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    converter dxf to obj S'est terminé left

    Faire de la modélisation 3D

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    csv file converter S'est terminé left

    i sent details

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    I'm seeking an experienced GIS specialist to assist me with ArcMap GIS. The task at hand is to create an XY event layer using an excel CSV file. Deliverables: - Creation of an XY event layer for spatial analysis. - The layer should be created using a Projected Coordinate System. - Please ensure that if there are null or missing values in the data, the entire record is ignored. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ArcMap GIS is a must. - Ideally, you should be experienced in working with big data and excel CSV files. - A clear understanding of both geographic coordinate system and projected coordinate system is required. If you have worked on similar projects and you are confident that you can deliver this task at a high standard, I would like to hear from you.

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    I need immediate help with ArcMap 10.8.1 for data visualization. The task involves converting a CSV file to a shapefile, and converting an ArcGIS portal item to a shapefile too. The theme of the map will depict crash data. The project requires: - Knowledge of data visualization in ArcMap 10.8.1 - Experience working with CSV and shapefile transformation - A refined ability to translate ArcGIS portal items to shapefile - Previous experience on mapping data related to crashes or similar themes Generally, you should possess a strong understanding of Geographical Information Systems, and more specifically, ArcMap software. If you are comfortable working with crash data, it would be highly regarded. Having relevant samples of previous GIS work to show would be a plus. I a...

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    Hey, I am looking for someone who will Design Hardware for ESP32 (Lighting with WS2815). I will do software by myself 1. P...(Lighting with WS2815). I will do software by myself 1. Power Supply - Battery-operated - 2x18650 batteries connected in series - Ability to be powered by 12v (mains adapter) 2. StepUp to 12v for powering the programmable WS2815 LED strip (unless someone convinces me that it's better to use WS2813 with StepDown) - Power consumption for the LED strip, at least 50W, max ~200W - Logic level converter required from 3.3v -> 5v 3. StepDown for powering the ESP32 4. OLED display 128x64 I2C 5. Measurement of power supply voltage and power consumption 6. Power activation via a mechanical switch 7. 2x rotary encoder with button 8. Connector for pro...

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    1. User sign up on the APP. The User must verify registration from his email so that the forgotten password can be reset in case he forget his/her password User/investor must activate his/her registration from its e-mail without activation he can't login or continued 2. Users can create an account and then be able to choose a package and invest Then you invest in $ while ...while old user must shown log in back end admin can post another investment plan with normal configuration with %,duration and plan it should appear on investment plan page immediately where user invest admin click payout it must reflect on investor dashboard for pay out and this can be done quarterly APP must have investment calculator the site must have BTC converter which converter BTC to...

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    I require a Shopify Developer with a strong background in app integration, performance optimization, and design. You'll be working with an existing design alongside me. Some duties will include: - Implementing best currency converter - Integrating PayPal. Ideally, you'll have extensive experience with Shopify website optimization and payment gateway integration, particularly PayPal. Also, I need you who can follow a specified design to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with my vision. Please, only those with proven Shopify and PayPal integration experience need apply.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a program for converting HTML files to DOCX. Specific details needed to guide the project are as follows: - The developer should be experienced in working with different data formats, particularly HTML and DOCX. Expertise in Python is a must. - The program should capture the style, formatting, images, and multimedia elements from the source HTML file. It should efficiently process these elements during the conversion. - To ensure consistency of the user experience, the output DOCX file needs to maintain the original formatting as seen in the HTML source. The end goal is to have a conversion utility that can accurately replicate the design layout, and multimedia content from an HTML file in a DOCX format.

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    For this task, I am in need of a seasoned professional skilled in the setup and management of MATLAB Simulink simulations. The main goal is to structure and administer a simulation of a PFC based boost converter utilizing the NLC method. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a simulation for a PFC based boost converter using NLC method in Matlab Simulink. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in Matlab Simulink - A depth of understanding of Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Non-Linear Control (NLC) methods. - Practical experience in simulation setup, particularly dynamic system simulation. Please note, exact parameters for this simulation will be defined at the commencement of the project. The default understanding would be that influencing factors like input v...

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    In need of talented C++/C# developers to build a bespoke, native PDF editor and converter app specifically for Windows. Key App Features: - Annotations & Comments: Capability to allow users to highlight and leave notes on PDFs. - Text & Image Editing: Versatility to alter and adjust text and images within the documents. Timeline: Expecting a finished product within a month. Ideal Candidate: The qualified candidate should possess strong skills and proficiency in C++/C# with proven experience in app development, specifically handling PDF editing and conversion tools. Knowledge in annotation and text/image editing tools is crucial. A keen understanding of user-oriented app design is also preferred. Structured, streamlined code that prioritizes performance and reliability...

