type of free 3rd party program to integrate in this to make it functional. Here are a few description items: 1. no pop up - it needs to stay on the front page, and just allow for people to click 'play' for it to start. 2 channels should be here: Music/News and Sermons/Talk

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    ...effortlessly record (audio, video, location…) and retrieve every moment of our lives. This bid is to create a Windows application that is step one of this vision. It is easy to digitally record casual audio by PC, PDA, or digital recorder, but there is no easy way to organize and retrieve the data. RECORDER will let users effortlessly record audio and then retrieve

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    ...Website Car Manager ADD/EDIT/DELETE -------------------- Unique Code Type of Sell: (Dealer, Person) This Only will be used if in "Type of Sell" Dealer is Selected Dealer:(Selects all Dealer form Dealer Database) This Only will be used if in Type of Sell Person is Selected ************************ Name: Telephone: Number:

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    MP3 Recorder S'est terminé left

    ...create an application that allows a user to quickly record audio from Microphone and saves audio in MP3 format. Would like app to have our name and logo visible. Would like to work on windows and mac osX. Application would be used by novice computer users (educational teachers) so a wizard type product is what is needed (ie upon launch, users is prompted

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    Product Flash Intros S'est terminé left

    ...RoboDemo video demo demonstrations of each application. I would like to have someone do a Flash demo presentation of my software with screen captures, animation and possibly audio. What I am looking for is a professional-looking presentation of one of my software applications like my shopping cart system. What I would like to do is show the highlight

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    Secure PC Audio download S'est terminé left

    ...their customers (who will access their e-commerce site we just built) download a copy of their audio seminar. The audio is currently on CD format, but they want it to be in a audio file format with some sort of security built in that will require the user to type in a key and registration info to make it work. This is an attempt to reduce copyright issues

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    **Win32 Multi-Channel Audio Playback Application Statement of Work:** Software as described as follows with source code in C++,C#, or Visual Basic that will compile in Visual Studio .NET (2002 or 2003): A simple Windows application that can play a single 16 channel wav file at a time that uses the WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE format and play it synchronously

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    Customised Media Player S'est terminé left

    We need an audio player with the following features a)Should support all the audio format available. b)Should have volume conrol,speed control,pitch control and all the features of a normal audio player. c)The user can fix the starting and ending position of a file and can play that selected part only. d)Should have shortcut keys for all features

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    LIRC program S'est terminé left I am looking for Apache web server to be a GUI interface for LIRC (Linux Infrared remote control). By going to an IP address in IE, people should be able to add/remove audio devices such as CD, tuner, etc. by putting in one of the standard codes or learn from the remote if none is available. Once the devices are put in, there should be a GUI

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    PHP File Upload Script S'est terminé left

    ...register and are added to a database of users. **SUBMISSION** A registered user clicks on submit, another popup box with fields for username, password, dropdown menu for type (image/video/audio), description, and can choose a file from their computer to upload and click a submit button. Submit box should close after a file is submitted. Filesize limit= Less

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    ...application is to provide a medium between content providers and web masters. It is to provide a simple manner to install and provide content including, Pictures, Video and Audio Files. This application should make the simple link between Server and Client and install and configure purchased media with little user intervention. Notes: Please

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    ...and upload new files to an FTP site. In most cases these files will be digital voice files in .wav, .dss or other audio format that have been uploaded from a digital handheld voice recorder, but the program should be able to handle any type of file. In addition to the automated function, the program should allow users to manually initiate an encryption/upload

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    297131 AccurateAcceleration S'est terminé left

    ...or more of the code sets to make an app or a program. What I have in mind is to make a scrolling ebook, with audio playback. You know kind of like a kareoke machine, except that it scrolls the ebook text in a box about 2"x 5"and as the audio reads the text, the text either scrolls across the box highlighted, or is highlighted as the text is read , while

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    297116 Offline form S'est terminé left

    ...Email Business Type Web Designers Business Status "dropdown" LTD,Partenership,Sole" Year established "dropdown with years in 1970 - 2008 Portfolio ( www. ( www. ( www. ( www. Skills needs to be tick boxes Graphics desgin php flash animation microsoft SQL 7 microsoft SQL 2000 Java script Real Audio / vid Jsp Unix

