Photoretouching 150 images Retouched in Photoshop

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I need someone to do retouch for my company for a two week trial. The first is 2 images are a test run.

Our current retoucher is out of town and we need someone. We pay 60 cents per image and do not want to get behind best of luck! Some of the images require facial slimming and we pay a .90 cents per image that requires facial slimming.

Here are the steps we normally follow. I understand that photoshop has a million ways to do retouch but I have done this for 9 years and this is the way I want it done company wide. I am need of a consistent product. All retouches will be done using the method described below. Our average retouch times here in the lab are 3 minutes an image with the technique below. Larger families take 5 minutes.

We do anywhere from 60-130 retouches per every week. We will allow a 72 hours to complete all work. It is uploaded every Tuesday night by 6pm (CST) You will need to have them back by 6pm CST the following Thursday.

Here are the steps we expect to be followed on each retouch so that the quality from our Lab and from you are similar.

ALWAYS Duplicate layer (ctrl+J) first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fly Aways

-- Use the Clone Stamp (S), set to Normal 100% percent opacity, 60% hardness to remove stray (fly away) hairs.


-- Zoom in on teeth (200%). Magnetic Lasso(L) the teeth and Selective Color (Alt+I, A, S) to fix discoloration on teeth. Take the yellow out of the white channel and the neutral channel (if needed). (For pits and stains on teeth use the Dodge Tool (O), set to Midtones at 50%)


-- Dodge tool (O) here to lighten the whites of the eyes. (If needed, shrink the brush and use it to take discolored spots out of eyes.)

-- Sponge tool (O) (notice the shortcut is the same as the dodge so be careful to change tools!) to saturate the colored part of the eyes. Use tool at 20%, make sure vibrance mode is on. Go over only one time!

Patch Shine, Under eyes

-- Patch Tool (J), then fade to 40% to remove shine on skin. Always use patches of the solid background.

-- Patch Tool, then fade to 50% to remove under eye circles on skin.

Face & Neck

-- Patch Tool (J) tool for retouch at 40% to eliminate any creases in the forehead or soften major wrinkles on face and neck (They will mostly be in the lighter areas of the skin).

Portraiture(filter by Imageomatic) (not necesarry for the first run of images but if you are selected as one of the retouch artists you will be required to get this software and we will be sure that you will be provided with more than enough work to pay for it.)

-- Portraiture (Ctrl+F will run last filter) on a new layer (ctrl+J) at Medium Smoothness. Fade the new layer to 50%

-- Use the Eraser (E) Brush at a low opacity to slightly revert portions of the image. This is to make the image look more realistic, especially older people. Erase portraiture over eyes 100%.

Tip: Always work left to right on every image.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts


J Patch Tool, Red Eye Tool, Spot Healing Brush, & Healing Brush

B Brush Tools

S Clone Stamp Tool

E Eraser Tools

O Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, & Sponge Tool

L Lasso Tools

Adjustment Windows

ALT + I, A, S Selective color

CTRL + M Curves

CTRL + U Saturation

CTRL + B Color Balance

CTRL + L Levels

SHIFT+CTRL+U Desaturate

Useful Tools

CTRL + J Duplicate current layer

CTRL + F Run most recently used filter

[ Make brush smaller

] Make brush larger



SHIFT + select Add to selection

ALT + select Remove from selection

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  • omprakashnagda
    • il y a 5 ans

    Sir, Please check my work on full view. Thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
  • osamasadiq007
    • il y a 5 ans

    i want to participate in this contest but tell me how to do this

    • il y a 5 ans
  • vfarassino
    • il y a 5 ans

    Check #64 , 65, 67! :)

    • il y a 5 ans
  • parasnagpal20
    • il y a 5 ans

    plz give feedback or star rating to entries that appeal u.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • Grutadigital
    • il y a 5 ans

    Don't check mine please,

    • il y a 5 ans
  • kirtanwa
    • il y a 5 ans


    • il y a 5 ans
  • Amel90
    • il y a 5 ans

    #58 Check image in full resolution link in description. Thanks.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • snaketushar
    • il y a 5 ans

    check #55

    • il y a 5 ans
  • mdsalimreza26
    • il y a 5 ans

    Please cheek #49 , #50 & #51 .Thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
  • OneArmBoxer
    • il y a 5 ans

    Please let me know about my work, i need to work with you at very low price or with no price for some and i want to learn more about photo retouching. If you need me and want to improve my skills, my doors are open for negotiations.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • ryanle619
    • il y a 5 ans

    Hello Sir, Please check my entry no.52 with 2 images retouched.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • N7elite
    • il y a 5 ans

    all looks similiar, can you give another sample, more damaged photos, harder to retouch, thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
    1. Cabeiri
      • il y a 5 ans

      I agree with you.

      • il y a 5 ans
  • Spector01
    • il y a 5 ans

    Hi Holder, Please check my work #40 . Thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
  • omprakashnagda
    • il y a 5 ans

    Hello sir, I have worked all 3 sample images. Please check #27 , #28 and #32 images. Thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
  • vk2298
    • il y a 5 ans

    check #26

    • il y a 5 ans
  • pervas
    • il y a 5 ans

    Sir,Let me also help you? let's start with 100% quality.Just hire me.thanks

    • il y a 5 ans
  • parasnagpal20
    • il y a 5 ans

    hello sir...kindly check #24 & #25 .. any type of changes or suggestions are welcomed. i have an experience of 1.5 years in retouching as i'm the official retoucher & video editor for DELHI NCR's model management company Khwahishey Tasveer. please give feedback for my entries.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • mehul23
    • il y a 5 ans

    halo sir i can make for u

    • il y a 5 ans
  • wakkassl
    • il y a 5 ans

    I can make your dreams come true and add to project

    • il y a 5 ans
    1. juangd
      • il y a 5 ans

      Hall & Oates! LOL!

      • il y a 5 ans
  • fcboss
    • il y a 5 ans

    Please seal the contest please!

    • il y a 5 ans
  • kabappe123
    • il y a 5 ans


    I am able to do your job with cheap cast & so speedy. Please! feel free contract with me.


    • il y a 5 ans
  • ArtBrain
    • il y a 5 ans

    halo sir attach image for sample work

    • il y a 5 ans

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