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    Video de presentation S'est terminé left

    Bonjour, Je suis un spécialiste en formation un peu débordé. J'ai besoin d'aide ponctuelle pour développer certains projets. Je les finances personellement ce qui me permet de passer du temps sur d'autres activités. J'ai besoin de créer une petite video de presentation. 3 roles sont à inclure. Le script n'est pas finalisé mais le fichier ci-joint vous donnera un apercu. La video ne d...couleur ci joint est à respecter. En combien de temps pouvez fournir la video à partir de la réception du script final ? et quel serait le prix sur la base de ce script ? J'aurai besoin des fichiers sources car je dois pouvoir mettre à jour rapidement. Dès lors, merci de me confirmer le...

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    J'ai besoin d'aide pour Shopify S'est terminé left

    Je travaille pour l'entreprise AML Paris, je m'occupe du site internet mais je suis à la recherche de quelque chose d plus fun, plus colorée.. Je ne sais pas comment fonctionner.. changer de thème ? avoir un développeur? Merci de votre réponse.

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    ...restructuring. I am looking for an intermediate level of expertise in the consultant. Key requirements for the project include: - Experience conducting interviews in a professional setting - Knowledge of OFSAA and its implementation in organizations - Ability to analyze interview data and provide recommendations for team restructuring, if necessary Modules covered are 1. IFRS9 2. LLFP (preferable) 3. AML (Anti Money Laundering) 4. KYC (Know Your Customer) 5. Transaction Filtering 6. Customer Screening 7. ALM (Asset Liability Management) 8. LRM (Liquidity Risk Management) 9. FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing) 10. PFT (Profitability and Funds Transfer Pricing) 11. Cashflow engine Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively c...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to write an academic essay on customer due diligence (CDD) in the banking industry. The essay should be approximately 2000-2500 words in length. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in KYC, AML, CTF, and understanding of CDD. - Excellent research and writing skills - Familiarity with legal requirements related to CDD in banking I will provide you with reading materials to build up your understanding about Company O (the target customer we are onboarding to our bank). You will be given information from the company website, company BOD, shareholders, beneficial owners, audit report, jurisdiction information, recent expansion, email correspondence, etc. All of these materials are fake information and for study purpose only to answer the essay ques...

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    Unix/ Linux assistance reqd S'est terminé left

    ...assistance in Unix/Linux installation and configuration, and who can efficiently handle the tasks mentioned above. Below is the disk partition snapshot of the RHEL 8.8. [root@PRPD-AML-WEB-01 ~]# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 100G 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 600M 0 part /boot/efi ├─sda2 8:2 0 1G 0 part /boot └─sda3 8:3 0 98.4G 0 part ├─rhel-root 253:0 0 60.8G 0 lvm / ├─rhel-swap 253:1 0 7.9G 0 lvm [SWAP] └─rhel-home 253:2 0 29.7G 0 lvm /home sr0 11:0 1 10.7G 0 rom [root@PRPD-AML-WEB-01 ~]# df -hT Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on devtmpfs devtmpfs 3.8G 0 3.8G 0% /dev tmpfs ...

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    ...automate various compliance checks and reporting processes. Key Requirements: User-friendly Interface: The tool should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy data entry, retrieval, and management. Data Collection: Enable the collection of comprehensive employee information, including personal details, employment history, and financial disclosures. Compliance Checks: Automate AML and CTF compliance checks, including identity verification, criminal history checks, and financial background checks. Document Management: Allow for secure storage and management of employee-related documents and records, such as identification documents and signed compliance agreements. Alerts and Notifications: Implement an alert system to notify relevant personnel of compliance b...

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    ...programme is not permitted in Spain for the commercialisation of investment services and client acquisitions by unauthorised third parties. The Company does not accept any customers from and does not operate in any of the following restricted countries, such as: Russia, USA, Japan, Brazil and European Union; countries identified by FATF as high risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions having strategic AML/CFT deficiencies; and countries that are under international sanctions. Before opening an account with us, you should read the legal documents relating to the entity that you're registering with. Please note that our legal documents vary depending on which entity you hold your trading account with and the regulations that apply to you. The relevant entity is determined base...

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    Research Analyst S'est terminé left

    KYC AML customer onboarding research analyst

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    aml compliance S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me with my AML compliance project for Canadian FINTRAC. I am registering a mobile money remittance App in Canada. The purpose of this project is to create an AML policy for my organization. I will prefer for the freelancer to be resident in Canada. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of AML regulations and compliance requirements - Experience in creating AML policies for organizations - Familiarity with industry best practices in AML compliance In terms of the risk assessment model, I am open to suggestions and would like the freelancer to provide recommendations based on their expertise. The project should be completed within 3 months, so the freelancer should be able to work efficiently and eff...