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    This quote will include removing DC/DC converter, barrel jack and adding pin header compatible with micro USB connector.

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    I'm in need of an expert who proficiently understands both Pinescript and C++ languages. The project involves translating code for a market trend analysis indicator that runs on cTrader, and extends from Pinescript to C++. The bidders should understand all components of code including: - Data Input - Algorithm Function - Output Display Your experience with cTrader and writing similar converter codes will be of immense value. Essentially, the indicator code in question is designed to analyze market trends. Hence, a clear understanding and previous work with market trend algorithms is a strong plus. Having a pointer code should make your work easier. Ideally, I'm expecting high accuracy in the translation and ensuring all components work seamlessly in C++. The applica...

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    Upgrade to API 1 jour left

    More details: I have a program using Microsoft Access which automatically adds data to "Clickup" cloud program using Clickup API. Unfortunately there must have been an update to one of the programs (JSON converter) which has stopped some of the automation working.

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    I require a proficient Python programmer to design an advanced program. Main purpose of this program will be to read PNG image tables, and then accurately write the acquired data into raw excel format. To align with my project requirements, this program should effectively ignore any images embedded in the table data files. Here is a more systematic breakdown of my needs: - Develop a Python program capable of reading data from PNG/jpeg image tables - Translate the read table data accurately into raw only Excel file - Program should be intelligent enough to ignore any images within the image table data For best results, the ideal candidate should have: - Proficient skills and track record in Python programming - Strong experience and understanding in handling PNG/jpeg image file formats ...

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    ...and selling surplus energy back to the grid. Requirements: Preliminary design and feasibility study. During this stage we would prepare a preliminary design for the site and coordinate key specialist input. a. Site survey. A site survey would be required to establish the topology of the site The design would allow: b. Prelim PV design. A preliminary PV array layout and single line diagram (SLD) would be developed to: i. Establish the capacity of the PV array that could be accommodated. ii. Provide the basis of the planning, and geotech assessment. iii. Form the basis of initial conversations with the EDB. c. Planning desktop assessment. A desktop planning assessment would identify potential planning barriers, and risks. We would partner with an experienced planning cons...

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    1. Refer to 2. Create SVG Tiny 1.2 from the attached JPEG Use Adobe Illustrator to convert the SVG Tiny 1.2 to SVG Tiny PS to conform to BIMI email Spec See 3. Edit metadata in the file in text editor so the SVG conforms to BIMI Spec 4. Test and verify the SVG conforms to the SPEC

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    I am seeking an experienced Electronics Engineer to develop a boost converter circuit capable of converting 48v DC 4.800w to 320v DC with a power of around 3500w. Key project requirements include: - Design a boost converter for increasing voltage output - Easy design PCB and schematic in KICAD - Use components that is easy to buy from Mouser our other company in EU - Use most SMD components Ideal skills and qualifications: - Proficiency in circuit design and simulation - Deep understanding of Boost converters - Experience with wide variety of components (Semiconductors, Passives & Integrated circuits) - Proven track record in delivering high power, high efficiency circuits. Your final deliverables will be a detailed schematic diagram, list of components with ordering...

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    ...checkpoint_path) # Attempt to restore the specified checkpoint try: (, checkpoint_path) print(f"Successfully loaded checkpoint: {checkpoint_path}") except Exception as e: print(f"Failed to load checkpoint from {checkpoint_path}. Error: {e}") return # Conversion process try: # Prepare the converter with the model's input and output converter = tf.lite.TFLiteConverter.from_session(, [self.real_data], []) # Set conversion parameters converter.allow_custom_ops = True = [] # Perform the conversion tflite_model = () # Define the output path for the converted model

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    Web-to-APK Converter Development S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a freelance developer who can create a web to apk converter with Firebase integration and AdSense integration, along with some additional features. Requirements: Develop a web to apk converter tool that allows users to convert their website into an Android app. Integrate Firebase for backend services such as authentication, database, and storage. Integrate AdSense for monetization purposes within the app. Implement additional features such as push notifications, offline access, and analytics. Ensure the app is user-friendly, responsive, and meets all the necessary security standards. For Example: Suppose i have a website and i want to convert it in .apk with custom package name, logo, menu, firebase, analytics etc through your webpanel.

