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    Good morning, everyone, We are looking for a 3Designer to create our video game characters. 1. KING: Sitting character, waving his arms to give orders; 2. Knight on Horse : Character on a mount, desired animation: Galloping 3. Archer, : Standing, throwing an arrow 4. Knight; standing, fighting in hand-to-hand combat with a shield and sword, desired animation, sword thrust. What we expect from your proposals: For 2 of these 4 characters, we want a 3D video with the character and his animation (modeling, texturing & animated). The winner will be directly solicited to finalize these 4 characters (Finishes + other animations) within another mission. Following this second mission, the winner will be asked to create the 20 other characters (similar animations ...

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    Rédigez des articles S'est terminé left

    J'aurai besoin d'articles pour un site dans un premier temps, au rythme de 1 par jour peut être. Avant de proposer un projet sur le long terme, j...génération de GPU pascal de Nvidia - Un comparatif (700-900 mots) entre les antivirus payants tels que bitdefender, norton, kaspersky, mcafee et notamment entre les différentes versions : internet security, total security. - Un ordinateur de nouvelle génération : ARCHER (400-500 mots) - article au choix (400-500 mots) , soumettez moi une ou 2 idées que j'approuve. Quelques sources : Destination : le site

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    We are looking for a 3d artist for a blockchain game. We need a minimum of 3-5 characters (Archer, Knight....) Can you please send over your portfolio? Thanks

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    1) shoot - the archer raises up his bow and fires an arrow. In addition should be an animation of flying arrow. 2) attack - the archer takes out a knife and uses it. 3) hit - the archer got hit (by an enemy arrow or by an enemy sword). For example: he makes a step back 4) walk - the archer just walks forward 5) death - the archer killed by enemies. The last frame of the animation will remain on the battlefield as a static image.

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    1) shoot - the archer raises up his bow and fires an arrow. In addition should be an animation of flying arrow. 2) attack - the archer takes out a knife and uses it. 3) hit - the archer got hit (by an enemy arrow or by an enemy sword). For example: he makes a step back 4) walk - the archer just walks forward 5) death - the archer killed by enemies. The last frame of the animation will remain on the battlefield as a static image.

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    Trophy icon Help design pieces for a board game S'est terminé left

    I HAVE CHOSEN THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST BUT SINCE I CAN NOT CHANGE THE DURATION OF THE CONTEST, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, IT IS STILL GOING. I WILL BE GLAD TO PAY ANY ARTIST WORKING ON THE PROJECT THE FULL PRIZE IF THEY SUBMIT THE ART...marked in black. The pieces Each pieces is fairly small, so the graphic must fit within and be visible in such a small space. I've chosen the smallest of the pieces to use in this contest because I believe they will be most difficult. You can see the shape of the piece in the image below. Its dimensions are 0.875 inches by 0.5 inches. The two pieces that will be put into small area are a chariot archer and a swordsman or something that represents them. I can't wait to see the many types of art styles implemented for this project and look forward ...

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    animation loop and cover art loop S'est terminé left

    Hello i am posting this project for a a single i am going to drop real soon the song is called Miami Bop. I need someone to create 10 second animation loop and and cover art in less then 12 hours. It will be in the style of archer vice style cartoon for mor details message me

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    ...draw: Archer You can find similar animation from LWM in the folder "Archer animation example". You need to do 3 animations: 1. inaction_cycle - this is a cycle character animation at rest. The character just standing and swaying slightly. Example: "Heroes V animation example/". 2. inaction1 - this is a single action animation at rest. Goal: to make characters standing on the battlefield less boring. Example: "Archer animation example/". In LWM inaction1 is raising the bow up, inaction2 is swaying the bow slightly. But it's better to make animation a little different (not like a copy of LWM animation). 3. inaction2 - this is another single action at rest. Every 2 seconds inaction1 or inaction2 activates for one character on ...

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    Project for ZAWN Tech S'est terminé left

    Hi How are you? I would like the creation of an nft game website, of the kind: only the creation of a website for NFT Game, included the drawings with 6 male and female characters from the following factions each: - Berseker - Ranger / Rogue - Paladin / Warrior - Archer / Hunter - Elementalist - Mage / Druid And also the aesthetic representation of the Whitepaper Can you do that and if so, more information please. Greeting

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    Logo design for a Fitness brand S'est terminé left

    We need a logo for a sports performance/fitness brand. We would prefer a circular logo with an actual heartbeat (P-wave, QRS complex, T-wave) and the Letters A and P incorporated. Open to different designs with the name Archer Performance. Black and White Logo Text Archer Performance Training & Fitness

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    I would need 51 graphic cards in 4k high quality and 9x graphics in the form of looped character animation with no background 2-3 seconds.... slight mage hand movement, wavy hair, character animations: Race: HUMAN - 3x classes Classes are: Warrior, Archer, Mage/Witcher. We would like to complete the whole project in 2 - 3 months. We only review offers with link to portfolio

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    New Logo S'est terminé left

    We are a woman fashion company and we need a new logo. Our Brand is OKÇU. It means Archer in Turkish. We already have a logo but want to renew it with futuristic modern look. At the attachment you can find the old one.

