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    ...communiquerai dès notre prise de contact. De préférence, une personne qui aime les documentaires et les séries. Maîtrise de Word et son correcteur grammatical indispensables. Pour la candidature, merci de traduire en français les sous-titres suivants : Extrait 1 : American Patriot missiles during that Gulf War were firing back trying to intercept the Iraqi rockets. I've seen how technology plays an important role. It's been that way throughout history. Extrait 2 : It's springtime. Everything is blooming, the days are getting longer, and a long-planned and highly anticipated trip awaits us. It's a trip to the much-beloved Mediterranean Sea. Extrait 3 : One company has revolutionized the pizza industry by d...

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    30 offres son correcteur grammatical indispensables. Avant de s'attaquer au projet, il y aura un test à effectuer sur un court extrait vidéo. Le projet ne sera donc pas immédiat. Et pour la candidature, merci de traduire en français les sous-titres suivants : extrait 1 : American Patriot missiles during that Gulf War were firing back trying to intercept the Iraqi rockets. I've seen how technology plays an important role. It's been that way throughout history. Extrait 2 : It's springtime. Everything is blooming, the days are getting longer, and a long-planned and highly anticipated trip awaits us. It's a trip to the much-beloved Mediterranean Sea. Extrait 3 : One company has revolutionized the pizza industry by deliverin...

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    Nous avons crée une application grâce à l'API de HOVER, mais la mise en ligne sur google plays store nous pose problème nous avons tout essayé sans suite si vous capable de nous aider on verra comment maitre le code source a votre disposition si des modifications sont nécessaire ou une inspection avant publication et vous nous décrirez quoi faire pour mettre en ligne l'application Merci Voila le retour en continue des services de Google paly console. Bonjour les développeurs de l'agence Ornoir, Merci d'avoir contacté l'équipe Google Play à propos de votre application Quick fix, com.ornoiragency.quickfix. État de publication État de publication: Rejeté Apr&egr...

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    ...description…) ​Créer, éditer, publier et partager du contenu engageant (texte original, photos, videos, actualités) sur les différents medias sociaux des artistes. Dialoguer avec les fans, répondre rapidement à leurs questions, animer les débats, créer des événements (tchats, concours…). Assurer la visibilité des artistes par la création de groupes ou de contenus viraux sur des sites tels que Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, Youtube… Réaliser des actions web marketing pour développer la notoriété des artistes et augmenter leur nombre de fans. Etablir des statistiques hebdomadaires (nbre de visites, popularité, taux de conversion…) e...

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    Enhance iMac Video Overlay App 6 jours left

    I'm seeking a developer to update my overlay app that plays on an iMac and displays in front of screens in front of my treadmills. This application overlays on a video, takes inputs via Excel and displays three speeds, one incline, and three distances. There's also a countdown clock. I attached a picture of how the app looks. I'd like to keep what's on that screen, but add a new column that says "high incline" with an incline and speed listed below (that will also fill from the Excel sheet). Specific additions to be made are: * An extra incline * Additional speed These additions need to be: * Placed on the same screen as the existing features * User input method for these adjustments is open for discussion as my initial preference was not selected. ...

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    For those who want to make a logo design, it can also be cheap Title: The Art and Impact of Logo Design In the dynamic world of branding, logo design plays a pivotal role in shaping the identity and perception of a business. A well-crafted logo serves as a visual ambassador, conveying the essence of a brand in a concise and memorable way. ### Importance of Logo Design 1. **First Impressions Matter:** A logo is often the first interaction a potential customer has with a brand. It should encapsulate the company's values and personality, leaving a lasting positive impression. 2. **Brand Recognition:** A unique and distinctive logo helps in creating brand recognition. Think of iconic logos like Apple or Nike – instantly recognizable symbols that have become synonymous wi...

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    I'm in need of a highly capable developer for an E-commerce website for amazon affiliation . Essential Requirements: - Ability to integrate a product review and rating feature, as it plays a crucial role in decision-making for my incoming customers. Ideal Skills: - Understanding of the shopping behaviours and interests of adults (18-40), as they're the primary target audience. - Strong experience with e-commerce website design and functionality, keeping in mind that user interface should be suitable for adults (18-40). I am looking forward to connect with a professional who can craft a website tailored to this demographic, implementing the latest and most effective E-commerce strategies. Please share your portfolio of similar projects when bidding.

