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    Shopping cart S'est terminé left

    We have been using Paypal to collect online payment, however due to frequent request made by customers, we have decided to add Moneris eSelect Plus ( [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] ) as an alternative payment method. We need a simple shopping cart program coded in PHP, with our own pay page to integrate both eSelect Plus and Paypal to our website ( [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][2...

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    I want a clone of any of the following sites: [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], or The script should have most of the features of the sites mentioned above most importantly, popup buddy/messenger, chat rooms, and the ability to go invisible. I prefer [se connecter pour voir l'URL]'...

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    Rework Logo S'est terminé left

    Rework the XP LaserSport logo. The logo is often read incorrectly. They would like to simplify, while keeping a sci-fi theme for their laser tag facility. We would like to see three alternatives to the current logo. At least on alternative should look largely the same, with the "xp" out of the middle and above "lasersport". The other two alternatives can be up to the desig...

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    amazon website S'est terminé left

    I need a website whicjh is acceptable to the associates program of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and which shows my Amazon stock but where I don't have the item shows alternative AZ availability. I've got the feeling this has been done many times and don't want to reinvent the wheel ! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable for...

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    €88 - €440
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    3 months of hell... S'est terminé left

    3 months in coding heaven/hell awaits you... We need a hardcore coder willing to get it done, enhance and implement our ideas to help our web business run more securely and with more automation. You must meet these requirements in no particular order of importance, but all must be met: 1. Work late afternoons/Nights 2. Work at our location in Tucson, Arizona USA only 3. Must alr...

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    €440 - €4402
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    802.11g dhcp S'est terminé left

    **Outline** The portal system is intended for use in hotels and public places where mobile (laptop) users can wirelessly access the internet using 802.11g (Wi Fi) network access. An intent café / hotel etc will have an existing broadband internet connection and the appropriate wireless hub, linked into a server. Users will use their existing Centrino or wireless network card to access the...

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    Shopping Cart Development S'est terminé left

    to build a brand new shopping carts to use MS SQL on Windows; or MySQL on Linux as alternative to track the customer selections, interconnect with sub database that are available, such as list of area codes, list of countries, list of shipping destinations, list of shipping tariffs associated with shipping destinations. etc... to verify the customer selections, such as the country m...

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    72670 Banner/Logo for Iva S'est terminé left

    I need a logo designed for one of my sites. If all goes well, you will have my future business on the reconstruction of other sites, plus be recommended to create banners/logos for others. The site is here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] One of my ideas is to use the logo of stormpay (already on site) on the left hand side of the logo and a moving cyclist coming out on the right hand side...

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    I need a press release written for This will be distributed over the internet so I need it professionally written. It can be 3 to 4 paragraphs. I will include many facts about the auction and will need it to be included in the release. If you have any questions, please ask or check out the auction for more ideas to include in the release. In no peticular ord...

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    72789 THESAURUS IN ASCII S'est terminé left

    If you go to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and type in medicine, you will see results like: health, medical, doctor, hospital, surgery, healthcare, alternative, doctors, physician, health care, pharmacy, drugs, education, research, disease, cancer, nutrition, therapy, science, herbs, clinic What I want is to obtain an ASCII comma-delimited file of a complete thesaurus. I have seen the Proj...

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    Modify simple PHP content management system CMS (no database) * * *The modifications I want to make are: **1. Integrate htmlArea v3** for cross-browser WYSIWYG editing. At the moment it uses a simple preg replace eg [heading: your text here] inserts <.h1>your text here<./h1>. Other details: * The htmlArea integration must have 2 "content areas" - 1 with full HTML ...

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    Rudeboy's Kerching S'est terminé left

    If you like all rap/hip hop music and the clothes they wear then this is how you can have all of this on your [se connecter pour voir l'URL] can buy cheap clothes and other merchandise to improve your skills in rap/hiphop music.