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    Develop powershell S'est terminé left

    Summary: develop a new PowerShell script in that creates users in DEV using the web services API CreateUserEx method (to create the user), follow...last_name, ISNULL(email,'') email, ISNULL(title,'') title FROM usr_staging s WHERE acct_status=1 AND NOT EXISTS( SELECT * FROM tbluser u WHERE u.user_username = ) ORDER BY ; Source data connection: $InstanceName = server******,1888 $DatabaseName = 'Archi’' $UserName = 'Archi' $Password = '[to be sent separately Target Archer Instance name: ArcherDEV Target Archer username: api_users (will send PW separately) Field mapping: SQL Field Archer Field API Method first_name firstName CreateUserEx last_name lastName CreateUserEx title title CreateUserEx username userName UpdateUse...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can perform the upgrade for RSA Archer to the latest version 6.9 SP2. After the upgrade, there is another task of customization that can be discussed as well.

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    Apparel & logo design S'est terminé left

    Brand Logo: 91 Archer Apparel design one: purple heart (ribbon/medal) with prominent black figures, who were assassinated as gold center/ head i.e. Malcolm X, MLK, Hampton, Medgar Evans

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    Business Plan S'est terminé left

    Stone Archer Entertainment is a Production Company for movies and TV shows, and we need business plan.

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    provide a cartoon S'est terminé left

    archer shoot arrows at a person. two guys peeping from under a rock watching what they caused.

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    Trophy icon Recreate Logo S'est terminé left

    This is our concept for a logo. Your work must contain an archer woman, but the mission is to achieve a better line design of the logo. The logo must be visible and perceptible even on white background with a small size. you are free to edit anything but color and concept should remain the same, we are searching for better lines and overall design improvements. Please feel free to ask questions . Lines, hair style, arrow thickness needs adjustment but there are more details which might need making changes but I trust your designing views Please don't hesitate to ask questions and feel free to make it energetic, creative and easy to perceive as well as remember Please upload logo in white background This is website we are trying to make a new logo. -

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    Need Branding done on 12 forms S'est terminé left

    Hi There, We are relaunching a business and need all forms, letters etc to be rebranded to reflect new brand colours and fonts etc. Need the forms redesigned as well. New Website : Thanks Gee

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    Communication S'est terminé left

    I have a home security system Which has 4 camera and 1 sensor each one has a different IP number so total 5 IP All connected by Ethernet cable to a 4G router TP link Archer M200 then to relay all Data to my home computer

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    Twitch channel assets Logo/Emotes S'est terminé left

    Hi. I’m looking for someone to design a logo for my twitch channel brand. I am looking for a character of myself in the Art style from the Archer TV show. Primarily want logo for now and next would be emotes/other assets for the channel. Thanks

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    Powershell S'est terminé left

    update the Azure AD powershell script to write directly to a table in the DB instead of a csv file. Write to: *****B01 (server) / Archer (DB) / usr_***(table) DB account (local SQL account) name: Archer PW: to be sent separately $tenantID = "f*££££-3afe-4e75-b934-a47f782b8cd7" $ApplicationClientID = "1f1d7bc3-0e15-4206-8e06-7fa4e2b35a32" $ClientSecret = "FM9P53ckBqpn~~E5~Q~3L35N2qdj.44UED" $graphUrl = "" $tokenEndpoint = "$tenantID/oauth2/token" $tokenHeaders = @{ "Content-Type" = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"; } $tokenBody = @{ "grant_type" = "client_credentials"; "client_id" = "$ApplicationClientID"; "client_...

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    3d dragon logo S'est terminé left

    3d dragon about fly with wings open. Archer sitting on the dragon. Dragon should be kids friendly. Image for reference only. Dargon should me kids friendly. Please send your portfolio.