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    Description: ActiveX DLL or OCX to convert AVI DV Type I digital movies to a Video for Windows compliant AVI file. Further Explanation: AVI DV Type I is a format created by some digital cameras and software wherein the audio and video are included in one single stream. The Microsoft Video for Windows standard requires two streams, i.e. a VID and AUD

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    Need programmer with a sound, acoustic, music background to a) write code for the evaluation of wav, mp3 and other popular audio formats similarly to the current version that is able to evaluate midi format and some wav formats (see [se connecter pour voir l'URL] website for more details), and b)complete White Box Testing of the current BETA GigEvaluator program

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    ...maybe QT). Allow the selection of text, (can be from txt or database files) and play the text over the top of the video within the lower third. Allow the selection and play of audio files in the form of wav or mp3. Allow balance control. The program needs to have a file manager that will incorporate, name and save the selected files also allow for grouping

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    Paly Audio File For Website S'est terminé left

    ...the the Flash code for me to paste to my website or any site of my choice. I will need instructions on how to record the audio and what tools I will need to do it. (I have the hardware need). I would like to be able to add this type of code to any of my sites in the future without needing to pay for service again. Thanks, Mike ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...fill out the majority of their profile information. With Javascript disabled - they can get right through the page without filling out the required fields. There is also some type of flaw on this page that is allowing people WITH Javascript enabled to get through the page as well and I have not figured that out what that with the newer browsers(IE6

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    ...hours of audio no matter how many audio files, (655 megagytes of audio data.) and render a CD rom auto run player to all audio editors to create a auto booting CD rom from this app that will be an menu driven MP3 player that works on Windows PCS. The user of this software can create the menu from importing an jpg header, and then type in audio file titl...

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    Encode HTTP headers for WAP S'est terminé left

    ...return the headers binary encoded as per WSP for transmission over WAP. The requesting client usually asks for: GET / HTTP/1.0 Accept: text/[se connecter pour voir l'URL], text/[se connecter pour voir l'URL], audio/mid, application/java-archive, Connection: close Host: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Via: Infinite WAP Gateway v2.0 (20010531) with WTLS Accept-charset: utf-8,...

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    I want to design a device that can capture a audio clip of about 1 second in length and play it back. It might need to be done by a microcontroller or maybe by a dedicated chip. It needs to be fairly good quality say a a sample rate of 30 to 44KHZ. What i need is someone to answer a few questions and just point me in the right direction. Eg what chips

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    Need Streaming Media Expert S'est terminé left

    ...account with Hostcentric. The problem is that they don't support Windows Media so we need another solution that DOES support .rm, .wmv and the SMIL files to synchronize our audio/whiteboard sessions. A positive plus is if you already know how to stream CAMV files and can show us exactly how to do this. ## Deliverables Here's what we need from you:

    €26 - €88
    €26 - €88
    0 offres stations. Searchable fields will include the following: Call Letters/Station ID City State Country Music Format Link to Real Audio or Real Media Broadcast Alternative Link to Real Audio or Real Media Broadcast Type of Feed There should also be a country table where I can enter a little info about that particular country: Time zone Flag Language

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    ...vocal samples, abstract samples, instrumental sample. the user info table. i have createdthe basic tables as a relational databse..which will giv me userid with e-mail with the type of sample. ie tab vocal..or tab intrumental! then i should be able to send e-mails to the user using this info. i will need these web pages.. a password page where user enters

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    Classified Ads Logos S'est terminé left 4-Computer 5-Animals 6-Furnishing 7-Sport and recreation 8-Tools 9-Audio 10-Music 11-Misc 12-Employment 13-Electronics 14-Services offer I want the logos to be like the ones at this link [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Have a look at their category logo's and this is the type/style I am looking at. I do not want a clone of them but this is to show

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    Design and build a digital audio graphic equalizer for a compact disc player which has a sample frequency 44.1 kHz. There will be 5 bands in the qudio frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 [se connecter pour voir l'URL] implementation will use a set of digital filters; one per band. The coefficients of the digital filters are to be found /designed using MATLAB and the system will

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    share ware site in php S'est terminé left

    i would like a shareware type site for audio and video applications and devleopment. im looking for it to be done in php. i'd like the ability for users to sign up and be able to submit there applications. after it is sent i can look in the admin section and see there submition be able to approve it. once approved a page will be made for it from a template

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    Midi Converter S'est terminé left