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    Hiring services S'est terminé left

    The Hireyy is offering a freelance opportunity that seeks individuals with strong connections and networking capabilities within top companies in India. The primary objective of this project is to facilitate the recruitment of candidates for various roles in high-demand sectors such as Java development, Testing, Finance, AML KYC, Data Analysis, Product Analysis, Business Analysis, and DevOps Engineering. Project Budget: The project has a total budget of 9 Lac Rupees, which will be allocated to the recruitment process for 150 cohorts of Hireyy candidates. The budget includes compensation for freelancers who successfully connect Hireyy with hiring managers and decision-makers within top companies. Roles and Responsibilities: Freelancers participating in the Hireyy Talent Connector...

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    Freelancer Recruiter S'est terminé left

    Project Overview: The Hireyy Talent Connector Project is a freelance opportunity that seeks individuals with strong connections and networking capabilities within top companies in India. The primary objective of this project is to facilitate the recruitment of candidates for various roles in high-demand sectors such as Java development, Testing, Finance, AML KYC, Data Analysis, Product Analysis, Business Analysis, and DevOps Engineering. Project Budget: The project has a total budget of 9 Lac Rupees, which will be allocated to the recruitment process for 150 cohorts of Hireyy candidates. The budget includes compensation for freelancers who successfully connect Hireyy with hiring managers and decision-makers within top companies. Roles and Responsibilities: Freelancers participatin...

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    Resume Building S'est terminé left

    As a mid-level professional in the AML/KYC Associate field, I have more than 5 years of solid work experience. I am looking to create a successful resume that will showcase my accomplishments to potential employers and demonstrate my skills and knowledge of the AML/KYC field. My goal is to present an organized, detailed list of my current experience and accomplishments in the AML/KYC field, in a visually appealing presentation that will draw the attention of future employers. With the help of a skilled Freelancer, I am confident I can create a winning resume that will make me a competitive candidate in the market. I am looking for a Freelancer well-versed in the AML/KYC field, with the ability to design a great-looking resume that appeals to employers in this fi...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with experience in implementing a KYC/AML solution with advanced verification features. The main purpose of this project is to ensure compliance with regulations, strengthen security measures, and streamline customer onboarding processes. I require a KYC/AML solution that prioritizes efficiency and speed, as well as ease of integration with our existing ERPNext (Frappe) system. Additionally, the solution should offer a range of verification checks to meet our specific requirements. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Strong knowledge and experience in implementing KYC/AML solutions - Expertise in integrating solutions with ERPNext (Frappe) - Familiarity with compliance regulations and security measures - Ability to cust...

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    I am a small trade company in the UAE, and I am in need of assistance with creating AML (Anti-Money Laundering), record keeping, and compliance policies. Currently, I do not have any policies in place and require someone to develop new ones for my business. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of AML regulations and compliance requirements in the UAE - Experience in creating comprehensive record keeping and compliance policies - Familiarity with the trade or retail industry and its specific compliance needs - Ability to tailor policies to the size and structure of a small company - Excellent communication skills to ensure clear and effective policy implementation throughout the organization The project is urgent

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    Urgent Scellé LDN
    €228 - €683
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    ...agreements that cover aspects like liability, user responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Consumer Protection Laws: Depending on the jurisdiction, consumer protection laws may apply to your money wallet service. This could involve transparency in fees, clear communication about services, and mechanisms for addressing customer complaints. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC): Many countries have AML and KYC regulations that require financial institutions to verify the identities of their customers and report suspicious activities. Your money wallet might need to implement these procedures. Intellectual Property: If your money wallet involves proprietary technology, branding, or unique features, you'll need to consider protecting you...

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    Mobile App for remittance S'est terminé left pickup. Transaction History: Maintain a history of past transactions for reference. Notifications: Send alerts for successful transactions, exchange rate changes, and other relevant updates. Security:Implement strong data encryption to ensure secure transactions and user data. Verification and Compliance: Follow regulatory requirements for identity verification and anti-money laundering (AML) checks. Localization: Support multiple languages and local currencies for a global user base. Customer Support: Offer in-app customer support through chat, email, or phone. Feedback and Ratings: Allow users to rate and review their experience. Promotions and Referrals: Provide referral bonuses and occasional promotions to incentivize app usage. Location Services: Use GPS to help...

