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    pourriez-vous juste me faire une page en webflow comme celle-là : mais à la place de de doctolib on écrit autre chose bien sûr. Et je n'ai pas besoin que les gens créent un compte, juste le module de prise de rendez-vous doit ressembler et si ça m'envoit un email quand ils ont selectionné la date je suis content J'ai besoin d'une popup à plusieurs étapes comme sur doctolib. Pas d'un simple formulaire. Il faut que les utilisateurs puissent remplir leur coordonnées notamment dans les différents formulaires

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    Anthropology of gender S'est terminé left

    2 pages essay

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    Marquesan style tattoo , chest and half sleeve. The story behind this tattoo is very easy. It’s all about my family, my mom, dad and my brother. I lost them all. I also want to include some old Hungarian writing on it, and also their horoscope symbols. I will send you a picture. The design has to include the meaning of: family, warrior, pass away, protection, progress , never give up, addiction, love and stronger. Can you help me? Kind regards, Hunor P

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    Im looking for a writer (English) with experience about addiction and mental health topics, the ideal candidate must understand this specific addiction rehab niche. Ideally, the candidate must be able to write minimum 50.000 words a month. All the articles will be around 1000 words. Please, include the price per 1000 words article on your proposal, I will not read any offer without this.

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    Hello - I am looking for SEO services for a website that I manage, a Massachusetts USA addiction recovery center. I have used someone in the past but want to continue to improve page rank. Have some questions about tools, techniques and expectations before we would get started. I currently use SEMRush for tracking. Thank you.

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    ...anecdotal data or case studies. Please note: Simple compilations of raw research articles and associated data would be insufficient. Areas of focus for research will include a broad spectrum of urgent social/cultural issues facing society today. Experience researching contemporary and historical bodies of literature regarding: political science, sociology, social psychology, economics, government, anthropology, education, media studies, internet studies, women and gender studies, environmental science, and social sciences will be helpful. This behind-the-scenes position may involve providing clear, unbiased, digestible facts to media producers. The ability to examine and document multiple sides of critically important issues as though preparing two sides of a debate requires c...

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    Website Manager S'est terminé left

    I would like to hire someone to do the following: I am looking for a webpage for a new hypnotherapist practice based in Dorset, all on -line for the foreseeable future I have registered my domains on GoDaddy and need the following: • Webpage - Addiction, trauma as niche but with all other areas too • Content • Bio • Appointment scheduling • Payment • Reviews from clients • Setting up of all social media accounts • 2 Blogs per month • Posting to social media 2 per week • Stock Images All the other main services that one needs to keep the webpage fresh, current, easy to find, etc etc Please could you quote me on the above and the monthly fee, please or the type of package I would fall under

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    The first part of this project is to gain funding from a variety of organisations. In return depending on how much the contribution is I will work for them for free. I fully for myself and to put into practice what I learnt from the degree. Becoming a catalyst for change in the work environment. Bringing out the best in people and thereby increasing the company's productivity. Then moving onto doing a MSc in Peace studies. Ultimately working in the Peace mediation environment. My brother who is a psychiatric consultant specializing in mental health and addiction. Informs me that to pursue this kind of career is for the privileged background. Personally I believe anything is possible if you believe. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Many thanks Shiv...

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    My Memoirs S'est terminé left

    I am a disabled Hisoanic women with 6 children that went through homelessness, drug addiction, institutionalized and a domestic violence victom that made it out and not I have a PhD and an a professor at a New York City University. It is a motivational success story. I have been asked in the past for me to get it into a screen script. for the film makers.

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    Linda's Place S'est terminé left

    We are a charity set up in memory of my mam who died a year ago. We support vulnerable people, eg those who are homeless into safe accommodation or those in addiction into recovery. We also run groups to support better mental health for young men and a group to support the bereaved. I designed a logo but had to change the name of the charity so I'm not sure it quite fits the new name. I'd be interested in seeing some new ideas.

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    ...drug and alcohol rehab related topics. For example: A. Cognitive Behavior therapy B. Signs of addiction C. How to get your loved one into treatment D. Therapeutic communities E. The importance of nutrition in drug and alcohol rehab F. The role and effects of exercise in drug and alcohol recovery G. Co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) H. Conscious recovery I. Narrative therapy J. Beyond the twelve steps; experiential therapy- art, yoga, gardening, recovery K. Dialectical Behavior therapy L. Evidence based practices, past, present and future M. Medication assisted therapy N. Everything you ever wanted yo know about Detox O. Symptoms of addiction P. 3. (5000 words total) Written content for the web page itself. - we ar...