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    FML to DWG Converter Creation S'est terminé left

    As a client, I require the development of a conversion tool capable of transforming FML () files into DWG (Autodesk's native format for AutoCAD). Key Aspects: - Support for DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) - The tool will be used on a regular basis. Therefore, stability, efficiency, and user-friendly interaction are crucial. - During the conversion process, not all details should be maintained from the original FML file. We should have a discussion about which details are necessary for my workflow’s success. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A deep understanding of both FML(xml structiure) and DWG file formats - Previous experience in developing file conversion tools - Familiarity with AutoCAD and other CAD software - Strong problem-solving skills to understand the specific details requir...

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    Conversão de PDF para Excel S'est terminé left

    Preciso converter extratos bancários de PDF para Excel. São extratos de 2 contas do Santander, desde 2017 até 2023. Ou seja, 7 anos, 168 extratos. É muito importante que os valores do Excel sejam sem erros e identicos aos valores do extrato.

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    I am looking for an experienced circuit designer to construct an intermediate complexity radio PCB circuit. The successful freelancer will be able to confidently handle both analog and mixed-signal circuit design to deliver a solid end product. While the specifics of the project will be discussed in more detail, I am expecting the freelancer to: - Have a proven history in circuit design, particularly in radio circuits - Understand and meet the specifications of an intermediate complexity circuit design - Provide their own original and creative solutions while staying within the stated parameters Notably, the main attribute I am searching for in applicants is experience. I am more interested in practical, hands-on abilities and previous work with similar projects. A successful candidate w...

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    Talk Box: Next Iteration S'est terminé left

    The Proposal will include adding audio amplifier, adding capability to lower power consumption by turning off DFPlayer and audio amplifier when not used and removing DC/DC converter to take only 5V input, it will also include adding eFuse or other more advanced circuit protection system.

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    Our board has 3 distinct functionalities: o Battery charger with overcharge and discharge protection o DC to DC step-up converter (3.10V to 4.2V battery input  5V, 2A max.) o H-bridge motor driver (used to drive a coil/magnet diaphragm pump) Please check the component values, arrangement, board layout and overall logic or anything relevant not mentioned. If necessary, you should redesign it.

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    Simple Info-to-PDF Converter S'est terminé left

    The below description is AI generated by Freelancer. I will add some personal notes at the bottom I'm seeking a developer to create a program that seamlessly gathers clients' personal and work history details, generating a complete PDF document without displaying it to the client. The essence of this tool is to streamline data collection and document generation processes while ensuring privacy and efficiency. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in programming languages suitable for form creation and PDF generation (e.g., Python, Java, JavaScript) - Experience with PDF libraries or SDKs for seamless document creation - Knowledge in creating secure, user-friendly interfaces - Ability to implement privacy measures to prevent clients from viewing the generated PDFs ### P...

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    Hello Mr. Huseyin, Thank you for sharing the detailed requirements for the backend enhancements of your hotel and tour platform. Based on the issues and new features you've described, we are pleased to provide you with the following quote for our services. **Scope of Work:** 1. **Navigation and User Experience Improvements:** - Ensure that after saving, users are redirect... **Supplier and Booking Management:** - Refine supplier filters to show relevant city suppliers. - Develop a comprehensive booking management system with filtering capabilities and improved booking tabs. 6. **URL Rewriting and SEO:** - Implement SEO-friendly URL structures for various pages. 7. **Miscellaneous Fixes and Enhancements:** - Correct language folder issues and frontend currency converter. Th...

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    UART-CAN module PCB Design S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a skilled electronics engineer to design a PCB for a UART to CAN converter module. Key responsibilities and requirements include: - Design A PCB using STM32 - and a can transcoder like TJA 1050 to convert data received from UART port to CAN data CAN side: - 5v input - CANH - CANL - GND UART side: - RX - TX - GND LEDs: 3 status LEDs, 1 for CAN side(1 I/O pin) and other for UART side(1 I/O pin) and one for power USB port: a USB C port or micro USB port has to be added to flash the firmware PIN details will be shared shortly Board dimension: Preferably less than 25*40 mm

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    I'm seeking a developer to design a command-line interface (strongly preferable for Mac, but can be PC) for converting 3D .mpo files with left/right images in an MPO container to the .heic format used by Apple for their Vision Pro. I believe this requires extracting the left/right images from the MPO, creating a depth map from those images, and then combining them into the .HEIC format. It must be labelled as a Spatial image inside of the Apple Photos app. And to keep the original exif data (ideally) Key requirements include: - Preservation of image quality during conversion - Preservation of exif data if possible - No graphical user interface required; a command-line interface will suffice I already know how to extract left/right images and how to make depth maps. I do not know h...