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    AML OFFICER S'est terminé left

    Job Title: Part-time Lawyer with expertise in Company Registration and Crypto Trading License in Lithuania Description: We are currently seeking a part-time lawyer to assist us with registering a company in Lithuania (VASP) and obtaining a crypto trading license. Additionally, we may require occasional legal consultation for other matters after the completion of the project. Responsibilities: - Guide and assist in the registration of a company in Lithuania (VASP) - Navigate the legal processes and requirements for obtaining a crypto trading license - Provide expert advice on legal matters related to company registration and crypto trading - Ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in Lithuania Requirements: - Proven experience and expertise in company registration in Li...

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    PayFac documentation S'est terminé left

    ...PayFac systems and processes in order to ensure the highest quality documentation is delivered. If you believe you are the right fit for this project, please submit your application and provide details about why you believe you are suited for it. In total I need someone to create the following: • Procedures for the de-boarding of sub-merchants. • Procedures for Non-Compliant Sub-merchants. • AML policies and KYC policies. • Procedures for monitoring the transaction activity of sub-merchants including sales, refunds, and chargeback levels. • Procedure for monitoring of sub-merchants to ensure they are not engaged in the sale of illegal goods and services. • Procedure for monitoring of sub-merchants to ensure terms and conditions governing the relat...

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    cyrpto coin (ICO) power point S'est terminé left

    ...considerations in the cryptocurrency industry. The topics covered in the video may include but are not limited to: Legal frameworks: Exploring the different legal frameworks and regulatory approaches adopted by various jurisdictions in relation to cryptocurrencies. Compliance requirements: Discussing the compliance obligations that cryptocurrency businesses need to adhere to, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. Security and consumer protection: Addressing the measures taken to ensure the security of cryptocurrency transactions and protect consumer interests. Taxation: Highlighting the taxation policies and requirements applicable to cryptocurrencies, including capital gains taxes and reporting obligations. By referencing this video, ...

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    AML Policy S'est terminé left

    Potrzebuję kogoś, kto opracuje politykę przeciwdziałania praniu pieniędzy (AML) dla mojej firmy (mała instytucja płatnicza), aby zapewnić pełną zgodność z obowiązującymi przepisami. Nie mam żadnych istniejących zasad, które wymagają aktualizacji, ponieważ jest to nowość w mojej firmie. Projekt powinien być dostarczony w ciągu 1 tygodnia. Polityka przeciwdziałania praniu pieniędzy powinna obejmować wszystkie obszary wymagane przez odpowiednie krajowe i międzynarodowe przepisy ustawowe i wykonawcze oraz zawierać wszystkie procedury wewnętrzne wymagane do skutecznego wdrożenia. Powinien również przedstawiać systemy i kontrole, których należy przestrzegać, oraz strategie ograniczania ryzyka, które będą chronić naszą firmę przed potencjalnym ryzykiem prawnym ...

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    AML procedure S'est terminé left

    ...project is to develop and implement an advanced AML procedure in our organization. Our goal is to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements regarding the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and to protect the reputation and integrity of our organization. I am looking for skillful professionals who are able to efficiently deliver the AML procedure within a week. You should have a thorough understanding of AML regulations and international standards such as FATF and FinCEN. Technical competency and data analysis skills are essential to this project. You must also possess a strong attention to detail and have the capability to think critically. Our ideal freelancer will be an experienced professional in financial crime/AML rela...

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    Actimize trainer required S'est terminé left

    Actimize trainer required for online training. Training content: Administrator: IT user. Granted permission to perform ActOne tasks, such as delegating permissions, establishing groups, and customizing ActOne using the ActOne Designer tool. IT User: Advanced technical user responsible for proper maintenance, operation, and performance of the Actimize solution(s). Implementer: Advanced technical user responsible for the proper installation, deployment, and customization of the Actimize solution(s). · Training dates (tentative): 3-Jul-2023 · Training Duration: Trainer will need to let us know how many days are needed Topic :

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    MontyEX Crypto S'est terminé left

    ...processing, wallet management, and blockchain network interaction. Payment Gateway Integration: Experienced in integrating reliable and secure payment gateways to facilitate deposits and withdrawals in both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies. Security and Compliance: Knowledgeable in implementing robust security measures, such as encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, and KYC/AML procedures, to ensure user data and funds are protected. Familiarity with industry best practices and compliance with relevant regulations is essential. User Interface Design: Proficient in designing intuitive and user-friendly web interfaces, ensuring seamless navigation, responsive layouts, and real-time data updates. Experience in mobile application design is a plus. Testin...

