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    The application will be used to manage the maintenance and management of telecommunications towers and will consist of primarily the following: Document Management System - with user permissions and version control. Maintenance Management System - A system for keeping track of rucurring maintenance needs, reminding Site Managers when maintenance is required, managing contractors and requesting quo...

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    eBay Hot List App S'est terminé left

    I'd like a feature-clone of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] - a server-side script which can display: * The "hottest" Hot Items from all over eBay * The list of eBay categories/sub-categories, which can be clicked to display the bids starting with the "hottest" bids at the top and the "coldest" bids at the bottom of the list ... The script must have the ab...

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    Integrated Web Development S'est terminé left

    IF YOU HAVE BID ON THIS PROJECT PREVIOUSLY, please read on... Due to a change in the technology we are not going to accept a bid since we have modified things a bit and are not sure if the same folks have great working knowledge of JUST [se connecter pour voir l'URL] instead of ColdFusion. Please re-submit your bid if you are still available and interested. Sorry for the confusion but we are ...

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    77983 Hot or Not script S'est terminé left

    I need a hot or not script, or image rating where users can register and upload pics and have others rate them. I will need resell rights to it as well. ONLY resell! Show me your demo and we can close the deal today!

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    77991 Image rating S'est terminé left

    Hi there, We need a hot or not script, or image rating where users can register and upload paics and others rate them. I am looking for a ready made solution. I have seen alot of them going around here in the past, so if you have one laying around you want to sell a copy of, please show me a demo and lets close this today. I will need a written license that allows me to use it on as many domains...

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    Database Maintenance Program must be written in Visual Basic 6. The program will provide a password protected, editable form that will allow database administrator to set preferred maintenance time and duration (one week would be the default). The system will then need to perform maintenance according to set times. It will also need to verify that there are no users currently logged on. If there i...

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    Easy VB Application S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a program exactly like the program at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The program needs to be bug free, with source code that is well documented, as well as a fully functional .exe of the program. I have attached the demo of the program below for your reference. It is an interesting program that lets you hide windows in your system tray using Hot Keys that the user can set. Se...

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    I would like o build a website which enable users to check and search for authorise users which had brought my company products which I had already register for copyright. The website need to be simple and users just need to enter either name or serial no. to check and search for the authorise users. An admin page need to be build so that I can change/modify/add & delete any register users. Th...

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    I have a DOS-Based program that l and would like converted into a windows-based program. The program is simple and it tracks Daily Maintenance Activities of my transmitters. At present users enter in times, dates, and maintenance performed on a daily basis. The current DOS-Based program creates a text-based record of activities each day and stores them in a text-based file. One months worth of ...

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    **Create a HOT Ebay List** S'est terminé left

    I need someone to create an app that would let me find out what items are hot on ebay - this would be for a private subscribers only site. Viewing this list would instantly tell the user what eBay bidders currently want to buy. Here's how it would work. The user could log in, select ANY eBay category, drill down through sub-categories, and see what items were getting the most bids. Because th...

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    Website development S'est terminé left

    We need a 5 page website with the following functionalities: 1. A separate Administration page to accomplish some of the maintenance functions described below. This should be accessible only with a password. The password should be changeable by us any time through the administration page. 2. We should be able to change a message on a marquee or banner on the Home Page, using the administration pag...

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    I need some help with my homework that I'm running behind with; I've been working too much! I have an Access database that I've comleted, but I need someone to help me run some simple SQL queries on it. ## Deliverables 1)Create a query called Billing to allow San Diego to list the Lease and Boat information for each customer. The query should provide the information listed below ...

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    78092 Almost a Hot or Not clone S'est terminé left

    You will be working with us to basically create the foundation of the entire site. Further customizations may be required as the project evolves. Essentially we need a Hot-or-Not clone, but with the added feature of uploading a sound clip. A script must be setup so people can create a username and profile and then upload a sound clip and an optional picture and a brief text message. In conjunctio...

