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    ...SPI. Initially, I need code written to configure a 24bit ADC using the attached information. The configuration routine should be triggered by the PIC receiving a single unique asci character. This will be used to configure and test data acquisition from a sensor. The configuration settings are written in the attached scanned document. A copy of the ADC

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    C# - small fix. S'est terminé left

    Hello, I want the following to be added t...following to be added to my code. 1: if i run multi sessions of the program all the results should be saved in 1 text FILE. without crash or errors. 2: not saving non-asci texts to textfile. as easy as that. i need someone to do it via Team viewer for educational propose. Thank you, regards.

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    Build a simple hex editor S'est terminé left

    I need a simple graphic hex editor made in java (swing/fx), c# or c++. The main features: - 2 panes, one showing bytes in hex, the other their ASCI representation - ability to make changes to the bytes (add/delete/modify) and save them to the same or new file - ability to work with multiple files at once (either through tabs or new window for

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    ...MYSQL 5.7 Character set utf8mb4 Problem - While migrating data using AWS DMS tool the task fails with invalid UTF8 character as some of the data in the source table has non asci (Unicode) character set. hence cannot use AWS DMS since it uses UTF8 character set to migrate. End objective is to migrate with reconciling row count and sum of numeric value

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    ASCI + GPU Hardware Design S'est terminé left

    We looking individual(s) to assist and advise us on the design of our BlackBox version of ASCI hardware with the immersive GPU processing power

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    Web development S'est terminé left

    Develolment of an application to catch ASCI strings from a com port or IP endpoint in c# that execuates within a business process application. Work would be done on premise as access to the host system is required so must be available in Dubai

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    Project for KarnMukesh S'est terminé left

    Scrape URLS from: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for explanation.. *Note og:description and og:title meta data is case sensitive. Please don't convert to lower case. Scrape and save "as is". I can search-and-replace any ASCI characters and symbols later. *Note: IF no YouTube video detected in post URL, skip. Do not save anything from that URL.

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    SCHEME for PLUS-MINUS S'est terminé left

    (a) The source code in R5RS, (b) 1-2 page description of your algorithm and its complexity as an ASCI text document, MS Word document, or a PDF file. Since the program you have to write is short, the description of the algorithm and the complexity analysis carry significant weight. Write a function plus-minus in Scheme that takes a list L of one

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    JAVA Coding S'est terminé left

    (a) Source code (b) A report (not to exceed two pages) as an ASCI text document, MS Word document, or a PDF file that contains a description of the ALGORITHM implemented by your program and an analysis of its complexity using Bog O notation. It is important that you write a description of the algorithm, not a description of your program! In other words

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    Need to create a text file in a certain format to be used by the bank for salary transfer. I have attached the format requirements. The text file has to allow non-asci characters. The code has to be done in Delphi 7. Firebird database is used. The database file will be attached. The program is partially done. Needs to be finished.

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    Simple Arduino program S'est terminé left

    I need a piece of software written that will do the following... Receive an ASCI value (1 // up to 9999 //) over [se connecter pour voir l'URL](9600), convert it to HEX and display that value over [se connecter pour voir l'URL](0x70). That value needs to continue to be displayed on [se connecter pour voir l'URL](0x70) until a new value is sent over [se connecter pour voir...

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    Need tutor for ASCI short paper

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    Integration Help S'est terminé left STXD4.999995ETX (with a LRC value of Hex D1 or Q) STXD2.999995ETX (with a LRC value of Hex D7 or W) STXD0.999995ETX (with a LRC value of Hex 55 or U) Page 23 shows the ASCI conversion. Most of it can easily be done with a function we have, minus the STX and ETX For example it will convert D4.999995 to 4434E2393939393935 The LRC function we mass

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    Ecommerce site (ASCi) S'est terminé left

    Create an ecommerce site. Two types of shipping. 1000+ products.

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    Code a small form in ASP S'est terminé left

    We have a landing page with a small form ( 6 fields) - the form ...the admin and redirect the user to a thank you page. There is no database required. You can see the working version of the page in PHP at - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I will provide all existing files to the selected coder. This will run on a server with IIS.

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    Fazer algo em Excel S'est terminé left

    Coletar informações do sensor de corrente ASCI e envia-las ao CI ADE7753, para que este mande os dados de faturamento para uma planilha no excel que será usada como memória de massa, os valores são coletados a cada 15mim

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    ...dentro de la recomendación está Java porque son más amigables los frameworks de interfaz gráfica. El software deberá también recibir valores a través de puerto serial en código ASCI a un archivo de texto. El software deberá tambien enviar un email al usuario con los datos de lectura, peso y altura. Finalmente el softw...

