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Design for new and technology in blog template

This is my latest design, and i think it accord with your required, if adjust something like change " This it our team.." to banner area and change type of right sidebar, it will be great, this template building in CSS3 and it transition will look fantastic. I hope you like this.

Proposition n°5 du concours 设计网站实体模型 for News and Information Website
Proposition n°5

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  • ZAYLau
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 5 ans

    I kinda like the design, but here is some more things I would like to have.

    1. I would like to have the tags cloud move to position of top menu (All News...), and just displaying as text (not a tag). Maybe place it below the menu bar

    2. Our site is not a blog site, if you try click on something like "登入"(or you can see Login if you use translate tool), you will be redirected to Google or Facebook. That means everyone with G / F account can post any article on it, so maybe the daily number of articles will be huge. This cause the main area contains too less thing, it should not be just containing "Recent post", maybe add something like "The most view today" is a good idea.

    3. I don't think we will implement a subscribe function, would you mind to design a share bar (like the currently one) to make user can share the current post easy?

    • il y a 5 ans
    1. ZAYLau
      Titulaire du concours
      • il y a 5 ans

      1. Actually I am not sure, because those "tag" will become larger and larger in the future, so the truth is I would like to have a method to due with it
      2. nvm I can deal it with myself

      yea I will include social sharing button in every post, but also I would like to have it in "standard" pages like homepage, about us, contact us etc...

      • il y a 5 ans
    2. GunLengend
      • il y a 5 ans

      Thank for your reply.
      So i think you are web developer so you can change by yourself, right ? If not, i can help you, because building it to real life is different from look in design. I will adjust something like you required, but i suggest you using CMS to easy manager and develop.
      So you need see change right now or do it by yourself ?

      • il y a 5 ans