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    un mini formulaire S'est terminé left

    J’ai besoin d’un très petit script de page web qui formule un lien internet composer d’un préfix (SA) statique (qui ne change pas) d’une partie (E1) dynamique qui est un ‘echo ‘ d’un champs du formulaire (F1) d’une autre partie statique (SB) et d’une fin également (E2) dynamique qui est un ‘echo‘ d’un cha...

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    its given a full non directiona graph g=(v,e) with postive weight on their edges. create an algortih which is going to produce a in-short sub graph g1=(v,e1)(e1 contains e) in order to |e1|=|v|+3 +1 more sub question It is similar to that they are 10 problems if you can solve this one please provide me the solution and can provide you the rest

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    Hello, we need create automated script that will started from windows then will be auto restarted and auto boot to after reboot and procee will be like this: 1, in script we will define what IMAGE will be choosen for restore whole hdd 2, under windows we will run an script what will auto reboot computer and run c*lonezilla 3, automatically will be selected all thinks --> image --> hdd 4, ...

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    hello,, I want a website that show the name of a company with a number (e1). that number indicates the number of updates that company url has. These urls uploads something called "Security Updates" its updated at lease once a month, but some of them has multiple updates a day. For example, red hat has 1 update today, and 9 updates yesterday: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] *Based o...

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    Optimization Expert using XGBoost S'est terminé left

    I have predictive python code, but I have to build Optimization code. I want to have the optimization part finish as well, after that I will send the results for evaluation for the optimization part there are three parts, you need to calculate L= E * I**2 /1000 E is energy I is index which is the output that we already calculated in prediction ( 809 results of test set) and need to maximize L E ...

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    We require these files to be printed to PDF, and exported as DXF and DWG format. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 678wM&[se connecter pour voir l'URL] 678wM&[se connecter pour voir l'URL] 678wM&[se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ...

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    Page 1 * Create a landing page * Users must be able to sign up with their Email, Phone, Username, Full Name, and Age * Email confirmation must be sent * Phone number must be verifiable * Via Text and 4 Digit Code Page 2-6 * Users will be redirected to a questionnaire with 5 questions (1 question per page) * Example Questions: * Select which fits your profile (Can not be skipped...

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    The requirement is Iets say we have an excel in which there are two sheets(Sheet1 & Sheet2) In Sheet1 I have four cells(A1,B1,E1,F1) which gets updated every minute by pulling the data from the web. C1 value= B1-A1 and G1=F1-E1. D1 remains blank Now I need help in designing Sheet2 with below requirements [se connecter pour voir l'URL] A1 data should be pasted to Sheet2 B1 after 1minute ...

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    we have a postgresql. we have a script to create mailboxes in the postgresql. we want the mailboxes created on the postgresql to receive messages. only receive. we are also adding redirects. redirection example: send@[se connecter pour voir l'URL] redirects to send@[se connecter pour voir l'URL] to finish we also add mailbox redirection to mailboxes external to the server. We alread...

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    Need Javascript developer S'est terminé left

    Various JavaScript programs requested Here are the problems that must be solved to complete this job and receive payment. I welcome your quotes. Thank you. E1) Write a function called productOfValues which takes in an object of key/value pairs and multiplies the values together. You can assume that all keys are strings and all values are integers. E2) Given an array of users, write a function,...

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    Develop a system that will perform cloud based analytics on Network data collected by an Android Application. Develop the below system in Javascript and Node.js that will be integrated as extensions E1 and E2 in a browser

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    I am trying to import file from MYSQL, python and tkinter with input field order ID import pymysql from tkinter import * from tkinter import messagebox import [se connecter pour voir l'URL] as sql import pandas as pd def search(): try: db_connection = [se connecter pour voir l'URL](host='localhost', database='northwind', user='xxxx', password=...

