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I need a name for a new type of vehicle that our company is offering, that can measure roads in a new way for our industry. I’d like an acronym of 3-5 letters to describe the system, roughly.

Our company offers vehicles that survey roads using lasers and cameras, similar to the Google Street View vehicles – with more data types. These measurements are all road surface characteristics (is the road bumpy and uncomfortable to drive on, are there cracks in the road surface, is the texture of the road very smooth and therefore cars might not be able to stop as fast). These factors help the road owners (government) determine which roads should be repaired first.

All these assessments so far are on the road surface, but now we have a special vehicle that can measure below the surface too - in particular the strength of the road. This is important because it’s possible for the surface of the road to look fine, but the road underneath may have deteriorated, and so heavy trucks would now cause serious damage. It’s equally possible for the surface to look very bad with many cracks, yet still be very strong.

Our existing vehicles are called Network Survey Vehicles (NSVs), where ‘network’ refers to the ‘road network’. These NSVs run our software that ties together data from many different sensors (cameras, lasers, gyros) and presents it in a single, easily digestible form. This software is called Hawkeye, since it not only integrates these sensors but does so in a high precision manner compared to our competitors. (We named it before the marvel movies became popular!).

It is sold in two flavours, the Hawkeye 1000, and Hawkeye 2000. The 1000 series is a smaller, portable system typically consisting of 2 lasers, a camera, and a small PC. The 2000 series is our larger system with 8 cameras, 13 lasers, inertial mapping systems, automatic road cracking surface image recognition technologies.

Our new vehicle is a large truck that can measure both above and below the surface, but it needs a new name. Currently it is the ‘Traffic Speed Deflectometer’, since it measures the deflection (strength) of the road as its heavy weight passes by and does so at high speed. Some competing products can also measure deflection but have to remain stationary (obviously a challenge on roads as there are cars!).

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer is not actually manufactured by us, but we purchase the vehicle then add our own flair to it. The laser data outputs of the truck are taken in by our Hawkeye system and further analysed by us to provide higher precision, and far more useful software outputs, in combination with integrating the camera and laser data together. Customers could buy a TSD direct from the manufacturer, however buying through our company also gives them this additional Hawkeye software, our formulas, and outputs, and the integration of all the other sensors as well.

Our marketing has previously advertised our product as a TSD, or even a Hawkeye TSD, however it causes confusion in uneducated customers about what the difference is (or if there is one at all). An entirely separate name would be better, a few names have been suggested but would like to get further ideas.
The current front-runner for a name is iPAVe (Intelligent Pavement Assesment Vehicle), though it has no connection with Apple (in fact you cannot use it on a Mac OS), nor is it an app, and has nothing to do with iOS. iPAVe does however clearly differentiate itself from the simple TSD truck itself, it is a package of the truck, our software and other sensors.

NSV pic: [login to view URL]
TSD pic: [login to view URL]
Previous ideas, you’ll note that we are a fan of an acronym.
• Hawkeye 3000 (since we have 1000, 2000 already – however the idea is to be a bit different, since a 3000 could simply imply that the cameras have a slightly higher resolution, or that’s it’s a small incremental improvement. That’s not the case, the iPAVe is a large jump in product offerings).

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  • kmande
    • il y a 2 ans

    Any winner please? Thanks!

    • il y a 2 ans
  • alexvilleradic
    • il y a 2 ans

    About entry #40, vehicle is not a process...

    • il y a 2 ans
    1. kmande
      • il y a 2 ans

      In comment, I have suggested to replace 'Process' with 'Processor' or 'Performer'.Thanks!

      • il y a 2 ans
  • bigsteiny
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 2 ans

    Some other thoughts that the team had bounced around: • Omnidirectional Moving Network Investigator (OMNI)

    • Omnidirectional Deterioration Investigator (ODIN, some irony here since the manufacturer of the TSD truck is Swedish)
    • SASSV - Surface and Structure Survey Vehicle
    • SSSV - Surface Structure Survey Vehicle
    • TEV - Terrestrial Evaluation Vehicle

    Since we have used Hawkeye for our main product, word association to hawks:
    • TALON - Total Assessment Life Of Network System
    • SOARS - Structural and Overall Assessment of Roadway System

    Word association Scandinavian origins
    • ODINS - Omni Deterioration INvestigation System
    • THORV - THOrough Roadway Vehicle
    Other misc ideas from previous meetings (seems to be a pattern in a want to name this thing after a mythological figure).
    • One-pass
    • Surface and Sub-Surface Cracking Rutting and Condition
    • Enhanced Road Observation Scanner
    • Advanced Road Engineering System

    • il y a 2 ans
    1. bigsteiny
      Titulaire du concours
      • il y a 2 ans

      actually it's Danish, oops.

      • il y a 2 ans
  • bigsteiny
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 2 ans

    Additional words that may be pertinent:
    • We have a website that displays the information for an entire client’s network across a whole state, called Hawkeye Insight.
    • Laser – the system uses lasers to measure the strength of the road
    • Road, pavement
    • Deterioration (a common word used in our industry to describe the… well, the deterioration of the road)
    • Strength

    • il y a 2 ans
  • bigsteiny
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 2 ans

    The term 'pavement' concerns me a little too as i'm in Australia, and in the USA i think it has an ambiguity with the footpath / sidewalk, so i'm leaning towards Road rather than Pavement - but it's not set in stone...

    • il y a 2 ans

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