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I am in the process of crafting a short animated film that falls between 120 to 180 seconds in length. The screenplay for this animation is complete, containing a dynamic blend of comedic and dramatic elements, promising an entertaining viewing experience. This project is designed to captivate viewers of all age demographics.

Required Expertise:
• Proficiency in 2D or 3D animation
• Proven ability to infuse comedy and drama into animations
• Experience in creating animations for a universal audience

• Create a 60-120 second animated short
• Follow my completed script strictly
• Capture both comedic and dramatic tones

Appreciate your attention to these details. Please bid if you are confident to deliver this mix of humor and drama in a short, all-age-friendly animation.

Story is about The Christian story of Jonah and the big fish. This is set as an urban/black story. (Must understand urban language and mannerisms and facial expressions )

Main Character: Tam (story teller woman that is hip talking about a Bible story).

Title: Trap Bible Jonah ghosting God
*Characters are all BLACK and BROWN wearing clothing set in Bible days robes… sandals but make. The narrator is a black woman in her 20-30s. The storyline characters are all of Bible day era

(Scene opens up with a narrator(me in cartoon). A brown skinned woman in 20-30s reading an open Bible)

Animation starts with Tam saying:

Tam: Yall so I’m reading my Bible right… and in Jonah 1-4 God snapped…

She looks up and speaking and pointing to the Bible as scene zooms in in the Bible :

Tam narrates: Jonah was chilling minding his business when all of a sudden

God: ayyyeee … Jonahhhh… Jooooo naaahhhh!!!… get up and run to Walmart/Nineveh

Jonah: was like ughhhhhh can’t you do it? ?️ion even like Walmart/Nineveh) like that…

God: I need you to tell them them people to tighten up… last time I went over there the food was spoiled, people were in there fighting, it was drug deals in the bathroom, side chicks with married men in the jewelry department, cashiers were stealing money, and ion even wanna tell you who was sleeping with the managers… just nasty…

go tell them I’m about to grab my belt ? and shut ?? it ?? down

So Jonah was like… aight … aight… imma go ?

This man went walking in the opposite direction…

Jonah talking to himself

Jonah: nahhh I ain’t trying to hear what they got going on at Walmart (Nineveh)… I like Target anyway ??‍↔️? And who aint about to play telephone with them folks and God… is me ?️?… nope ?‍↔️

So he ended walking to Joppa, where he found a lil ferry boat ? leaving for Target/ Tarshish).

Y’all… Jonah got on the boat and was like ayyyeee captain where the sleeping quarters at? I’m ‘bout to take a lil nappy nap real quick…


So Jonah was at floor of the boat ? knocked out yall ? I mean sleep…sleep


The next thing you know GOD took one of his sandals off ? and threw it in the ocean….? yall it caused a crazy wave ? ????

God was like oh you want to play??? well say hello to my lil friend ? ?️⛈️⚡️??️

Yall the people on the boat was like unt unt… I know you lying… the weather man said it was gon be sunny today ? ?how we about to die??? ???

Yall… The waves ? got angrier and angrier… until the captain and co-captains were started to call on their gods…
The captain was like bruhh… help me
Mr waves pleeeaasssee…
Mr wind ? I’m sorry …

They were throwing people luggage ? off the trying to steady the boat…

The captain was like maaannnn… sayyyy… ? Which one of yall beefing with yall God? ?

One by one the captain started asking passengers… he was like… Bro what god you talk to?? … You and your god beefing or nah? ?

All of em were like nahhh fam ?????‍♀️ it ain’t us ?

Meanwhile Jonah tail still in the bottom of the boat sleeping hard ????? ?

So the captain went to Jonah and was like… ayyyeee man wake up ??️

I said wake up! ?️ … How are you sleep an we ‘bout to die ??

The captain was like… Brooo did you piss your god off? What god you serve cause our god don’t be doin all dis fam??

Jonah was like I serve the God of heaven, sea, and land …

The captain was like… oh BIG GOD?! ??

Nahhh fam you tripping… ?

Prayyyy to your God rittteee neeeooowwe cause we about to die????️??️

Jonah was sitting there like ? nahhh bro just throw me off the boat ???‍♂️

They were like ? what ???

What you mean throw you off the boat… ?… ?? you playing around with BIG G? ? and you tryna make us murderers?! ?Nah we going to row back to shore and you better give us 4 Uber boat ? stars too ?

But the boat was no match for the waves ?