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    Roblox Game Scripting S'est terminé left

    ...ui scripting are partially finished. I just need you to finished scripting the rest of it. What needs to be scripted: 1. Rarity item giver to auto insert won items to players inventory on boss win and daily rewards. Also needs item level/ item ranking system per weapon/ armor.(Partially scripted.) 2. NPC/ Bosses need to be scripted.(some partially scripted.) 3. Three class system Warrior, Mage, Archer(Partially scripted.) 4. Armor/ Weapon equip on player(partially scripted) Also they need to be inserted to main game from test game. 5. Weapon/armor upgrading/ downgrading system 6. Armor/weapon cosmetics and trails 7. Player leveling system(partially scripted) and Trading system 8. Chest spawn -player loads into lobby and unique chest spawns into lobby with player. 9. Transfer/ s...

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    Characters for side animations to promote story. I need 2D character design rotations, expression sheets, and phonemes. Starting 3 characters. Think Zombie land movie/Archer cartoon to get an idea of project content. Potential for ling term relationship as product is rolled out

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    Archer Pet Resort Status S'est terminé left

    HI Pramendra, I work with Mimi & Kurtis and wanted to check the status of Archer Pet Resort. I am still getting popups on my screen and it's directing me to other sites. Can you give me status? Need to load security software on the Word Press as well

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    Hello. I have two games that haven't been released yet. First game; It's simple adventure game. There are very basic images. They need to be redesigned (vectorial drawing, changing color etc.). But they should be the same height, width. they should fit. Should not overflow. You won't develop game, you will only redesign the images. Second game; It's simple archer game. There are very basic images. They need to be redesigned (vectorial drawing, changing color etc.). But they should be the same height, width. they should fit. Should not overflow. You won't develop game, you will only redesign the images. Note : Most pictures are like a man's hand gesture or the movement of one leg.

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    Illustration (Archer Style) S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an illustrator to create an image based on the concept attached, using the "Archer style" (also attached). The editable image should be at least 3840px X 2160px. I will need the original editable file (PSD, AI, or whatever software used), and the file exported to PNG and PDF. NOTE: Please submit a very simple PNG drawing of the character showing you can deliver the Archer Style.

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    Trophy icon Company brand development S'est terminé left

    We are a young and dynamic bricklaying company, working predominantly in the residential space. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, our professionalism and the strong relationships we have with our clients. We are seeking ...looks modern and professional. We want to be able to use the logo in a 'lock up' style with the logo and company name either below or beside it, and we want to be able to use the logo on it's own as well. I have attached a copy of our current logo, and we are seeking something that looks a bit more polished and bespoke. Our business is called Nine Arrows Construction, so the use of an arrow or an archer may be suitable. Our preferred colours are black, a steel blue #6E9AAD, a teal green #0BABB2, and cream #E1DBD5 however we are open ...

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    Setting CyberGhost VPN on Tp-link Archer A10 Router

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    centaur kid archer 3d project S'est terminé left

    Hello, i need a 3d for a centaur kid archer. Only instead of an arrow the kid shoots a pencil. The 3d can be exported in formats such as skp, dwg, or 3ds. Preferably skp. See the image attached. the 3d doesn't have to be high poly.

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    Grpahic Designer / logo S'est terminé left

    Hey - I am part of a club that does an annual beer pong tournament. I'd like to make championship jackets (satin bomber jacket style) and I am looking for someone to design the back. Great if "CHAMPION" is across the top and then the design, something involved with beer pong and an archer. Let me know if interested!

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    Trophy icon International registry of archery horses S'est terminé left

    We’d like a logo that feels global/international/worldly and also ties in an image of either an archer on a horse or both a horse and a horsebow (traditional archery bow). It’s important to bring together all three elements (horse, archery, global), even if in a more abstract way, into this logo.

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    Hi Vignesh! Please complete the work we discussed using this project. I need drawings that show the measurements of each spoon and the stand. That includes the thickness (in mm) of the different parts of the spoons and the accurate unit of measure capacity for each spoon. Please let me know if you have questions! Krystal Archer

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    English Essay S'est terminé left

    ...organizing, writing, and revising. However, instead of relying entirely on yourself for ideas, you use other sources to help you develop your ideas and support your arguments.  Nonetheless, it is your paper, and your voice should be in control. Avoid the temptation to pile up quotes; sources should clearly support your idea. To help you with your research, Kate Cushon, a librarian at the John Archer Library, has offered to create video tutorials which I will post to UR Courses. You may of course use Google to help you with your research, but you will also be expected to use the library resources (on-line). NOTE: You must use at least five sources; a minimum of three of these will consist of newspaper or magazine articles, essays published in scholarly journals, or books...