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    We are currently seeking a skilled Fashion Model to collaborate with Listen2It on a project basis. We are looking for someone who can deliver a 2-minute uninterrupted English speech in 1080p resolution. About Listen2It: Listen2It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Text-to-Speech tool. In an era where the audio industry is experiencing significant growth, Listen2It plays a crucial role in assisting businesses in expanding their audience reach and targeting new demographics. Further details like guidelines to shoot, script, and other terms will be discussed in the contract agreement.

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    I'm looking for someone who can build an operating system that will control resistance applied to a manual brake for an axle. I want initial validation from a pressure mat system where presence/absence detection plays a fundamental role. Ideally, I need it configured for two primary actions: 1. Presence Detection: When a person steps on the mat, it should activate a mechanism permitting the operation of a machine. 2. Operation Mechanism: This operation should involve the client pushing a button and controlling a linear actuator with a potentiometer, providing an interactive user experience. In addition to these elements, a push pull safety stop button should be integrated with the system ensuring instant halt of all operations for trails of added safety. The system should a...

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    I'm in need of a talented illustrator who can add vibrancy to my children's book, aimed at 6 to 12-year-olds. I'm after someone who can create captivating words. The project covers 20 to 40 pages requiring unique, fun, engaging, and age-appropriate designs. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in cartoon-style illustrations - Prior experience with children's books, particularly for the 6-12 age group. Old English Royal scenes mixed with family camping scenes. - Ability to deliver high-quality work within a set timeframe Your role not only plays a significant part in the success of this book but also holds a special place in fostering a love for reading among young children. If you are passionate about creating memorable reading experien...

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    As we stride towards expanding our real estate business footprint, we recognize the pivotal role that cold calling plays in not only generating valuable leads but also in scheduling pivotal appointments and onboarding clients. Our campaign is laser-focused on both residential and commercial properties, aiming to bridge the gap between potential clients and our real estate solution And we will pay commission of 30 percent what client will pay us **Key Objectives:** - To effectively schedule appointments with potential clients, thereby introducing them to our diverse portfolio that caters to both residential and commercial real estate needs. - Work towards creating a robust pipeline of leads through engaging conversations that highlight the benefits of our services. **Ideal Skills a...

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    Dynamics 365 Modal Enhancement 2 jours left

    I'm seeking assistance to refine a TypeScript file that plays a crucial role within our Dynamics 365 environment. This file is linked to a button in the Command Bar. Upon engagement, it accomplishes a series of tasks designed to enhance our user interaction by providing context-specific information. Here's a breakdown of what I need: - **Core Functionality Update:** - The script should verify the state (true/false) of a specified record column. - Upon verification, it will trigger a modal pop-up. - This modal will host a message alongside a singular actionable button. - **Modal Purpose:** - The primary function of this modal is to furnish users with additional information or guidance. It should offer clarity on what the next steps could be or provide relevant...

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    WEB DEVLOPER 2 jours left

    The aim of All About Auto is to create a car dealership and informative website. It focuses on a car dealership that specializes in the buying and selling of second-hand cars while also offering comprehensive information about new car models, their features, and financing options...specifications, performance metrics, and technological innovations of new models. Additionally, the dealership provides tailored financing solutions to accommodate various budgetary constraints, enhancing accessibility to the world of automobiles. An EMI calculator for better understanding about a car and the customers financial planning as well for better convenience. In this way, the dealership plays a vital role in connecting car enthusiasts with their preferred vehicles and supporting their automotive...

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    Draft Site Plan for Permit 2 jours left

    ...moving forward with my project, and precision is paramount. Here's what I need: 4 SHEETS TOTAL ECPR 1 , ECPR2, ECPR3, AND ECPR4 - **Convert a PDF to CAD:** The current site plan is in PDF format. I need this accurately translated into a CAD file, ensuring no detail is overlooked. - **Precision is Key:** It is essential that the CAD drawing includes exact dimensions. Every measurement on the plan plays a significant role in the application process. - **Simplicity Over Complexity:** Despite requiring precise measurements, there are no specific design guidelines or regulations that the drawing must adhere to. The focus is on clarity and accuracy to support the permit application. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in CAD software, with a portfolio demonstrating ...

