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Responsive, Fully-Contained Landing Page

For your consideration; My entry maintains the same blue/white colour scheme as the app itself, to maintain consistency in style. In addition, the same vector logo as the app is used for this landing page. The introductory text is concise and encourages user-generation of templates. As shown in the attached screenshots, my entry is fully responsive and works on a variety of screen sizes. The page title has been set, and the favicon will automatically match the one that the app itself currently uses (if the the index.html is placed in the same folder). The introductory text has also been proofread and is free of grammatical and spelling errors. The landing page is fully contained in the index.html file alone--it will not require any other files (for example image files for screenshots) to be hosted along with it. As is standard best practice, the only external resources are for style, in the form of fonts and icons from online repositories (Google APIs, FontAwesome, w3.css etc)

Proposition n°12 du concours                                                 Simple single landing page to introduce a mini scientfic app
Proposition n°12

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