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    Exchange server is logging through ODBC to a SQL table. The layout of the table is: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[inetlog] ( [ClientHost] [varchar] (255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NULL , [username] [varchar] (255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NULL , [LogTime] [datetime] NULL , [service] [varchar] (255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NULL , [machine] [varchar] (255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NULL ...

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    Software Development Principles Coursework 1 The unix *cal* utility enables a user to display the calendar for any month in any year. *cal 3 2004* will display the following: 1 leopard% cal 3 2004 March 2004 S M Tu W Th F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 [You can also try entering the command *cal 2004* and see what happens.] ...

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    I need a search engine friendly web-site built in PHP with Usability close in mind. Apache mod_rewrite must be used to simulate HTML pages. The application logic should be completely separated from the presentation logic (smarty template engine could be used). The layout for a web-site will be provided. Many interface languages must be supported. The pages must be GZip compressed for those who can...

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    I want a program, written from scratch, that does my job from start to finish. I cannot afford errors or tweaking time so it must be right before I use it. We're a growing eBay business that has outgrown the current eBay auction management software SellerManagerPro. The alternative "canned" solutions on the market don't quite address our needs or come with an Enterprise pr...

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    We projectto build a site like [se connecter pour voir l'URL], based on same values but in European langages like Italian, French, German, English and for European problems We look for a site-maker. Values of the site will be alternative : cooperation, massive virtual meeting, massive instant alert and mailing, multiple theme forums, mailing lists by theme, etc based on European pro...

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    This project is for a simple splash page for www. web-entrepreneur . com Given that I will probably completely over haul the site once membership gets up to 2000 or so, right now I’m looking for simple, clean, cheap and quick. A template may even do the trick. If your bid involves a recommended template please post a jpeg of it with your bid. Hosting is cpanel, on linux. The project...

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    ECommerce Web Site S'est terminé left

    Hello, We are looking for a complete ecommerce solution, like <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]>. We need a front end with multilanguage management, catalogue, product selection, matching with another clothes, size selection, color selection, the catalogue will filtered with some parameters like style, garment colour and price, shopping cart, checkout and credit card collection ...

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    Microsoft Visual Studio has a feature which lets programmers "hide" certain areas of their code. Qualified bidders should know what I'm talking about, but here is a URL for your reference: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Basically, I need a plug-in for Dreamweaver which will allow me to do the same thing. I don't need it to do all the fancy extras that VS ...

    €88 - €440
    €88 - €440
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    73351 Subscription System S'est terminé left

    Subscription interface. We organise courses and we need to give people the possibility to enroll online. To avoid confusion, we don't want to show all courses at the same time, but just 2 or three. Also, sometime we want to show some informations to some users and some other informations to other users depending on their interest. For this reason the user will access the system through a web...

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    Online Print Order Site S'est terminé left

    I am looking to get a software product written. I am coming to the Philippines 21st March This month. So Filipino programmer is welcome. I will be in Manila & Cebu. I am open to quotations form other countries also This print order site I would like written in php if it is possible. The print order site has a front end where the customers can design their printed products online and add...

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    30 Second Radio Ad S'est terminé left

    I would like a 30 second radio ad developed and recorded for: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Plus, a 30 promo ad for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ~ something like "You are listening to KUKQ - Arizona's Alternative"

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    73466 Alexa rankings site S'est terminé left

    I require a site where I can offer to send hits to a url. I have seen [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and this seems to be ok. This one delivers the script to be used on the buyers PC for a fixed price please try the free trial so that you see what i mean. That would be ok but I would look at alternative options where it would be run from a server for a monthly fee. I require script, delivery ...

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    Game strategy advisor S'est terminé left

    Implementation of client-side AI based game strategy advisor will require expertise in: 1) client/server to develop a program to observe and store online activity (least important part of project, since this could be done manually). 2) VB to develop a script to read and reformat output from step 1 into AI software usable input. Alternative source of data for reformatting is an Access dat...

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    Simul8 S'est terminé left

    **Part I (50%)** Assume that you are a simulation analyst and that you have been asked to investigate a particular industrial/operational problem. Specify a problem of your own choice so that you may develop a suitable simulation model (using the SIMUL8 facilities available on the microcomputer network). The assessed work should take the form of a short report. It should include: a) A brief des...