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    Trophy icon "One More World" Logo Design 2 jours left

    ... If it took you less than 1 hour to make the logo, you have not put enough detail in it. Overview: "One More World" is a prominent fictional company operating within the expansive universe of a sci-fi game. Renowned for its expertise in responding to planetary distress calls, the company dispatches skilled agents (players) to various planets to tackle diverse missions and challenges. The logo plays a crucial role in representing the company's identity, values, and adventurous spirit. The logo will be used throughout the game as well as the game's logo. It should be versatile, with elements that can be used for the game icon (square) as well as on marketing material. Attached are screenshots of the game. Objectives: Develop a distinctive and memorable log...

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    I'm seeking a talented and experienced videographer to create a 3-5 minute video of my volleyball team, which consists of 9-10, 12-year-old girls. I want this video to be a true reflection and showcase of their skills and progress. It should effectively promote us by focusing on: - Winning shots - Teamwork plays Though this video should primarily highlight our best moments on the court, it should also create a positive, energetic vibe. For this, I prefer an upbeat and energetic soundtrack to accompany the visuals. Audio mixing skills would be beneficial for this task. Please ensure you have experience in sports videography, as capturing the essence of the game and the team's spirit is crucial. Familiarity with young athletes and their dynamics would make you an ideal ...

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    ...scratch will be highly appreciated. Familiarity with player development systems and sports statistics, and an understanding of sports league operational structures, would also be major pluses. Game idea is inspired from Basketball, helping a solo player enjoy high scoring games with lots of stats. This is simplifying the basketball game into randomly selected 1 vs 1 matchups based on how many plays a team plans on playing each starter. Players choose based on a hidden stat and player planning, what zone they want to enter and potentially shoot from. Defense has the disadvantage the whole way allowing for high scoring games. Zones are used to create a variety in stats, points scored, and potential strategy. Simple equations are used from stat numbers to equate a solution and th...

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    ...videos on a predefined schedule, but ability to bypass schedule and have random videos videos play without the schedule. I do not need an admin panel. That would be nice tho if you could create admin panel. But a file is fine. So i want to make a tv channel that plays videos at scheduled times. In script, i should be able to put a video url in for either mp4, YouTube, etc and have a time / day / am / pm to play the video url. I also want you to include a on and off enable disable feature to play video urls randomly where script plays random videos we can do it via rss or list of video urls with titles. I dont have jw player not sure if you got open source player but i want my logo to appear on video player. To build this script, significant experience in script de...

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    Modern Reception Area Design S'est terminé left

    ...provided. Key aspects of the project: - The design must be in a modern style, reflecting a progressive outlook. - The primary use of the design is for interior decoration. - Dimensions to be catered for are: one wall being 263 cm in length by 544 cm in width, and the other wall being 263 cm in length by 190 cm in width. - My logo (#3) needs to be prominently integrated into the design as it plays a key role in our brand identity. - For inspiration and stylistic guidance, please refer to images #1. #2 my reciption pic Ideal candidates should have: - Strong design skills and a portfolio featuring modern interior designs. - Experience in designing reception areas or similar spaces. - Proficiency in handling logo integration within overall designs. - The ability to work with sp...

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    ...- **Key Responsibilities**: - provide creative content for the website that shall include Case Studies, Power Plays Blog, Diplomatic Diaries, Power Dynamics Quiz, Cultural Sensitivity Assessment. - Regularly craft and fine-tune engaging content that reinforces our brand's message. - Develop a content calendar synchronized with our lead generation goals. - Analyze performance metrics to optimize the content strategy for maximum engagement and conversion. • Case Studies: Showcase real-life transformations of clients who mastered power dynamics and achieved success. Highlight challenges overcome, strategies implemented, and quantifiable results. (provide 2 cases) • Power Plays Blog: Unveil the hidden dance of power in business dealings. Offer insights in...

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    "3v3 Basketball Club SWOT Analysis" S'est terminé left

    As a 3v3 basketball club holder operating across all skill levels, I am looking for a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This analysis is primarily aimed at enhancing the fun league plays against other teams that we host. Skills and Experience required: - Deep understanding of basketball operations. - Knowledge of both professional and local level league structures. - Experience in SWOT analysis, preferably in the sports industry. - Ability to analyze potential for growth, identify potential threats and offer strategic solutions. Work Deliverables: - Identification of our strengths and how to leverage them. - Analysis of weaknesses and how we might overcome them. - Exploration of opportunities for expansion or growth. - Assessment of thr...

