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    I need a program written (code only) which can run 3 Stepper Motors, 3 Rotary Encoders and 3 Hall Sensors, in the same arduino. Function : There are 3 stepper motors which turns 3 rotating structures. (3 rotary encoders also attached). When i turn on the power, each motor must start turning until it reaches the hall sensor. Once it reaches the hallsensor position, all motor stops. and the rotary...

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    Arduino programming S'est terminé left

    Arduino programming and building two wheels self balancing robot.

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    Need a small arduino mega 2560 software able to: Read digital 10 inputs on arduino Write 10 digital output on arduino. Commands need to be sent using rs485 interface connected to tx18 and rx19.

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    I have a absolute optical encoder 17bit I am trying to read with an Arduino Mega board + RS485 sheild. I'm struggling to get this to read. The job would be to setup the Arduino code + breadboard setup to read the encoder and print the output I'm based Hamilton NZ but would be willing to travel to Auckland/Tauranga etc..

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    Compile Arduino Firmware S'est terminé left

    I need help compiling and uploading an existing Arduino Firmware. Please see attachment for link of the firmware and basic instructions from the original maker. This should be a very easy project and should be completed withing minutes. An easy project to get your rank up! Please bid low if you like to be considered.

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    Basically what we need is a quick C++ (Arduino specifically) subscript that we can call that allows you to convert a character array that consists of up to 8 hex characters (so 4 bytes) into a long integer decimal number and also an ability to convert a long integer decimal number back into an up to 8 character array. We have some existing code that works that we can send to you to see what we ar...

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    Xbee Pro Mesh setup S'est terminé left

    i need someone to setup my xbee modules to communicate with a single cordinator module. I need to send command using any serial monitor wirelessly from pc to arduino w/xbee , or arduino w/xbee to another arduino w/xbee

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    Hello I am a hobby model train electronics craftsman, because the Arduino Mega offers me too few resources I would like to port my project to the Arduino DUE. Unfortunately, I do not have the know how to change the Loconet Library to this type of processor. That's why I want to forgive. The library in question is to be found here in the Brance Master: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] You ...

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    === maximum fixed price of $150: any other higher offers will be ignored! === Hi, I am Paul and would like to contract a freelancer to provide me with a working demo program for the bluetooth microcontroller Holtek-BC32F7611 (application notes and demos are attached). The μC core is fixed, so don't propose any other one please :-) Milestone one: $50 (1 week) for the source code for the ...

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    ESP32 PSTN dialer (uk), audio player and bluetooth receiver. The project uses an ESP32 to communicate to a custom ble bluetooth button, which then generates dtmf tones (dials the phone number) waits for the receipt to pick up and plays a sound file. Which will be a short message "The bluetooth switch has been pressed, press 1 to acknowledge" and repeated for up to 30 seconds. If the us...

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    I want you to assemble a vision document with the macros specifications and architecture of an ERP software. This ERP software needs to have a WEB interface, and needs to be able to run online and offline on a local machine, with synchronization routines on one server, the interface could be acess from a Chrome and a App not yet developed. ERP needs to have a modular architecture that allows you t...

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    Hello, I need help to drive the hydraulic motors of a gate There are 2 hydraulic motors, one for each side ("door") of the gate [se connecter pour voir l'URL] There was a control board which drove the gate but it is not functional anymore (because of ants) I want to be able to open / close the gate using arduino (maybe using a timer and a relay ?) the specifications of the hydra...

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    Esp32 Sim800L EVB (with internet SIM) 2 ch RELAY Switching ON OFF using GPRS or th AP / STATION mode (th password and command) by creating webpage so that relays can be operated from anywhere using internet or SMS ESP32 and SIM800L based RELAY SWITCHING On OFF VIA SMS or GPRS or both COMMANDS TO GIVE for sms S11 to switch relay 1 on S10 to switch relay 1 off S21 to switch relay 2 on S20 to swit...

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    Need some help to code an arduino project. Can talk about pricing and exact details easier over skype.