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    Software for sale- HOT! S'est terminé left

    I have a very,very hot selling popup generator. It has a unique feature which no other has. THE AUTO INSERT feature. The program is just 111 KB and is the most powerful popup gen around the net. From cookies to timed URLs. All options it has. See a demo at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [ If you want to buy for resell rights, or with FULL RIGHTS, please mailto admin at [se connecter pour voir...

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    €450 - €4502
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    graphics programming / partnership S'est terminé left

    ** looking for someone to partner with on a new project ** {I apologize as I did not know which category to use} Graphics programmer - DELPHI 7 I am in the middle of development for three new large software suites, and have decided on features that are above/beyond my normal graphics programming abilities and time to learn/implement, as I need to continue to focus on the database and business func...

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    Redesign the web site S'est terminé left

    I want some one who could give a new look to our clients web site. This will be a long term contract and the selected coder will also be given the charge of maintenance and enhancements regularly. One should be very good in graphics designing and well familiar with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Have a look at the site [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Bid requests with the mock up of frontp...

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    Lock-down PC App(repost_) S'est terminé left

    Our company needs a small app to act as a screen saver. This however will not be an actual screen saver but a simple application that will run in the background of any machine logged on to our network. The reason I say screen saver is because we want the ability to show different pictures (or messages if you will) of our company policies while the machine is locked down. Here are the attributes: -...

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    Names for Corporation S'est terminé left

    THIS BID DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY KNOLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE EXCEPT INVENTIVITY. AND THE SOONER YOU BID THE MORe CHANCES YOU HAVE. This is obviously a rebid since the coders didn't quite get the idea. What I need is A NAME for a Corporation handling more tasks than one: -website design -website maintenance -advanced programming done by specialists -consulting in online comerce + ...

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    €27 - €54
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    Database Triggers S'est terminé left

    This project is bout creating some database triggers with SQL scripts..There is very tiny lil 3 problems on it..which i have to get done as soon as arround in 5-6 [se connecter pour voir l'URL] database triggers should work Under Oracle 8i or 9i with sqlplus. ## Deliverables a) Implement and test a statement trigger that verifies a consistency constraint: “A truck cann...

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    I am looking for finished, professionally developed web applications and services as well as programming utilities, activex controls, plugins and components geared at development of the Windows platform. These projects should be clean, practically bug free, and have a professional interface (no funky colors, skins or textures). Source code must be copyright and trademark free. VB, VB.NET, C++...

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    Online Rental S'est terminé left

    Project ??" Rentals ASP pages to handle rental availabilities User can select a choice thru a drop-down list All Rentals Weekly Seasonal Upon selection the table will be filled with the appropriate data Each row will show the following information, retrieving variables from the database. Place to click for details Property Address Picture of Property Sleeps Bedrooms Baths Price When the user ...

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    Union Maintenace S'est terminé left

    Development of a visual basic 6 (VB6) program that will handle the following. Maintain a specific table in an access database. The database is connected thru an ODBC connection. It is a Microsoft Access Database The program will handle database maintenance on a single table The table structure is as follows: UID Primary Key ??" Autonumber - Long Integer Union_Code Text 8 Title Text 40 Street ...

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    Auction Script S'est terminé left

    What I would like is an full template driven (HTML) Auction Script works with PHP/MySQL and ability to support a HIGH volume of auctions. The Auction Script layoute must be with greate "Eccentric" GUI. What I want is a Clone of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] with some modifications and include my spec see below: All functions and features must bee controlled from an "Powerful A...

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    WWWBoard Specialist S'est terminé left

    I need a cgi/perl programmer that has extensive experience with Matt Wright’s WWWBoard script and Dbasics add-ons. This job is for ongoing freelance wwwboard script repair ??" modification and maintenance work. You must be a wwwboard script specialist to be considered for this job. Expert cgi/perl programmers WITHOUT wwwboard script experience will not be considered. You must have verif...