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    convert jpg to excel S'est terminé left

    Convert hand written tables to excel. Data should be in following columns: Plot No., Piece No., Species, DX, D1, E1, D2, E2, Length, Decay Cls (1-5), Bark Cls (0-3), Growth Cls (0-3). Plot No. and Piece No. are columns that need to be added. Plot Number is shown in top right of each jpg

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    Explanation of scenario: 1. server A ( asterisk server, with static IP) receiving VoIP calls , with sip protocol, using G711,G729 and/or G723.1 codec and sending calls to Server B 2. Server B ( Asterisk server with PRIVATE NETWORK IP), receiving calls from server A and sending to gateways (quintum gateway for example) or E1 cards. 3. Number of Server B can be unlimited. 4. Number of Gateways/E1 ca...

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    A quick image preparation S'est terminé left

    source image: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I want to use this source image, cut out the woman, make it transparent background color, and apply some background pattern like the google stadia example below:[se connecter po...

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    Hi guys. I'm searching for an experimented person on Patton SN4171 e1 gateway configuration including trunking with ISSABEL IPBX (Asterisk based) and call routing configuration at the patton side.

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    Looking for Graphic Designer S'est terminé left

    We are looking for someone to do the following: with IT business previous work experience 1- Design email template 2- Landing pages design 3- Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter) these are the main concept of the projects: 1- Azure monthly discount up to %10, 2- Microsoft Office 365 CSP discount, 3- Microsoft Office E1 and Teams 6 month free)

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    Content writing project S'est terminé left

    Looking for Content writing for an Email campaign, Landing page and Social media campaign for the below: 1- offering Microsoft Azure monthly subscription discount up to %10, 2- offering Microsoft Office 365 CSP discount up to %10 on seats cost, 3- Offering Microsoft E1 and Microsoft Teams 6 month free)

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    Trophy icon Design logo for project 234953 S'est terminé left

    Hi, i need design a logo for my company, all requirement bellow: - Business Careers: Pho Restaurant ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) - Business Name: Phương Anh - Color: Green and White

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    need a java coder S'est terminé left

    -find in a grid of 5 x 5 of letters, if there is a word from the list of given words present in that grid. -the words can be in column or in a row, not in diagonal or in reverse -the words are case sensitive and all are composed of 3 letters -there is only one word per grid to be found -there are 3 games to complete -your implementation must be optimized, to do the least access to the system...

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    Our main goal to minimize the BW in client side with good quality of voice . We need some kind of bandwidth compression system ( upto 60-80% than usual SIP calls )from Server A to Server B. Server A = Asterisk server Server B = Asterisk Client server Explanation of scenario: 1. server A ( asterisk server, with static IP) receiving VoIP calls , with sip protocol, using G711,G729 and/or G723.1 c...

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    Macro Excel02 Indra R S'est terminé left

    Indra R this one is for you! MACRO DESCRIPTION ================== E1. With a range of cells selected initiate the macro E2. For each cell macro should do the following: aFind the first semicolon in the cell; bReplace the semicolon with a carriage return E3. Macro ends NOTES ===== N1The cells will have text in them. No need to worry too much about error handling.

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    Excel Macro01 Cell Text S'est terminé left

    Please only serious bids. You cannot for instance do this by recording! MACRO DESCRIPTION ================= E1. With a range of cells selected initiate the macro E2. For each cell macro should do the following: a Find the first semicolon in the cell; b Replace the semicolon with a carriage return c Repeat steps E2a and E2b for all semicolons in the cell E3. Macro ends NOTES ===== N1 The c...

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    Hi there, I need a PHP page with a button which executes a script and then returns the results of that script (eg 2 records updated etc). In short, it pulls records from my database, constructs a URL, executes the URL which returns a JSON result, then takes a value from the JSON result and inserts it back into my database. It then loops through every record in my database (which could be over ...

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    Using JFLex & BYACC/J S'est terminé left

    you will use JFLex for the lexical part of the task and BYacc/J for writing a parser for a simple language described as: P→ D ; P | D D → def id(ARGS) = E; ARGS → id , ARGS | id E → int | id| if E1 OP E2 then E3 else E4 | for E do E |while E do E | E1+E2 | E1-E2 |E1*E2|E1/E2| id(E1, …, En) OP → == | > | < | >= | <= | != H

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    This job is to understand the encoding of the Dominion QRCode. Decoding the graphic QRCode graphic is no problem. It complies with the open standard. What we need is to understand what the code means and how it corresponds to the vote on that ballot. FOR EXAMPLE, the following BMD ballot is from the San Francisco ballot image set (See attached image) Has the following binary code in the QRCode: ...