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    I need you to develop some code to read write delete modify rfid car tag values in sd card and use then when presented near reader to operate 2 relays as required or as authorized cards an use relay1 or relay 2 or both. Addition deletion modification can be done using 4.4 matrix keypad using password and commands

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    Arduino code to operate 2 relays 1 light 1 fan th SMS, call(DTMF) using sim800L EVB / 900 only by authorised users admin numbers stored in sim

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    I need to emulate a differential manchester just using arduino . This is to decode as the same way as a F2F final data need to be in ascii format. Using arduino Samd21 processor. More details will be given for the selected person

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    Arduino project....... S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an electrical and electronics engineer having expertise in Arduino and having good skills to integrate different kind of sensors with arduino. new but proficient freelancers are highly encourages. i will share further details of work in chat.

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    I need some PPT on arduino and working on arduino. Looking for expert illustrator so that I can get awesome work in very less time.

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    I need some PPT on arduino and working on arduino. Looking for expert illustrator so that I can get awesome work in very less time.

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    I’m open to Consultations too, so you’ll guide me through as I complete the project myself(definitely willing to pay more for this option) Require a project prototype; but I lack the knowledge to execute this. Objective: Arduino Temperature Monitoring System that allows remote monitoring of temperature data via a Mobile Application. Mobile App consists of various features that hop...

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    Dear Sir or Madam Thanks for checking my quote. I'm looking for system as below. I need you to built it as simple as you can . Please quote possibility & estimate.. I'm waiting for hear from you. Best Regards Purpose : Checking Sales Data from Vending machine and check them by Excel files. We already has way to get Sales Data from Vending machine to Arduino....

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    BLE Android Application S'est terminé left

    Where we are building BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Application for Security Emergency Alert and Current Location Finder using GEO Fenching...Here it can be able to call certain saved contact andso send Messages.....We are Completed that Process Successfully..Now we are Facing Application to be background Running clear it should not make Call particular Mobile Phones (Redmi,Vivo,Oppo,LEtv)...otherwi...

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    you should know kotlin and swift both. Work is mainly around fixing bugs. so diagnosing in both ios and android is requirement. BLE knowledge would be very helpful. you would need infra 4-5 android phones and 2-3 ios phones atleast.

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    Arduino code library S'est terminé left

    Hi I have Arduino code I want the library of it

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    I want to hire a programmer who will make codes to read and write a chip using Arduino and Raspberry

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    Nativegesh S'est terminé left

    This project is to author a firmware for the ESP32 chip that will allow the device to act as an ethernet data coprocessor to an existing system, interfaced via AT commands over UART. This project must be built on the ESP-IDF, not the Arduino framework. Correct RTOS threaded design is expected. Implementation should be in plain C, no C++. (fully self-contained C++ modules are acceptable, but inter...

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    This project is to author a firmware for the ESP32 chip that will allow the device to act as an ethernet data coprocessor to an existing system, interfaced via AT commands over UART. This project must be built on the ESP-IDF, not the Arduino framework. Correct RTOS threaded design is expected. Implementation should be in plain C, no C++. (fully self-contained C++ modules are acceptable, but inter...

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    Java - Arduino Code [Easy] S'est terminé left

    I have a working arduino code (rfid tag) to open a (relay/door). I would like to give name to the tags, and print out which user that used the card on the reader (to easier have control of who owns that card)

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    The title says about the expertise you needed to apply on the project Need a good programmer who knows embedded programming very well.

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    Our project is to build the control software for a gaming bike, which will let other developers write games and apps for it. The end user here is other developers, not 'normal' users. We want it to be as elegant as possible to develop for our device! Our device uses an Arduino, and connects via USB or Bluetooth. It's all very standard and straightforward, and if needed we can make ...

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    I need someone expert in Arduino.

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    Android App written in Kotlin. I have a string of LEDs hooked up to an Arduino with a Bluetooth module. So far I can turn leds on and off. I'm stuck on changing the colors of the leds. I have 3 seekbars for RGB values and a single button that I want to use to send the RBG values to my mainactivity, than those values sent when the leds are turned on. I'm very new to App development an...