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    Electronic Price Book S'est terminé left

    Provide our sales force with pricing and availability of products in non-real time. The sales force will carry this data in a Win CE platform and will synchronize to update quantities daily from the field. Extract the data from a Progress 9.1D database which is NxTrend's SX Enterprise ERP application. Importing the data into MS SQL2000 for synchronization with the Win CE device is accept...

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    Site needs to be re programmed (not redesigned) for php and MYSQL rather that COld Fusion. Per the cusotmers request it is a pretty simple site. This is for a small alternative domain name providor. Site basically has lookups for domain names with certain extensions. If they are registered then they are told it is registered, and the lookup count is increased by 1 to let you know if it is a p...

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    Digital stickers for photos S'est terminé left

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:To all:I appreciate the comments so far and have become even more excited about working on this project. From the ideas and comments from each of you, I have created a more formal requirements document. I will work with the winning bidder to determine what is feasible and what is not. Please review and let me know if you are still interested in proceeding. For those of you who ...

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    I need a logo created for my online dog clothes and accessories store. It must be CUTE!! I would expect a simple illustration but not the picture of the whole doggie. It should also look clean and professional. I would expect to see 2-3 samples before deciding on the final design. ## Deliverables *Final work should be in Illustrator File. *All deliverables will be considered "work made...

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    flash animated adverts S'est terminé left

    We am looking for VJ's and flash animators who can provide'template' adverts,where the name of the company/address/tel/ can be changed from town to,town but the basic advert stays the same.. We would be able to pay £200ish everytime the advert is used by a customer,in each town.. It is for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The advertisers would be skate shops, night club...

    €176 - €264
    €176 - €264
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    Original Art Work Needed S'est terminé left

    New Comic Type image for a new business venture. The theme is a called "Big Headed Boy". Bascially Big Headed Boy is a character that will be used on some ads and logo type shirts. Image should obviouly be of a boy with a oversized head. Image should be both cute and funny. Must be totally orignal, clean and royalty free to me. Dress of the character should be normal for a boy - t-shirt,...

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    Telephony Message Comparison S'est terminé left

    STEP ONE - MONITOR FOR NEW MESSAGES I am looking for an application which will call to UP TO five telephone numbers, each of which will have a different pre-recorded message. I will give each telehpone number a name. Then the application will record and analyze the first 10 seconds of the message, and decide whether the message is the same as the last time the application called to the tele...

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    Website Design S'est terminé left

    Need a Pittsburgh based creative graphic designer/website developer to work with me to create a website for a Pittsburgh small promotions agency. Will work under my direction. I will create strategy, determine navigation flow and write copy. Your job is to work creatively with me to develop the look/design and user interface. Freelance MUST live in the Pittsburgh PA area.

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    Ecommerce Engine - Platform S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a complete ecommerce platform that I can use to set up ecommerce solutions for my own customers and host them on my server. If you already have a solution I would be interested in buying the rights to use it / co-brand it for my own use and customers Your solution should 1) Contain up to date popular ecommerce features and payment gateway compatibilities 2) Be upgradable I...

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    Massage, Pain and Stress Relief, Aromatherapy Newsletter. Newsletter writer, You should have knowledge of the alternative health and wellness field. All writing must be orginal work. The article must include a section featuring one or two products related to newsletter topic with provided pictures and links to an existing product page, a paragraph on what’s new, when appropriate. To give yo...

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    I am using a PHP CMS that uses XML and flat text files (no database). This is kind of a nice simple CMS....the datafiles that contain the content are merged with the templates (whcih have a 5 or 6 tags for menus and content areas) when you "publish" the site. The site is published to flat html files - so you don't need to cache. >> it allows section templates (set a templa...