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    The project is for a windows based softswitch support and Cisco VoIP router configuration and support. The network comprises at this moment a C7206VXR with E1 PRI modules configured and connected to the local PSTN and also connected to our windows softswitch. We want support for this network.

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    I have listed the input/output labels used by the vBuilder that correlate to the Branch 1430 drag racing timing system - 2 lanes - a left lane / a right lane starting line momentary push button (input-C1) to activate the process > on press makes the blue light blink (output-D1) indicating racers can stage. Each lane - with a startling line infrared beam (as an input) that is there to indica...

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    TradingView Pine script alert added to working script, Same Script added to strategy also study("Tillson T3", overlay=true) T3FiboLine = input(false, title="Show T3 Fibonacci Ratio Line?") length1 = input(8, "T3 Length") a1 = input(0.7, "Volume Factor") e1=ema((high + low + 2*close)/4, length1) e2=ema(e1,length1) e3=ema(e2,length1) e4=ema(e3,length1) e5=...

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    Fix Cash Register Sam 4s er350ii S&#039;est terminé left

    Fix Cash Register Sam 4s er350ii. Hearing beeps. Needs help clearing the error. Can you walk them through the fix over the phone? USA customer. Got an E1 error message at some point.

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    E1 trunking S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi guys! I need an experimented guy with a heavy knowledge of Asterisk , SIP Protocol , PATTON E1 gateway, Issabel IPBX and RAD ASMI-52 modem for assistance on E1 trunking configuration between the PATTON gateway and my Issabel IPBX and E1 signalisation troubleshooting between my Patton and my ISP RAD ASMI-52 modem. Patton model is SN4171/1E15VHP.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me solve the algorithm. Here are the pairs of seed and key, your job is to find the algorithm between it. seed: 05 67 01 62 86 33 00 00 key: 05 27 02 05 F1 71 00 00 seed: 05 67 01 4D 2E F3 00 00 key: 05 27 02 F5 17 3E 00 00 seed: 05 67 01 87 D2 76 00 00 key: 05 27 02 8F C2 F6 00 00 seed: 05 67 01 83 77 03 00 00 key: 05 27 02 31 D8 61 00 00 Seed is always...

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    We are holding a memorial service on Sunday 15th December 2019 :17:30 - 21:30 - the first hour in a church and then a celebration of this life in an art gallery. The memorial is for an artist / gallery owner so it is vital that the photographer have an artistic sensibility / appreciation of the arts. The memorial is in London E1 We don’t have a huge budget but am sure we can negotia...

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    Project Assistance London, UK 01 S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi, I need freelancer who can do work as required in given time frame. You should be able to manage project. You should be able to visit the address I provide you and do required work. You should have following skills: Virtual Assistant Project Assistant Project Management Data Collection Reporting Note: Freelancers locally from E1 6JJ London, United Kingdom are preferred. Further details will b...

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    I am seeking for experienced candidate who can develop required Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) software for Out of Band (OOB) Management access for remotely monitoring and managing system over Ethernet. This BMC software can be developed using the open source project called OpenBMC. A branch of OpenBMC that has been developed by Intel can be found in the link below: [se connecter pour voir ...

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    Office 365 Administrator S&#039;est terminé left

    Position as the company’s Office O365 Information Technology Specialist will be responsible for Office O365, SharePoint, Azure Directory, Exchange, Yammer, and Teams administration; providing End-user support and training for hardware and software and collaborating with the IT Manager to ensure operational security, Maintenance and Governance. Key Duties and Responsibilities Office O365, S...

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    Excel Expert S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi! I have a client that sends business in an Excel format with the following headers: A1 is Account Number, B1 is Name, C1 is Balance, D1 is a spacer, E1 is ClientCode, F1 is ClientReference, G1 is DebtorName, H1 is DebtorNumber, I1 is AssignedAmount, J1 is PrincipalReceived, K1 is PrincipalDue, L1 is Status, M1 is Desk, N1 is DBR_LAST_TRUST_DATE_0, O1 is DBR_LAST_TRUST_AMT, P1 is another spacer,...