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    Changes on our web-interface S'est terminé left

    we need some changes on our web-interface which is importing the orders into ou...merchandise mangement system. 1. when orders are coming in, we need to switch the address range into another area 2. We need to switch the communication with our MMI from ASCI to UNICODE 3. We need to import also Ebay orders from the Ebay API to our system (MMI)

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    I need someone experienced at designing Gerber files and BOM lists for PCB designer for ASCI cards for Bitcoin mining.

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    I need someone experienced with ASCI design to advise on creating custom Bitcoin miner. This is a consulting project.

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    Program formular in Matlab S'est terminé left

    Matlab Project: 1. Read in data from ASCI Files (ASCI Files can have 2 formats, code need to transfer into the same array based format) 2. Program a Formular in Matlab (which is currently available in Excel, Formula itself is not complex but might need some time to program due to writing different loops in matlab). In total I have 5 different formula

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    Project should be in C language to read some data from two asci files

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    ...(ttyS0, ttyS1, и т.п.) - настройка COM порта (9600, 8n1 и т.п.) - интервал между началами выводов каждой "порции" данных, ms - размер "порции" данных, Byte - сами данные в ASCI, HEX или имя файла с бинарными данными. Целевые платформы (системы): x86 (Debian, Ubuntu), RaspberyPi (Raspbian, Arch). Очень желательно ещё - TP-LINK TL-MR3020 (OpenWRT)

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    Website scraper S'est terminé left did which caused some issues when I tried to import the data in to my system. I would like to try and avoid this going forward. If you look at the last file you sent (asci [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) row number 592, row corresponds to person Weinstock, David Marc, this row has data in columns T, U, V and W, which should be empty. Ideally the fields I want in each

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    1 offres a specific page of the PDF document based on a network command. On the same network, I need to be able to open a telnet (or similar connection) and send it an ASCI command. This ASCI command should correspond with the page number of the PDF that is loaded locally. So typing "3" on a terminal program, and sending it to the iPad ([se connecter pour voir l'URL...

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    ... for Word (under 12.0, 14.0 and 15.0). If no key is found, the program must end immediately. If a key is found, then read in the first key and convert the binary data to asci (which in fact is the path to the Addin). Read this path from the end backwards and check if its ending with "P.o.s.t.-.A.d.d.I.n...d.o.t.m..." If this is the case, then delete

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    ...los errores comprobé que el idioma [se connecter pour voir l'URL] de algunos modulos tenía que ponerlo en ASCI, no se porque, pero era así, lo cambié y me funcionó todo, hasta que hice una compra y me dí cuenta que no llegaba al final y que tambien tenía que cambiar el [se connecter pour voir l'URL] del theme a ASCI, ahora...

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    ... The data is sacred writings and poetry of Sikh saints and other like minded saints from India. There are two main components of the data. Original Gurmukhi language text (ASCI text displayed with foreign language font) and then second would be English translation. This would be displayed in two columns side by side (see attached sample PDF. Towards

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    Video SIP Client S'est terminé left

    ...present, by pushing Video and related Camera Number at Keypad a. Cameras can be JEPG or MP4 or H264. 19. While incoming Call App shall set one variable to “Hi” or ASCI code predifened in setting readable from our software to pop up SIP Client App Screen. 20. Open button will send one of hex code over in setting predefined IP.

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    9 offres by Windows XP/Win7 that the customer can design screens, menus, buttons by himself and port to Android 2.2/2.3. By pressing the buttons should be ASCI or Hex code sent over TCP/IP-port that are already by design assigned. As well as should be listened the TCP/IP-port and changed according the ASCI or Hex code the color or the image of button.

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    Hello, I want Wordnet which is supposedly in an ASCI II format converted into OpenOffice Calc file format. So, you will give me an OpenOffice Calc file that has all the info found on wordnet. You must comply with the very very short licensing agreement [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]<wbr />wordnet/license/][1]. Basically it states that it is for

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    €4 - €9
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    Website Resume Modification S'est terminé left[se connecter pour voir l'URL] However it has a couple of weaknesses I am look to have changed. The test files that feed the "Welcome", "Profile". "Competencies", "Experiences" uses plain ASCI test and I would like it modified to be able to use a formated text (i.e. Ariel, Times Roman etc) and that would allow for use of sp...