So the captains were like Big G… come on niiieeee baby…. please don’t kill us because of Jonah…?? we don’t even know this man like dat… ???? and please don’t make us kill this man ?? ?

But Jonah was like… it’s cool… just throw me overboard ??‍♂️??‍↔️

They were like ?‍↔️???? nahhh bruhhh…

But the waves didn’t let up so they were like Big G we don’t know why you mad at Jonah but listen … ?we ain’t gon’ hold ya… we gon’ throw away our idols and worship you… and we gon’ let yall hash it out …

Yall… that’s when they threw Jonah crazy tail overboard ?? ?

God was like…. Got emmmmm…. ????‍↕️

And That’s when God smooth did a mortal combat… GeT oVeR HeRe… move on him and made a big fish ? swallow him whole…

Yall… Jonah was sick ????

He was sitting ? in the belly of the whale..…

Jonah : Have you ever been swallowed up ????? swallowed… swallowed ??? swallowed ????

Day one Jonah was sitting in the fish like ?
Day two Jonah was like ??

But after 3 days and 3 nights Jonah started praying and whining to God…

Jonah: He was like… When I was in the trenches I said given honor to God… pastor… visitors and friends… ??

When I was in a hole you heard mehhh… ??

You got me deep in the ocean sitting in this fish ?and imma prisoner… but you saved me ?

?I thank you and I promise imma sacrifice and keep it ? this time… I know youre the God that saves people!

When Jonah got done praying God saved him

God of the sky: ayyyeee fish… spit Jonah out on the shore

And that’s exactly what the fish did… Jonah rolled out smelling like an can of sardines and jack mackerels ?????

God :… aight niiieeee for the 2nd time go tell them folks… what I said ???️??

So Jonah traveled and finally got to to Nineveh

Jonah:… ayyyeee yall in 40 days God about to shut everything down…. He ain’t playing with yall… yall bout to die … and don’t cry nowwww ??

But after Jonah told them God was about to kill them they were afraid… but

the king: … ayyyeee yall ?️?? God ain’t playing with us this time ?… where the church muvas at … we ‘bout to pray and fast… ?

(Show The king mandating new laws looking nervous)

The king: it’s mission anti big back and anti-sin around here

Starve ya dogs… cats… kids… and yourselves …

Tell onlyfans and chocolate city to shut down ?
tell the city girls… to be church girls?
stop being nasty… bruh or we gone die ?️?️

And one more thing…

take off that fashionova and put on these sackcloths so we can show God we sorry… sorry! ??? he was like maybe if we do that God won’t kill us…???

So everybody was in the city sackcloths up… looking like… twinsss

(Show the people and king praying all wearing sackcloth’s and head coverings)

Tam narrates: Anyways… So God saw that the whole city stopped cutting up …

God in the sky… ain’t gon’ kill yall no more… ?

Tam narrates : And you would think Jonah Devonte Fisher would be happy but… nope

(Show Jonah pissed… ?????‍?️?)

Jonah: ayyeee God… you knew weren’t gon’ kill these people… why you have me come hereeeeee… ???

Had me in that fish??

Woke me up out my sleep ???

I ion even wanna be here… I knew you was gone do this… ? You be forgiving just anybody ???

If you ain’t gone to kill them… kill me ???cause this ain’t cool

God in the sky: ? bro relax… ?


KILL ME NOW… ?️ain’t no way I done traveled… got swallowed up… AND ain’t about to see no action ???… nope… KILL ME ?

Tam narrates: Yall… Jonah was so pissed ? he walked to the other side of the city just to build a house to see if God would kill these folks … (show Jonah walking three days building a house on a hill and looking at the city through binoculars looking angry

That’s when God grew a plant ? that grew over Jonah crib to block the ☀️sun… Jonah for second was actually happy… he was loving in the shade until the very next morning God killed the plant

Jonah woke up sweating ang looking around

Jonah: who touched the AC ??.. ☀️?

(Jonah sees the plant died… )

Jonah whining and angry:… God Kill Me… you didn’t have to kill the plant ?…

God in the sky: wait a minute nieeee ?

You want a plant to live? ? but you don’t want these people to live?! ?

Boy be for real… See how that don’t make sense…??

Tam : Yall.. God wasn’t playing with Jonah whining tail… ??? phew God be so patient with us… we some dramatic kids???

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    Dear Contest Holder, working on your project…. please don’t award the project or close the contest before my submission or until the contest deadline. Thank you

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