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    Challenge for Superior Talent. I need this clone done fast and really well. I need this software to be able to install really quick. Be really easy to use. Works like the show desktop but hides all material until a special hotkey is pressed to activate stuff that the user was playing on. What I need to do here is create a small quick app that users can use to hide stuff that they are working ...

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    78513 Website Template for Hot Site S'est terminé left

    I have a domain name at the address [se connecter pour voir l'URL] this website is hosted on an adult server. I need someone to create a really great looking template for this site. I need someone who will even add mouse overs to the template and maybe even a dump search button, submit button. I need the template to look hot. I do not care if you copy something that is hot out there. I need ...

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    Web based Sales Tracking Tool S'est terminé left

    WEBPAK is a basic 5 page website package sold to small businesses. The sale is done by a team of field sales persons, who work on a two part commission: First they get a percentage of the sale value; Second they get a residual income which is a percentage of the hosting charges (collected annually) as long as they service the clients. The Sales Persons collect all the material from the client (tex...

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    Cycles S'est terminé left

    If you can provide a one time fax number it will be greatly apprecitated. That way I can explain it better and in full detail with pictures and class notes. I have notice that the coders who have been viewing my request don't fully understand what is going on or need more information. I don't have a fax machine so the fax number you provide me doesn't have to be your personal fax. I...

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    Database Management S'est terminé left

    It is 100 questions relating to database management questions. I am posting 10 sample questions. If you look at the questions and know you can do it. Please answer them. The bid is yours as long as you get 8 out of 10 on the sample. 1. When related data files are cooperatively managed by computers in different locations, the data is said to be a) redundant b) integrated c) distributed d) centraliz...

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    78585 Small mod to Hot or Not S'est terminé left

    Hi, My client has the website [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The site is made with php + MySql. What i need is this - when someone first goes to the site they are presented with the number one guy, and number one girl side by side complete with there respective username, number of votes + average vote. To a skilled programmer this should take almost no time so please keep your bids resonab...

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    Personal/Dating Site S'est terminé left

    need a dating/personals site for people with Herpes. I would like the site to mirror that of The site would need a field for the people to specify what type of herpes they have. As for the search I would require those similiar to the afore mentioned site. i.e. search by state or zipcode as well as distance calcualtor from zipcode to person you are interested in. Plus I would n...

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    78637 Database driven home page S'est terminé left

    I have a site at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] which holds many links. They need to be stored in a mysql database so I have more control over them. Also, it makes it easy to add, edit, delete and tag certain links. So, I need: 1. Mysql database created to hold links and tags 2. Admin page to add, edit, delete, categorise, sort and tag certain links 3. Method for inserting tag in page and...

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    Website Design and Hosting Sales S'est terminé left

    We are looking for sales people for selling our IT Service which includes :- Website Design; Website Maintenance; Website Hosting; Domain Name Registration; Software Application Development; IT Outsourcing. Excellent Commissions will be paid. You can operate from any part of this world.

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    78686 Hot Dialers Layout + Flash. S'est terminé left

    You know... Hot Dialers template, logo, and flash.

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    78708 Hot Joke Script (2) Wanted S'est terminé left

    I am looking to have the best Joke Script on the Net. I would like the admin area to manage all content. I trust you will know the best approach for this and also the best user friendly admin interface. Please read the attached for a project decription. Please visit: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This site will help you understand what I am looking for. Please visit: [se connect...

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    Baby amazon S'est terminé left

    Hi all I have this project that is 50 % complete and with this new spec just given, its much more that I and the other 2 developers can handle, in the deadline given. Once quotations have been agreed then the start date will be in around two weeks for these projects so please state your avalability Am looking to pay around £12.00 per hour, so if you are willing to work for that rate then p...

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    Hi, I got a hot or not clone - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Need a minor bug fixed, when a user signs up they need to first be accepted before they are added to the pictures that people can view. If i click accept they are added fine , but if i deny them, it doesnt delete them. Need it fixed so that it does delete them. After this project i will want to add a few extra things to the sit...