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    Surreal Musical Album Art S'est terminé left

    I am making a music album for a fake game, so I am looking for mock concept art. I can send specific characters and their designs if this sounds interesting to you. I am hoping for about 5 different concept art "pages" mainly different sketches and some "final" character/environment drawings. Some characters are as follows: - A living saxophone that plays the saxophone named Sam (This is the main drawing) - An almost goblin looking mechanic - A small ghostly violinist playing on top of a rusted possessed suit of knight's armor - A hulking club bouncer with a comically small head - A very kind looking yeti who is offering a slushie Some environments sketches would be: - A nightclub bathroom with a giant hole in the floor blocked off by "VIP only&...

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    AR Experience Development S'est terminé left

    I need simple AR that model plays animation with song. Just trying so synch up and audio file with 3d animation a webpage with an image once user clicks it it will trigger AR mode and play the animation with sound once AR (quicklook) etc is placed I need simple basic one. Only expert, please

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    ...high-quality footage focusing on individual players. - Own professional video recording equipment suitable for sports events. - Ability to attend designated cricket events to record the necessary footage. **Project Scope:** - You will be filming at specified cricket events where I need particular focus on selected players. - The primary goal is to create player highlight videos, capturing key moments, plays, and skills of specific players. - You will work closely with me to understand which players to focus on during the events. **Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in sports videography, with a portfolio showcasing previous work. - Proficient in using video editing software to create compelling highlight reels. - Excellent communication skills to coordinate on event d...

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    I will be running a mining graphite project, it will be the first modern mining project in the country (Sri Lanka). Graphite is a critical and strategic mineral. Power plays associated are with China. I want to present this project and inform potentials investors with an analysis on the risks around this ( sovereign risk and foreign exchange risk specifically) Mostly a 3/4 pages of a comparative analysis at a high level with a jurisdiction that investors are comfortable with but that still has high risk. I’m thinking a comparative analysis between Sri Lanka and a gold abundant African state or South America. IT NEEDS TO FOCUS ON WHY SRI LANKA SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS A PLACE FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENT.!!! some readings I would suggest you to go trough are: -

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    Spiritual Drama Stage Play Creation S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking an experienced stage play writer to create a compelling drama centered around the theme of spirituality. The play should run for a duration of 1-2 hours. Ideal Skills Experience/Duties: - Proven experience in writing stage plays, preferably drama - Ability to depict spiritual themes in an engaging and respectful way - Craft a storyline that can be executed within a medium duration of 1-2 hours - Creativity in dialogues and scene progression - Capacity to inject depth and substance into the characters and plot. Your understanding of spiritual themes and ability to bring them to life on stage will greatly impact the success of this project.

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    I'm in search of a meticulous and highly skilled Quality Assurance freelancer who can embark on a comprehensive testing journey for my mobile app. This project involves three core types of testing: Functional, Performance, and Security. Each of these plays a crucial role in ensuring that the app is robust, efficient, and secure for users across various segments. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mobile app development principles and testing methodologies. - Experienced in Functional Testing to validate the app's operations against defined requirements. - Adept at Performance Testing to ensure the app's responsiveness, stability, and scalability under load. - Skilled in Security Testing to identify vulnerabilities and protect against threats. - Familia...

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    ...from the package highlight the unique and natural ingredients of each. Usage Examples: 3D animated characters use the protein powder in various sweet recipes: making a smoothie, adding it to oatmeal, or even perhaps in baking a chocolate cake. Each scene demonstrates the flavor and ease of use of the product. Motivational Elements: During the usage scenes, an energetic and motivational music plays in the background. The happiness and energy of the characters consuming the food are palpable. Conclusion: The product package is depicted as a symbol of a happy and healthy lifestyle. On-screen, the product name and key slogans are prominently displayed. The advertisement emphasizes the power and allure of the fitness product. I want to prepare a video for powdered drink (protein p...

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    ...Speed: The system needs to be faster and more reliable, delivering superior performance to our users. Demonstrated experience with optimizing web-based systems is valued. - Additional Functionality: Here's an opportunity to demonstrate your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. We need fresh, user-friendly functionalities to serve our users better. - Management Dashboard Creation: This plays a crucial role, designed to monitor system activities. With a particular focus on user activity, this dashboard should provide me real-time insights into what users are doing on the system. In summary, I need a professional with a proven track record in PHP Storm, system optimization, and dashboard creation. Anyone with a knack for creating user-friendly interfaces will be a...