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    The project that will be designed is a device that attaches to a netball ring, which will be used to count the goals scored. For this project, the designer will use an Arduino Uno board and an ultrasonic distance sensor. This project works by the “trigger” pin on the ultrasonic sensor, sending out a sound wave. This sound wave bounces off the closest object and returns back to the sens...

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    app for sensor S'est terminé left

    this project is to build an app for a sensor device. The app will provide info for the customer on what is going with the sensor. We may start with an Arduino interface.

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    Integrate 4 analogue proximity sensors (BAW M12ME-UAC35C-S04G) via ADS1115 ADC 4 Channel 16 bit I2C and 3 MPU-6050 with the Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 board. To measure distance and angles. Readings to be published via MQTT using WIFI connection. Requirements: 1. BOM 2. Electrical Drawing 3. Arduino sketch - to manage reading from the sensor and publish information using MQTT 4. Calibration proce...

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    PCB design(140x140mm) for 16 leds(1 W each), each led should be separately dimmable from Arduino. The leds will populate the board in a 4x4 matrix. Distance between leds 40 mm. Leds should use constant current drivers. For PWM to constant current drivers I would like to use this board: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] In the center of the PCB there will be 2 x 6 holes needed for male heade...

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    Help with Arduino Project S'est terminé left

    ** Please read the description below, before sending a proposal** I am using an Arduino UNO microcontroller with an IMU sensor (BNO05). I am not familiar with the use of IMU sensor that much and needs help in measuring the acceleration, change in angle and calculating the distance with it.

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    Hello Freelancers. I'm want to send data to a realtime database in firebase using a Sim800L and Arduino nano. Thanks

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    we make a door access system for 30 doors,and we are connecting all doors in same switch using [se connecter pour voir l'URL] need a program

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    Project for Vedat T. S'est terminé left

    Hi, Your hourly rate is very low for your qualifications --- do you vet projects based on being interested in them? I have a project that involves Arduino and circuit design, if you would like to hear. Hope this finds you well Ahron, MIchigan, USA

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    Project for Iwill T. S'est terminé left

    Hey Iwill, you helped me make a 3D model a while back. Can you show me a project you made in arduino or pi? I might have a job for you if you are interested.

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    Pure Arduino project I need help making my program do what it's suppose to do: 1) AutoStart Generator; 2) Fire Alarm; 3) Park Assist (tied to stop light (Green, Yellow, Red) to avoid backing into generator house. 4) Anti Theft Alarm (piezo sensor). I need help getting the kinks out. Is this something you can assist with.

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    you would need to have a few ios phones to be able to test and diagnose the problem. Please dont respond to this if you DO NOT HAVE EXPERT LEVEL understand of BLE on ios.

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    Descripción: La interfaz en la pc debe ser capaz de enviar nuevas ordenes al microcontrolador ( algo parecido al bootloader) el programa en el microcontrolador recibirá las nuevas instrucciones desde el pc Instrucciones como: 1.-Nombre a mostrar en la lcd 2.-Secuencia de pulsos a generar (Parpadearan 3 led de manera programable) Nota: Estas ordenes deben ser guardadas dentro del...

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    Preciso de obter código para comunicação por bluetooth para ser integrado numa aplicação flutter existente. Esta aplicação é um joystick em flutter para Android. Necessito enviar por ex: uma String com a informação para o módulo bluetooth Arduino. Com comentários em português e garantia de funcionamento.

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    arduino code S'est terminé left

    quick task to complete a program to use barcode scanner and read file from sd card.

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    Build me an android app S'est terminé left

    An android app which can display real time graph revived from an arduino connected via Bluetooth

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    ios developer required to test with atleast 3-4 ios phones ( you ll need to have the infra) , and resolve a specific issue. please ping only if you have atleast some knowledge of workign with BLE and have the required infra

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