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    Actimize Watchlist Filtering (WLF) S'est terminé left

    I am seeking consultation and recommendations for my Actimize Watchlist Filtering (WLF) project. The scope of the project is not a full implementation, nor is it customization of an existing system. Rather, I am looking for someone who can provide expert guidance on how to execute the cutomer batch file in WLF and generate the ALERTS. The ideal candidate will have experience with Actimize WLF and be knowledgeable about compliance requirements related to sanctions. The project timeline is tight, with a desired completion time within weeks. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Expert knowledge of Actimize WLF - Experience running the batch file to generate the alerts - Ability to provide clear and concise recommendations and guidance - Strong communicati...

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    Need Actimize trainer S'est terminé left

    Need actimize trainer for corporate training Mode : online Toc/syllabus attached

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    Logo Design for an Arch Firm S'est terminé left

    ...with my architecture projects. For that I need a brand design and identity. I want o create a modern and unique logo for my architecture company. The logo should reflect my values and convey a focus on project visualization. You can consider symbols related to architecture, graphic design elements, or a combination of stylized letters. Initials: you can create an identity element using AM / MA / AML initials. Color palette: You can opt for colors related to architecture, such as neutral tones, grays, blues, or greens, or explore more vibrant and eye-catching colors that reflect creativity and innovation. Typography: Select a typography that reinforces the studio's image. You can choose modern and clean fonts to convey a contemporary style, or opt for more traditional a...

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    Azure Devops S'est terminé left standards and mechanisms, such as SSL, AML (Azure Managed Identity), OAuth, and role-based access control (RBAC). Requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. 2. In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Azure Integration Services, including Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grid, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Functions. 3. Strong understanding of CI/CD and DevOps practices, with experience in implementing automated deployment pipelines and infrastructure as code. 4. Familiarity with .NET development, C#, and working with IDEs such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. 5. Solid understanding of security standards and protocols, including SSL, AML, OAuth, and RBA...

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    Sell AML Software to Banks S'est terminé left

    Looking for someone who can sell or create lead for AML Software for Banks, Fintech in UAE, UK, Sauidi, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia

    €833 - €1666
    €833 - €1666
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    Press Release S'est terminé left

    Need a press release prepared to promote an event call Pitch! @RTG The event is part of a gambling law and regulation conference, Regulating the Game London 2023 more details available at The Pitch! @RTG is an evening event as part of the ocnference and we describe the event as follows: Pitch! RegTech, RG, AML & compliance innovation This event is focused on showcasing innovation that advances compliance, responsible gambling, regulatory policy and practice, and anti-money laundering outcomes for the sector. We want firms to pitch leading-edge products and services that introduce step change in activities and outcomes for the sector. We are also interested in presentations on emerging practices and trends in industry supervision, safer gambling and anti-money

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    1. Modules to cover Motor/ Non-Motor and Takaful operations. 2. Modules to cover CRM/ Sales/ Underwriting/ Servicing/ Claims/ Re-insurance/ Commission/ Incentives/ Finance/ fully integrated workflow/ document management/ MIS/ Data Management and Report Development/ Product Set-up/ Administration including user management/ Call Center/ Risk Assessment including KYC and AML verifications.

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    AML Policy creation S'est terminé left

    It's needed to write an AML for a platform that sells goods for an online game (Counter-Strike).

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    Build me an app S'est terminé left

    Hi - We run a small accountancy practice and...client 14 "A where are my accounts up to" progress bar - based on the workflow in Senta? 15. Ability to update personal details i.e. if address changes and access to NI numbers UTR number, VAT number. 16. Link to brightpay (payroll provider) so clients can see payslips and how much to pay HMRC 17. Ability to view and sign our proposals - We use Go Proposal for this 18 We use Credas for our AML checks (but we will probably move to Go Proposal for this too) - it would be great of client received a push notification and link to complete the check through the app. I appreciate that we might need co-operation from some of the software providers to achieve all of this but it would be good to know what might be possible. ...

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    Graph API requests S'est terminé left

    Query 1. Select all active users from AD where their extattribute2 value eq “AML” & extattribute4 eq “HIAS” Query 2. Select all users and the groups they belong to.

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    ...and retrieving tokens based on various criteria. The developer needs to create an interface for users to interact with the index token. This will be a web and mobile application that displays the token price, portfolio composition, and allows users to buy or sell the token. Implement standard functionality: The developer needs to implement standard functionality such as user authentication, KYC/AML compliance, and wallet integration to enable users to interact with the index token seamlessly. Responsibilities: Develop and deploy the smart contract for our index token on the Ethereum network or other blockchain platforms. Collaborate with other developers, designers, and stakeholders to ensure that the smart contract meets our business requirements. Create a secure and efficient ...

