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Blue Studio_ /2nd Revision.

hello, now that we knew the conference room is going to be used by four people gave us the chance to add another enclosed space for a photo. studio. We added it at the space where you have no direct sunlight, as daylight is unpredictable when doing photography work. About the lounge area/; there are three main things we would strongly advise to stick with a design like this and not a more small and formal one; 1. The space we have designed right now gives an easy flow to the office and does not enclose it, 2. From what we have designed for small companies and small studios we have seen that the lounge area is in fact used more by people who work there rather then the clients (who are in the office for aprox. maybe 20 to 50 minutes) so go comfy here; and 3. A cozy and informal/ or lets homey lounge is a reflection of the warmth and care of the company, making you to the client appear trustworthy and reliable. But, there is time to make changes, if you really want. /all the best DG.

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