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    Ex lap dancing life S'est terminé left

    I want to share my story of being a lap dancer when I was 20 In Liverpool.. I am now 40 and feel I can show an insight of what it is really like and what it can leave you feeling decades later … how I got into it , how I got out of it … the long lasting addiction I got from this episode I’m my life .. the reality of the lap dancing scene… the people I met the people who I still love till this day and the people we lost … the hardships of the job , the hours the drugs the double life the hate for it the love for it

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    we are in dire need for of sound technician for our fundraiser event. June 25th at Queen Bees on Ohio Street. We are doing a fundraiser event to bring awareness to the fentanyl poison overdose epidemic and hopefully save some lives. This epidemic is affecting people of all ages. From the 13 year-old who just took a pill that happened to have fentanyl in it to the one struggling with addiction, no one plans on dying. There have been several families close to home and that have reached out with their heartbreaking stories of loss and we decided we wanted to do something about this. We will be hosting a fundraiser event featuring Sprung Monkey, Project Sell Out, Change Today, Revolt Chix, Spice Pistols, Systematic Abuse and two special guest performances by Mike hood and Zoe Deer. Our ...

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    Trophy icon Website Mockup - DJ S'est terminé left

    WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR LOGO CREATION. You will be creating a page for an online course on overcoming addiction with the help of a scientific approach. No need for functional development, requesting design-only. Please design a mockup website using ALL the information below. ___ Page content WITH instructions: ___ Branding: Logo: HEX Colors: #000000 #00B1FF #008BF1 #0070E7 #035FE1 #FFFFFF Fonts: Oswald Website images: ___ Inspiration:

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    Would Like Mobile UI/UX design for the full Lotus Addiction Therapy Apps! And I would like the full Figma design!

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    This is a lecture about anthropology on Youtube by the American academic Judith Butler. I only need 45 minutes transcribing. I would want you to put the time codes before each new sentence. I need th project complete within the next three days, please. Thank you for considering this project.

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    Drugs, alcohol, rape and survival S'est terminé left

    I want some to write my story I have experienced domestic violence from numerous partners, being raped 4 days out of 7, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, four children one to my rapist, giving my children up, attempted suicide, having a child taken from me by social services and re building my life I want to explain my troubles and let other women their not the only ones who have struggled, are struggling or trying to re build their life and fighting against social services and not to let their rapists make them think it’s their fault

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    Complete list of addictive behavior treatment centers (Public and Private Centers) and professionals in addictive behaviors: Countries: france and portugal CENTER NAME- PROFESSIONAL NAME ADDRESS PHONE WEB PAGE E-MAIL IN THE CASE OF AN INTERNMENT CENTER: NUMBER OF PLACES

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    Medical BMJ style article S'est terminé left

    A 2000 words article in Harvard referencing style (25 references). It is due in a week. The topic is female's experience of addiction related stigmas. The main themes are sociology( public perception) and medical ethics.

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    Essay of anthropology S'est terminé left

    Essay of anthropology need to be done and it is done

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Lotus Virtual Addiction Therapy Website/Platform Design'

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    store to sell digital prodicts . Categories are: Remedies, Spiritual Wellness, Yoge, Men Health, Women, Health, Nutrition, Dental, health, addiction, Sleep and Dreams all produt imagge when clicked on will link to the actual sales page that you dont have to creare No Shipping, No check out Must have Emaiil to subscribe. Can kave a carousel of 5 products to feature that swap every seconds Name of store is: A Cure 4 U Domain is Website :

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    Down the Rabbit Hole S'est terminé left

    A album about struggling with LSD and drug addiction as well as the troubles of life, and a story about the spiritual awakening in which i had went through. Looking for graphic designers to design cover art and branding for the band. it’s a psychedelic melancholic vibe. feel free to be creative and implement your own self into the art for my soul is one of many. love and peace to all who wish to support. below is a unfinished track to give you the vibe of the music in which the art will be based.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo S'est terminé left

    ...are looking for a new logo for a not-for-profit organization based in Australia. Our old logo is way passed its used-by-date, and we need something new that captures the essence of our work. Here's a bit about us: ABOUT THE CENTRE FOR MEN & FAMILIES: The Centre for Men and Families Australia is a non-for-profit harm prevention organization that helps men break free from systems of power, addiction, shame, and avoidance, so they can engage in mature, honest relationships with other men, with their families, and in their communities. The principal activity of CFMA is the prevention or control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings. Behavior that is harmful or abusive means one or more of the following: • emotional abuse • sexual abuse &bull...