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    AML policy S'est terminé left

    To create an AML policy for a consulting company

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    We are a boutique asset management firm looking for an experienced developer who can help integrate an API from GBG (IDsccan WebAPI) with our website. The purpose of this task is to speed up the AML process for incoming clients, enabling them to more easily upload and verify their passports without the need for manual checks by our administrator. We have all documents, access and guidelines ready to go. As well as ourselves, we can also provide you with a contact at GBG to answer any technical questions that you may have during the process.

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    We are a boutique asset management firm looking for an experienced developer who can help integrate an API from GBG (IDsccan WebAPI) with our website. The purpose of this task is to speed up the AML process for incoming clients, enabling them to more easily upload and verify their passports without the need for manual checks by our administrator. We have all documents, access and guidelines ready to go. As well as ourselves, we can also provide you with a contact at GBG to answer any technical questions that you may have during the process.

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    ...platforms (apps) varies by state and province in North America. REQUIREMENT: We require a Legal Opinion letter for our payment processor which will validate that we are a "game of skill" and operate in the DFS category. In addition, we may need the letter to validate that we have geolocation capabilities to ensure access only in legally authorized markets, and verification that we use KYC/AML APIs to adhere to requirements to avoid people on watchlists and verify ages. We have these facilities so we will only require the letter to acknowledge this once we provide you with proof. SCOPE: We require the legal letter only - prepared by a licensed lawyer from North America QUALIFICATION: We must use a North American based lawyer, and one who has issued this type...

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    Cryptocurrency Exchange developer S'est terminé left

    Need to develop Crypto Exchange similar to Ref: Required Modules : CEX P2P Multiple dynamic coin pair Compatible with core wallets Liquidity API (Binance) Bot Trading KYC /AML

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    Develop a payment system FINTECH S'est terminé left

    Onboarding and KYC Self-onboarding (customers, merchants' and cash agents' personnel) Business partners web onboarding Branches and staff management Bulk registration Multi-level KYC Customer issuing Cash-in and cash-out via cash agents Payment card tokenization (integration) Bank accounts (integration) ATM cash-out (integration) POS payments, deposits and cash-out eMoney distribution between wallets Settlement on bank account Accounting, reporting and operational activity Financial operations and transactions Wallet types and transaction rules Fees management Limits management AML, anti-fraud, black lists Multi-currency Reporting Marketing tools Notifications In-app banners Referral program for customers Motivational program for merchants Customer su...

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    On Boarding KYC AML S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a freelancer to help us onboard clients in our new financial entity. Must be experienced and competent in this area.

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    We're looking for a Compliance/AML Officer we can appoint for our Polish company that handles crypto exchanges. We've already received crypto licensing and will have all relevant AML policies completed towards the end of the week. We'd like the officer to review over our drafted documents and be available for Adhoc wherever necessary. For example to be looped into to emails to handle compliance areas with our B2B clients.

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    ...Contracts to sign. should be included in Front End Dashboards for Staff, Associate Services Providers, Clients. A separate lending page for Investors is required to design and develop to make them understand about benefits of being on this platform in terms of numbers and other authentication of the Epiidosis Group. Registration and Onboarding process for the investors should include, forms for free, AML compliance & SRC compliance to sign. Front End Dashboards for Investors: • A dashboard displaying a high-level overview of their investment portfolio, including the status and progress of their investments. • A reporting system that provides detailed analytics and insights into the performance of their investments. • A notification system that alerts invest...

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    Hello I have draft AML and CT compliance policy for opening Bureau de Change in Ireland. I would like somebody have a look at it and make modifications/improvements. Please note, you must have knowledge in AML compliance for Money Service Business in Republic of Ireland. Thanks

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    White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a specialist who has high experience in this field in the electronic exchange industry and allows ...industry and allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies, buying and selling, and a special license for me only without commissions Exchange Features Wallets Security Cryptocurrencies Liquidity Provider Admin Panel Performance License must be 20 additional trading pairs with/without market maker Additional ERC20 token Credit cards or Payment gateway integration KYC/AML provider integration Liquidity provider/exchange integration Additional blockchain from list of supported blockchains Includes storage and compute fees Additional blockchain or custody integration Includes storage and compute fees iOS and Android Mobile Apps Bitgo co...

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    Develop a KYX (DKYC + AML) S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a developer that has done this previously. I have a deadline of three days. Must be called as an API, must use "LiveNess". All code required before final payment. No payment unless I see a working product. Developer must be able to share proof of Identity

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    We're looking for someone to build a compliance program & RBA as per following regulatory requirements: Timeframe is within the next 3 weeks. As for budget, we are looking to get a quote.

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