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    ECU SEED & KEY calculate Algorithm S&#039;est terminé left

    I am looking for someone to help me to disclose algorithm calculating key from seed seed 1a c1 c5 9c - key fe 77 af 06 06 5d 4e 00 seed 1f e8 3f ed - key d7 25 b5 6e 5f 7b 77 d9 seed 2c 56 e1 b7 - key 46 2d 08 48 b6 ab 20 8f seed 2a 78 97 78 - key dd cd 87 a5 56 86 db 95 seed 03 65 fa 48 - key 1f 3b 1c 5d 2b 82 62 c9 seed 10 8a ce 25 - key ????????????????? try to find last key...

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    i want to make some modifications in my site its a tv series and movies streaming [se connecter pour voir l'URL] here is the modifications i want 1- Several Video players I can only add 1 video player so i want edit it so i can add more video players incase Player 1 is removed so visitors can watch via player 2 example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] this site use the same script as m...

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    compiling email data in excel by visiting website – link given -tripur embroidery - dt 9-10-2019 Hi i will supply website link and would want company name , email id (different email ids in different columns) , contact name, contact no. in an excel to build up mailing list website link : [se connecter pour voir l'URL] it has alphabetically organized company name and links to com...

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    E1 Visa Help Needed S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi, I was filling an E1 visa but there is one thing I need to fill that is DS-156E. "our employer must complete a DS-156E" I don't have an employer there. I do have a business here in my country and have an online website where I am getting orders from clients around the world but most 75% of my clients are from the US Let me know if there is anyone who can help me with this

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    office space and hotel S&#039;est terminé left

    Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this project intends to reflects on the future of workplace and to consider the re-use of existing buildings and the creation of new relationships between public and private activities within an urban context. Create a mixed-use building - Primary Use: An office space accessible 24 hours a day to both the inhabitants of the building and the general public. -...

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    Need some help adjusting a formula (P1) to work for cell E2. Right now P1 only works with E1

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    Hello Team, We are facing issue in configuration of Sangoma (E1 PRI) card in Goautodial 3.0

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    Looking for excel vba expert to help write a vba macro for following logic: Steps: Setting the period (first and last column where code should be executed) 1. First column = Today's date + E1 2. Last column = Today's date + F1 Push out logic 1. Match the AZs (E8:E24) to Gap/Excess (B63:B77) 2. For each matching AZs, if there is a excess (above 0, positive value) push the value in push/...

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    Crear VM con Issabel en VMware S&#039;est terminé left

    Somos un call center argentino que trabaja con multicampaña. Necesitamos crear 3 VM (Maquinas virtuales) en un servidor Dell. En las 3 VM se deben instalar la versión mas reciente de Issabel (Central Telefónica). Debe esta bajo SO Linux. Parámetros: Configurar troncales y rutas salientes: Troncales: 1 Gateway synway GSM de 16 canales 1 Gateway Openvox GSM 12 canales...

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    Clean, format and validate data S&#039;est terminé left

    There are three data files 1. Organizers and Events Requirement Validate emails Remove records that do not have emails that validate Provide 2 files: a). File - with records that only contain validated emails b). File with old data - email not validated 2. Exporters Requirements a) Shorten Product Category Name - in all Product Category 1-7 columns Keep short name the same in all columns b) ...

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    Project for Marina L. S&#039;est terminé left

    I need an "and" keyword search program, that I will describe as if it is in Excel, but it doesn't need to be an Excel program. In Excel column A, and in each cell down to a maximum of about 850,000 rows, there will be a list of words 50 to 1000 characters long. For example: A2: cat dog rabbit mouse trap... A3: table chair stool lamp ... A4: car truck motorcycle parts ... A5: comp...

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    my project is about lipstick made from natural organic materials. High Quality My website in Vietnamese, you can make it with english than i give you the translation for vietnamese version I need the website easy to SEO with all tag / onpage SEO. + Chat and call button + Link to facebook pages, likes and share button + Faecbook pixels for facebook ads intergrated to action of users + Google ana...

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