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    Just need a couple of hours from an experienced Salesforce API developer to get information from child-partent relationships and lookup relationships.

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    I need a batch processing script coded to check expiry dates on domain names (I provide the list) and a notification facility to notify me when the domain will drop.

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    Looking for a google sheets script that will allow me to bulk provide UPC codes and to get the sales rank returned on the items as well as number of listings related to UPC (where multiple exist).

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    The banks in the US are in the Excel sheet labeled: "IDRSSD_LINKEDIN" The cells highlighted in yellow on the sheet "IDRSSD_LINKEDIN" must be filled in using the "company_id" (highlighted in orange) from the next sheet called "linkedin_bank_data" The first 10 have been completed. ALL MUST BE COMPLETED BY SUNDAY NIGHT (Sept 26) US Central Time at 6 pm.

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    I have a phone numbers database which I regularly update on excel sheet, I want a script or small program, using Api which I can get detailed information from Turecaller of bulk phone numbers at once, details I need is like Name, Email ID, City, State,Fb link etc.

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    I have a 32x32 sprite generator written in Javascript that needs some modifications. Right now it colors the whole sprite one of 3 colors.. I'd like to specify different colorizations for different parts of the sprite, for example face area is colored a different set of colors than the body. This means you'll have to modify the color tables and base lookup tables to support this.

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    Scrape data -- 2 2 jours left

    I need to scrape phone numbers and email addresses from insurance agent website lookups. I have an excel sheet with a large list of names. I need you to go take the names from my excel sheet and run them through the insurance agent lookup website pages for all 50 states. Then pull the phone number and email address into columns in the excel sheet. All the names have to be run through 47 states. It...

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    Should be simple project for Excel Junkies. I have two spreadsheets. one spreadsheet has 4 columns, the older one has 5. I need to lookup part numbers in the first spreadsheet, find the corresponding part number in the second spreadsheet, and return the weight which is only in the second spreadsheet. Spreadsheet 1: Part prefix Part number Part number AN Description Currency Unit Price GPPS ...

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    I would like a number of formulas adding to the attached spreadsheet to allow me to track costs of a product, the packaging and the combined costs. The sheet includes some examples of the INPUT data and should function as follows: Sheet 1 = PARTS LIST The user enters the information in columns A to E and column J The spreadsheet must look for that Part number in the COSTS sheet to calculate the...

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    Looking to develop a single page website with an order form for a single product (cake) with multiple lines - each line is a different person with different address who will be receiving this cake. There should be an option to add more lines to the form - for more recipients. This single page website should be on WordPress. It requires integration with [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to lookup...

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    Dynamic Lookup dropdown for select one question, picking the dropdown from a separate DB and cascading select.

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    [se connecter pour voir l'URL] is my website and I want to know if you can make a copy of this onto shopigy, it has the vehicle lookup option and big database check it out and let me know

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    500 properties ownership lookup S'est terminé left

    I need the owners name (including LLC and actual persons name), email and phone number as well as mailing address for the first 500 properties in this excel file.

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    Hello I have a list of 10,000 properties here in the US in an excel file. I need someone to find out who owns these properties and if they are in a LLC I need to know who owns the LLC. I need the owners name, mailing address, email address (most important) and all related phone numbers. If this first project works out I can give you monthly projects of equal size for long term work. i would pr...

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    Please read carefully and then only bid. We need freelancer to design & develop it. Not interested in code canyon codes or similar related codes. Timeframe to complete project - 45 to 60 days PROFILES Advanced profile (customizable profile steps/fields) Registration Security Images (captcha) E-mail confirmation Photos, audio and video files upload Essay (extended "About me" se...

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    Mobile Phone Number Carrier Lookup S'est terminé left

    Looking for a way to look up phone numbers and determine which carrier the phone number is. If there is a way to do this for free, that would be ideal, but would also be willing to pay for an existing database solution or an API based solution if the price per query is under $0.001. Also looking for a solution to query numbers against a blacklist of lawyers known to file TCPA lawsuits.

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    I need an Excel Macro or VBA expert S'est terminé left

    The project is an excel sheet with data of around 2,000 rows and 10-15 columns. A column of this data has to be transformed based on the values of a lookup table and then row by row a calculation has to be done using this column and a couple of other columns and added to a new column. The project is not complicated in excel processing terms neither on the calculations needed. But it can not be do...