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    Matlab Expert for Fault Analysis S'est terminé left

    I am seeking a proficient freelancer skilled in Matlab to embark on an image processing project centered around fault analysis on a converter. This project demands identifying not just the fault location but also determining the fault severity and type, leveraging the capabilities of a markov model. Here's what you'll need to know: **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in Matlab is essential, as it is our preferred programming language for this project. - Experience in image processing, specifically with the ability to analyse and interpret data to pinpoint fault location, severity, and type. - Ability to work with technical data sheets, as this will be the primary source of image data for analysis. **Project Scope:** - You will be required to process images provided in da...

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    Android WebView APK Script Creation S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can create a website-to-APK converter, particularly, a script that takes a website URL and turns it into an android WebView APK file. More about the project: - The script should be designed to prompt for only the website URL and the desired APK filename. No other inputs, such as an app icon, are necessary. - Users should be able to use this script online, input the necessary information, and receive a ready-to-download APK file in response. Ideal skills for this job: - Extensive experience with Android development - Familiarity with Android WebView - Knowledge of scripting technologies Please note: - There should be no file size restrictions on the APK files generated through this script. When submitting your proposals, please i...

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    Excel to Word Data Converter S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can develop a tool or script that allows me to click on a row in an Excel table and automatically transfer selected columns from that row into a Word document, formatted as a continuous text paragraph. My requirements are quite specific, and I'm hoping to find someone with the right mix of skills to bring this project to life. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Excel and Word automation - Experience with VBA, Python, or any relevant programming language for automation tasks - Knowledge of data formatting and manipulation - Ability to implement custom styling and formatting in Word documents **Project Specifics:** - The tool should allow for the selection of specific columns in an Excel row to be transferred. - Dat...

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    AI-to-GIF Converter Script S'est terminé left

    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can craft a batch script tailored for a Windows environment. This script's primary function will be to convert Adobe Illustrator (AI) files into GIFs, ensuring a harmonious balance between quality and file size. **Core Requirements:** - **Convert AI to GIF:** The script must efficiently batch convert AI files into GIFs without manual intervention. - **Quality Balance:** Optimize the output for a middle ground between high quality and reasonable file size. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in scripting on the Windows platform. - Prior experience with image conversion projects, especially involving AI and GIF formats. - Strong understanding of image optimization techniques to balance quality and file size. - Familiarity with A...

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    More details: What specific areas of power electronics do you need assistance with? HIGH frequency three port converter What simulation software do you prefer to use for the power electronics simulation? MATLAB/Simulink What is the primary goal of your simulation? Efficiency optimization

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    I am in need of an expert who can construct Python 3 code that effectively translates English sentences into Formal Logic sentences, specifically First-Order Logic (FOL) and Second-Order Logic (SOL) formats. The details of my requirements are as follows: Requirements: - Develop a Python 3 program - Program should convert English sentences into Formal Logic (FOL and SOL) - No specific conventions or rules need to be followed Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python 3 programming and Formal Logic expressions - Experience in Natural Language Processing - Strong knowledge in English Language sentence structures. Your job will primarily be the creation of this Python 3 code, and testing it to ensure the correct translation of English sentences into FOL and SOL formats.

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    ArcMap for Data Visualization S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to aid in the creation of a map using ArcMap with the key intent being data visualization. Key Responsibilities: - Utilizing ArcMap for map creation - Designing maps focused on visualizing specific data Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in using ArcMap software - Noteworthy experience in map creation and spatial analysis - Has an excellent understanding of data visualization methods. Be ready to share work samples related to this project's requirements.

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    Excel-to-IFF QuickBooks Converter S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a freelancer who can assist me in converting a small Excel file into an IFF format that is compatible with my QuickBooks for Mac 2021 Desktop version. The details of the project are as follows: **Requirements:** - The source file is in Excel for Mac 2021 format. - The converted file must be compatible with QuickBooks for Mac 2021 Desktop, specifically in a format that can be easily imported without errors. - No preference for the IFF format version, as long as it works with my QuickBooks version mentioned above. **Ideal Freelancer Skills:** - Proficiency in Excel for Mac 2021. - Experience with QuickBooks for Mac, ideally the 2021 Desktop version. - Strong understanding of IFF file format and how it integrates with QuickBooks. - Ability to deliver the converted fil...

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    Fix Azure C# Audio Converter S'est terminé left

    I'm facing an issue with an Azure function developed in C#, designed to convert audio files from webm to .wav format. This functionality is crucial for preprocessing audio files for machine learning training purposes. However, I've encountered errors in the process, which necessitates expert intervention. **Requirements** - Strong expertise in C# and familiarity with Azure functions. - Experience in handling audio file formats, specifically converting webm to .wav. - Understanding of the peculiarities associated with audio files used in machine learning training. - Ability to diagnose and resolve the issues causing current conversion errors. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proven track record of working with Azure functions. - Solid background in audio processing and manipu...

