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Good Evening Sir! I am just exhibiting that I have all the written and drafted legal documents that can help us to do your work. Kindly Contact me personally if you want any specific terms to be inscribed in them. Otherwise, I can also share these docs with you if okay.

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  • VmarketingCorp
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    • il y a 8 mois

    We are a Digital Marketing Agency located in Atlanta. We have employees all working remotely from different countries, among them Kenya and would love to have a company policy and guideline document that helps them and the management work best within the company. This includes reporting of work in time, making time for meetings and communicating early when one can't make it to the meeting, etc. All policies that relate to working remotely.

    The client contract is for every client that we are working with. Once we agree on the proposal, we would like to have a contract between us and them and our working relationship.

    As for the partnership agreement, we have affiliate partners and want to have an agreement drawn up for our working relationship with them.

    • il y a 8 mois
    1. JatinKarela27
      • il y a 8 mois

      Sir, I wanted to say that only this information will not do to make a well-framed legal document. For example in a partnership deed following information is requires:- Business of the firm: XYZ business to be undertaken by the partners of the firm.
      - Duration of Partnership: Limited period or for a specific project. For XYZ years.
      - Sharing of profit/loss: X: Y: Z.
      - Salary and commission: Partners will be paid XYZ salary/month.
      - Capital contribution: INR Rs. X, Y, Z by partners A, B, C, respectively.
      I want you to share information like that, for me to frame the document. Otherwise at any time I can provide you with the template for the legal document you want. Thank You! Ping me on for any discussion.

      • il y a 8 mois