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    I am looking for C++/C developer S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone who is interested in writing a cuda script to bruteorce or even use mathmatics to help break a password that I currently have several pieces to. The concept is simple: a 12-character "master password" (62 total poss chars: 0-9, A-Z, a-z,) and a 'device serial number' (up to 40chars.) are entered as inputs, and an 8-character (64-bits) 'device passw...

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    Excel Lookup based on a number in other sheet and give data bacl

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    I had a former employee who wrote a program to lookup unlock codes from text files to unlock android smart phones. When the phone is connected to the computer the software will read the device IMEI and look up the unlock code from the text files located on the network drive. I have all files from for the software, just need to either get the software to work or create a new software.

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    I need to create a form like the following attached. User should enter its DNI (just numbers with a validation number at second field), this data should check on DB like the following string: "1928328932-2" (FIELD1-FIELD2) If exists, show the "discount codes" related to that DNI. We should be able to upload/update this data on the db through CSV upload. This CSV would have the...

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    • Login with Facebook, twitter, google or register. Maintain user state throughout app. • 4-5 Tabs at bottom of app with menu icon. Tabs navigate to views and menu icon opens up access to profile, settings, following, followed etc views. All profile and setting views. • View: List view with list of cards where use can take actions: to like, comment on, add to list and share. This...

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    Dating Website S'est terminé left

    PROFILES Advanced profile (customizable profile steps/fields) Registration Security Images (captcha) E-mail confirmation Photos, audio and video files upload Essay (extended "About me" section) Optional displaying of additional photos only to paid members Number of profile views with ability to list the members who viewed the profile Lost password feature SEARCH AND MATCH ...

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    Trophy icon Public Accountant business name creation S'est terminé left

    Need a name for a new public accountant practice. One word + Accountant. The name should not be registered on ABN lookup Australia or ASIC business name search.

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    APIs Magento 2 S'est terminé left

    We have a mobile application that must connect to a Magento 2 server. The process we are doing is 1. you are coding 2. every API is then tested in an UAT 3. if there are any corrections you must correct them We should produce another 1. 4 APIs to do, content is reviews, profiles, 2. 2 apis that must be adjusted 2. Colour search means calling a stored procedure that does the colours search. Po...

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    Trophy icon Custom Power Automate Connector: Lookup function S'est terminé left

    The Get Item action of the Sharepoint connector and the Get row from Excel action in the Excel connector in Power Automate require that you know the ID of the item. However, many times I know (!) that there is one item that I want to look up, but I don't have the ID available. When using the Get Items action of the Sharepoint connector, you produce a loop whenever you reference the Get Items...

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    Terraform expert -- 3 S'est terminé left

    Need to use lookup and for_eah loop to parse input from yaml file to Terraform module

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    Note Please check the documents if you can handle the Project I think CMS, Database, SQL and HTML knowledge are needed. 1 Project view - overview how it should work 2. Jason Files - uper are the fields sources and below what is needed 3. example of an JSON File I'm looking for a Software cloud (or server) solution which getting datas JSON by Mail or Http Web Service Call via API or uploa...

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    Excel-Adv. Lookup Formula S'est terminé left

    Need to create a formula that looks up multiple names and sums them based on the month column. I want to be able to easily add to the formula. Here is a screen share to explain. Need done in the next 1-2 hrs. Experienced Excel users only. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Looking for devloper who build this small usefull tool in PHP/HTML/CSS in past. SSL CHECK CSR DECODER CERTIFICATE DECODER CERT KEY MATCHER SSL CONVERTER GENERATE CSR

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    Salesforce Marketing cloud S'est terminé left

    Heavy Ampscript coding and client-facing role.

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    This project will be paid on an hourly basis, as some of the documents involved are far more complex than others. I'm looking for an extra set of hands to help me on a Salesforce project, leveraging Conga Composer. This Salesforce instance is for an organization that is in the home healthcare space. The Salesforce org tracks patients (Contacts), along with multiple custom objects to track o...

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    Develop a Java daemon based on OpenJDK11 to run on CentOS7. 4 stages - the initial stage is to read JSON data from a Kafka topic and profile this data - building schema, cardinality and lookup information as data arrives. Storing this in a Kudu table. Milestone delivery with quotes for each stage. Project amount is for the first stage only. This is a Java Data project - this is NOT a web, UI, I...

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    AWBM_model_Hydrology_Civil -- 3 S'est terminé left

    Familiarisation with the AWBM model 1.1 AWBM Familiarisation Activity – Jardine River 1. For the available data from 1974 to 1989, what is the average annual rainfall, evapotranspiration and observed runoff for the Jardine River? File → Open → AWBM [se connecter pour voir l'URL] → enter Opening Screen [se connecter pour voir l'URL] RRL and RAP can be download from h...