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    xbox123455 S'est terminé left

    I've encountered a persistent issue with my gaming setup, primarily caused by a virus/malware infection that's significantly impacting its performance. Looking for a skilled individual to address a...and resolve this problem to restore optimal gaming experience. **Specifics of the Task:** - Identify and remove all forms of malware and viruses present. - Optimize the system to prevent future infections, ensuring a secure environment. - Conduct a thorough performance check post-cleanup to verify the issue has been fully resolved. The system in question is a part of my gaming setup, which plays a crucial role in both my leisure time and content creation endeavors. As such, ensuring its swift and effective repair is of the utmost importance to me. i want to fix my Xbox ...

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    ML model Hangman S'est terminé left

    Instruction: When a user plays Hangman, the server first selects a secret word at random from a list. The server then returns a row of underscores (space separated)—one for each letter in the secret word—and asks the user to guess a letter. If the user guesses a letter that is in the word, the word is redisplayed with all instances of that letter shown in the correct positions, along with any letters correctly guessed on previous turns. If the letter does not appear in the word, the user is charged with an incorrect guess. The user keeps guessing letters until either (1) the user has correctly guessed all the letters in the word or (2) the user has made six incorrect guesses. You are required to write a "guess" function that takes current word (with underscore...

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    Google Sheets Data Entry S'est terminé left

    I am currently seeking a skilled freelancer who is familiar with Google Sheets to assist with a data entry task. The freelancer will copy and paste detail to ensure accuracy. - Familiarity with basic data functions in Google Sheets, although the main task is data entry, having this knowledge is a plus. - A good communicator who can follow instructions precisely and propose any necessary adjustments to improve data organization. This project is ideal for someone who has a keen eye for detail. Timeliness and accuracy are key, as the data plays a critical role in our ongoing project. If you believe you have the skills and experience needed, please submit your proposal. Here is the link:

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    I'm in need of a talented individual with extensive experience in design. This project revolves around modifying an existing intake manifold to fit a larger charge cooler. Key tasks will include: - Expanding the overall size of the 3D model based on provided scan. - Adding mounting points for charge cooler. Ideal candidates should: - Have a strong background in 3D modelling, specifically in SolidWorks. - Understand the role an automotive intake manifold plays in a vehicle's performance. - Provide examples of past work, especially those involving vehicle part modifications. Please ensure your application includes past projects you've worked on, and highlight your experience in similar automotive design projects. I look forward to an efficient and ...

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    I am in the process of updating a crucial component of my website—specifically, a PHP 5.6 page that plays a significant role in the overarching functionality of my site. This page is intended to be seamlessly integrated into my existing website, which serves a diverse array of user needs. Given the critical nature of this page, it is paramount that its transition to PHP 8.2 does not compromise its functionality or the user experience. **Key Requirements:** - **PHP Version Upgrade:** The core requirement is to transition the existing page from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.2. This includes ensuring that all deprecated functions are replaced with their newer counterparts, and any potential compatibility issues are resolved. - **Functionality Preservation:** The page currently supports use...

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    Gaming Montage S'est terminé left

    ... - **Style and Tone**: The desired style for this video is cinematic. I'm looking for someone who can bring a sense of grandeur and storytelling to gameplay footage, making viewers feel like they're watching a movie trailer rather than just a series of game clips. - **Special Effects and Transitions**: - **Slow Motion Effects**: Integral for dramatizing key moments and showcasing impactful plays. - **Custom Transitions**: To ensure the video flows seamlessly from one scene to the next, tailored transitions that align with the video's overall aesthetic are a must. - **Color Grading**: I want the montage to have a distinct visual tone that elevates the footage and ties it all together. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in video editing softwar...

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    Network Protocols Visualization S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to create detailed diagrams for four key network protocols: UDP, TCP, RPC, and RTP. Each protocol plays a crucial role in the communication and functionality of network components. The diagrams should serve multiple purposes: illustrating the communication pathways within networks, visualizing data flow between protocols, and demonstrating the unique functionalities of each protocol. **Requirements:** - Create 3 sets of diagrams for each protocol, totaling 12 diagrams. - Each diagram should convey intermediate detail, incorporating technical specifications relevant to each protocol's operation and interaction within a network. - A distinct color scheme should be used for each protocol to facilitate easy differentiation and understanding. T...