    Profile We need to convert various audio file formats to midi for one of our applications. Our requirement is to make a converter which can take input as rmf, wma or other sound format and output as a midi file. Secondly the converter should be able to convert multiple files at one go(not one by one) may be one type of a format at one time. eg. the user

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    Recover email attachement S'est terminé left

    ...from a friend which has got has errors in, the atachment failed to open. I have the email only as a htm file with the following in >------------SR4JKED78VE66FW Content-Type: audio/x-midi; name=Creative [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-ID: <Ieo42kqL4fBiX> TVqQAAMAAAAEAAAA//8AALgAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

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    Flash Intro Menu S'est terminé left

    ...facilitate add-ons. If good enough, will look forward to working with you on several projects over the next few months. A place for an audio track should be included to frame the intro. Will leave it to your discretion as to what type of music or supporting sound. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    java Audio Loop Recorder S'est terminé left

    ...recognize the audio as a native audio type, it will take abit of work to wrap the MOTU drivers so that JMF will recognize it ADC. I'm going to repost the project in the C++ section, if you have bid on the project please check the C++ section in the next few days. Our project involves developing what is called an "audio loop recorder"

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    Streaming Audio/Video to Web Page I am looking for a way to use Windows Media Player and Real Player to play back audio and video to a web page.. The audio and or video file must buffer and play back as smoothly as possible for all type of connection speeds.. I would like an option to allow a user to select their bandwidth speed.. for an example please

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    small site w/ file upload S'est terminé left

    ...attributes: - Content-Type: image/png - Content-Name: MyImage - Content-Version: 1.0 - Content-Vendor: Hung Le - Content-URL: http://domain/directory/[se connecter pour voir l'URL] - Content-Size: 64000 This file NEEDS to be named with the extension .gcd. In order to download from your web server, you MUST add text/x-pcs-gcd to your MIME-type configuration file. The

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    freeware/shareware cd S'est terminé left

    ...need someone to do the following: 1. Browse online freeware/shareware archives and download programs that fit in whatever theme I choose. (e.g. I might ask for a CD full of audio tools) a. The programs would need to meet specific criteria. (e.g. no time limited trials, or demo versions) 2. Once downloaded, if the program is standalone [se connecter pour voir l'URL], then

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    Multitrack Audio Recorder/Mixer I need a program that will allow you to have a simple multi-track audio recorder on your computer. The interface should be similar to the now standard audio editing that can be found in adobe premiere, final cut, etc. Tracks will be displayed horizontally on a timeline. (see attached picture). The program should: 1. Support

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    ...assume too high for many of my clients (even though they all work in corporations and almost all, if not all, have high speed access of some type). When I tried to lower the video kps and/or change some of the audio settings, as soon as I would hit the triangular "Play" button in Cleaner, the status would change to "Settings Error." It would give me no

    €26 - €88
    €26 - €88
    0 offres gathering they want to get audio/video for and be able to hear and see what is going on at the church. Most visitors will be on a 56K modem so I know that will limit the speed of the video feeds. I plan to set up 2 - 3 cameras at each church site and somehow show the video/audio from my site. Clear/precise audio is probably more important than

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    Need a program like this: DVDCutter Stream and Mp3CDWav Converter is a Audio/Video Player and Editor,easy A/V solution. As a player, it can play MPG,MPEG4,VCD, DVCD, DVD,avi, asf, wmv, mp3, etc.; As a editor,? it can help you covert CD->Mp3 files, CD->Wav files, Mp3->Wav files, Wav->Mp3 files, VCD(dat file)->MPG file, DVD(vob)->avi with Sound, DVD(vob)->AC3

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    ...found at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This is an open source project that has the basic type of functionality we are looking for. Perhaps this code is a place to start from? Your choice - may save you a lot of time. What we want is an advanced interface for this type of terminal. We need a client that will run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, thus we have

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    Video Rental System S'est terminé left to rent any media, Video Cassettes, VCDs, DVD, Laser Disc, Audio Cassettes to the Members at normal price or sale price. I should be able to sell items marked for sale only to any member or to a cash sale. I should be able to see/print list for "Sale only Items" based on report type like Catagory, Title, code number, Purchased date, supplier etc

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    ...connected via standard dial-up modems, however, this simultaneous load of data can overwhelm their thin pipeline... causing unacceptable video and audio dropouts. To resolve this, a Javascript or other type of program needs to be created that will Present the user with a message, "Please wait... Loading Images" while simultaneously loading the images

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