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    Similar to [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], BrightPay or StormPay etc. ---------------------------------------------------- Project Description : ------------------------------------------------------ We need an affiliate, mlm, sweeptakes and a payment prossessor type script. These programs should work together. If you have not worked on replicating system...

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    Property Maintenance S'est terminé left

    I will need a web base program that will be able to do the following. Keep track of the properties information for example when a purchaser buy a house and to whom the purchaser has sold the house to and also the subsequent purchaser of that said property. It will also have purchaser's info such as, from where he has taken a loan, solicitors info both bank and sales and purchase solicitors. T...

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    VFoxPro Shell with MultiMedia S'est terminé left

    I am a veteren FoxPro 2.6 programmer. I have prototyped my project (without multimedia elements) in FP2.6 but this project requires features only available in VFP. I need tutorial help with the fundamentals of VFP and then specific hands-on help with a simple shell structure with few datafiles, sequentially triggered forms and timing elements. Very simple, but I am wasting time trying to figure ou...

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    Expansion of Dating Website S'est terminé left

    The project is to modify and extend an exisitng dating website in php and mySQL. (entire source codes and data base will be given to you). (1) Very minor modification of visuals in about 20 pages using exisitng templates, (2) add several new features to about 5 pages, (3) and add about 10 new pages, several of which are dymamic. This is to launch a new site, based on another site source codes avai...

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    DOS-Based Application Re-Work S'est terminé left

    I have a DOS-Based program I wrote 10 years ago and would like it converted into a windows-based program. The program is simple and it tracks Daily Maintenance Activities of my transmitters. At present users enter in times, dates, and maintenance performed on a daily basis. The current DOS-Based program creates a text-based record of activities each day and stores them in a text-based file. I need...

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    Price List S'est terminé left

    i need an easier way to retrieve information from this paper pricelist i have, i need to be able to create list by just entering the item number and having the app return the information. i need 3 or 4 windows. windows are: (2 windows are similar) 1. 2 buttons: 1)place/add to an order 2)look up an item 3)maintanance after picking place order, this window will keep track like a shoping basket, i ne...

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    Python Bindings for AirZip S'est terminé left

    Create Python bindings for AirZip. AirZip is library for compressing images. Go to their website for more information [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Get an evaluation copy of AirZip for 30 days to do the development. The AirZip API is very simple. Use SWIG etc. to create efficient native C/Python bindings for AirZip modelled along the Java bindings object model. The only basic deliverable is ...

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    Home Inspection Software S'est terminé left

    We need to rebuild our current inspection software: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to download and preview what we have now. This software was built using Filemaker Pro and we are not interested in continuing with this platform. A few very important aspects of the new software would be usability on multiple hardware systems (desktops, laptops, handhelds, PDAs) Reestriction of use to either a ...

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    Lock-down PC App(repost) S'est terminé left

    Our company needs a small app to act as a screen saver. This however will not be an actual screen saver but a simple application that will run in the background of any machine logged on to our network. The reason I say screen saver is because we want the ability to show different pictures (or messages if you will) of our company policies while the machine is locked down. Here are the attributes: -...

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    79054 To finish a php project S'est terminé left

    We started a project with a programmer and he left the scene without notice or reason! This project is to take promotions from our suppliers websites (2 of them) by screen scrapping, store them into a MySql and to make a search script of it. A later project will be to extend the download to 10 to 15 suppliers another one will be to design a graphical interface The last one will be an ongoing mai...

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    php Programming Project S'est terminé left

    php Programming Project for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 1. php Program Maintenance An experienced php programmer is needed to implement the usual and recommended php layout and code separation (and/or modules, functions, etc.) and rewrite parts of the code. Most of the php code is mixed with the html that defines the layout of the pages. Changing page layouts requires altering each php fil...

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    Website Developer(s) S'est terminé left

    We have just had a large (approx 70 page) international e-commerce website constructed for us on our behalf. We are now looking for a Website Developer capable of both maintaining the day-to-day operation of the website and also of adding in new "features" on a regular basis. The website is initially involved with the provision of effective communication between two parties, who may be i...

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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