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    Business Analysist S'est terminé left

    I need best practice metric created for an outpatient addiction treatment center

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    Build us an e-commerce website S'est terminé left

    ... see Profile below: CanaQuest Medical, an award-winning, life-sciences company, is focused on the drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. The Company intends to treat neurological conditions, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”, including addiction. CanaQuest’s mission is to advance botanical-based medicine to the forefront by deploying best-practice science & medicine, clinical research, and emerging technologies. The Company is the industry partner for research and product development with Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor and neuroscientist, at Western University, London, Ontario Canada. Dr. ...

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    My life in addiction S'est terminé left

    I was once...ended up with no career living in a bed sit covered in rubbish and bottles, often turning to stealing alcohol from shops. I was arrested and sent to a substance misuse charity who got me into rehab. From there I got clean and went on to work as a substance misuse worker and later a therapeutic child carer. I have made appearances on the news and various radio stations speaking openly about my addiction and the taboo around it. In the 5years I have been sober, I have got married, witnessed the death of my father, sister and best friend and still remained sober. I have successfully competed at a high level again and even taken on the four times world champion bare knuckle boxer. I would like to write a memoir of my life but being and ex boxer, my English and grammar isn&...

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    Extended response question S'est terminé left

    One question based off of an article on anthropology

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    Hand crafted customizable shirts along with the drug and addiction awareness things we already offer

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    T shirt desgin S'est terminé left

    Would like a close up of a back back wearing a hot with the bill flipped up and on the under side of the bill it says “Strop Addiction

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    Unique game dev opp S'est terminé left

    ...industry and have written a script and able to finance its alpha production. The game is planned for release on 2023 q4. While I have the base story, I’m also seeking your help in creating if emulating a diminishing returns or algorithmic type open-reward and effort system that scales to make the single player seek more immersion in the story. The core themes surround cptsd, subsequent choices, addiction and potential for recovery, options and choices with consequence, metaphorical antagonists and protagonists and career pathways. All choice based with survival elements. This world will be a world of compensation where every evil and pain in your life will have a paradox and vice verse. While the cinematics and cut scenes must be deeply immersive, the game itself will rely ...

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    Rust Gambling Website (RustyProfit) S'est terminé left for people that want to deposit and withdraw game skins. I also would like for players to be able to view their total bet, deposit, and profit I would also like there to be a way to pause all betting on the sites for the owner. Also I would like there to be a self lock option for players to ban them from betting for a certain amount of time 1day-2weeks with a description of what its for. "Addiction is no joke. If you find yourself betting more than you can afford, you always have the option to lock your account." and a checkbox to agree they or staff can not lift that ban. You need to create the website and all backend things. I would like there be a way for the owner to add skins to a shop where players can withdraw it with site balance, I would like the prices of...

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    - I would like to get the designs done for Lotus Virtual Addiction Therapy Website&Platform Completed in Figma! Here is the Idea! and I would like to have it flushed out and Figma Designs did for the UI/UX of the entire website&Platform - Initial landing page for lotus platform website with a login button - initial "contact us" section - where they are able to submit a form for inquiries - initial " about us" section - Where we can display what we do! and how we do it! and why it's so effective - initial "Meet the Team" section - > where we can have each member of the founding team with a little blurb about each of them! - initial "program plans & details" -one of the plans would be 30 Day Treatment Plan- which would invo...

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    Project for Kedar S. -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Figma Design For the Lotus Addiction Therapy Website& Platform!

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    I would like to have a logo designed! for Lotus Addiction Therapy! , I would require the final photoshop/illustrator files for the project! More about the company- Lotus Addiction Therapy is a virtual treatment for addiction! Lotus because it starts out of the mud/dirty swamp and has to battle through a ton of hardship and then finally when it blooms it is a beautiful flower! Just Like addiction, addiction is a hardship that people can overcome and there is definitely help for people to grow into their beautiful /best version of themselves by overcoming addiction! And I would require this for my website development! - color style is also very important! - as the development of the website would need to be themed! so I would like to get a color sch...

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    I would like to have a logo designed! for Lotus Addiction Therapy! , I would require the final photoshop/illustrator files for the project! More about the company- Lotus Addiction Therapy is a virtual treatment for addiction! Lotus because it starts out of the mud/dirty swamp and has to battle through a ton of hardship and then finally when it blooms it is a beautiful flower! Just Like addiction, addiction is a hardship that people can overcome and there is definitely help for people to grow into their beautiful /best version of themselves by overcoming addiction! And I would require this for my website development! - color style is also very important! - as the development of the website would need to be themed! so I would like to get a color ...