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    Hello, I am trying to find a VBA MACRO which will find a keyword within a sentence line and if found then it will show the result mentioned against keyword. For example: In A2 "Pack of 10 Ball pen Blue" is mentioned and i want to lookup the value "Pen" and return the result "Pens & Refills". And please note lookup value and return value list is another sheet of ...

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    We need a script which makes it possible to use Google Spreadsheet (corporate account) as a lookup database for Google New Sites. We need a GET command for n columns in Google Sheet to be posted in Google New Sites. *Google New Site, Search Field Script should include two search options/fields. 1. a search field which search in 4 columns (column w, x, y, z) to pick and show matching posts 4. a p...

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    Merhaba, Nodejs tarafında; MongoDB aggregate (mongoose) konusunda deneyimli, projemizde yaşadığım ufak bir problemi çözebilecek biri arıyorum. Problem bu alanda deneyimli olan biri için 5 dakikayı almayacaktır. Sorunun özeti: Aggregate ile (2 collection'I) $lookup parametresi ile birbirine bağladık. Her iki collection da 1 adet document bulunuyor ve bu document ların...

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    We are looking for a skilled developer that can create a form to allow our users to query dns records - display a search field (will be a url) and then let the user press search - using [se connecter pour voir l'URL] package, lookup the _dmarc record and display the results on the screen - save the search & results into the database. SEE THE IMAGES ATTACHED BEFORE YOU BID Laravel 8 p...

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    A Wordpress Website S'est terminé left

    A basic matrimonial (Bride/groom) listing website for a community. User Panel - 1. User Registration using Mobile OTP and Password. Other Fields – Name and Gender. Login and Password reset using OTP. 2. Bride/Groom profile creation/completion – Profile fields - dropdown, radio, text etc. Photos and doc uploads. Photos must be watermarked after uploading. 3. Profile submission will c...

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    AWS Glue, SnowFlake lookup S'est terminé left

    Vanilla etl looking up to a snowflake query. Leverage a file in S3. Based in data in two column (A,B) perform a lookup to a query in snowflake to map A,B to C. Destination file will be an s3 location with C in a column.

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    Excel Lookup Tables Help S'est terminé left

    Our company needs help with lookup tables to bring data from a database into our own excel tables we can use for our business.

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    Hi, I think I need a sysadmin to check my server settings, upgrade php version check settings and reduce the images load speed. I think it is not a wordpress issue since when I directly open an image url then a 93 kbyte image mostly loads within 1 - 4 sec sometimes it takes even 6 sec. I have an own dedicated server installed on nginx and plesk. I think my server needs php upgrade, and who knows ...

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    Chat bot for MS Teams S'est terminé left

    We are wanting to create an Azure Chat Bot that can integrate with MS Teams. The expectation and project is outlined below: 1. Seemless authentication with teams, we expect once we publish the app for it to be useable by our customers. 2. Multi-tenanted - we expect the bot to know the difference between one customers team/MSTenant and another and for that to be enforced throughout the app 3. Th...

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    Hello developers, We have a browser web app called PDQ ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) that needs an update. If you have worked on app-cache to service worker type projects before please respond. I wrote the backend server in Delphi and the Web App uses some AJAX, Get and Post to talk to the server. This conversion should NOT require any of this part of the code to change. 1) Convert...

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    I have a problem with a wordpress website, There is some custom code which outputs a dropdown box. The dropdown box is a list of manufacturers. When the user submits their option from the drop down box, the page is supposed lookup the details for that manufacturer and output related data on the page. Now what started happening is when you select a manufacturer from the login page, it takes me to ...

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    We are in the business of identifying matches of retail products between two different product lists based on Product Descriptions on different e-commerce sites. We currently use fuzzy lookup in Excel to instantly identify high likelihood exact matches, then we start the laborious process of validating proposed matched pairs with lower match scores. In this manual process, we have created several...

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    SS7 Access S'est terminé left

    Need someone to provide access to SS7 + HLR lookup . Can be GUI or code-based.

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    *Please read carefully before bid on my project* Render google B-Guard code / BgRequest code using requests without selenium LINK : "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" after opening that page you will enter any email and click submit to send POST request to this URL /_/lookup/accountlookup on this requests parameters you will see a value called BgRequest, there is a JS code or somehow...

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