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    Branding Logo for Web Identity ASAP S'est terminé left

    ...on a website, on social media, on internet listings, on paper, on business cards and on promotional materials of all kinds. The setting and character of the business is key in creating something that reflects the business and attracts the right cutomer base. An outline of the business is as follows: Holiday cottages in rural France - in an area where tourism is not the primary industry but it plays a significant part, so although the main profile of our clients is holiday makers in the hot season we do also attract local businesses out of season. Our website is (please only contact me though freelancer) We are situated in Charente (16) a departement in West France, just north of Bordeaux. (not by the sea). The local industry centres around the production

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with experience in structural engineering and proficiency in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to conduct a thorough stability analysis of a simply supported slab. This slab, part of a larger construction project, plays a critical role and thus its integrity is paramount. Below are the specific requirements and expectations for this task: - **Objective**: The primary goal is to ensure the structural stability of a one-way slab, measuring 7m x 1.8m, with a span of 1.8m. The slab incorporates a single layer steel mesh of T12@150mm in each direction and is supported by two beams. Case 1- A concentrated load of 13kN located at the mid-span acting on an area of 100mmx100mm needs to be scrutinized. Case 2- Two concentrated load of 10 KN each at ...

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    Family Support in Quitting Smoking S'est terminé left

    I am seeking to create a comprehensive systematic review focusing on the critical role that family support plays in aiding smoking cessation among adults. This project will explore and analyze how family dynamics and support systems influence the success rates of quitting smoking. My main objective is to synthesize existing literature to provide a deeper understanding of this topic, which will be valuable for professionals in health and social services fields. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Strong research capabilities, particularly in conducting literature reviews - Proficiency in analyzing and synthesizing findings from diverse sources - Background in psychology, public health, or a related field with a good understanding of smoking cessation processes - Experience with ...

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    Construct Safety Oversight S'est terminé left

    I'm on the lookout for an entry-level Safety Officer specialized in the construction industry, tasked with conducting safety inspections on-site to ensure all operations comply with safety regulations and established standards. This vital role plays a crucial part in maintaining a secure and accident-free environment. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Knowledge in construction safety regulations - Attention to detail for thorough inspections - Ability to identify potential risks and enforce corrective measures - Familiarity with construction processes and potential hazards - Effective communication skills for reporting findings **Responsibilities:** - Conduct detailed safety inspections on a regular schedule - Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal safety laws - Id...

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    0 offres services. 2. **Importance of Maintaining a Clean Environment**: Dive into the health, psychological, and economic benefits of cleanliness. 3. **Types of Cleaning Services Offered**: Offer a detailed overview of various services, including residential, commercial, and specialized cleaning. 4. **Conclusion**: Summarize the key points and re-emphasize the critical role that the cleaning industry plays in everyday life. This article must be well-researched, fact-checked, and tailored for an audience considering either acquiring cleaning services or understanding more about the industry. Please provide samples of your previous work that demonstrate your ability to write in this niche. The final submission should be ready within the next 24 hours....

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    I'm looking to establish a website for selling generic medicines, specifically geared towards individual consumers. An integral feature will be the integration of a Stripe payment system. Freelancers with experience in eCommerce website development, particularly in the healthcare sector, are the perfect fit. Additionally, familiarity with Stripe p...development, particularly in the healthcare sector, are the perfect fit. Additionally, familiarity with Stripe payment system integration is vital. Key website functionalities would include: - A user-friendly interface for easy navigation - Secure and efficient Stripe payment system - SEO optimisation for greater visibility Your expertise in UI/UX design, SEO, and secure payment gateway integration plays a crucial role in this pro...

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    Fast-Paced Football Video Editing S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a skilled video editor experienced in editing football videos. The favourable style is high-energy, fast-paced editing that gets the viewer engaged and on edge. The focus should be on: • Highlighting key plays • Emphasizing player highlights You must use rap/hip-hop music that the players like (14 -15 year olds). Expertise in balance between close-ups, wide shots and perspectives, and transitions is essential. This project requires a knack for selecting compelling footage and editing it down to an impressive short reel that not only shows the game's highlights, but also the story of the team's dynamic and star players. Strong storyboard abilities, attention to detail, and a passion for football sports will make the ideal candidate for this pr...