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    UPS Circuit for our device. S'est terminé left

    ...220V, providing flexibility for various power sources. It includes voltage surge protection to shield the device from fluctuations. The battery features overcharge protection, promoting long-term battery health. When AC power is available, the circuit operates with AC power and charges the battery. In the absence of AC power, it seamlessly switches to a battery backup. It should have a step-up converter during battery backup as one the output should be 24V. A safety cut-off activates if the battery voltage drops below 10V, ensuring reliable performance and protection for the connected device. The first wire connection is for on/ off the device. If we off the device still the battery will charge. The second wire connection is for LED indication for AC or Battery operated and charg...

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    Web-Based PDF Editor & Converter S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a seasoned web developer who can create a PDF editor for my website. The key must-have capabilities include: - Modifying text and images: Users need to be able to directly tweak the content within a PDF file. - Pages Management: Users should have the option to add pages into a PDF or remove existing ones. - Converting to PDF: Another important functionality is the ability to convert Word documents as well as images (JPEG, PNG) to PDF format. Experience with similar projects would be beneficial, along with a strong understanding of both front-end and back-end development. Knowledge of different file format conversions will be crucial for this task.

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    I'm searching for a coder who can assist me in developing an application in JavaScript that converts ASCII Key Codes into a single number represented in Scientific Notation, and vice versa. Key Points: - Application should enable conversion of ASCII Key Codes to a single number represented in Scientific Notation. - Ability to extrapolate the initial keys from the resultant single number. - Non-alphanumeric ASCII characters should be excluded from this conversion. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in JavaScript - Deep understanding of ASCII Key Codes and Scientific Notation - Attention to detail for accurate conversion processes.

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    Pitot Tube Heater S'est terminé left

    Design a Schematic + PCB layout in Altium Designer of a module containing: 1. MCU ATMEGA32M1 2. LDO/Converter for the MCU with input voltage between 6V and 53V (as small as possible since it will only power MCU) 3. N mosfet with proper parameters (fully open with 5V at the gate, Vds = 6-53V, Id = 0-5A) and series 10ohm resistor as well as 100k gate pulldown 4. 2x 2mA LED (0402 or 0603) 5. 1x 10k NTC thermistor input 6. Reverse polarity protection (P mosfet + zener or more sophisticated IC) 7. 6A slow/medium blow overcurrent protection 8. Input power TVS voltage transient protection 9. CAN PHY: TJA1051TK/3/1J 10. SHT4x sensirion temperature and humidity sensor 11. zero ohm jumper to one of GPIOs 12. TC2030-IDC-NL flashing header 13. Voltage divider + capacitor for in...

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    Web-Based PDF Editor & Converter S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a seasoned web developer who can create a PDF editor for my website. The key must-have capabilities include: - Modifying text and images: Users need to be able to directly tweak the content within a PDF file. - Pages Management: Users should have the option to add pages into a PDF or remove existing ones. - Converting to PDF: Another important functionality is the ability to convert Word documents as well as images (JPEG, PNG) to PDF format. Experience with similar projects would be beneficial, along with a strong understanding of both front-end and back-end development. Knowledge of different file format conversions will be crucial for this task.

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    Looking for a power electronic engineer experimented . To help complete a Buck-Boost converter design. The engineer work with LTSPICE for simulation and will also take care of modifications in our original schematic and the routing on KICAD. He will work with a team of three other engineers and assists till the end of the project in test phases.

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    Looking for experimented Stm32 développer with understanding of power converter control to help me debug my control code . The control is implemented in a STM32G474RET6 I am having some issues with interruption exécution with the microcontroller . I am doing the development myself , just looking for an expert to help with some bugs.

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    Simples App com .Net MAUI S'est terminé left

    Converter uma aplicação de restaurante em PHP/MySql para .Net MAUI/Mysql. Login, inserção de pedidos, verificação do status! Deve executar em hardware com Android. Código fonte deve ser disponibilizado

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    Paper ProCalc App S'est terminé left

    ...We want to create exactly the same concept seen in Sappi, but more user friendly and specific to our company. (FYI: there is a lot of mathematics!) Here's what I need: Features: - Exactly the same 3 categories that Sappi offers, we work with all of these daily. - Paper Weight Calculator: Should help users determine the weight of different paper types based on size and quantity. - Paper Size Converter: Users must be able to convert paper sizes (standard and custom) within the app. - Paper Cost Estimator: A tool to estimate the cost of paper orders, factoring in size, weight, and quantity. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in iOS, Android, and Web app development. - Experience in creating calculator or estimator tools. - Can showcase previous work that highlights a knack for int...

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