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    ...for setting the manual comport.? Details of the communication protocol are as follows: Once the device is put into configuration mode, it will send out the following ASCI string so the PC application can identify which port the device is on and connect to it. The string will be sent approx. every 100mS.? The string is as follows, given in ASCII

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    data conversion S'est terminé left

    I have been given an old Fortran program (exe) requiring an old OS (DOS/WIN 3.1) plus an extended memory program ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). It converts ASCI text (climate data) into a specific data file. I need an alternative method to convert my climatic data into the exact data file. The attached txt file explains in a cryptic manner what is required. Converting

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    XSLT Expert S'est terminé left

    code to compare between 2 asci string and return only the "biggest" one.

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    Web Spider in C# S'est terminé left

    ...searches across domains, no requirement to limit to single domain. Must run on Windows XP SP3, and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). All files must be saved as UTF-16, not Asci or UTF8. Program should correctly save English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Arabic, etc, URLs and content. File paths on Windows should be escaped if they contain unicode

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    repair bug on os commerce online shop - error message says 'Warning unexpected character in input (ASCI=39) state=1 in /home/myshop/public_html/catalog/backup_org/admin/includes/graphs/languages/espanol/modules/newsletters/[se connecter pour voir l'URL] on line 1

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    39879 Prosty program w C S'est terminé left

    Witam. zlece napisanie prosciutkiego programu w jezyku C(asci). Niech F(x)=x(1-x) do potegi (1-x). Definiujemy ciąg a0=0,5 an+1=f(an).. Wyznacz najmiejsze takie n, że an<1/10000 / Program potrzebuje do godziny 21

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    Install Script S'est terminé left

    ...[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Database is already created. Files are uploaded but permissions may need to be changed, or you can re-upload the files to make sure the correct ones are in binary or ASCI (which they should be correct already). That's all. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    Client GUI Simulator S'est terminé left

    ...being depressed will send the command over IP to the Main Host Java Control script which currently exists.? These outgoing commands will also be logged in the sent window in ASCI format.? Each command can require the setting of an ADDRESS which is unique to each of the devices on the RS485 network. The main functions of this simulator will be to turn

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    Data Base Query(repost) S'est terminé left

    ...queried and targets returned to ASCI file (Excell Spreadsheet) Results may be divided into 3 different reports.? The application can run on my desk top or web.? I will provide passwords and access to all databases.? The end result should be an excel spreadsheat of target data that can used in a mail merge application. (ASCI file)..... As an additional

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    I need a system to perform the following tasks: Please note you would need a fixed IP address to be able to receive the data Part 1 Listen on a port for incoming ASCI/HEX data (HEX preferred ??" I can stream live data to an IP address/port for development purposes) Parse data into various elements, manufacturer info files attached. The length

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    Data Base Query S'est terminé left

    ...queried and targets returned to ASCI file (Excell Spreadsheet) Results may be divided into 3 different reports.? The application can run on my desk top or web.? I will provide passwords and access to all databases.? The end result should be an excel spreadsheat of target data that can used in a mail merge application. (ASCI file)..... As an additional

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    Pearl - remove asci codes S'est terminé left

    I have a small project in which I need a script written to identify asci characters (blank spaces and returns) in an excel file and remove these. Peral, vb, vba or sql would be fine too.

    €26 - €219
    €26 - €219
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    Data Extraction S'est terminé left

    ...for the project, we need a person to: -? Write a? script that reads the pages and grabs the data -- theme title, url, activities text, etc... - Ports the data into some asci-style format -- comma delim, tab delim -- that allows the data to be ported into a database. Although the page code is consistent, the pages do not contain XML tags or

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    Short Sale Profits S'est terminé left

    ...FMLS data base (same data base as #1) 3.? ? ? ? Pubic record Notice of Default.? Currently subsribe to a consolidator of ? ? ? ? ? ? this information that report data in asci format 4.? ? ? ? Possibly public property tax records by? county.? I will want to run the programs from my laptop a few time a month and have the results formated in

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    purchases/accounting book S'est terminé left

    object TCoPrAc:TComponent is attached that does a plain asci print of a purchase/accounting book. Data to process is read from lists lstPN and lstVat, both of type TObjectlist. The lists are filled by the calling application, so you won't have to query a database. When testing, these lists are filled with sample data by the test function of the component

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