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I prefer a Woman's voice

-Record your voice reading the script provided. It must sound cinematic. Example: [login to view URL]
Try to take a pause between each sentence. Do not rush. Be calm


1. Record yourself reading the script below. Record 2 takes. Each one becoming more calm. And slower. With lots of pauses. Long pauses.

2. Go into a very quiet room. If you're using your cellphone, tie a cloth or towel around your phone and to not move it during recording. Although using a professional mic would be preferred. Don't be afraid to try with a phone if that's all you have.

--------------- Script ------------------

When the monsters came...
(pause)(3 seconds)
...We had to hide..
(pause)(DOOM DOOM, DOOM DOOM(terminator BIG DRUM))

We ran from the cities..
(Pause)(1 second)
..And fled to the counrtyside
..from a distance we watched the horrors unfold

The military tried to fight back, but the advanced ones were too much.

Their systems too powerful
Missiles would miss..
bullet would bounce off
We couldn't get through their shields...
...They were untouchable...

...But we survived..
...We survived

...And we're coming back,

...for whoever's responsible for this..
(try one take whispering this last line)

(Doom doom, doom doom)

On our quest to find out who Simon is...
And to gain the upper hand...

How do you stop a portal from opening.....
How do you stop a weapon that can't be shot down....
How do you stop a weapon like that....

We walk through the darkness..

...To find only Doom
(Dont rush)
...we walk through the darkness..
....Only to find death...
(also try)(don't rush)(take deep breath)
....as we walk through the darkness...
We are the light that pushes back.....


...The portals openned...
and they poured out..


...And they flooded out..
99%..........of them.....died...

But some survived
The advanced ones...
We call them level 5's
And all sorts of other creatures.......
They must have been vacuumed out of their world, ............................
or another dimension
...And dumped on the city....


....The Advanced ones are fighting...
They seem to be fighting each other.
I don't see the military anymore....
...They must have given up....

Where is everyone....
I saw someone this morning....
I hid in the bushes...
It was not too long after I heard screams coming from pathway...
PleaseeeeGOD get me out of this alive...

I've been traveling for days.... I can still see the city... Up in smoke... The jets go by over head....I stopped paying attention anymore... I know my fate......
...........I'm going to go the same way the others went.....
getting torn apart.....and eaten


.....This had to be some sort of attack...
....A weapon of some sort....
It seems to suck lifeforms out of their world and dumped into our world
....Most of the creatures die....
...But the ones that survive............
(long pause)
...Are devastatingly powerful
Some I don't think are even from this realm
(try again)
Most of them look like they're not of this universe
....Like they're from a different plain of existence.... One that doesn't have the same laws
I don't even understand how they operate...
How are they alive....
The weird things they've been doing..
.....The things I've been seeing lately..
....Creatures binding with other creatures....
Becoming super beings.......
I'm so confused...
.....I don't know what's happening....
....It's beyond my comprehension ...
I just want to go back home
This is all a bad dream...
The military.....
The aliens.....
What the hell is happening..

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  • somaya4me
    • il y a 1 semaine

    I will record some of the script to show my skills in voice acting .thank you and goodluck

    • il y a 1 semaine
  • somaya4me
    • il y a 1 semaine

    I hi sir , I'm professional voice over actress in English ,Arabic and Korean ,Did you find your prefered voice who can act perfectly or still searching ?

    • il y a 1 semaine
  • lilmos
    • il y a 3 semaines

    Please check both of my takes thank you :3

    • il y a 3 semaines
  • mariettetunn
    • il y a 3 semaines

    The script is interesting, but I can't upload my M4a file to submit my entry. How do I change a M4a file from my phone to meet your submission file support requirements of JPG, GIF or PNG ? I tried file converters, but they can only convert M4a to MP3 or WAV. Thank you.

    • il y a 3 semaines
  • Annafe1984
    • il y a 4 semaines

    I wait for more details in chat

    • il y a 4 semaines
  • Supernova Corp.
    Supernova Corp.
    • il y a 4 semaines

    Hi there! We have an amazing female at your service, just want to make sure one thing, is this for business purposes/social media/other broadcasting services? So, that we can prepare a document for commercial rights, and just in case if you select us as the winner, it will be a smooth handover process later on. Thank you! - Supernova Corp.

    • il y a 4 semaines

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