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    Project for Katharine Archer K. S'est terminé left

    Hi Katharine Archer K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    €13 - €13 / hr
    €13 - €13 / hr
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    Seeking to create a 2-D manga style or Archer-like animation for a music video. The song is about being in an electric chair on death row. Most of it will take place in the execution room, and will be stationary, so not overly complicated. Roughly 5 minutes long but like I said, most of it will essentially be a loop until the end. The singer/character will be in an electric chair and in the room will be Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Mohamed Bin Salman, Kim Jung Un, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton (wearing a dress) off to the side. The female singer of the song will be standing behind a plexiglass behind the chair. Towards the end of the song the main character/singer gets electrocuted and little Chinese doctors rush in and harvest his organs. Once executed/electrocuted, Bill throws...

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    I need a logo designed for a barber shop window and signage so will need to be in vector.

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    Custom art -- 2 S'est terminé left

    We are looking for someone who can make us a custom print like the one attached. It should be an archer with a bow and an arrow riding on a deer. It should be a harmonious picture and have a friendly vibe (no hint of violence, war etc.).

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    Trophy icon Fantasy Character Artwork S'est terminé left

    Choose one of the characters listed below and create a digital artwork (Think Dungeons & Dragons/Lord of the Rings/Magic the Gathering art) Final deliverable should be a psd with the character and background on separate layers or as separate jpg/png images. Please also include your best offer if you are not the winner as I will be needing multiple characters and am hoping to find a few artists I can work with on a contract basis. Character Options: Elven Scout/Archer (using bow) Elven Blademaster (using sword or swords) Dwarven Smith (using hammer or warhammer) Dwarven Bezerker (using axe or axes) Halfling Locksmith (using dagger) Halfling Assassin (using crossbow) Human Mage (using staff) Human Cleric (using staff) Human Knight (using sword and shield or spe...

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    Project for Ashraful Alam L. S'est terminé left

    Hi Lipu! As per our discussion, I need a business card. The card should be oriented in portrait mode (as opposed to landscape). It should be black and should use my logo - the logo you used on the previous project. It should include my name (Krystal Archer), title (Account Manager), Company Name (Resolute355, LLC) and email address (Resolute355@).

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    Hello, we have a still PNG image of a logo (Transparent Background). In this logo we have an archer, we would like to animate the archer releasing the arrow into the word Senior which will break apart as the arrow passes through it. Would like to see at least 2 or 3 variations of this

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    login page S'est terminé left

    develop RSA Archer login page, the application we have to work with is .net. same attachment

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    Archer mechanic patches S'est terminé left

    Looking to make a graphic into a patch to put onto a jacket. One smaller patch on the front chest and a bigger logo on the back. ARCHER & co California, USA Serving the community since 1978 Royal blue/black/white/ grey outline This is the lines of the idea I want.

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    Trophy icon New logo for Archer S'est terminé left

    I have a client that is a public adjuster that needs an updated logo. I'm building a new site called I'm attaching the existing logo. Need to see if we can do better. Use the logo I've attached for inspiration.

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    Design me a brilliant logo! S'est terminé left

    Way From Neptune Entertainment LLC is a startup that produces animated series. I need a brilliant logo. Let the terms "way," "from," and "Neptune" HEAVILY influence your design. Keep in mind, my startup is in the ANIMATED SERIES industry, so di...startup that produces animated series. I need a brilliant logo. Let the terms "way," "from," and "Neptune" HEAVILY influence your design. Keep in mind, my startup is in the ANIMATED SERIES industry, so dig deep with your knowledge of what makes animated media special, unique, and memorable. The series we'll be making aren't marketed or geared towards children. Think American Dad, Rick And Morty, Archer, etc. I've included one prototype image. Draw inspirati...

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    Hiring job for "Archer Level 1"

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    Trophy icon modem image / icon design on webpage S'est terminé left

    My company sells modems/routers ...just the real image of the modem would look better? Or would the real image of the modem plus a border traced around the image? I would like to see what you can come up with. Below are the new modems, obviously you don't need to do them all, just a few to get an idea how it will look on the page. Thanks ----modems--- TPLink Deco X60(3-pack) TPLink Archer AX11000 TPLink Archer AX6000 TPLink Archer AX50 TPLink Archer AX10 TPLink Archer VR600 Netgear RAX200 Netgear RAX120 Netgear RAX80 Netgear Mesh MK63 (3 Pack) Netgear XR700 Netgear XR500 Netgear D7800 ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) (2 pack) ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 ASUS RT-AX88U ASUS DSL-AC88U ASUS RT-AX3000 ASUS DSL-AC55U TPLink RE505X (Range Extender) nVidia S...

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    Creation of 3d model: Level 3 Archer.

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