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    Trophy icon Website Mockup - M & M S'est terminé left

    WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR LOGO CREATION. You will be creating a page for an online course on overcoming addiction with the help of a scientific approach. No need for functional development, requesting design-only. Please design a mockup website using ALL the information below. ___ Page content: ___ Branding: Logo: HEX Colors: #FFFFFF #A8DADC #457B9D #1D3557 Fonts: - Header: PT Serif: - Body: Roboto Slab:,Handwriting

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    Need someone to write my life story S'est terminé left

    My story is about breaking free from my marriage of 10 years that was full of betrayal, manipulation, love bombing, confusion, gaslighting, lies, heartache, love, children, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and womanising. Went through financial and emotional abuse and finally after having my third baby naturally I woke up and I’m finally breaking free. I finally got enough courage to feel safe to do it. I want it to be inspiring, uplifting and I know it will help other woman that go through similar experiences with domestic violence. It’s a real story full of so much pain but at the end it’s incredible when you break free. What a journey full of so many stories. Very emotional, sad, relatable to everyone because it happens all the time but people are just t...

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    SEO friendly blog/onsite content, social posting and youtube descriptions for treatment clients. Need to have a passion for mental health, psychology, and understanding of treatment principles.

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    The manuscript writing S'est terminé left

    I want to submit the paper to JMIR publisher ( mental health ) , I am planning the paper relate to “ Mobile Dating Application : The risk factors associated with drug addiction and Chemsex behaviour among men who have sex with men ( MSM) , the article type is systemic review, follow the PASMA . 3000 words , reference not counting with . Thanks

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    Anthropology questions S'est terminé left

    5 question with 5-10 sentence response for each

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    presentaion -- 2 S'est terminé left

    i want you to create me an amazing presentation on social media addiction for my collage program it should look interesting background,animations(gifs) not more than 23 slides all of it should be written on English i want this project today before 8 pm

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    High on surf S'est terminé left

    I would like to edit a surfing sign for a t shirt print text: High on surf, instead of high surf can terminate serious addiction or depression instead of can cause serious injuries or drowning If in doubt, Go out instead of if in doubt don't go out. image: Instead of a man falling off the wave in the yellow sign, I would like it to be like the red sign, which is man riding a wave.

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    Logo for Precision Addiction LLC S'est terminé left

    Firearm and sporting company owned by medical professionals. We'd like our imagery to include rifles, micrometers, #10 Scalpel Big thing is that all imagery has to be technically correct. Just need help making a logo. I've included our last logo, which I like but maybe we can do better.

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    flash document S'est terminé left

    ...your choice and based on the theme you are supposed to write a paragraph in about 4 to 5 lines, stating what you are willing to present in your Project. Also you need to mention what are the tools/effects (that rare covered in Lab Syllabus) you have applied. Theme Examples: Pollution and its effects, Career Options, Pandemic effects, Health is Wealth, Future of AI, Robots, Social Media, Addiction to social Media.. etc. 1) Graphics and Text (Title, name and ID and Theme) …………………. [mandatory] 2) Animating Images 2) Animating Symbols 3) Animating Masks. 4) Character Animation 5) Camera option 6) Buttons for Interactive navigation 7) Graphic Effect with Images Note: 1- In this document you should ap...

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    Arte Publico Project Report S'est terminé left

    Mexican American history “Arte Publico Project Report” “Are we good neighbors” Letters: Brukshire Addiction, Gas Station/Cafe and Poteet Elementary school Access “Are We Good Neighbors,” an Arte Público Digital Humanities project and prepare a 2-3 page, double-spaced report on three complaint letters that appear in the site. This required report is due on March 10. The staff at Arte Publico included in this resource copies of letters by Mexicans alleging discrimination sent to the civil rights leader Alonso S. Perales in the 1940s and that appeared in his book Are We Good Neighbors (1948). The report should briefly address the site and identify Perales, his publication, the writers of the letters, the place where the alleged discrimina...

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    english literature -- 3 S'est terminé left

    hello! I'm looking for someone who can write an essay! This Essay must use specific support – examples and quotes - from the article – “Our Minds Can be Hijacked” by Paul Lewis. Here is the link: Here, you will look at many aspects of the article and assess its credibility. REQUIREMENTS: Construct a unified response - approx. 2 double-spaced pages (600 - 700 words approx.). I have included an outline to help you work on your essay.

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