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    Engage & Grow Instagram Presence S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a dedicated and proactive Virtual Assistant to help manage and grow my Instagram account. Given the tasks at hand, I anticipate needing your services for about 5-10 hours a week. Your primary focus will be on community engagement, which plays a crucial role in creating a lively and interactive follower base. **Responsibilities:** - Respond promptly to comments on my posts to foster a welcoming community atmosphere. - Directly message followers to maintain and strengthen follower relationships. - Potential to expand into building relationships with influencers, depending on performance. **Ideal Candidate:** - Previous experience with social media management, especially Instagram. - Strong communication skills and a friendly demeanor. - Ability to maintain a con...

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    Trophy icon Band Logo Creation S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a distinctive modern logo that encapsulates the essence of my band, Dyer Consequences. The website is: The band plays a wide variety of music in a selection of ensemble sizes. I am most interested in promoting my "Extreme Consequences" ensemble which is a 14 piece horn band (5 horns, gtr/bass/drums/piano, 3 singers, 3 aux percussion) that can play classic rock, old school R&B, swing and salsa. The logo should be a vivid representation of our sound, with a hint of shine, capturing the vibrant energy we bring to our music. I'd like the logo to be comparable with other high-dollar bands. There are distressingly many; I need a way to stand out. Requirements: - Strong portfolio in modern logo design - Unde...

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    Connect & Interact App S'est terminé left

    ...seeking a proficient developer to bring my vision for a dynamic social networking app to life. Here's what I'm looking for: is the file the designer started with can you add and can you customize sign up logins when it pop up the app is called 24 hr dreams I want it like they can customize their profiles with they favorite music that plays in background of their profile when someone clicks on it they can go live and swipe left right up and down like TikTok they can put pictures on there profile but want the first picture to be there favorite anime or avatar or AI picture then you swipe to see their real pictures I want like a futuristic feel to it and they will be able to put their favorite movie or tv scene connected to their profile

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    Connect & Groove Social App S'est terminé left

    I'm(deadline-1st-Feb)?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=weLSl9E8HfEraPXQ-1 here is the file the designer started with can you add 3 to 4 pages and can you customize sign up logins when it pop up the app is called 24 hr dreams I want it like they can customize their profiles with they favorite music that plays in background of their profile when someone clicks on it they can go live and swipe left right up and down like TikTok they can put pictures on there profile but want the first picture to be there favorite anime or avatar or AI picture then you swipe to see their real pictures I want like a futuristic feel to it and they will be able to put their favorite movie or tv scene connected to their profile and I want tight security

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    Versatile Wordpress Pro Needed S'est terminé left

    ...This all-rounder role will involve juggling several balls, so you'll likely often have to switch between tasks such as website design, plugin customization, and theme customization. I'm looking for someone who can handle the challenge, while consistently delivering exceptional results. For this relationship to be successful, I need a freelancer who: • Understands the important role their work plays, whether it is creating a blog, an e-commerce platform, an information portal, or a combination; • Will treat this project not just as a job, but as something they're passionate about; • Comes prepared with a portfolio of past work under their belt, great depth of experience and a detailed project proposal to offer fresh insights; If you meet these crit...

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    Online Database Management Entry S'est terminé left

    I require an experienced freelancer adept at entering and managing data sourced directly from online forms into a sophisticated database system. This role is vital for maintaining the integrity and utility of our data management efforts. Requirements...Candidate: - Has previous experience with online data entry for database management - Is comfortable with repetitive tasks while maintaining high levels of accuracy - Can handle confidential information responsibly - Is self-motivated and can work independently This project demands an individual who is not only quick and efficient but also precise and conscious of the critical role accurate data plays in database management. If you believe you fit this profile and have the skills required, please send your bid and outline relevant e...

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    Stylized Andrew for Gaming S'est terminé left

    I'm in immediate need of a talented 3D modeler to bring a unique character, Andrew Pate, to life for an upcoming hyper-casual game. Utilizing a stylized art approach, ...and textures that adhere to provided conceptual art. Ideal Candidate Qualities: - Proficient in 3D modeling software (e.g., Blender, Maya). - Experienced in creating stylized, low-poly character models. - Knowledgeable in game development pipelines. - Ability to work within deadlines and deliver polished, game-ready assets. I am aiming for an engaging player experience where character design plays a pivotal role. If you're passionate about game development and can translate concepts into vivid 3D realities, I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you on this journey! I'm attaching images for sung...

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