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    I have been doing my own websites for the last 3 years because I always like to get things done as soon as possible and do not like to rely on others because they usually take too long or are not done right (for my music/band, poetry, graphic work, and now and MOST importantly is a clothing line I started last year [se connecter pour voir l'URL] that is starting to take WAY too much of my tim...

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    Hello, FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: Adobe Photoshop .PSD, editable format file(s) ONLY will be accepted. No other file formats delivered is acceptable. NONE! I am attempting to outsource some work here, since my workload is increasing steadily I cannot complete this customers project in a timely manner. Minimal budget for this work is available. Perhaps this project is best suited for RAC ...

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    PHP Script Needed S'est terminé left

    What I need: Visitors can sign up for a "Consignment" account, post items up for resale, their account would allow them to: Sign up for an account. (once approved they will be able to): Post new items. Delete items. Upload images Put in a description of the product Select from various 'conditions' (Brand New, Excellent, Slight Staining, Play clothes) Users set t...

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    This project calls for the development of a robust client-side encryption solution written entirely in Javascript. This is a great challenge for true programmers, especially those interested in cryptography. There are some potential starting points, including some freely available code at the following site: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Essentially, we're looking for an even more ro...

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    Specs for WINfax project This program will manage receiving and saving of faxes on a pc running win 32 (example windows 2000); with one or multiple standard fax/modem installed (tapi compatible modems). Faxes received are stored as standard graphic files such as standard scanned file format including TIFF or JPG; Multiple page of a fax received belonging to a single document will be saved as on...

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    I require a C++ programmer to write a DLL which can Interface to the Overnet. The DLL can be constructed by viewing source code which is available on Sourceforge though project name "ed2k-gtk-gui", at The ed2k-gtk-gui project is a C++ open source project which gives an alternative GUI to the Overnet core. The DLL need have only the following APIs: Overnet Status (== ...

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    We are a firm of patent attorneys in the UK, and we'd like to start sending regular newsletters to our clients, by email (8-10 pages). The newsletters will initially be created in Word 97, and will then be converted to pdf and sent out as email attachments. We need, please, two clean professional-looking newsletter designs to choose from, at least one being informed by the type of design...

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    *Introduction* [se connecter pour voir l'URL] is in the business of providing Consultancy services to pump and pumping system users. The purpose of the site is to advertise the business through presenting educational and problem solving articles about pumps and systems. For a solution to complex problems the expectation is that users will enlist the consultancy services of Th...

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    Accounting Package/Assembly S'est terminé left

    C# Assembly/DLL required for basic household and personal small business accounting needs. Must handle household finances and soho office needs: account xfers/splits payments/split credits/bidding & invoicing/cc and check payments/accounts payable/accounts receivable. I do not need a GUI (I expect to roll my own in ASP.NET) -- but if you are 'repackaging' a previously sold proj...

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    FTP Password Cracker S'est terminé left

    1.)We need an FTP Password Cracker 2.)Complete and fully-functional working program in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 3.)Needs to be Fully automatic so it is possible to load a list of user id's Passwords, 4.)We possibly would want a proxy server function so if there is an ip ban on the ftp server it will not ban us, it will run through an alternative...

    €26 - €44
    €26 - €44
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    Automatic sms sendind S'est terminé left

    I need to be able to recieve a call on my PC, cut the call as soon as the number is recognised, take the telephone number as a reference and then send a predefine message to 5 other predefined users. I would prefer it all in on application but it is also okay if it is two applications - one for recieving and one for sending. I would prefer if the the data was stored on excel or acess at worst...

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    Write a small Java applet. The specifications for the applet are as follows. 1. Your applet should be located on your home page. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] applet should play a simple game as follow. The applest should display a simple maze in the shape of a hollow letter N. The user must drag a blue disk from the bottom left to the top right, inside the N. If the disk touches the sides o...

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    Require a database linked to our web site that includes the following features: Candidate Features Vacancy Search and Job View Manager Premium search engine including criteria search and keyword search. Results presented in list format with click through to full description. Instant Referrer - Mail to a Friend Send the job directly to a friend or colleague. Includes full job information, and one c...

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