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let me explain the design ... the aircraft is not a photomontage is a 3D design which if you prefer can change due to the use of 3D can change the perspective of the aircraft at any angle, and the colors and logos, I ask to pay attention on some details in rates from different continents placed surreptitiously continete which is the rate, such as the American continent when talking about the rates for Los Angeles, Washington, etc.. Another thing I would note is the section of "special fares" detected in this section several of the destinations (countries) is repeated, so I eliminated leaving more space between them .. if I made a mistake when making this decision I ask an apology. I spent a lot of time on this project, to project a fresh design and dynamic .. I hope you enjoy it ... any changes'm glad to serve you ...

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  • danielmorantes
    • il y a 9 ans

    i uploaded two images... greetings.. i hope you like it...

    • il y a 9 ans