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  • tomatodolphin
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    • il y a 8 ans

    Hi, I will go with your design, but would like to see the following changes:

    1. Header region:


    i. move the 'The Proven way....' message up to header region beside logo.

    ii. replace the tagline region with menu link, search region, cart and country icons.

    With the cart, it can be very simple, with cart icon and number of items in cart, like: but without the '+' symbol. Something like that.

    With the country icons, just put them to the right of the cart link, one on top of the other.

    2. Still want to keep the responsive slider from main site on the page bellow the yellow block. Just want to add 'pager' dots under it.

    3. swap the 'featured product' and 'video slider' around, so feature product comes first.

    4. sway the footer around so that the trust icons are above the copyright text.


    • il y a 8 ans
    1. Code Chopper
      Code Chopper
      • il y a 8 ans

      Thank u very much, I will be working on ur changes ASAP. Please add me on skype farman.ahmed

      • il y a 8 ans