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logo for javakup

In this logo the cup is dedicated to letter "J" which is the first letter of Java .I made this logo very healthy and muscular , because by drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily makes you healthy ,proved by the American scientists .Coffee can make you a better athlete.I have designed the steam in the form of lightening because by just drinking the coffee daily makes you more intelligent .I have designed the steam above the cup because by just smelling coffee could make you less stressed.I have made the plate below the cup as a smiley mouth because Coffee can make you feel happier.The most important thing is , the letter "J" because i have designed it in the form of Lord Ganesha's nose .I used this because when we are going to start anything means any work,any ceremony,any festival ,any business we pray Lord Ganesha first.And every day in the morning we should start the new day by drinking the "JavaKup". I have used green color because it represents tranquility, good luck, health.

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    read it my friends.and suggest me more

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